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Demon voice

Thought voice

Chapter 1: Stranger

Naruto shuddered as nightmares overwhelmed him. Voices yelled in his head, voices of his comrades and friends. He couldn't tell what they wanted from him, but he knew he could no longer answer their demands.

He woke slowly. He didn't open his eyes, he was unsure if he wanted to see his surroundings. He heard a nearby crackling sound and felt heat on his face. He shifted slightly and realized there was a comfortable weight over him and that he was lying on something soft. Carefully, he cracked open his eyes. Almost immediately, he scrunched his left eye shut. He was unprepared for his new powers and what he saw overwhelmed him. Slowly, he let his right eye roam around the room.

It was a dark, comfortable room. A large fire burned in a brick fireplace. Over its mantle was a large, painted portrait of a lovely, smiling woman. Filled bookshelves lined the walls and it was filled with overstuffed furniture. Naruto gently sat up on the couch he lay on and clutched his head as it began to throb painfully. "Where am I?" he muttered to himself.

"You're in my tower," said a voice. It rang in Naruto's ears like a gong and he groaned in pain. He turned and saw an old, well dressed man approaching from the shadows. He had short grey hair and steadied himself on a cane with a golden handle. "The Tower of Fate," said the old man, motioning around the room.

"Who are you?" murmured Naruto, trying to quell the ringing in his head, "Where am I?"

"I am Kent Nelson," said the old man as he approached. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, brown bar. "As for where you are, I just told you. And I don't like to repeat myself. Here." He handed the bar to Naruto who looked at it skeptically.

"What's this?"

Kent scowled. "You must have come from somewhere far away if you've never seen chocolate." Naruto took a tentative bit and sighed as he felt a soothing warmth flow through his body.

"That's nice," he sighed.

"Kit?" the booming voice made Naruto's head shake.

"Not now, Kurama," he groaned into his mental landscape.

"Talking to someone?" asked Kent, raising an eyebrow. Naruto steadied himself on the couch. "Never mind, none of my business. Something in your eye?"

An image flashed in Naruto's mind. A clenched, bloody fist holding out to him Naruto! Take it! You need it more than me! Sakura! Come here! He quickly shook his head and cleared his mind. "It's nothing," he said quickly, "What happened to me?"

"If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say you were sent hurtling through space and time," said Kent, sitting down in an armchair across from Naruto, "The Tower is a beacon for magical energy. It drew you in like a moth to flame. I found you asleep in my garden yesterday and I've been waiting for you to wake up since. Now, I think it's about time I start asking the questions. Let's start with your name."

Naruto took another bite of chocolate. "Naruto," he said, "Naruto Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki, hmm?" hummed Kent, "Would explain why you're speaking in Japanese."

Naruto blinked with his one usable eye. "Japanese?"

"It's a language. I'm guessing it's the only language where you come from. Here," Kent reached out and laid a hand gently on Naruto's head. Naruto felt a strange sensation, like his brain was burning and freezing at the same time. It cleared his head and felt the throbbing in his skull subside. "Can you understand me?"

"Of course," said Naruto, rubbing his hair where Kent had touched him, "What did you do to me?"

"I cast a multi-lingual spell on you. From now on, you'll be able to speak any language know to man."

"Thanks," said Naruto, "But, seriously, where am I?"

Kent stared at him glumly. "I told you I don't like to repeat myself." Naruto fixed him with a puzzled gaze and Kent sighed. "You're on Earth, more or less."

"Earth," muttered Naruto, feeling it out in his mouth, "Is that anywhere near the Elemental Countries?"

Kent's eyes widened. "The Elemental Countries? Oh dear," he stood up and began to pace, "You've come a long way, kid."

"Do you know how I can get back there?" he asked, a glimmer of hope in his voice. He knew Madara had said there was no way back, but that snake was deception given form.

Kent put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Naruto. I purposefully sealed off that dimension. It was too dangerous to risk those shinobi getting into another world."

Naruto rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Then how did I get here?"

Kent shrugged. "It's been almost eighty years since I visited the world of the shinobi. There's a chance they've developed a new technique to break through my seals."

"I see," said Naruto sadly, "So there's no way back?"

"Not unless you no whatever of those funky jutsus sent you here in the first place."

"No," said Naruto, standing up, "The only person who could move things between worlds is dead."

"Then I'm afraid you're stuck here, kid."

Naruto gasped, suddenly struck by memory. "Kent! When you found me, was I carrying anything?" He grabbed Kent by the shoulders and stared directly into his eyes with his one.

Kent smiled and reached into his jacket, pulling out a scroll. "You mean this?" Naruto snatched the scroll away and quickly tucked it into his pocket. "Something personal?"

"Something like that," said Naruto, "So what now?"

"That depends," said Kent, sitting down and twirling his cane, "What do you want to do?"

Naruto thought for a moment and breathed in deeply. "I have powers," he began.

"I assumed you did, shinobi."

"I-I want to help people."

Kent smiled. "There are a lot of people who need help."

Naruto flipped his hands up into a handsign and two shadow clones burst into existence on either side of him. "There's a lot of me."

Kent chuckled. "I see. Then let me teach you."

The clones burst away in puffs of smoke. "How? What would you teach me?" Kent stood and began to walk away. Naruto hesitantly followed him. As they approached the wall, Kent knocked it with his cane. The wall vanished and Naruto's jaw dropped. His left eye nearly opened in wonder, but he quickly shut it in pain. Before him was a village, but it was far too big. Metal buildings shot into the sky, larger than mountains. They stretched out as far as the eye could see in any direction. Below them were people in strange garb walking and talking while strange, metal carts moved as fast as shinobi.

"Where am I?" asked Naruto, falling to his knees in shock.

"A strange world, my friend," said Kent, "I can teach you about it. I can introduce you to this world and help you find your place in it. I can teach you to be a hero."

In Naruto's head, Kurama loosed a low growl. "I can already tell I'm going to hate this."

Naruto looked out over the city. "I have so much to learn."

"So we better get started." Naruto looked up to see Kent holding his hand out. Naruto took it and Kent helped him to his feet as the wall returned.

"I should warn you," said Naruto with a grin, "My learning style may be a bit…unorthodox."

Kent laughed. "Kid, when you've been around as long as I have, nothing's really out of the ordinary."

. . .

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