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Bella's POV

I sat in the lounge at Penn Station. Trying to concentrate enough to read the news on my ipad. Not succeeding. Too much noise. I finally put it away and looked around. The lounge was filled with businesslike types. Some of them chattering away in their cell phones. Others oggling the waitresses. All of them in the uniform pinstripe suit of corporate america

Suddenly I felt out of place in my skinny jeans, gray tye die loose top and black high heels. Some of them were beggining to notice me and I cringed, mentally berating myself to having agreed to Jasper's offer of a first class ticket. Still an hour to go till I'be be sitting on the train home. I shoved the ipad into my purse. A gift from Alice. Luis Vitton. I might as well sell it once I got to Seattle. I was sure I was gona need the funds.

I went over my mental list of things to do once I got home. I was dreading having to go back to James's apartment to get my things, finally move out.

Edward's POV

Jake was chattering away about some new record deal... I couldn't wait to get on that train and be free of the guy... sure, he was a competent and successful agent... but the dude was an endless bore. I looked around at the suited bozos oggling the waitresses and rolled my eyes. Sex crazed middle aged men. A group of them were pointing and smirking at someone sitting on one of the couches. By their faces I could tell they were making lewd comments. I looked at where they were pointing. All the air went out of my lungs. My cock twitched. She was the most exquisite thing I'd ever seen. Small waisted, brown long wavy hair that fell sexily on her shoulders. Wide brown eyes, scared eyes, deer eyes. She was wearing a top that fell assimerically on her chest, revealing her right shoulder and a hint of full breast. Tight jeans hugged her tighs.

I was lost. Jake asked somehing. I couldn't tell what. All I knew was I had to meet her. Now

"For fuck's sake Eddie! Are you listening to me?" Jake called me back to attention. I shook my head and let him suck me back into the fascinating world of record contracts. "I don't even understand why you didn't fly out. Really almost 3 days in train travel, when you could be flying to Seattle

"That's just the point Jake! 3 days of being by myself, without the craziness of being a pop idol... I can't wait!" I wasn't going to let this bozo ruin this trip for me. I flashed him my tablet. "Plenty of time to work on some songs, dude!" Just then a female voice announced the 51st to Chicago, and thankfully, the brownhaired girl stood up too. "That's my ride. See you in LA in a month" I was spending Christmas home with my folks, and that was what was killing Jake.