Crossing The Line - Chapter 2

A/N: Hey Guys! Here is a short version of a 2nd Chapter. Enjoy! - Roxy.

Previously on Crossing The Line...

Feeling Sonny reciprocating the kiss caused me let out a soft yet lustful moan. Sonny immediately took the opportunity and pushed his tongue in between my parted lips, brushing it against mine with the lightest touch.

"Will..." Sonny pulled away slightly, panting. He didn't even have to say another word to me because I already knew what he was about to ask me.

"Sonny...What the fuck are we doing?" I questioned, knowing how wrong it would be for us to cross the line like this.

"I...I don't know, Will. You tell me?"


(Will's POV)

"I think I really need something to eat." I pushed myself off from Sonny and tried to play it cool. Because only God knows how long I've been pining over Sonny and for it to come out like this, that I've been dreaming about kissing him, when my mind is spinning on an average of one hundred miles per hour rate, would be wrong. Plus not to mention the fact that my stomach is empty and it's been proven that a person can't think on an empty stomach, that it's probably best to push it aside for the time being and hope that a little time away from our dorm room might help us both clear our minds about what had just happened and put thing in perspective.

I quickly grabbed my jacket off the chair and waited for Sonny to do the same. "You coming?" I hinted hoping that Sonny would follow my lead.

"Uh, yeah. Okay..." Sonny answered and slowly lifted himself off the floor and followed me out the door.

Sonny and I walked over to the pub to grab an early dinner. It was only a few blocks away from our dorm, which was very convenient considering that we didn't have a kitchen in our dorm room. We had a small refrigerator, in which we kept a few bottles of water and on occasion, a few beers when we decided to stay in and relax.

The walk to the pub was rather awkward after what had happened a few minutes earlier in our room. We barely even said two words to each other on our way there. I knew that Sonny and I would have to talk about what happened, and I for one wasn't sure how to bring up the subject again without either making Sonny uncomfortable or even worse, embarrassing him furtherly.

I walked inside the pub first and headed straight over to the counter and ordered myself a sandwich and a side order of french fries and turned over and asked Sonny what he would like, hoping that this would somehow break the ice and open up the lines of communication between us again. "So, can I, like...get you anything?" I offered.

"Uh, yeah. I'll get the same." Sonny couldn't even look me in the eyes.


"I'll just go and grab us a table." And just like that, before I could say anything further, Sonny left my side and took a seat in the corner booth where we always sat when came to the pub.

I waited patiently at the counter for our orders to be ready so that I could go over and talk to Sonny so that we can clear up this whole mess between us. As soon as the waitress handed the order over to me, I slowly made my way on over to our table and over to Sonny. "Here's your order Sonny." I said to Sonny as I placed his basket of fries and his sandwich in front of him.

"Thanks." Sonny smiled awkwardly, grabbed a french fry from his plate and stared at it a few seconds before he started to nibble on it.

"Son? You okay?" I questioned, knowing my best friend wasn't comfortable being around me at the moment.

"Uh, yeah. I'm okay. Just not very hungry." Sonny frowned at his plate, still unable to meet my gaze.

"Son, if it's about the kiss, I'm sorry. I really don't want things to be weird between us, you know. It was just a kiss." Yeah, who am I kidding. It was just a kiss. A mind blowing, earth shattering, knock the socks off your feet best kiss I ever experienced!

Sonny looked up at me with a sad smile. "Yeah..." he murmured sadly. "Just a kiss." Sonny paused for a short moment before he continued. "It was a mistake and it never should have happened." he added.

My heart shattered when I heard him admit that our kiss was a mistake 'Cause to me, a mistake usually doesn't feel like this. "Yeah...A mistake..." I lied because it was easier that telling Sonny the truth that the kiss we shared was amazing and I would really enjoy doing it again. "We should hurry up and finish this so we can get back to our studies." I tried to hide my disappointment, but I wasn't doing a very god job at it.


I shook my head. "It's alright Son. we'll get past this." I half smiled and continued eating even though I wasn't even hungry anymore.

"I'm know? For earlier." Sonny admitted.

"It's fine. No need to worry about it. What's done is done. Can we just pretend like it never happened?" I suggested. I really didn't want to prolong this
any further than we had to. All I really wished for was for things between Sonny and me to go back to being normal.

"Are you sure that's what you want, Will? Forget about it?" Sonny hesitated with a glimpse of hope in his voice. I wasn't sure how to respond to his question. Seeing how Sonny looked so disappointed and hearing him ask me is I was the one who wanted this, kinda threw me off. Was he really disappointed that the kiss happened? Or was Sonny just being regretful that we kissed?

"Isn't that what you want, Son?" I counter questioned, needing some clarity over the situation.

"I thought that's what you wanted, Will?" Sonny furrowed his brows in confusion.

"How about we just finish up our meal and when we're done studying, we can finish up this conversation back at the dorm. You okay with that?"

"Sure. Sounds like a plan."

"Okay." I nodded.

"Okay." Sonny nodded back.

To Be Continued...OXO