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Partial Eclipse

By Rio Grande

Prologue: Her First Premonition.


Akane shot up, gasped raggedly, and fell out of bed, bringing her covers with her, and finally ending up in a heap on the floor. Even as her head collided with the glossy wooden floor, she uttered not a word for fear of waking her elder sister who slept but a thin wall away.

For a second or so she lay there on the floor, arms splayed out above her, and legs tangled together at the thighs in a mess of sheets. She rolled over onto her side a bit more, making due with her situation, and thought over what she had just dreamt about furiously. It was all fading way so fast, if she didn't try really hard to remember, it would be gone, slipping through her fingers like water. She squinted her eyes as pictures came to mind.

An beautiful woman... with shining black hair... and her favorite color yellow... had she been wearing it? She was shrouded with mystery and fog, and was whispering hard to Akane, who was trying extremely hard to remember just what she had been saying. It was all pretty chopped up, but she could sort of remember the woman saying something like 'Be careful! Dangerous!' over and over again, which was, but the way, not a very comforting thing. She had said some other things too, that had conveniently slipped Akane's mind, but she remembered distinctly that she had said 'Defend yourself.' It was frustrating but she just couldn't remember what to prepare herself for!

Akane shook her head and shrugged the whole dream off as it became nothing more then a hazy recollection in her mind. True, it was the most urgent, and important feeling dream she had ever had, but if she could barely remember it, it must not have been THAT serious, right?

She pulled her legs free of their cotton chains, and rapped the blanket around her shoulders instead, covering up her pearly white arms. She blew a lock of short blue hair from her face, groaned once as her legs creaked uncomfortably , and headed out of her room down to the kitchen. The dream had left her feeling weak and hungry, and she wasn't going back to bed until she was full, school in the morning be damned.

She stumbled down the stairs awkwardly, head lolling from side to side, eyes drooping with drowsiness. She walked to the kitchen in a trance, feet and sheets dragging behind her.

Her house was totally average, that was the only way to explain it. The walls were light shades, with normal sliding Japanese doors. Wooden floors with not much carpeting decorated her house, and vases filled with generic flowers filled rooms. Kasumi tended to them, and besides the fact that the house was connected to a dojo, there was not much else that would lead to the conclusion that a very interesting bunch of people lived in the three story structure.

The kitchen was, as usual, spotless, just how Kasumi, Akane's even older sister, wanted it. The charming, if not somewhat clue less young woman, was very proud of her kitchen, and made sure it stayed perfect always, unlike many other places in the house that were constantly used and abused. The kitchen was HER domain.

Keeping in mind to leave things neat before she left, Akane threw open the refrigerator door with some degree of anticipation, God she was hungry. She inspected the fridge's contents carefully.

Well, she could go the healthy way and have some carrots and celery sticks, but Akane's stomach rumbled in protest at the thought. Why do the health freak thing when you didn't have to? She was perfectly fit (aside from what Ranma said) and could certainly afford to have something a little more fatty and satisfying. Her pretty brown eyes immediately caught a pint of ice cream towards the back at that thought.

Smiling in satisfaction, she grabbed the cookie dough ice cream greedily and found a spoon on her way to the couch. Yes. T.V and ice cream, DEFINITELY what she needed. After all that she had been through in the past few months, it was times like these that she really treasured... or maybe required was more the word.

Between things like Junsencyo, Saffron, Amazons and out of control curses, Akane didn't have time for the simple things any more... like HOMEWORK. She had always been a straight A student, and now she was almost a C, falling so behind in work she never had a free moment anymore. Well, that's what she got for being engaged to a person who would lead an 'adventurous life.' She sighed, spotting the couch in question, and lugged herself over to it.

Once at the couch, which was strategically placed right in front of the T.V, Akane spotted something a little maddening. Ranma. In her couch. In HER relaxation spot, staring at her. Oh jeez, couldn't a girl have a minute of bliss to herself?

" Hey Ranma," she dead panned, flopping onto the couch next to him, two years of living with the wild guy making her forget to be polite, or to make any effort to look presentable. He had seen her a lot worse, say... half DEAD, so she sometimes just ... forgot... to be shy or modest, as many Japanese school girls were encouraged by their parents to be.

"Exited to see me, are you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as she hastily yanked off the top to the ice cream, his own stomach crying as he watched her dig in, trying to resist the magnetic force he felt towards the sweet dessert.

She licked the ice cream off the spoon carefully, glancing at his despairing face, and smiled mentally. Ah, so he wanted some, did he? Well that was just too bad! It was all HERS!

"Oh yes..." she purred, smiling and swishing the spoon around in the ice cream tauntingly. Ranma grimaced. Akane loved to find weaknesses in the dark haired boy, and lately she was getting so good at it...

" Um, so...." he said, quickly turning around, refusing to give her the satisfaction of seeing him frustrated. " Great show... hu?" Akane quickly looked up to see what Ranma was watching. Wheel of Fortune. Hu.

" Oh yeah, real great." she said sarcastically, watching people scream silently, for Ranma had muted the sound so as not to disturb any sleeping peoples. " So, why are you up this late?" she asked after a second more of watching a contestant break into a fit of horribly quiet tears.

" Bad dream," Ranma mumbled in the most macho way he could muster. Akane looked at him from the corner of her eye, a little surprised. Who would have thought that RANMA, the 'strongest guy in the universe', could be disturbed by such trivial things as a bad dream? Sure it was all right for someone like Akane, who had been demoted to official 'damsel in distress', ever since Ranma had come to Nermia, but Ranma just didn't seem like the type who woke up in tears because he had had a scary dream.

"Me too," she admitted, shrugging, and quickly getting back to stuffing her face. She could be a real pig when she felt like it, and she just happened to feel like it just then.

" What about?" Ranma asked, his voice curious, and a bit concerned. Akane almost smiled, Ranma always seemed to be looking after her... ever since... well... for a long time, anyway. Most times it was flattering, (though she would never admit it to the chauvinistic jerk) sometimes frustrating, and just now she sort of felt indifferent. It had become such a natural thing, Ranma being protective of her, sometimes she didn't even notice it.

" I don't remember," she stated simply, sighing a bit. There was this feeling she had in the back of her mind, like she really SHOULD be trying hard to remember that dream... oh well...

" Strange, me too. It was really bad, I guess, because it woke me up, but... other then that..." Ranma said, closing his eyes. Things like this usually meant he was about to get screwed over... again...

Akane, finally taking pity on Ranma's hungry gazes, handed over the ice cream to him. He promptly started shoveling the stuff into his mouth, and Akane got the sinking feeling that she wouldn't be getting her beloved ice cream back.

" I wonder what they mean, you don't think it's serious, do you?" Akane asked, feeling as though she needed to be reassured that she was forgetting anything to important about this dream... after all of the odd things that had happened to her, one could never be too sure.

" Nah, I doubt it. I have weird dreams I forget all the time, and nothing happens, but-"

" -But you've never had one wake you up and make you feel this way..." Akane finished for the boy, looking into his stormy blue eyes. Ranma sighed and nodded.

" Yeah, yeah I guess so." he said. " But whatever, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, nothing I can't handle anyway." he added, giving off a confident, (infuriating) smirk. Akane, not able to resist, bopped him lightly on the arm.

" Yeah right, whatever, give me back my ice cream, I'm going to bed," she decided, shaking her head. Ranma handed the ice cream over, and Akane slowly rose off the poofy couch, heading towards the stairs.

" See you in the morning," Ranma called softly after the blue haired youth. Akane waved back to him without turning around, her head filled with soporific ideas, and then-

" Agh...!" she gasped softly, collapsing onto the first step, and letting the ice cream and spoon drop from her hands. She barely heard them clatter to the wooden floor as she grasped her head and shut her eyes, biting her lip as pictures and ideas rushed through her head so fast she could barely keep track of them all. She felt vomit rise to her throat as she tried to organize her thoughts...

'There was that woman again, with the yellow dress.... speaking in very urgent tones....

" Please! Listen!" she whispered harshly. "This is very important, you must be prepared! We will call on you soon and you MUST BE PREPARED. Many things will be happening to you that you will have a hard time comprehending, so follow your instinct and stick close to your friends.... be ready to battle, to fight... above all, follow your heart and... be prepared."

'Okay, I get it.. be prepared...' Akane groaned, wishing this vision would stop... ohh her stomach, she was gonna hurl!

At that elating thought, a small, bright crescent moon appeared in front of the ill teen. It had this weird ... aura.. of happiness, and it glowed steadily without wavering a pure, white shine. In Akane's surprise she raised her hand and tried to touch it.... but it exploded at her sudden movement, much to her fright, crashing over her and rocking her bones. Her head ached more then ever.. stupid moon, damned curiosity... there was a cruel burst laughter at all this commotion, and she cracked open one eye to see what was making the horrible, teeth grinding noise... but all she could see was a pair of purple eyes, and then she was gone.'

" Akane!?" she heard a familiar male voice whisper to her, shaking her head and propping her up. She slowly lifted up her eye lids, which felt heavier then she had ever remember them feeling. That voice... it was... it was..

" Ranma" she said softly, placing her hands on the ground and lifting herself up slightly. Ranma hadn't let go of her, his worried hand still on her back.

" Are you all right? You just collapsed!" he said, his voice coated with concern. She felt bad and turned to him, smiling in the most reassuring way she could. Well, maybe she just wanted him to leave her alone.

" Yeah, I'm fine... I'm just... really tiered." she lied, her smile so fake she didn't even think Ranma would fall for it, yet he did.

" Um, ok then." he said, still looking at her curiously as she got to her feet and grasped the bannister once again. Ok, so it was a terrible lie, but Akane was terribly shaken, and didn't want to worry anyone until she had this all sorted out.

"Right, well then." she said, eager to find some aspirin. "You can have the ice cream." she decided, looking at the pint as it rolled around on the ground below her, much to far away for her to muster the energy to grab it.

Ranma watched her jog away in her yellow pajama pants with wide eyes. He could have ALL of the remaining ice cream? All of it?! As in all of the contents left in that Ben and Jerry's carton? Man, something was wrong...

"Ah well, 'The Price Is Right' is on next... it'll have to wait." Ranma murmured, smiling weakly and turning back to the T.V, almost entirely hiding the fact that he was terribly worried for Akane.

Nabiki Tendo was worried. And not just a 'I hope Kuno isn't still sick today for school because I'm making major bets on his getting kicked into the stratosphere when he asks Akane out again today,' sort of worry, but a real worry. There was even an uneasy feeling at the pit of her stomach, and the pencil she had been ruthlessly gnawing on for the past half hour was little more then a twig now. Her eyes were glazed over, and her thoughts appeared to be placed elsewhere currently, she was no longer waiting in the yard of Furikan High School, of the Nermia district. No, her thoughts were someplace far more important then that... only thing was, she had no idea just WHERE that was.

It had all started the previous night, when she had waken up at 2:00 AM, just muffling a scream, a curious dream replaying itself over and over again in her head, until it was gone and Nabiki could barely remember what the whole deal had been about in the first place, much to her great frustration. That dream had been vital to... to something! She could feel it in her bones, and ever since the dream had passed, she could think of nothing but the cursed thing, her mind hell bent on remembering the message the dream had tried to get across to her in her sleep. Nabiki Tendo NEVER forgot important details, so why was she starting now? Barely containing a growl of utter anger, she ground her heel into the grass beneath her, eyebrows knitted together in anger.

"Yo, Nabiki, are you okay sugar?"

Immediately realizing who had just posed that question, Nabiki quickly turned around to face the notorious okanamiyaki chef of Nerima, Ukyo Kuonji.

"Hi Ukyo, and yes, I'm fine. Why do you ask?" Nabiki asked in a some what scratchy voice, still not fully recovered from last night. And as Nabiki took a closer look, it seemed as though Ukyo wasn't exactly in tip top shape either... she too looked rather tiered and worn out herself, not carrying her giant spatula to school with as much enthusiasm as usual.

"No reason, you just looked upset," the pretty brunette admitted, shrugging.

"You look pretty wasted yourself," Nabiki commented.

"Heh, is it that noticeable?" the woman asked, rubbing the back of her neck uneasily. "I just had a really weird dream last night, is all. I'm really fine."

"I see," Nabiki said, raising an eyebrow. 'Hmm... weird dreams seem to be a theme here. And I haven't lived in Nerima for seventeen years just to learn to overlook this sort of thing. I better keep my eyes peeled, it sounds like trouble's brewing... but no over reacting is key,' Nabiki thought quickly and quietly to herself, turning away from Ukyo and looking over to the main gates of the school, just in time to watch Ranma and Akane stroll in. There was still no sign of Kuno though...

'Damn, he must still be sick,' Nabiki decided with a frustrated sigh, snapping her fingers at the bad luck. Nabiki glanced at Ranma and Akane once more though, eyes widening as she spotted something out of the ordinary... Akane. Akane was tiered too! The girl was such a sound, good sleeper, that seeing her so obviously exhausted and out of it was surprising to begin with ... she too had gotten little to no sleep last night, was the obvious answer to her dragging her feet around the school yard.

'Well... that makes three of us. I'm not likin' this,' Nabiki decided with narrowed eyes, marching over to her little sister, arms folded.

"Nabiki?" Akane asked carefully, watching her sister walk up to her with a rather peeved expression on her face. It was too early for Akane to have done something very wrong, so what was up with Nabiki?...

"Let me guess, bad dream?" the teenaged ice queen asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Um!-" Akane gasped, eyes wide as she glanced at Ranma, watching his eyes expand in turn also. Had Nabiki seen them on the couch last night, and come to black mail them? Jeez... you couldn't let anything slip by ANYONE around here!

"Listen, I mean, we didn't do anything-or something... I mean!-"

"Yeah! I just DID have a bad dream and I was hungry so I- he was just there and..." Nabiki stared at the couple, almost happily, as they tossed around excuses hurriedly. Looks like she'd be making money today even if Kuno wasn't around! She had absolutely NO idea what they were talking about, really, but it sounded really GOOD in any case!

"Yes..." she said carefully, trying to sound condescending as they dug themselves a grave. "Keep going..."

"Well... Well hey! This isn't fair Nabiki, we were just watching T.V!" an indignant Akane growled, feeling that this was going just a bit too far. Like she would ever do anything with THAT jerk, in any case... well... what she means to say is... it's not like...

"Yeah, and isn't spying on us in the dead of the night like that just a little low?" Ranma questioned with a frown.

"Excuse me? What are you talking about here Ran-chan?" an ominously sweet voice asked quietly, walking up to the raven haired martial artist, a purpose in their step. Ukyo had overheard everything, and was definitely not a happy camper. "Just what were you doing in the 'dead of the night', that you wouldn't want Nabiki to see, anyway?" she growled.

"NOTHING!" Ranma quickly stated, just about ready to pull his hair out. This was far too much for 8AM in the morning... Especially with the lack of sleep he got last night!...

"Seriously, this is getting blown so out of perportion! I'm going to class," Akane groaned, quickly marching towards the school building, Nabiki in toe. You could only take so much of this kind of behavior, really. A small crowd formed around the remaining couple, watching with interest as Ukyo told Ranma off about staying up late with Akane... Ranma was thoroughly pissed that Akane had abandoned him to the unreasonably angry chef.

"So," Nabiki said in all seriousness as she and Akane walked side by side of the steps to school. "You did have a bad dream last night though, right?"

"Yeah..." Akane sighed.

The infamous old lady, of whom Ranma held responsible for numerous, and untimely, sex changes, was sitting happily on her front porch this morning, gazing out into the distance, an almost secretive sort of smile on her face. Ah yes, it looked like it was going to be another beautiful day in Nerima again... she smiled wider, absent mindidly tapping her now empty water bucket with a stray finger.

Out of the corner of her eye, the elderly woman spotted two cats stroll casually down the street, walking together as a couple would, one pitch black, the other stark white. She smiled at their lovely contrast, noting that the black cat with its head facing her, bore a ... perhaps it was a bald patch?... the shape of a crescent moon on her forehead. How peculiar! Abruptly, the two cats stopped walking directly in front of her porch, apparently unaware of the old lady's quiet presence.

"Artimas! That was simply careless of you! A waste too!... those girls don't need us prodding around in their dreams like THAT. Especially when you just go and muddle it all up like you did," the black cat groaned, her voice high pitched and proper, pronouncing all of her words beautifully.

"Ah Luna, don't get angry! I think I got the point across anyway... they know something's up, and that's what counts," the white cat, apparently Artimas, said defensively, his own voice scratchy and very low. "We've prepared them for a shock now,"

"Hardly," Luna snorted. "They don't even remember anything! I put a lot of effort into that dream, and you just ruined it," she sighed. "I suppose we'll have to do it all over again..."

"No, no don't worry about the girl's feelings so much! I mean... not to sound insensitive," Artimas quickly said, noting Luna's speculative expression. " It's just... they can take it. As we've seen, they've dealt with A LOT of weird things in their life-times. This should be no biggy for them!"

"I guess you're right, they are pretty unique... yet still..." Luna murmured, worried, and very frustrated.

"Listen, the whole reason things got messed up was because their powerful auras were so active! I think they can handle it, and I say we tell them sooner than planned! Who knows how much longer this peaceful state will last while she's out there? We need people out there now!" the white cat said firmly.

"Right... I guess you have a point..." Luna acknowledged with a sigh. "But I'm still mad at you for getting overwhelmed by their auras and loosing the connection so abruptly. It would be so much easier if not for you!" she said snidely.

"Hey! Stop going on about that, it was an accident!" Artimas yowled defensively.

"Yes-but a careless one!-And-oh! Oh... dear... Artimas.." Luna said suddenly, quietly, eyes wide.

"What?" Artimas asked, watching his partner's expression darken, and take a slightly nervous turn. Curiously, he turned to see what had Luna so flustered... and soon found his own face reddening.

"Meow?" he offered the old lady, who was staring at he and Luna both with raised eyebrows. At his lame attempt to make up what had been done, she shook her head sadly. What odd times she lived in!

Luna and Artimas took off at a run down the street, extremely embarrassed at their thoughtlessness.

Nabiki stared carefully at the odd sight before her, taking a moment to lower her camera and just enjoy the scene fully. It was quite comical, actually. She snorted as Akane head fell deeper into the crook of Ranma's neck. Yeah, this was definitely priceless. And with the field practically empty too! People would pay good money for these shots.

Lying against the large tree in the yard of Furikan, was Ranma Saotome, head propped up against the bark easily, dead asleep. Next to him him, was Akane. She was leaning on his shoulder now, also asleep, slowly but surely falling more and more onto him. Ranma had one hand on her knee, where her legs curled up next to his.

Oh, but there was more.

On the other side of Ranma, or 'Ran-chan', as she would say, sat Ukyo, snoozing lightly. She had her back up against his shoulder, using him as support, chin falling onto her chest as she lost the battle to keep her head up. Then, finally, head resting on his lap, was an currently unconscious Shampoo, lying down in the soft grass, a small smile on her lips, purple hair splayed out around her. Now she was definitely the one person Nabiki had never expected to find exhausted. She was just so... bouncy!

But, as much as this little scene at lunch amused the teen, it also startled her. It was definite now, something was most certainly up now, and she couldn't deny the fact that it was worrying her. Was there some other wacko around Nermia? Planning to put everyone to sleep so he could kidnap them all, or do some other equally as unpleasant thing? Nabiki pinched her arm lightly as she resisted the urge to go curl up with the four friends, being quite tiered herself. No. Nabiki Tendo, would NOT be found napping with these jokers. Having gotten all of the pictures she needed, the girl quickly stood, carefully put her camera away, and walked towards the school where she would hopefully find a vacant classroom. There she planned to more properly collect her thoughts, and maybe take a little rest before real classes started again... it was time to think things over for real now.

Kasumi heaved a great sigh as she dully prepared a steaming pot of miso soup for that nights dinner. Her movements were slower and less eager to happily finish their task that morning than usual, and her eyes were slightly closed, as though she was taking this quiet moment to take a nap while standing up. Silly nightmares... she hadn't had one since she was just a little girl, for heaven's sake! While she supposed it could just be an effect of hanging around with the Nermia crew too much, it still bothered her some.

"Kasumi?" Soun, looking as normal as ever, asked quietly, entering the kitchen.

"Oh, my! Father!" Kasumi gasped, eyes snapping open. She stifled a yawn as she turned to look at the older man, a pleasant smile gracing her face. "Is their something you need? Dinner will be ready at six, so..."

"No, no it's not that. It's just, you look tired today Kasumi-chan. Is something the matter?" her worried, father asked, now standing next to the pretty young woman. Kasumi tugged on her caramel colored pony tail nervously now. No sense in worrying her father, who knows what would happen if she admitted she had been up for the better party of the night, worrying about a bad dream. No, no sense in distressing the poor old man, his heart couldn't take such things anymore, after all.

"No father, I'm fine... just a little tired, is all. You know, I think I stayed up to late last night reading- silly me! Don't worry yourself," she hastily added.

"Well, all right, if you say so," Soun conceded, figuring his eldest daughter most likely knew best, anyway. "Just... don't get sick, I don't want to have to suffer Akane's cooking, you know!"

"Oh, Father, that's terrible!" Kasumi giggled.

"But a sad truth," Soun sighed, exiting the kitchen with his head bowed. Soun had only just gotten back to his shogi board, dimly wondering if he had been doing just so bad before, when the sound of the door to the front door opening came, and three children returned home from school... on time, for a change.

"We're baaack!" Akane chirped, walking through the living room, and then up the stairs with her bag slung over her shoulder, eager to get to her room so she could finish up her homework, and then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Ranma quickly followed her up, his mind working in much the same way.

"See you at dinner," he called to generally everyone downstairs.

It was Nabiki who came in last, shoulders hunched, eyes half lidded, and looking as though she was seriously thinking something over. Kasumi watched her travel to the staircase from the kitchen.

"Are you okay Nabiki-chan?" Kasumi called, wiping her hands on her apron.

"What?- Oh, um, I'm fine," Nabiki said, waving Kasumi's sisterly concern off. Then, after another second of thinking, she turned back to Kasumi, and said in a slightly quieter voice: "But, could I talk to you later?"

"Why of course, Nabiki!" Kasumi said, all smiles. Nabiki nodded her thanks, and then made her way up to her own room.

After Nabiki had left, Kasumi wondered with a worried frown just what her sister wanted to discuss.

"What- you're sure they're gone- you're positive?... No way... NO freaking way!" A pause. "What? Well of COURSE I am! This is a golden, once in a life time opportunity, after all! I'll have the run of this town, there's no one more powerful than I am at this point! It'll be like Christmas come early!" An evil cackle. "Hm? Well... Fine, fine you can come to, just get ready quickly. Those scouts are tricky, who knows when they'll be back? Right.. right, bye." She hung up the telephone with a definite click, a cruel smile twisting her ruby red lips into an unattractive position.

"I would have never believed it to be true but... It is. I can feel in my bones. The absence of their terrible, troublesome presence. They're really off the planet, and now Tokyo is mine!" The tall, thin woman chortled, a pair of purple, flashing eyes staring into the darkness of her apartment. A pair of hands with long red nails like claws undid her confining bun, and letting a head of silver blonde hair fall to the ground around her. Her form was thin yet curvy, showing signs of someone who knew out to work out. No more hiding, no more running, no more fear. The might sailor scouts and their leader Sailor Moon were really gone... and as long as they were, Ristuko was going to have some fun!

To be continued.


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