Crazy Momma C is back in the game! Alright, my OC in most of my stories is based of my pen pal, I had many people ask that question...She is Chelsea and I am Chelsea-Elizabeth and we are from the same country so I was like LOL, that's awesome! We met eachother on Quizilla (used to have an account on there) But anyway, she writes her stories on Quotev now a days. After speaking to here (FINALLY) again after 9 months, I checked out as a guest her profile. IWillNotBeSilent (She's so awesome...) Anyways, she was the inspiration of this current crazy shit. See, she had been random and talking to someone who RP's our dearest Jonathan and began talking about stealing apples and her self made up Apple Dance, and there, this crazy nuggest of a ship was born. To quote my dearest friend :Eyes dawn in realization when looking at Jᴏɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ Mᴏʀɢᴇɴsᴛᴇʀɴ "Drapple...Nope. It's Japple!" Yeah I stole it from her activity...Anyway, on with the story and whoever on this site has Quotev too should follow that weirdo.

Jonathan Morgenstern was bored.

No scratch that, it was an understatement.

He felt like he was dying in heaven from boredom. Hell at least would have been fun...

He grabbed a nice, green apple from the stand with fruits. It was exactly the colour of Clarissa's eyes...

"Clary..." He whispered against the apple and licked the fruit, smelling its nice smell. It was surprisingly good. Before he himself even knew what was happening, he kissed the apple, thinking about his sister. "O Apple, will she ever love me?" He asked the green apple as if it was a human. Thus the capilization of the first later as if Apple was a name. It felt so soft...

"Apple..."He breathed out. If he couldn't have his sister, the apple would be a perfect replacement right?

Apple had been burried under the ruins of the Fairchild mansion. "For you, my Apple." He whispered. He didn't knew why, but he felt a saddened pang in his heart. Was it...Grieve?! No, that couldn't be possible.

He dismissed the thought and left.

The next Apple had been even more delicious. He secretly kissed it in his room. "Apple..."He moaned and playfully bit it. Juice splattering in his mouth. He couldn't help but have a little bit nightly fun with the apple.

The burial of Apple the Second was hard for him. Come on Jonathan, it's just a fucking apple! He told himself, though the greeness of his beautiful Apple never left his mind.

"I'll never let you go. " He whispered to Apple the Third. His feelings for her were even more pasionate then with Apple the First and Apple the Second. Three times' the charm right?

He couldn't help but cry a little for the first time in years. Apple the Third had died. "No...Apple..." He whispered."My beautiful Apple...My beautiful one, my one and only love..." Yes he admitted it. He had fallen in love with an apple.

What he didn't knew was that Simon was on a mission given to him by the Lightwoods and had recorded it all. Now they finally knew who Jonathan's beautiful one was...He chuckled and posted it on the private website he created for the Council. They all sure would love this! Simon smiled wickedly and as soon as he posted it he bursted out, laughing hysterically. He rolled over the floor while crying his eyes out of hilariousity.

Little did he know Jonathan was still in hearing range. The two had a nice fight afterwards.

In no time Japple had become a huge hit on ShadowWorldTube.

The end~