Title: Hidden Shadows Seeking Light

Rating: I wish I knew. I am putting it at PG-13 just because I don't know any better and would rather err on the safe side.

Genre: Drama/Mild Angst

Summary: The sequel to Broken Promises and New Beginnings it begins immediately following the ending of the previous story. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Anakin are on their way to Tiress. The governmental leaders of the planet requested the Jinn/Kenobi team to aid in settling the conflict on their planet as well as to work towards reestablishing peace and stability. They must also try to locate whoever is responsible for the assassination of the Vice Commander of the planet and the kidnappers of the Commander's daughter. There are darker forces at work here that the Jedi are not yet aware of. As if they didn't have enough to do Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must also work to put their relationship back together following the events of BPNB. Will their fragile attempt to reconcile withstand the pressures of a mission and the desire of a dark lord to possess the Chosen One? Can Obi- Wan trust someone who has abandoned him before? If forced to choose again which Padawan would Qui-Gon select? What if their very lives depended upon his choice?

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. They are, were and will always belong to Mr. George Lucas creator of an amazing universe. Not only does this story contain elements of the universe that Mr. Lucas created but also the Alternate Universe (AU) found in a wonderful story called An Untimely Frost by CYNICAL21. I thank Cynical21 for allowing me to reference her work. If you haven't read her story you are really missing out on something wonderful. You will need a big box of tissues though so keep those handy. Also I want to thank Shannon for sparking my imagination with her wonderful story Going Home it is a must read!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Just to a little guide as to what things mean:

/-/ Bond thought //-// Private thought "-" Speaking aloud


Tiress was just entering the mid cycle of the night as the twin moons slowly eased beyond the center point of the sky casting deep shadows among the trees. It was the darkest and loneliest time on the planet. A time when most sane beings had surrendered their struggles to slumber and awaited the dawn before picking up their plights once more.

Pulmee Den, leader of the Southern Liberation Army or SLA and special attaché to the now deceased Southern Hemisphere Representative Vice Commander Relian, had forgotten how to indulge in the luxury of surrendering his struggles long ago, two years to be exact. For two years he had been working to undo the so called good the Republic negotiators had done for his home world. Their so called good had cost the Southern Hemisphere jobs, facilities, inflation, depression, these all the consequences of the substandard representation that they had received in the newly formed central government.

Tiress up until two years ago had always been a planet divided along its equator into a Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The land bridges around the equator were fairly narrow and as such the populace didn't venture far into each other's territories. Clans had evolved into communities and communities into states until some four hundred years ago first in the Southern followed quickly by the Northern Hemisphere central governing councils had been formed. They became two countries connected by land bridges but very little else. They had differing economies, cultures, resources and climates.

The Southern Hemisphere was truly the more endowed with resources and climate which brought with it great economic advantage. They would trade their fuel and agricultural products to the North. The South tended to have better medical and educational institution because of the increased finances available for such endeavors.

The Northern Hemisphere tended to struggle more economically, but what they lacked in resources and facilities they made up for in united patriotism and pride. There citizens fought as one. They were united in that they were all "have nots" and very few "haves". They had very few products to trade. This deficit made it difficult for the economy of the North to ever find any lasting stability. The only thing that the North had going for it was a desire to fight and win a war. The goal of that war had been to take over the Southern Hemisphere. For years this alone had kept the Northern economy moving. Poverty united the North as much as prosperity split the South into many different factions that is until the day the treaty had been signed. Then one group had come into being. That group was the Southern Liberation Army. Many saw the hand writing on the wall and were determined to erase it before it threatened their way of life.

Den had been a part of the talks between the Northern Hemisphere's Army under the command of General La'Kol and the Southern Hemisphere's Army under the command of General Relian. Serving as General Relian's attaché, he had watched as the General had been persuaded to give in constantly to the demands of the Northern Hemisphere in order to bring the parties into alignment.

Relian had been a good man and the Jedi had used that to their advantage knowing that he would have given anything for peace. Using his human frailty of decency they managed to help the North take everything from the South. It had been a sad and hollow day for the Southern Hemisphere of their planet when the unifying agreement had been signed. Not only had they lost most of their trade advantage but would be serving beneath the Northern's General in power. General La'Kol had been granted the position of Commander in the planetary government while General Relian had accepted the position of Vice Commander. There had been promises from La'Kol assuring Relian and the populace of the Southern Hemisphere that he would work for the betterment of both Hemispheres. These promises had been broken before the electronic signatures had been verified on the negotiated document.

There had been talk immediately following the negotiations of rebellion in the South, but it had been squashed by those loyal to Relian. His dream had become the dream of so many of his followers. He had longed for a peaceful planet, a united populace, and a prosperous future. They chose to trust and believe in him. They would give it a chance.

Matters had gone very well for a short period of time then little by little the tide had started to turn. First it was just minor law changes that seemed to favor the Northern population. It seemed the wise thing to move a few of the industrial sites to the north. If the planet was to be unified the lines that had previously been drawn had to be erased. New medical, educational, cultural, and financial institutions were spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Many of these had been relocated from the South by government order. Relian had explained these decisions as acts necessary to balance the prosperity of Tiress to both Hemispheres, but the words had given little solace to the people that were now out of work or facing a move to the North.

The relocation of several factories had not only resulted in the loss of jobs in the South but caused increased inflation. When the Southern people asked Vice Commander Relian for aid, he had assured them that it would come. He had never broken a promise to his people. He had fought for years on their behalf, but the battles he had waged had been open battles fought by men of valor holding honest weapons for all to see. He had been unprepared for the weapons wielded by men of political power. La'Kol had refused to send any aid to the South. Many within the southern population found themselves hungry, homeless, and angry.

That was when the skirmishes began. The SLA, Southern Liberation Army, which had remained dormant for a year began moving its people north. They first moved north as factory workers, transport operators, maintenance engineers, and then later as professors, healers and other professionals. The SLA also increased their underground military training operations. When the time came they would need an army. They set up camps throughout the Southern Hemisphere placing key military leaders from the previous years of war over the operation. The operatives kept their mouths shut and their eyes and ears open. They knew that the signal would come and when it did they would implement their plan.

The signal would come from Pulmee Den. He had been recruited as the leader of their organization. Working within the State House directly under Vice Commander Relian he had access to the most critical weapon in any war that weapon being information. He had been more than willing to take the position. He knew he had the ability to oversee a vast operation and had the motivation to dedicate his life to it. He had spent most of his life fighting for his Southern homeland. He had no problem sacrificing a few other lives for its renewed independence. He would be the signal. It was only two short months after assuming his new position in the SLA that he realized what that signal would be.

The signal had been particularly disturbing yet strangely satisfying to Pulmee Den. After almost two years of waiting and watching Vice Commander Relian humiliate himself and his southern peoples in front of the organized planetary government, Pulmee had felt that the blaster bolt must have been more of a relief than anything else. No more kissing up to La'Kol, no more broken promises to his people, no more eating his words as he watched his people starve in the streets and suffer under bias laws. One quick burst and it was over for him.

No one had suspected a thing. As soon as the first news report had gone out it had been obvious to all that the Northern Freedom Fighters, or NFF, had been behind the assassination. They had always opposed unifying the government with near constant threats and demonstrations, Vargo Stol, leader of the NFF, had all but guaranteed that his organization would be the one held accountable for any mutinous acts against the new government. He and Den had one thing in common. They neither one had ever wanted a unifying government. They neither one believed in compromise but in conquest.

Vargo was a determined, yet ignorant man. He lacked finesse and that was his greatest flaw. He spoke in honest threats unaware that the playing field had changed since the signing of the treaty. He no longer could walk out onto a battlefield and state his intentions. His inability to adapt to the subversive surroundings that they all shared now was the entire reason that he had been so easily set up as the perpetrator of the assassination

// Vargo Stol what an idiot.// Pulmee thought as he continued to wait in the shadows. He was beginning to wonder if his contact would be arriving after all. He had wondered why the man had approached and offered him aid in this upcoming coup. At first he had been suspicious wondering how he could have known of his plans for the Vice Commander. It wasn't until he realized that he was dealing with a Force sensitive that he had relaxed, but only a bit. He had dealt with other Force sensitives before, the Jedi, but this man was different. He felt different. Whenever Pulmee found himself in the man's presence he could feel the hairs stand up on the back of this neck. There was something very evil about this man. If the good he had sensed in the Jedi had destroyed his country then perhaps the evil he sensed in this dark one could help him to undo the damage that had been done.

He had been resistive at first to accept this man's help, but then had come to realize that a Force sensitive would go far to assure their success. He also enjoyed the irony of a dark Force sensitive helping to undo the damage done by the two light Force sensitives. Kenobi and Jinn had helped to create this mess and Den hoped that one day he would be able to repay misery for misery.

Pulmee continued to stare out into the darkness surrounding him. He had been waiting far too long. He had to get back soon before his absence was noted. He still had to make one more visit to the abandoned factory to check on his guest before the night would be over for him.

It was then that he felt something. It felt like cold fingers crawling through his mind. He whirled around suddenly his breathing immediately becoming ragged with fear. The dark one was here, Sidious, he was near. He had thought perhaps he wouldn't be coming after all, now he wondered if he was relieved or terrified that the man had actually arrived.

"You doubt me so quickly." The voice sounded cool and refined.

"No my lord. I would never doubt you." He felt a hand tighten on his throat yet knew that the other man was not close enough to touch him. He clawed at the invisible force feeling his face grew warmer.

"Don't lie to be Den. I can rid myself of you with little to no effort." The voice once again seemed menacing yet almost board with the display before him.

Pulmee nodded vigorously attempting to utter a promise of total propriety but lacked the oxygen to speak. Finally the pressure was reduced until it faded to nothing. He collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

"You will be having visitors soon." He paused making sure that the man gasping before him was indeed able to comprehend the information being relayed.

A nod from Pulmee and the voice continued.

"The same meddling Jedi as before." There was a note of triumph in the croaking voice, " They are no longer the team that they once were though. Kenobi and Jinn had a bit of a falling out." The tone now turned from triumph to delight as he continued, " Kenobi is now a Knight and Jinn has a new padawan." Sidious had enjoyed watching the damage that the master had inflicted on Kenobi. He knew that this would work to his advantage. He also understood the devotion that the young knight still felt towards his ex-Master. This too would be a most effective weapon. Then there was always the boy, Anakin Skywalker, The Chosen One. Sidious chuckled darkly at the thought. Was the Jedi Council truly this blind? Was Master Jinn? He would have the Chosen One alright and use the other two to have him.

He had started plotting this endeavor months ago. Tiress was a perfect planet to start undermining the Republic's authority. Half of the population hated the treaty that the Jedi had helped to negotiate. He knew that the treaty had been fair but as in all disputes there are always hard feelings. It had been easy to fuel the flames of discontent among the leaders that remained from the South.

He had known the moment that Jinn had been invited back to the Temple that the time had come to reunite the team of Kenobi/Jinn. They would both put their personal feelings aside in order to serve the Force and the greater good. He had planted the necessity for Kenobi/Jinn in the mind of La'Kol who had easily taken the bait especially after his daughter had been kidnapped. Panic and sorrow can be truly distracting emotions. Emotion was never an ally when hard decisions had to be made.

Things were going exactly as he had planned. It seemed that Den had come to believe the he cared about Tiress. He cared nothing for it. Well except that he cared that it remain divided and weak. It would be easier to have it turn from the Republic that way. Tiress was just a way of getting to his ultimate goal, The Chosen One. It would serve as the first domino to fall until the entire galaxy was his.

"What would you have me do?" Pulmee asked his voice hoarse as he wondered what damage the invisible pressure had caused to his delicate neck.

Bringing his thought back to the trembling man before him he sighed in obvious frustration at the man's ignorance. "I want them. I want them all." His voice was hard and caused Pulmee's heart rate to quicken.

"I can't deliver Jedi? Even if I managed it what would I do with them once I have them?" Pulmee cleared his throat continuing to rub his neck.

"Don't tell me what you can't do." The dark figure hissed angrily. " I am not interested in your problems. They will be within your reach. I merely need to you divide and conquer them. Once you have them you will use these." Sidious handed the man three odd devices. They looked like neck manacles that one would use on slaves. Pulmee recognized them to be Force dampening collars. He had seen them once on a holo vid. "They will be weak as kittens with these on them. I will know when you have them. I will relieve you of them when the time comes. Do you have any other stupid questions for me?" The figure asked slowly increasing the pressure once more.

"What about the girl?" He rasped. Pulmee was struggling to maintain his demeanor. This deal was getting worse by the moment.

"Oh yes the girl, Commander La'Kol's daughter," The figure seemed amused at the thought of the young girl kidnapped and hidden away. "Well I leave that to you. Personally I have always found that hostages make nice bait, but surely you don't need me to work out all of your plans for you or do you Den?" Pulmee felt the cold fingers shifting through his mind once more joining with the phantom hands about his neck.

He shook his head violently as if hoping his action would loosen the grip that had hold of his throat and sling the cold fingers from his brain.

"Good. My men will be about. They will keep me informed. Do not fail me." With that the figure slunk fully into the shadows and was gone.

Pulmee stood for a moment longer grateful for the breath filling his lungs as he continued to stare at the spot where the figure had been. Recovering at last he tightened his coat about him. The evenings were beginning to be chilly. It would be dawn soon and if visitors were on their way he would need to be well rested for their arrival.

Staring up at the sky for a moment he wondered if Jinn and Kenobi were in system yet. Of course it mattered not to him sooner or later they would be dead and Tiress would be his and his alone.


For the most part Obi-Wan and early rising had very little to do with each other. From the time he had been a padawan the biggest challenge for him had been greeting the morning with any sense of serenity. For some reason this morning was different. After his talk with Qui-Gon the evening before in the cargo hold he felt as if a weight had been lifted from him. He felt lighter and more focused than he had in weeks. It was a hopeful beginning.

He knew he would continue to keep his guard up, but the man had seemed sincerely sorry for the pain he had caused Obi-Wan. He had also seemed to understand that even though they had decided to work towards having some sort of relationship that it could never be as it once had been. Obi-Wan caught himself swallowing hard at his last thought. He hoped that he would have the strength to avoid the pull he felt from within, the longing to have everything as it had been before. He missed Qui-Gon as his Master and friend. Shaking his head he lowered himself out of his bunk.

Throwing on his workout leggings and tunic he grabbed his saber and headed back to the cargo hold for some morning katas. He needed to work out some kinks and regain the serenity that had been missing since the mission had started.

He quietly crept past the cabin where he hoped Qui-Gon and Anakin were still resting. He was relieved to find that thoughts of his former Master no longer filled him with any sense of sadness or dread. He was amazed how much one decent conversation could change things. He was actually looking forward to seeing the man and getting to know the boy better. He still had some concerns about Anakin. He had sensed the boy's emotions over the last day or so and they were not becoming of a Jedi Padawan.

As he drew closer to the cargo hold he could hear the faint sound of an ignited light saber. Upon entering the area he was surprised to see both Qui-Gon and Anakin engaged in the fourth kata combat drill. Their sabers gracefully arched towards one another as they moved through the elegant dance. He felt his breath catch in his throat. There was something familiar and nostalgic about the scene before him. He felt a part of his heart ache as his mind swiftly flew back over years of sparring matches he had had with Qui-Gon. He fought the bitterness that threatened to rise within him once more. He had to let the past go if there could ever be a hope of them having a future.

Obi-Wan leaned against the hull mesmerized by their movements. He chose to immerse himself in the match he saw evolving before his eyes. Anakin was a bit over confident but did have a great deal of natural talent. He would have the advantage of height and reach in time. Obi-Wan once again lamented his own physical stature. He had worked at speed and agility in order to compensate for his lack of reach. It had been a good tack for him.

As the exercise wound down to its end he found he was holding his breath caught up in the beauty and control of each movement. Qui-Gon's elegance contrasted against the still awkward and reflexive Padawan made for an albeit one sided yet interesting battle. He watched as the Master and Padawan disengaged their sabers then bowed to one another signally the end of the exercise. The moment the formal gesture had been completed the Padawan erupted into whoops of joy. This was obviously the first time he had made it through the entire drill. Obi-Wan remembered the feelings of elation he had felt during training at the completion of each milestone. He smiled at the boy's joy.

Qui-Gon and Anakin both startled as the sound of Obi-Wan's enthusiastic applause caught them both off guard. Obi-Wan laughed aloud as he realized that he had been able to evade their notice. They turned to find the Knight formally bowing to both of them as he continued to applaud.

"Knight Kenobi." Anakin bowed still wary of the man after overhearing the angry words he had assaulted his Master with the night before. He now understood the betrayal that had motivated them. He found himself strangely conflicted in his dislike and admiration of the knight. His overriding emotion at the moment was anger though. This was a private moment of success why did Obi-Wan have to intrude on it.

"Padawan Skywalker." Obi-Wan's cultured voice met the boy's formality. He stiffened slightly as he noticed the veiled anger in the boy's eyes. More of the emotions unbecoming a padawan, Obi-Wan glanced quickly to Qui-Gon to see if the Master had picked up on it. Qui-Gon was staring at the boy with a confused expression playing across his features. He had sensed it. Obi- Wan turned his attention back to the boy. "You've really progressed well over this year Anakin, very impressive." His smile was so genuine that Anakin found himself helpless but to return it. He pushed the anger away and bowed again to the knight a bit less formal than before.

"Master Jinn." He bowed to Qui-Gon with mocking formality. Qui-Gon catching the jest gave back as good as he had gotten reveling in the easy manner that Obi-Wan was extending to him. It felt so good. He knew that they had a long way to go to establish their new relationship, but he definitely liked the way it was starting out. His own smile rivaled that of the knight. He was still confused at his padawan's reaction to the knight but decided to consider it later in light of the moment. It was a moment he had wanted for so long and had believed could never be again. Obi-Wan smiling at him freely sharing his humor in a playful moment, he wanted to run to the knight, take him into his arms, and promise never to hurt him again, but instead chose to just continue smiling at his ex- student.

"May I offer my services as a sparring partner?" Qui-Gon asked his ex- padawan. He had surprised himself with his bold invitation. It had been what he had wanted but wasn't sure where the courage had come from to actually offer his services to the knight.

Obi-Wan hesitated for a moment as if unsure as to whether he was comfortable accepting the offer. He took a breath shaking his head slightly taking a moment to study the man before him. He noticed Qui-Gon's expression falter for a moment as if afraid he had gone too far in making the offer. Obi-Wan knew that the two of them needed to get passed their feelings concerning their past.

He had missed sparring with Qui-Gon. He always enjoyed the time he had with Yoda but Yoda's style and Qui-Gon's were so different. His acrobatics didn't work nearly as well against Yoda. Obi-Wan knew that a part of him wanted to spar his ex-Master very much. He just wondered if he was emotionally ready to do so. He wouldn't know until he tried and now was as good a time as any. He nodded briefly at the man before speaking. He noticed Qui-Gon's face relax at his gesture.

"Yes I could use the practice if your Padawan can spare you that is?." He glanced over at the boy who was now openly glaring at the knight. The look and the accompanying emotions that were tumbling off of the boy in waves took both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon by surprise. Obi-Wan resisted the urge to correct the boy waiting to see what Master Jinn would do. He was not disappointed.

"Anakin!" The rebuke was clear. There was a moment of defiance and a flicker of emotion that disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Obi-Wan caught the barest glimpse of it through the Force then it was gone. "You are in need of meditation on anger Padawan. Go to our cabin and begin. When Obi-Wan and I have completed our exercise I will come and discuss this with you."

Anakin's face reddened. Obi-Wan felt for him in that moment. Qui-Gon had corrected him publicly before as well and it had always stung with humiliation, but in the end it had always been a lesson well learned. Our mistakes are not usually private but public so it is important that we learn to acknowledge them publicly.

Wordlessly the boy bowed and made his way out of the cargo hold. He turned one last time to scowl at the men who had begun to slowly work through a basic kata to allow the knight a chance to warm up. If looks could kill both men would have been dead long ago.


//So this is how it is going to be.// Anakin thought. He had felt a difference in his Master after his talk with the knight. Their talk had lasted until late in the evening. He had been almost asleep when he had heard his Master enter their cabin. He had tried to shield himself so that the man would think that he was asleep. He had felt unbalanced by all that his Master had revealed to him and had no desire to discuss it further.

He had noted that his Master had actually been chuckling as he sat on his bunk and removed his boots. There would be pauses and then more chuckling. How could the man feel so happy after all that he had admitted that night? Didn't he realize that he had disappointed his Padawan? Didn't he realize that he had frightened Anakin?

He hadn't spoken one word concerning his revelation of the previous night. It was as if the Master didn't realize how desperately Anakin needed to be reassured once more that he would not suffer the same fate as Obi-Wan. Then this morning he had been tossed aside at a moment of triumph in order to give the knight a sparring session. Was this how Obi-Wan had felt? He had been so close to reaching his goal of knighthood then to be thrown away at his moment of triumph?

Anakin suppressed those thoughts. He didn't want to identify with the knight. He didn't want to feel any connection to him. He didn't want him getting in his way. He had training to make up for. He was so far behind the last thing he needed was for Qui-Gon to get sidetracked making up for lost time with his old student. With each passing second Anakin felt further away from his mother and his goal of reaching her. He gritted his teeth tightly as he raised his shields higher still.

As Anakin sunk into his meditative pose he bitterly considered that it was his Master who needed to meditate. He needed to meditate on honesty more than Anakin needed to meditate on his anger. Qui-Gon had lied to Obi-Wan. He would no doubt lie to Anakin.

Who did Kenobi think he was anyway? He wasn't a padawan anymore. It was Anakin who needed training. He had a plan now. He was going to get to his mother and free her one way or the other. He would find a way to keep that stupid knight from getting in his way.

Bitterly he began thinking on his anger sinking into his meditation. As he concentrated on the emotion he realized suddenly that someone else was in his mind. Mildly irritated that Master Jinn would be checking up on him he decided to ignore the presence and returned to concentrating on his anger. A chill ran through him as he suddenly realized that the presence in his mind was not that of his Master but someone else.

It was the same being who had touched his mind in the training room on Coruscant. Peering anxiously around in his mind he located the being. It was a figure clad in shadows and he was fingering the latch on the lock box Anakin kept buried deep in his mind. Anakin stood paralyzed before the presence. He knew the figure held his secret. He understood the contents of the box. Before Anakin could react further the figure uttered a chilling cackle as it suddenly threw open the lid to the box releasing its contents. Anakin's last thought before losing consciousness was that he was drowning but it wasn't water that was immersing his life force. He was drowning in darkness.


So finally it is here. This is the first chapter of the sequel to Broken Promises and New Beginnings. If you haven't read my first story then some things in here might seem a little confusing. I continue to thank Cynical21 for allowing me to reference her universe. The posts for this story will be much much slower and I apologize for that from the get go. I had a computer disaster and lost everything on my hard drive. I hadn't backed up this sequel and lost 6 chapters. Yes there were tears and gnashing of teeth, but thanks to a very nice review from Kelly on BPNB I put the Kleenex away and decided to start working on it again. In BPNB it was all sketched out before I started posting. I just polished the chapters before posting. This time it is all coming from scratch. My goal is a chapter a week but if I get truly moving with inspiration it may happen sooner. I hope you all can be patient with me. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement for my writing. I hope this story proves to be as entertaining.