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Chapter Twelve

Bella Point of View

It has been a week and my powers are getting stronger with help of Aunt Arabella. She is an amazing person to get to know and her history. She worked with me learning to bring objects to me, by calling out chants. I even amazed myself that I could achieve that goal. My next step is learning how summit any witch or warlock that live on earth or the after-life. Sometimes today she will work with me on that goal. The other training is to be able to cast spells and make concoctions to do those spells. Caius left today and she will stay three weeks for my training. My dad and momma Sue will be moving next week. Come to find out my dad did find a job with the police department of Pasadena, Texas. He is starting his new job as an assistant chief much earlier than, excepted. It will not be far from the townhome I gave him as a present. Peter's place is twenty-five minutes outside the city and it is remote.

After, my training my dad is going to work with me on my duties. After all, he is super warlock of all warlocks and witches the father to all of them. He even told me there are things other witches and warlocks cannot do like, your dear old dad. He can do most of everything except see into the future like that or his mother or sister. He was going to teach me how to teleport myself. It is tricky to begin with he told me once you get the hang of it. It will become natural to you.

Me I am getting use to the idea I am a witch and a queen of all witches. It's kind of cool. No wonder I never fit in with human world I belong in this world. After, Peter and I talked about my change I decided not to for now. Maybe later own I will. There is no rush since, I can live throughout eternity if, some other powerful bad witch or bad warlock does not get a hold of me. That could end me. But, Arabella didn't see anything in future regarding it.

Emmett and Peter are remodeling the attic for my witchcraft room. It will have a spiral staircase in my study for access to it allowing me to come and go freely from my private room. I will need it. My dad teleported himself to Denali, Alaska he wants to be close enough to see Edward and take his mind reading ability away from him. He can do it without Edward sensing he is there. Jasper and Charlotte left for Denali to visit the Cullen's to get information regarding them. Jasper is going to tell them about Peter and I are mates. He is going to leave out that I am a witch. The plans are in tack for us to end them. Except for Esme she is not on the list for Peter to end her life. Peter will make her serve Volturi for a thousand years. Since, he is king of the new world. He can give out her punishment for the involvement for knowing about Rose's rape. Now, my dad is going to do something to Carlisle to end his life. Aro gave permission for him to do so. It is in Volutri law that a crime of rape or seeing a rape of a woman regardless human or vampire. That is an offense of their laws. Carlisle let Royce and his minions get away with raping Rosalie. That in itself is a crime.

Everything regarding Cullen's will come to end in ten days. The sooner it is done we can get back to a normal life. By my book there is no such thing as a normal life living with vampires, warlocks and witches. My life has token one hundred eighty degree turn. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Victoria and the gang should be here by next week sometimes. I explained to her, Mary and Randall what is going on with me and what I found out about myself and letting them into my secrets that I am a witch and mated to Peter Rosenberg being a vampire. She is happy for me. Mary and Randall know Peter but, she doesn't. The gang and us are going parasailing next week sometimes. Peter and Jasper are looking forward to using my boat for some fun on water. Laurent is coming too he found his mate in Denali while, he was getting rid of a bear in someone's front lawn. His business is growing by leaps and bounds getting rid of beast in people's yards. Her name is, Irina Denali and she knows Cullen's she is coming along. They are going to help end Edward and Alice once, we lure them here on our turf. My dad is going to end Carlisle on his turf. Peter will take Esme into custody for her crimes. Both of them will go to Denali, Alaska sometimes this month.

My boss called me today they had another hit on ATM without leaving prints or seen suspects on ATM cameras. I have to get on that case before, he ends my career. With everything that has gone on in my life for these past few days I cannot seem to focus on it. The door is open up wide seeing the ladder to attic in hallway where the guys are working on it. Arabella brought me out of my thoughts and she enters into my study. She looked at me behind my desk and then at my report laying in front of me. She seemed to be in a sleep like, she is looking into the future. Alice did this from time to time when she got a vision. I didn't know what to do either say something to her or let her be. The best thing for me to do is wait. I waited for ten minutes she came out of it. And then, she looked at me and came by my side and took my hand. I stood up from my chair and faced her with her hand in mine.

"Aunt Arabella did you see a vision?" I asked her out of curiosity looking into her eyes.

"Yes, my queen I did. You see that case you are working on there is a five-year-old witch behind it. She is using a cloaking spell on the men who are robbing ATM's. It is not her fault. That is why there is no prints or photos of the men. The cloaking spell is a powerful one. It practically, makes you invisible. That is what your father will use confronting Edward when he arrives in Denali. You will learn that too from me. One of males knows technology and codes he is getting into ATM to withdraw cash. The address I got is on 6420 Elm Street in Houston. These men are using her one is her Uncle who is a low life only thinks of himself not her. Her mother was a witch her name is Jasmine Grayson and she was killed by a bad witch and her father died in auto accident when she was three years old. She has no one only that louse of a man called her, Uncle. He is bad for her. Her name is Ava Claire Grayson she has brown hair and green eyes. Now, my queen my vision I do see is you have to rescue this girl from these leaches. Call your boss that you got a tip and where to find them. This will help you with your boss case. Get them involved for they will come to house and your team will see the child and think she may be in danger from them and her Uncle. They will run into a stash of money inside a closet in a duffle bag on the floor. You will become her mentor as well as a mother figure to girl. Rose will be her Godmother. Peter will support you in your decision to bring the girl to live with you and your family. You both will adopt her. I will teach you the words to bind her witchcraft until, she reaches the age of eighteen. By then, she will become responsible enough to handle it. She will know what she is but, she will do fine without for a while." Aunt Arabella told me as the rest of the family came in hearing her conversation. Her vision stunned me and to think an innocent child is behind it and its not her fault. I made a determination to not let the girl down she needs someone. Peter looked into my eyes seeing the debts to my soul on what I was thinking we have to save her one way or another.

"What can we do to help?" Emmett asked me. He is standing next to Rose near the doorway.

"Isabella get on phone and tell your boss you got a tip where to find them. We are going with you on standby. Something tells me her Uncle will make a run for it. I will catch him for you. It looks like we will make room for Ava in our lives. If, your boss asked where you got the tip you give my name. I can convince the F. B. I. That I overheard their conversations in the house about the hits. I will bring the tow truck pretending I am towing a vehicle to make it look like I am picking up a car. They know you are living with me and I called you about. That way you are covered with your boss." Peter says to me and what he said makes sense for the cover story about the tip. Rose is helping Peter in his garage working on autos restoring them. She loves it.

I took my gun out of my drawer and placed it on my side of my hip in its holster. Then put on my F.B. I protective vest. As I took my phone off the desk and held it in my hand.

"Okay let's do this I will make the call." I got on my phone and talked to my boss Senior Agent McCallum and explained to him about the tip. He is getting search and arrest warrant and he told me to go to that house and wait on sidelines until, the team got there. Arabella stayed behind it is Peter, Emmett, Rose and I left. I took my Mustang the gift Peter gave me and drove to that location. Rose, Emmett and Peter went in tow truck.

No sooner than I got to that house I parked across the street. I see Agent McCallum and our team. Rose is sitting in tow truck while, Peter and Emmett were next door pretending to tow a pickup truck. I nod my head to Agent McCallum sitting in car he motions with his hand for me to come here. The team and I went to their front door and knocked and McCallum yelled out with his voice who we are. Other agents are outside in backyard in case they are needed.

"It the F. B I we have a warrant." We all had our sidearm pointed in the direction of front door. We heard scuffling in the house and voices no one came to door. One of agents kick the door it a jar opened slightly we made our move into house. We do see four men running through the hallway. One of the males leaped out of window there is one in crowd takes his gun begins to shoot at us. Our team leader he shoots him in his leg. He yelps out in pain and drops on floor. Theresa Garcia our other agent goes searches throughout house going door to door and comes across another door and she is seeing a child fast asleep in her bed and little girl wakes up from sound and commotion that is going around her. I am walking behind Theresa and then, looking in corner of my eye seeing a male making a run for it. I managed to apprehend male running away from me I'd cuffed him told him to sit on floor and not make a move. Agent McCallum is giving medical aide to one of the males he shot. He was on his phone calling the paramedics. There is Agent Simmons taking down last suspect in the house. The one that got away going through window maybe Peter got to him. He told us he had a feeling her Uncle would try to get away. His guru tells him things. Peter shows-up to front door with male holding him by his shirt on his shoulder. All suspects are in custody. Theresa came out of door holding little girl in her arms. Our other agents that were outside came in to begin to sweep the house. One agent opened up a closet door and found a duffle bag with cash stashed inside of it.

The Uncle confess everything to us and pointed with his finger who computer geek was that got into ATM machines. He is the one I'd apprehend who is sitting on floor. The Uncle told us he got custody of girl when parents died. Agent McCallum got on the phone to call child protective services. I stopped him before, he did make call. I told him that child can stay with us for time being. He agreed to it but, warned me that child protective service would be involve in child's care one way or another. Little did he know she is a witch and belongs in our world not with humans. The team and I went to our headquarters for our paperwork and interrogations of our suspects. I'd to file paperwork for temporary custody of Ava. My family took girl home with them. Once, my stuff was done and over with, I went home to the family.

Peter meet me by the door as we kissed and held each other. He is what I need after, a hard day. He brightens my day every time I am with him. I broke off our kissing there is more time for that later own in our bedroom.

"I love you Pete. Where is Ava?" I asked him not seeing her in our opened living room.

"I love you too, Isabella. Rose put her to sleep in one of the guest room. Your Aunt is wanting you in her room to bind her powers. She told me she would do it but, you are to listen and watch how she does it. She wants to go over with you on how to summit a witch. Arabella wants to summit Ava's mother killer and do it outside in the yard. She told me it will be your first lesson to summon a witch." Peter told me and I see Arabella waiting for me at the foot of staircase. I let go of Peter's hand and made my way to staircase Arabella and I went to her room she is asleep it is 8:00 PM.

"She will not wake-up, Bella from this the poor thing had an exhausting day. Just listen to my words and watch me okay." I did as I was instructed to do and listen and watched her. She has a crystal in her hand she touched her arm with crystal laying on her arm. Then, the crystal glowed with a bright light.

"Hear, hear thee spirits I bind spirit of witchcraft of Ava Claire Grayson for such a time. Hear, hear thee spirits blessed be Ava Claire Grayson to begin her awakening into witch world at the age of eighteen when her spirit will soar and open. Blessed be." Arabella chants three times. Rose stood behind us as she watched. We allowed her she will be her Godmother.

"Is it done Aunt Arabella?" I asked her facing my aunt and I take me hand and caressed Ava locks of her soft hair looking at that sweet child asleep.

"Yes, my queen it is. We must go outside to summon bad witch her name is Ginger. She always spelled trouble for most of the good witches on earth. Her time has come we must end her. I will show you how to do it. Warning, you my queen you are not allowed to end a bad witch. You must summon your father or me or some other witch or it will take your powers away. You are brought to us to balance out our world you are not meant to end a witch or warlock. That is why you have us to do your dirty work. I don't see that happening to you my child. You are special. No one come with us it is among our world only and for our eyes only. Got it!" Arabella says to me. Rose took the hint and left the room probably to go find Emmett. So, my job is to balance our world out not to end someone's life who is a witch or warlock.

It is dark outside you can see the stars in heavens. Arabella made a circle out of rocks and salt she poured a solution to ground in middle of circle. She had a stick in her hand drawing in ground what looks like a witch pentagram in the dirt.

"You see that pentagram in the circle once we summons Ginger she will come into center of it for her judgement. I will cast a spell to burn the witch. How you summons a witch? You say their name three times with saying blessed be. Now watch me." I watched her with avid interest and seeing Arabella stand outside of circle of rocks and salt. She looks up to sky with her eyes opened.

"I summon Ginger to me blessed be." She chants three times suddenly; a witch is in circle her feet planted inside of witch pentagram. She appears to be quite old with wrinkles. Arabella did tell me that the bad witches grow old fast and always bitter ones. They are old hags as she tells me. I thought that to be funny so did she. As she was telling me and we both laughed at it.

"Where I am?" Ginger asked us and she see my necklace on me appears to be frighten by me. Arabella told me who ever wears this in our world will know me as the queen and she bows down in pentagram.

"Ginger you are responsible for Jasmine death taking her away from her daughter. Why did you?" Arabella asked her. Ginger forms a pout on her lips begins to weep.

"I wanted her youth to look young again I tried to cast a spell to transfer her youth onto me. She fought me with her spells and she accidently, stepped into circle and then she went up in flames. I didn't mean too but, I am responsible my queen. If, I didn't do it to begin with she would be alive for her daughter." Ginger says to me as I looked at her and then, Arabella she motions for me to say something as the queen.

"Ginger you have been found guilty to do that to an innocent child taking her mother away from her. Arabella, will you do honors?" I asked her. Knowing full well I couldn't take part in the death. Arabella chanted while, I listened.

"I hear by summon spirits to end Ginger for her crimes. Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be I summons all witches from after-life to witness this." Arabella says to me and then my grandmother Helen shows-up and stands beside me and Arabella. This woman appears to me and stands in front of me. She is beautiful with brown hair and green eyes she looks like, Ava. She introduces herself to me as Jasmine. She whispered in me ear telling me thank you for saving her daughter and taking her in. My grandmother Helen whispers in my ear telling me she loves me and thanks me for being her queen. I felt both women hugging me.

"I summit earth, wind, water and fire to end her. The earth shook a little on ground and then a small gust of wind blew towards our direction, a sprinkle of rain came out of a clear night. Not a cloud in sight and then fire came from ground engulfed, Ginger's body and then she went up in flames. It was done the witch was dead.

The judgement was over after, our talks in spirit world they disappeared back to their after-life. Arabella and I went back home. Arabella went to her room to unwind.

"Wow what a day!" I said out-loud. Peter came in room where I sat on sofa. And, I am reflecting what happen outside and he kissed me with a passion with his lips. He seemed to know what I needed at that moment. I am happy with Peter being my mate.