Chapter ten

Bucky stared at the device in his hand, an eyebrow raised. He was perplexed. The control was shaped as a steering wheel with another controller inside of it. Technology sure has changed since the forties. He looked at the other men lining the couch. They were all using their matching devices with ease. He shook his head. He didn't understand anything.

"Do you need help there, Bucky 2.0?" Tony asked, a chuckle escaping his mouth when he saw the super soldier turning the remote every which way.

Bucky made a face at the new nickname the billionaire came up with. He looked at the wheel again and sighed. "Yes…"

"Okay, so here's the gist," Barry stepped in from Bucky's left. "We're teaching you how to play Mario Kart." He pointed to the remote in the wheel. "That's the Wii remote, it's what controls the game. This button is the A button. That's your acceleration. The B button on the back," he pointed to said button on the back of the wheel, "that's your brake. Then there's these buttons that let you use the items you get throughout the course. The wheel is exactly what it is: a steering wheel. You drive the car around. Make sense?"

Bucky scrunched up his face in confusion. "I guess."

"It's easier than it sounds," Sam said. "You learn as you go. Oh and do me a huge favor, man, don't yank my steering wheel out of my hands."

Bucky chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, sorry about that."

Barry grinned. "I heard about that. You should definitely do that. Use it to your advantage during this game. It can get ugly."

"That's because no one likes you playing, Barry," Tracey commented as she appeared behind the group of men.

Tony jumped. "Jesus, Mona Lisa. What are you, some sort of ninja? Are you taking lessons from Red?"

Tracey rolled her eyes with a laugh. "Yeah, 'cause I have the ability to be like Natasha."

"Never know til you try," Clint smirked.

"I'm good with just my computer," she laughed. She sat herself down between Barry and Clint and placed her laptop on the coffee table in front. "So we're teaching Bucky how to play video games then?"

"Yep!" Barry said with a grin.

She laughed. "How do you know he'll like it? Steve never got into them even after Tony tried to force him to play."

"It took nearly a year to get him to finally play, Bucky 2.0 here decided to play after only a few months," Tony began. "If he's willing to play now then he's going to love them."

Bucky chuckled. "I hope."

"I call winner," Tracey said with a smile. "I haven't played Mario Kart in forever."

"Yeah, because you suck at it," Barry commented with a smirk. It died away once he received a punch in the arm from his twin.

Clint laughed. "Here," he said handing his controller to the female. "Take my spot. I want to see you beat his ass."

"She can't beat me!" Barry laughed. "I'm victorio- OW! God stop punching me."

"Then stop bragging before someone else beats you up," Tracey said, sticking her tongue out. "Alright," she said facing the TV, "let's do this!"

About an hour into the game everyone was yelling. Barry kept cheering whenever he won, but would yell when a last minute win from Sam occurred. Tony would complain and accuse others of cheating at times. Tracey would yell and roll her eyes whenever Barry bragged or showed off.

The entire time Bucky had a smile on his face. Sure technology now was weird, but he had to admit it was impressive. It may cause problems, but it also brought people together. Even if them being together ended up with a yelling match.

"For God sake's, Barry!" Tony yelled. "Let someone else win for a change!"

"Sorry, I can't hear you over how you didn't get first place," Barry grinned.

Bucky rolled his eyes and yanked the wheel out of the man's hand. He smirked when Tony cheered as his character whizzed right by Barry's.

"Yes!" Sam said, raising a hand to Bucky. "Thank you! You're awesome!" he cheered, high fiving the super soldier.

"I told you no one likes you playing," Tracey laughed.

"Shut up," the male twin mumbled.

Tracey smirked and turned to Bucky. She reached across Barry and extended her hand. "You probably just became everyone's new Mario Kart hero," she said, high fiving him as well.

"Are we actually playing Mario Kart?" Natasha asked, standing behind the couch.

"Holy shit!" Tony yelled. "What is it with you females and sneaking up on people?"

Natasha smirked before turning to Clint. "Hey, suit up, we've got a mission," she nodded to Barry, "you too."

"Seriously?" Clint asked. "About time."

"It was getting a little quiet," Barry chuckled as he and the archer got off the couch.

"Tony, Pepper wants you for a meeting," Natasha said. "Get going. And Sam, I need your help with something."

"Alright, then," Sam said, following her to the elevator as Tony grumbled under his breath.

"Sorry, you two," the red head said. "You're not needed."

"Okay," Tracey said as the elevator closed.

A smirk grew on Natasha's face once the elevator's doors closed. Clint raised a brow, noticing the expression on the red head's face.

"There's no mission is there?"

"Nope," Nat said, the smirk growing.

"What the hell did you need us for then?" Barry complained.

"Please tell me that there's no meeting," Tony whined.

"You're safe."

"Thank God!"

"Then why did you have all of us come with you?" Sam questioned.

"Nat you didn't," Clint said with a sigh.

"Yep." Her smirk grew into a grin.

"I told you to leave it alone."

"So did Steve, but that's not going to stop me."

The other three men looked between the two assassins. They looked at each other, brows raised in confusion.

"Hey, Merida, Spiderwoman!" Tony called. "Would either of you two like to let us in on whatever you love birds are talking about?"

Nat glared at Tony before sighing. "One, don't call us love birds-"

"But we need a name for ourselves, Tasha," Clint laughed.

She glared at her partner then turned to the three. "Two, I called you guys so Bucky and Tracey can be by themselves."

Barry made a face. "Why would you want…" It finally clicked. "You're trying to set them up like you did with Steve and Sharon, aren't you?"

"Are you serious?" Sam asked.

Natasha grinned. "Yep. We all don't like Dave and if you haven't noticed the way Bucky and Tracey interact it needs to happen."

Barry grinned. "Finally someone is actually trying to get rid of Dave!"

"Problem is, what if Mona Lisa and Dave don't break up?" Tony asked.

"Let's be honest here," Nat began, "She and Dave aren't doing well. It's only a matter of time before they break up."

"True, so you're just going to set them up and leave them alone in rooms until something happens?" Tony said with a smirk.

"You got it, Stark."


"Okay you cheated!" Tracey laughed as Bucky's character got in fourth place while her character was in sixth.

"How in the world could I have possibly cheated?" Bucky laughed. "I just started playing this? I still have no clue what I'm doing."

Tracey rolled her eyes, smiling. "Lucky break then," she mumbled causing him to laugh. "Oh shut up. So how you liking the future? I mean you never had this sort of entertainment that causes even the closest of friends to start hating each other," she joked, gesturing to the TV where it showed the placement of each character from the race.

"It's honestly amazing to see how much has changed and where we are in technology," Bucky nodded. "Although, Tony's dad promised us flying cars. I haven't seen those and I'm a bit disappointed," he smiled.

Tracey laughed. "You'll have to let Tony know then. I'm sure he'd be more than willing to have a new project to work on." She stretched her arms quickly before the next race began. "By the way, where's Steve? I didn't see him when I got here."

"He's out on another date with Sharon," he chuckled.

"He is?" Tracey beamed. "Finally! Nat's been trying to set him up on dates for a year now."

"So I've heard. I'm glad I don't need to help him land a date anymore," he laughed. He groaned when a red shell hit his car. Tracey laughed victoriously.

"Steve told me stories of you two and how you'd be the one to set up double dates so he could find a girl," she said. "Do you feel unneeded now?" she laughed.

"Not at all," Bucky smiled. "Like I said, I'm glad he doesn't need me to get him dates."

"And what about you, Mr. Barnes? Thinking of finding a girl for you?" she asked with a smirk.

Bucky rubbed the back of his neck. An image of Linda crossed his mind. From what he remembered of her, she was a girl he had tried to ask out before, but never got the chance. He had other girls, other dates. He had a great time with them in the forties, but from what he recalled none ever lasted. They were just dates from time to time with a girl, then go to another girl. And now living in this strange new world would meeting a girl be easy? He has a metal arm and he's not entirely stable. Would it be safe to go out with a girl? What if he relapsed again? He still didn't even have all his memories!

He looked at Tracey. She, Natasha, Pepper, and Sharon were the only women he has met so far that haven't run away or been afraid of him. They've been open and caring. Especially Tracey. Even after he had attacked her at Steve's apartment and attacked her boyfriend she was still around. Even after he recovered from the relapse with Dave she didn't blame him, she defended him. She still treated him like any of the others. She was caring and it didn't seem like anything phased her. "I uh…I don't think I'm ready for that sort of thing…"

Tracey nodded. "I understand. Uh sorry for asking that. I shouldn't have…"

He shook his head. "No no, it's okay. You didn't mean any harm," he said with a smile to reassure her.

She smiled back at him before turning her attention to the TV. "Okay, I think I've had enough of throwing banana peels and shells. How about you?" she asked as she set the steering wheel game controller down. She grabbed her laptop and quickly pulled up her work.

"Yeah." He paused as he put the controller on the coffee table. "How's it going with the file?"

"Pretty good," she answered. "I'm almost done extracting it. HYDRA's been a bit tricky trying to break into their firewalls. Once you think you're through another one pops up."

"I bet…" he mumbled.

Tracey chewed her cheek as she noticed the sour expression on the man's face. She set her laptop back down on the table. "You know, Steve's told me a bit about growing up in the forties, like his family. What was your family like?" she asked with a smile.

He chuckled, nodding his head. "My family…I'm grateful that that's something I remember." He leaned back against the couch. "I had a little sister named Rebecca, she was full of energy. I loved her to death. Every time I came home from wherever I had been that day she'd run straight to me and give me a hug asking if I could play with her." He smiled, the image of the smiling little girl flowing through his mind. "Even if I was tired I was always willing to play with her. She always had a smile on her face; she could light up a room and make anyone smile." He chuckled. "You know you kinda remind me of her."

Tracey blinked. "I do? Uh thank you." She could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Yeah, just the way you're always having fun with everyone. The day I met Barry, the way he protected you, it brought back a memory of Rebecca."

"I'm glad we could help in some way," she smiled. "Rebecca sounds amazing."

"She was…" he sighed, a small smile on his face. "My mom…she was an amazing woman, very kind. My dad was like any dad back in the forties, hard-working, trying to make money to keep his family well off. He was strict when Rebecca and I got in trouble, but he cared about us." He smiled a bit bigger. "My parents were great. They treated Steve like he was their kid. Even after his mom died, they were willing to help him out any way they could."

Tracey smiled fondly. "Your family sounds like they were great people."

"They were…" he smiled. He turned to her, smiling down at her. "What's your family like?"

"Mine? Well you already know Barry," she laughed. She ran a hand through her hair. "My dad was an amazing man. He was courageous to go and serve our country the way he did. I looked up to him, he was my hero. He'd always play with Barry and I whenever he came home. He'd sometimes surprise us and not tell us when he was coming. He was amazing… My mom is like any mom, caring, worries about her kids. Definitely strict when we were in trouble. I've been told by family friends that I remind them of her. Pepper told me that once. I have her personality. The kind where I won't sit down and let people walk over me. Well…maybe most of the time." She sighed, thinking of Dave, and ran a hand down her face. She noticed the look Bucky was giving her and quickly put a smile on. "Anyways, she was always caring. Arms open to those in need. All the reasons why my dad fell in love with her."

"She definitely sounds like you," Bucky said with a smile.

"Thanks," she smiled back. She opened her mouth to say something more, but was interrupted by JARVIS's voice filling the floor.

"Miss Madison, you have a package down at the lobby," he informed her.

"Must be the stuff I asked my mom to send over," Tracey said, standing up. "I'll be right back."

"Take your time."

Once she left the floor was silent. He stared over at the elevator where he last saw her. A small smile broke out on his face. Tracey was amazing in his opinion. She came from a great family from what she had told him. And it was true about her and her mother. She was caring, but also doesn't take anyone's crap. She stands up for herself. He frowned thinking back to her one comment. He knew she was talking about Dave. He knew from Barry, Tony, practically everyone that things weren't working for them. He understood to an extent why she stayed. She was a sweet girl, believing that everyone has a second chance. He wished he could help her, the way she's been helping him.

He turned back around, facing the front and staring at the TV. Blinking lights caught his eyes. Turning his head slightly he stared at Tracey's laptop. On the screen was a small black background screen with green words and a few more windows scattered around. He noticed HYDRA's symbol barely visible at the top of one. He clenched his fists. What he wouldn't give to take them down. Soon they'd be able to stop their plans with the helicarriers. He, Steve, and Tony had been discussing plans on taking action and hunting down their base once Tracey retrieved the file. Steve had been a bit wary of having him join, but he was more than willing to go on any mission to get rid of the organization.

His brow furrowed as he turned his direction back to the TV, quickly changing the channel from the game and to some random TV show. He flipped through channels before finding something he thought was decent enough to watch, hoping to get his mind off of the people who had cause him to lose so much. He was recovering yes, but he couldn't forgive what they had done to him. No one would.

He looked up when he heard the sound of the elevator doors opening. He turned and saw Tracey walking off with a box in her hand and her talking on the phone. He smiled when she smiled and nodded in his direction. Chuckling when he saw her mouth "Hold on" he turned back to the TV.

"No, Barry, I don't know if Mom put the things you asked for in the same box," Tracey said with a small eye roll. She placed the box on the counter, placing the hand that was carrying it on her hip. "She probably did put it in there. You know Mom, she doesn't like to waste money on things. She can easily shove your things with mine in a box and pay for one shipment. I told you I haven't looked. Okay, now you're just being annoying. See I knew it. Just come on up here and check for yourself."

Bucky chuckled as he stood up. He made his way to the kitchen where Tracey stood and rummaged through the cabinets grabbing a glass.

"What do you mean Tony wants me to take his place in a meeting?" She made a face, crossing her eyes in annoyance. "He's a grown man, tell him to go with Pepper. It's his company." She placed the phone against her chest and turned to the super soldier next to her. "Hey, Bucky, think you could grab me a knife so I can open this?" she asked, nodding her head to the cardboard box.

"No problem," he answered, smiling when she thanked him before going back to the phone.

"He knows I'm working on getting back the file from HYDRA. Okay, you know what tell him to go to the meeting or he'll definitely be dealing with an angry Pepper. Alright, see you in a bit." She hung up the phone and turned back to the box. Looking up she smiled at Bucky. "Thanks for grabbing that," she said, reaching for the knife in his hand.

She froze. Looking at him she noticed Bucky was rigid. He wasn't even looking at her. His stare was focused in front of him. She scrunched her face in worry.


"You have HYDRA's files?" He was now looking at her, eyes blank.

Her breath hitched. Oh no. she thought. Please, don't let this be happening to him.

"You have information on HYDRA that doesn't belong to you." Bucky was now facing her, eyes slowly furrowing.

"You know why I have files from HYDRA," Tracey said, putting her hands up as she took a small step back.

"You have HYDRA's files. Why?" He took a step closer, hand gripping the knife.

"Bucky, you have to stop. You're a good person." Her eyes traveled down to the knife in his hand. Her breathing started to grow rapid and her eyes grew wide. They flickered up to his. They were empty, only anger. A vacant anger.

"You know too much." He was backing her up into the wall.

"Bucky, don't do this. Stop." Her back hit the wall. She was growing scared. She was trying to reach him, but nothing was working.

"Where are the files?"

"Bucky, this isn't you. You don't work for HYDRA." She gasped when his arm gripped her throat.

"Where are they?" he demanded.

"You are James Buchanan Barnes. You are part of the Avengers. You are Steve Rogers' best friend," she desperately pleaded as she tried to pry his metal arm off her.

"You need to be disposed of."

"Bucky, please!"


Both Bucky's and Tracey's heads turned to see Barry charging towards them from the elevator. He threw a punch at Bucky only to have it blocked. Bucky quickly swung his arm that had been gripping Tracey's neck and smashed it into the side of Barry's head. He was soon flying across the room landing hard against the wall. He crumpled and landed on the ground unmoving.

"Barry!" Tracey called out. She tried to take a step towards him, but froze when Bucky stood in her way.

"Вы должны быть утилизированы," Bucky spoke.

Next thing Tracey knew she felt a white hot pain shoot into the side of her abdomen and was screaming in pain. Bucky had stabbed the knife into her left side. No sooner had it stabbed her, it was yanked right out. She clutched her side, screaming and gasping in pain. She could feel the warm liquid running between her fingers as she fell to the ground. She stared up at Bucky, tears in her eyes from the shock. She didn't know what was going to happen next, but she was beyond relieved when she saw Bucky pushed against the opposite wall.

"Bucky, drop it!" Steve ordered as he held Bucky firmly to the wall as the dark haired man struggled.

"Tracey," Sharon's voice spoke out. She was crouched in front to the other blonde female, holding her head. "Look at me," she ordered. "You're going to be alright." She turned around. "Steve, we need to get her and Barry to the hospital!"

He grunted as he fought Bucky, trying to wrestle the knife out of his friend's hand. After a couple more minutes of fighting the knife clattered to the ground. Bucky had stopped struggling. Steve breathed once he saw his friend was back to normal and finally released him.

Bucky stared wide eyed, breathing heavily as he looked around. Barry was unconscious on the other side of the room and then there was Tracey in front of him. There was blood seeping through her shirt and a small puddle next to her side. Sharon was next to her, pressing against the spot where the blood was covering her shirt. He slowly turned to his friend.

"Steve…what did I do?"

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