The lion's march

Dawn's P.O.V

"Come on Paulie we want to get their before my birthday" I say. "Dawn, the reason we aren't going now is because you won't put your big pink suitcase into the van" Paul says. "Oh, Paulie Pleeeeease can you put my suitcase in, you are much stronger than me" I say whilst batting my eyelashes in a flirtatious way. "OK" he says "YES" I shout and do my victory dance.

5 minutes later…

May's P.O.V

"I want to sit next to the window" "too bad cos I'm sitting there" "no fair" "yes fair" Me and drew are arguing about which one of us sits next to the window. We both make a run for the seat…. In the end me and drew sit in the back with a window for both of us. Misty and Ash sit in the middle, me and drew think we be hearing smooching sounds for most of the journey. Paul and Dawn are sitting in the front, Paul is driving. Are destination is Drew's log house near the beach and on the edge of the forest we choose the sleeping arrangements' when we get there… in 2 hours L NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

2 hours later…

YAY we're finally there we almost crashed several times, I succeeded in making drew look ridiculous hehehe.

Drew's P.O.V

We are here now in side we find out that there are only 3 bedrooms. We have to pick our partners name from the hat: Dawn and Paul, Ash and Misty so that means oh no I'm with May! Well at least I have more chances to ask her out.

Our room is red with a rose theme oh thank god it's a king size bed I wouldn't want her to be too close to me. She seems ok with the room, phew; I'm going to take a shower. I grab my shower bag, Damn it, no lock well that won't be so bad there is a curtain.

May's P.O.V

NOOOO! Why me no lock on the bathroom door I think I will have a shower. I take off my clothes and put my towel around my body. I open the door to find drew shirt less! He's so hot I find my mouth open. OMG I think I'm drooling. With nothing but a towel around his waist.

Drew's P.O.V

Like what you see Maple? I say. I see her nod her head slightly