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Back at the Navy yard…

"Ziva, have anything?" McGee asked walking into the squad-room handing her,her tea.

"No, not yet seems the people are either still in jail, on parole, dead or have airtight alibis. But I was thinking maybe we can look into people you may have upset while attending MIT. The only reason I say that is because I was looking into the pentagon cases we have worked and it seems a good amount of people there have attended MIT.

"I don't know Ziva…" McGee said hesitantly

"That is actually a good point. Think about it, Probie, you were basically a kid when you went there. There had to be at least a few people you beat out and pissed off. Obviously having someone younger and probably 10 times smarter than them didn't sit right." Tony said.

"But why would they wait until now?" Tim asked still not getting it.

"Well maybe they forgot about you until you had to work a case there. They saw you working and stuff and it bought up some rage. Like they are stuck in a boring desk computer job and you are out in the field and doing computer work at the same time. You are still younger and more successful than them." Dorneget said while coming to stand next to McGee's desk.

"Umm…yeah. I guess that makes sense. Can you guys make a list of all the people who went to MIT that works there? Actually do all the agency's. Classes of 1993-1999. That is the classes I would know people from. I'm going to check how Abby is coming along."

As McGee was walking down to the lab he couldn't help but wonder why. He knew that some people at MIT didn't like that he got the highest marks and was the youngest. He was what people would call "teacher's pet" always answering questions, asking questions getting in most of his assignments early or on time. And yes there were a couple of times that he corrected the older students because they were wrong. He was even chosen to represent MIT at a conference in New York and Ohio in his first year and able to represent MIT in other conferences across the US in the following years. Great opportunities. Was everyone happy for him? No, he even recalls a time when someone from his class went to his teacher asking why he wasn't chosen for one of the conferences. The teachers' only reply was because Tim was more qualified and dedicated. He guess some people just still had grudges even after all these years.

"Hey, Abby have anything?"

"Hey, was just about to call you. Mystery woman no hits on the national debates but I ran it through Interpol and got a hit. Her name is Maria Liva, she is from Spain and was arrested about 3 years ago for being connected to an arms deal and a robbery. She was released after a couple of days because there was not enough evidence to hold her. It looks like she has been in the United States for about 6 months according to her passport. Staying in Delaware but she moved out about 2 weeks ago but left no forwarding address. So she could be anywhere now."

"The worker at the pet store says that Maria was asking about my area about a week ago. Thanks that helps. Anything from the bookshelf."

"No, there is definitely someone else prints there but I can't identify them. No record on AFIAS or Interpol. I am re-running them now."

"Thanks. Just don't work too hard." McGee says with a smile

Abby just shook her head "We will catch them. Don't worry."

McGee told her about the MIT theory and she said that she will look into some more things about that.

For the next few hours everyone was hard at work. Dorneget finishing up tracking names of the people they have put in jail. Ziva and Tony making the list of people in the agencies and the people in the pentagon. Cross checking with McGee if they caused problems or any indication there was a problem. Tim checking bank and phone records. By 5:00 he was about to say they could go home when the BOLO for the jeep came back. They gathered up their gear and was out the door. The jeep was wrapped around a tree and whoever stole it looks like they kept it clean. There was a few clothing fibers but other than that nothing really significant. They got back to the navy yard and he dismissed them and said they didn't have to be back in until 10:00 tomorrow. With Jethro in hand he was headed toward his car when he heard Tony stop him.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"To my car…I was going to follow you back to your apartment"

"No, for all we know they could be tracking your car. So let them think you are at the navy yard."

Too tired from the events of today and still having next to nothing he didn't have the energy to argue. So he just followed him over to the car and laughed when he saw a towel laid out in the back for Jethro. They drove over to his apartment in silence, walked Jethro around the block and then made their way into the apartment. They got in and immediately Jethro started to sniff out the place.

"What is he doing?" Tony asked while watching in slight horror as the dog sniff around.

"Checking if you have drugs for one thing. And he never been over here so just familiarizing himself with everything." Tony still looked unsure but left the dog alone while he put McGee's bag in his bedroom.

"Tony, I'm not going to kick you out of your room."

"Nah, its fine my couch is somewhat comfortable. It is really no big deal."

Tony let McGee put his stuff away after reassuring him that it was okay that he got the room and watched Jethro as he stopped in front of the fish bowl.

"Jethro this is Kate, Kate this is Jethro he'll be staying here for a while. Now I want you two to play nice." Tony said like he was talking to a little kid.

All Tim could do was laugh as he heard Tony talked.


Trying to calm his laughing while shaking his head. "Nothing. Just I'm trying to imagine what Kate would say if she knew you named a fish after her."

Tony laughed as he too was trying to imagine the same thing. "I think she would be slightly offended that it is a fish or somewhat shocked that I can take care of another living thing besides myself which she would point out I could barely do."

"Yeah that sounds about right." They were silent for another minute or two while remembering the constant banners Kate threw at Tony. McGee was first to break the silence.

"I think Jethro found his spot."

Tony looked over and the German Shepard was stretched out on the spot right between the living room and kitchen. "Hope he's comfy. Chinese and a movie?"

"Yeah, that sounds great. I'm going to take a shower. My usual."

"Yep, do you want extra rice or no?"

"Yeah a little indulging won't hurt I guess."

The rest of the night was filled with small conversations and movie watching.

The next morning Tony woke up to something wet on his face and he quickly jumped back when he saw Jethro tongue way too close to his face.

"Probie!" He yelled out while Jethro just looked at him with a tilted head looking like he had done nothing wrong.

"Yeah, Tony?" McGee said stepping out of the bedroom still wiping the sleep from his face.

"Can you please tell me why I woke up to dog slobber on my face?"

All McGee did was laugh while walking over and scratching Jethro behind his ears. "He likes you, you should feel loved."

"Hmmmm, yeah sure. Going somewhere?" Tony said noticing the sneakers on Tim's feet.

"Oh, I was going to go on a run with Jethro we usually run in the mornings on weekends."

"How many miles?"


"If you are up for an extra mile I know a beaten off path way I usually run along. Not people know about it so it is less public."

"Ummm…yeah that sounds great. Thanks."

They ran the 4 miles along the path and it was peaceful. Only stopping twice they were met with two benches that was facing each other and a pond behind it once they were done. After catching their breath, Jethro took over one of the benches which left Tim and Tony to sit on the other one.

"I'm impressed. 4 miles and we only stopped twice and the first time was due to Jethro doing his business. When did you start being Mr. McFit?"

Tim just shrugged and took a swig of his water. "I don't know, I started running only on the weekends when the team split up. Then about 3 days a week a few months after that. Then when we got back from Somalia it turned to 5 days. Then when I went to Mexico and then Canada I tried to run 3 miles every-day but that was too much so I just do one mile 3 times a week and the rest of the days 2-3 miles."

Tony couldn't help look over Tim while he spoke. The results of working out and probably eating better since he saw in his fridge a bunch of organic things and non-processed meats were definitely paying off. He never really considered him "overweight" maybe on the chubbier side but not overweight. Now he could see that his body was fitting nicely in its new shape. He actually looked kinda of good.

"I did notice you being a bit faster in the field. Not faster than me of course." Tony said flashing him a smile.

"Well, you were a P.E major and a cop so you have that over me."

"True. So, question. Why do you not tell people you are a federal agent?"

McGee shrugged again. "I don't know, I guess if they don't know I can avoid the normal questions like 'Have I arrested someone?''Have I ever shoot someone' Stuff like that. Then there is the fact that some cases we can't even talk about so there's that. Just makes it easier I guess. More of a need to know."

"Okay, so why don't you tell people that you are a famous author?"

"I did tell you I was an author."

"Uh no, you told me you write stuff about crimes and basically stuff we do. Then I asked you if that was plagiarism and you said you didn't think so."

"I thought Ziva was the one with the perfect memory?"

"Hey. I remember things. And plus that was a big case with Pacci dying and everything. And it being our first stake out together and yours in general."

"And you making out with a guy?" McGee said with a slight smile. Tony just gave him his best 'Gibbs – stare'. "Kidding, kidding I know you don't like talking about that. But like I said even though NCIS is a big part of me. I want someone to know me for me before I launch into all that stuff."

They stayed like that for a few moments just staring at each other smiling. Tony was about to say something when Jethro started barking at the book bag.

"I think your dog is going crazy."

"No, my phone is probably vibrating and he doesn't understand that it is making the bag shake."

Since Tony was closest to the bag he went and answered the phone.

"Timothy McGee's office. How may I help you?"

Tim just rolled his eyes and continued to watch Tony whose smile was turning in to a slight frown and then what looked like concern and anger in his eyes.

"Thank you, I will let him know." Tony said punching the end button rather violently.

"What happened?"

"Someone broke into your storage unit."


"Early this morning around 2 they think. What do you have in there anyway?"

"Old computer parts, a desk I had since John Hopkins. Old high school stuff, papers, a dresser and my first typewriter. We have to check it out."

"Yeah. We can take Jethro home and then make our way over there. There's a shortcut so we don't have to take the long way back. I'll call Ziva on our way to meet us there."