Chapter nine

Waking up early was a habit for Steve. Ever since he had been in the army it was drilled into his brain. Rise early, come up with a battle plan, hunt for HYDRA, fight HYDRA. It was a routine thing back in the forties for him. Recently it had been the same routine but with SHIELD. Now even after the army it was clockwork for Steve to wake up early and start the day. Lately his early rising routine involved running.

This morning he was standing in the kitchen of his and Bucky's floor grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. He was dressed in his usual sweatpants and t-shirt running combo.

"Hey, Bucky!" he called out. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah yeah, calm down," Bucky chuckled, shaking his head as he walked out of his room. He was in a similar get up as Steve, but a pair of shorts replaced the sweatpants. He had pulled his hair up into a messy ponytail at the top of his head.

Steve chuckled. "You ready for me to kick your ass?"

Bucky scoffed. "Just because you're not your scrawny self anymore doesn't mean you can beat me, punk."

"Jerk," Steve said, tossing him a water bottle. His friend caught it with ease. "You glad you're going out again?"

"Yeah…" Bucky nodded. "I feel ready after what happened with Dave. It also beats staying in the tower days on end."

"I bet," Steve laughed. He headed for the elevator. "Barry and Sam are probably in the lobby by now."

"Barry will probably make some joke about us," Bucky chuckled. "Couple of old guys like us going at our slow pace."

Steve barked out a laugh. "That's probably what he's going to say."

Once they reached the lobby they were greeted by barking. In front of them was Dexter, on a leash, running at them pulling Tracey with him. The super soldiers couldn't help but laugh at the sight of the tiny puppy nearly dragging the blonde across the room.

"Dexter, stop!" Tracey commanded. She shook her head and picked the dog up as he began jumping at the men. "Geez, for a little guy you are a lot stronger than you look," she said to the pup. She smiled as she got the wiggling puppy in her arms. "Hey, Steve. Hey, Sergeant."

Steve looked between the two, brow raised. "Sergeant?"

"Yeah, unlike you, Captain, Bucky doesn't mind me calling him Sergeant," she teased as the super soldiers scratched Dexter on the head.

Steve chuckled. "I didn't mind. It was Tony saluting me that annoyed me."

"Captain," said billionaire said to the blond male, saluting as he, Pepper, and a group of clients walked by.

Steve rolled his eyes. "Like that. How does he always appear out of nowhere?"

Tracey and Bucky laughed as Barry and Sam walked over.

"We've got Bucky with us," Barry said with a grin. "Get ready to get lapped at the park by two old guys, Trace."

"Told you he'd make a joke," Steve said to Bucky who chuckled. He turned to Tracey. "You're running with us then?"

Tracey nodded. "Yeah, I've been working nonstop lately and thought a run would wake me up. I'm hoping it will tire this little guy out." Dexter barked in reply as Sam scratched his ear.

"Well get ready to hear 'On your left' over and over and over again," Sam said, giving Steve a look.

"You're just upset you can't keep up," Steve joked.

"What's worse is that I have to run against you and track star over here," he said, jabbing his thumb at the brown haired man next to him.

Barry grinned at him. "Sorry I took track in high school and college," he said.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Wish I had known that before I agreed to run with you. I'll have Tracey and Dexter on my side anyways," he said, high fiving the blonde.

"I'll keep you company, don't worry," she said as Dexter barked again. "As long as Dex doesn't drag me around the park."

"Let's get going then," Barry said, heading towards the lobby doors.

"Do you want us to give you guys a head start?" Steve asked, him and Bucky smirking at the group.

"Shut up, man," Sam said, shoving his shoulder. "Let's go."


"You weren't kidding when you said he says it over and over again," Tracey panted. She yanked on Dexter's leash as he tried to run to the left, seeing a group of people walk past. Her feet kept up a steady pace as she ran next to Sam. Barry was a few feet ahead and shouted out a complaint as the two super soldiers ran past him.

"I told you," Sam said. He wiped his forehead as they turned a corner. "It gets old after a while."

"No kidding."

Steve chuckled as he and Bucky ran past Barry. As always he had announced him and Bucky passing the spy with the usual "On your left". The young man had shouted at them as they ran past. Both super soldiers couldn't help but laugh. Looking back, the three looked worn out, well Tracey more than the other two. She wasn't exactly built like the other two guys seeing as she had never worked with SHIELD and done the things they had. They chuckled when they saw her nearly trip as Dexter tried to race across the field next to the running path.

Steve turned to Bucky. "Bringing back any memories?" he asked.

Bucky smiled. "Yeah. Passing some alleys and buildings I remember when I had to drag you away from a few fights."

"I remember that," he said with a chuckle. "I owe you a lot for everything you did for me back then."

Bucky smiled lightly. "You're already doing enough for me now. Helping me recover is all I can ask of you. I'm sorry…" he said, turning his gaze ahead of him. "For hurting you…"

Steve's face set into a frown as he heard Bucky's apology. "Buck, if you're talking about what happened back in DC that was never your fault. It was HYDRA, not you. No matter how many times you think it was your fault I will keep telling you it wasn't." He had a serious look on his face as he stared at his friend.

"Thanks, Steve…" Bucky said with a small smile.

"Any time," he said. They turned a corner passing an old couple sitting on the bench. "If anything I should apologize for breaking your arm back on the helicarrier."

"Yeah," Bucky laughed. "Thanks for that one, punk. I had to deal with that while I was wandering around DC."

"What are friends for," Steve grinned only making Bucky shove him.

Rounding a bend they could see the three runners. Barry seemed to have slowed his pace down to run with Sam and Tracey. They were getting closer to the group with each step they took. Bucky felt a smirk forming on his lips as he saw Steve begin to open his mouth.

"On your left," he said.

"On your right," Bucky said after the first super soldier, not missing a beat.

"Are you kidding me?" Tracey yelled.

"Not him too!" Sam shouted.

"I'm going to trip you guys I swear!" Barry threatened.

The two soldiers burst out laughing as they picked up their pace slightly.

"They're really mad," Bucky said, a grin on his face as he took a peek behind him. The three were glaring at them as they talked among themselves.

"They'll get over it," Steve laughed.

Silence fell between the two best friends as they continued their run. Looking around at Central Park, Bucky could see flashes of the forties Central Park as he ran past different areas. It didn't even feel like things had changed, and yet it did. He could remember him and Steve just walking around the park a few times or cutting through to get to a certain part of city. Seeing couples walking around hand in hand as they ran past reminded him of a few times he had taken girls to the park for a walk. These memories pushed another memory in front. He saw Linda Carolton.

His face scrunched up as he thought back to the few memories he had of her. He still didn't know what had happened to him and her. Had they ever dated? He pursed his lips as he looked back at Barry and Tracey. Her great niece and nephew. It was obvious she had married and had a family. She must have.

"You okay, Buck?" Steve asked, breaking his train of thought.

"Huh?" Bucky said, looking up at him. "Oh yeah…sorry, I just had a few more memories come to mind."

"That's great," Steve said with a smile. He looked up at the large field next to them as they ran by. "I remember you and I had walked through here a few times growing up."

"Yeah. I remember that too," he said with a thoughtful smile. His smile fell as he stared off, zoning out as he thought over the memories again.

Steve noticed his distant gaze and frowned slightly. He could tell by how quiet Bucky was that he was worried. "I know I don't know what you're going through trying to get your memories back, Bucky, but I know you'll get them all back."

"Thanks, Steve. I needed to hear that…" Bucky said, nodding his head as he smiled at his friend.

"Any time."

The both turned their gaze to their front. Once more they saw the three in front of them. As they neared they opened their mouths to speak, but right as they said "On your" they were cut off as they fell forward onto the ground.

"Go go go!" Sam shouted.

"I told you I'd trip you!" Barry shouted as he and the other two began to sprint.

Dexter had started running with Tracey, but had seen the two soldiers on the ground. He barked and turned around and ran to the men. In his burst of energy upon seeing Steve and Bucky he had yanked Tracey onto her butt.

"Dexter!" she yelled. She began to get up only to have her ankle grabbed and pulled back to the ground.

"I got her!" Steve shouted to Bucky. "Get those two!"

Bucky laughed and took off after the retreating men.

"Run for it!" Tracey shouted as Dexter jumped from Steve to her.


Clint couldn't help but laugh at the dirt covered clothes of Barry and Sam. The group of runners had come back a few minutes ago and had entered the top floor where the archer was sitting in the living room watching TV.

Tracey set Dexter down and surprisingly the golden retriever didn't run around. He walked over to the couch and flopped on the ground next to Clint's feet.

"Hey, buddy," Clint said, patting the puppy's head.

"Oh so now he decides to be tired," Tracey groaned as she grabbed her laptop from the kitchen counter. She sat down at the kitchen table and opened the computer, beginning her work on getting back the blueprints.

"So what happened to you two?" Clint asked, gesturing to Barry and Sam's clothes.

"Tried to stop Steve and Bucky from running, it back fired," Barry answered, grabing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"I am never going along with one of your plans again," Sam shot at Barry.

"It was worth a shot!" defended the brunet.

Steve and Bucky laughed as Sam and Barry took a seat at the kitchen counter. They were exhausted.

"What did you do?" Clint asked, getting up and walking over to the kitchen.

"Trip them," Sam replied.

Clint laughed, shaking his head. "They're super soldiers. Did you think tripping them would keep them down for good?"

"Yeah, I realize that," Sam sighed as Clint patted his back with a chuckle.

"Oh you two have met?" Tony said as he and Bruce walked off the elevator. "Looks like we aren't the only bros any more, Brucie."

Bruce raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well we're the Science Bros!" Tony said with a smile.

Bruce chuckled. "Yes, but what do you mean we aren't the only bros."

"Well, we've got Thing One and Thing Two," Tony began, gesturing to the twins. He gestured to Steve and Bucky. Steve rolled his eyes as he and Bucky sat down in the living room. "The Army Bros, and finally," he said, pointing to Sam and Clint. "The Bird Bros."

"Caw caw motherfucker," Sam said with a smirk.

"I am definitely liking you," Tony grinned. He spotted the nearly asleep puppy in the living room. "What happened to Fido?"

"I took him on the run with us hoping he'd lose some energy. It worked," Tracey said with a yawn.

"Yeah and it seemed to work for you too," Tony said with a raised eyebrow.

"I was hoping it'd wake me up," Tracey said, leaning against her hand. Her eyes began to droop, they were closed within seconds.

"Trace!" Barry called out.

Tracey's head fell forward, hitting the keyboard. "What?" she said, looking around for the person who called her name.

"How much sleep have you gotten?" Barry asked.

"Uh…" She hesitated. "About two hours a night…" she said smiling sheepishly.

"Mona Lisa," Tony groaned.

"Tracey, you know you can take a break from getting the file back," Bruce said. "Spending so much time and little sleep isn't good for you."

"I know," she said, yawning again. "I just want to get the blueprints back before anything happens."

"Tracey," Steve said, walking over to her. "You need to take a break. It can wait. You've done enough work."

Tony grabbed the laptop and handed it to Steve. "Here, hide this."

"Hey!" Tracey yelled.

"It's for your own good, Mona Lisa. Go take a break."

Tracey huffed and walked over to the couch as Steve, Tony, and Bruce began discussing plans about the blueprints and HYDRA. She sat down next to Bucky, crossing her arms.

"Well this is a twist of events. Instead of being forced to work against my will I'm being forced to not work."

Bucky shook his head with a chuckle. "You have been working nonstop for the past two days," he said, picking up the sleeping puppy off the floor. Dexter wiggled in his lap before settling down with a heavy sigh.

"Oh shush," she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

He smiled before turning back to the TV. However, he kept an ear on the conversation Tony and Steve were having. They were talking about Tracey getting the file back and what to do from there. It was obvious that HYDRA was still out there and just taking away one blueprint wouldn't stop them. Just thinking of HYDRA made him grimace. He wanted to destroy them. Kill every last one of them for what they had done to him.

He shook his head. He sounded like the Winter Soldier, not Bucky Barnes. Yes he wanted to take HYDRA down, but the way he was thinking wasn't the right way to go at it. Although, getting rid of them would make him happy even if what he was thinking wasn't right.

He took a breath and ran a hand through his hair. He needed to get his mind off HYDRA.

Tracey glanced up at Bucky. She caught the large sigh he breathed. She chewed her cheek, trying to think of what to do or say. She knew he was troubled. A smile light up her face and she sat up, climbing on the arm of the couch and sat on it. Reaching for Bucky she gently grabbed some pieces of his hair.

The super soldier stiffened. He looked at Tracey and saw the small smile on her lips as she began to fumble with his hair. He raised a brow. "What are you doing?"

"Braiding your hair," she replied with a laugh.


"Because I can."

"You don't have-"

"Oh shush, I'm making you pretty," she said as she continued to braid his hair.

Bucky remained tensed for a bit, but slowly relaxed. The feeling of her hands running through his hair was a pleasant one unlike the ones that came with his nightmares he had at night and remembering all that HYDRA did to him.

Steve chuckled as he walked over. He took a seat in the arm chair next to the couch. "Having fun, Bucky?"

He stared at him before closing his eyes again. "Yeah…"

"Are you going to make him look like a princess, Trace?"

She grinned. "Yeah, I think Natasha has some clips and ribbons we can put in his hair."

Bucky groaned. "Okay, you guys are annoying." He moved his head, releasing his hair from her grasp.

"Well, you're no fun," she laughed.

"Is this a braiding circle?" Natasha asked as she walked in. Behind her was a blonde woman who was smirking over at the three.

"Sharon?" Steve said, staring at the woman as he sat up.

"Hey, neighbor," the blonde replied with a smile. "Haven't heard from you in a while."

"Uh yeah," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. He glared at Bucky as the brunet smirked at him. "I've been a bit busy."

"I can see that," Sharon said, nodding her head as she looked at Bucky. "You must be Bucky," she said, sticking her hand out to him. "Sharon Carter, nice to meet you. We didn't exactly get a chance to meet in DC. I think the captain over here was hogging you from everyone at SHIELD."

He slowly took her hand and nodded. "Nice to meet you. You were from SHIELD?" he asked slowly. "Uh…sorry…about what happened."

She smiled. "All is forgiven. From what Natasha has told me I understand everything enough."

"Right," Bucky said. He glanced at Natasha who gave him a small smile with a wink. He smiled back, a small thank you.

"And you must be Tracey?" Sharon asked, turning to the blonde.

"Yeah, I'm Barry's twin, Obviously he's talked about me before seeing as Sam knew who I was before I even met him," Tracey said, shaking Sharon's hand.

"Yep," Sharon laughed. "I don't know how you lived with him."

Tracey shook her head laughing. "A lot of punching that's how."

"You two can just shut up now," Barry shouted at them making the woman laugh.

"So, Captain, how about that coffee?" Sharon said, addressing Steve.

"Uh…" He looked to Bucky who was giving him a thumbs up.

"Get out of here, man," Bucky said. "I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself."

Steve turned back to Sharon, standing up. "Sounds good," he said, smiling at her.

"Good, because you owe me. Not exactly proper of a gentleman to ask a girl out only to abandon her for months on end," she teased as they headed towards the elevator. "How about you make up for it with coffee and show me around New York."

Bucky, Tracey, and Natasha watched the two leave, grinning once the elevator closed.

"Finally," Bucky said with a laugh. "Took him long enough to get a girl."

"So that was the Sharon you gave Steve's number to," Tracey said, smirking at Natasha as she took the seat the blond super soldier had just occupied.

"Yep," she said, satisfied with herself. "Sharon Carter." She turned to Bucky. "You know her aunt too."

Bucky's smile fell and he stared at the red head. "Do not tell me she's related to Peggy."

"Yep," Nat said with a smirk.

"How 'bout that," Bucky laughed.

"Nice braid by the way," the ginger woman said, pointing to the braided piece in his hair.

He glared at her before he threaded his fingers through it, undoing it.

"Aw, you didn't like your new hairdo?" Tracey joked, grinning at him.

"Sorry, not really," he chuckled.

Natasha's eyes flickered between the two. A smirk grew on her face only to disappear when she felt something hit the side of her head. She looked up and saw a paper football in her lap. She glanced up and saw Clint at the kitchen counter shaking his head. Nat smirked once more. She would never give this game up. She turned back to Tracey.

"How was the date last night?"

Tracey's grin fell, groaning she rested her head on the back of the couch. "Awful."

Nat's brow rose. "Really?"

"What happened?" Barry asked, him, Clint, and Sam turning to hear the story. Tony and Bruce had left a while ago she noted. Back to their man cave in the labs.

Tracey ran a hand through her hair, annoyed that she had an audience to hear the story. She sighed. "So the date that I thought was going to be just me and Dave turned out to be a double date with his friend Jason and his girlfriend Veronica. I can't stand her. I've met her once and apparently what anything I say is boring to her. I meet Dave outside the tower and see Jason and Veronica with him. The first thing Dave says to me is 'What the hell are you wearing?'" she said in a deep voice. She continued. "'We're going to a club. Why are you wearing that?' and of course Veronica puts her two cents in," she said, going back to her own voice only to go into a different voice. "'What kind of outfit is that? Haven't you been to a club before?'" Tracey rolled her eyes at the memory. "Like I said yesterday I had no idea what was planned, let alone know it was a double date. The entire night I was stuck in a loud club with Veronica giving me snide comments about how I dress – even Dave made some stupid comments. And then I would be dragged onto the dance floor by Dave while I was trying to avoid dancing all night." She groaned resting her cheek on her hand. "I hate clubs…"

"Sorry to hear that," Nat said. "Do you want me to take care of this Veronica? I know a few people who can make her disappear, one of them being me." She smirked.

Tracey stared at her unamused. "No thank you, Nat," she said making Natasha chuckled.

"Why don't you just dump him?" Barry spoke up. "You've told me before Dave never really gives you compliments. Just dump his sorry ass."

"Shut up, Barry," Tracey groaned.

Bucky looked at her as she shook her head turning her attention to the TV as she turned it on.

"I don't know about Dave, but I thought you looked great last night."

Tracey lifted her head up, looking at him. "Uh…" she said, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. "Thank you."

Bucky smiled at her before turning to the TV.

Natasha's mouth fell open slightly and slowly formed into a small smile. The gears in her head were beginning to turn as she formed some plans. Over in the kitchen, Clint shook his head.

"Now she's definitely not going to stop," he mumbled under his breath.

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