Title: Hidden Shadows Seeking Light

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Genre: Drama/Mild Angst

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He stood, ignoring his own fatigue and weakness, watching her through the glass which separated them. He refused to dwell on her injuries instead remaining focused on how grateful he was that she was alive. She was alive. He kept repeating the words over and over again in his mind still trying to banish his earlier feelings of devastation when he believed that she had slipped away from him. He swallowed against the lump that formed in his throat.

He had come so close to giving up at that moment. Saischel once again had come to his rescue. Even now if he dove down deep enough he could still sense her presence with him. It held the comfort of a promise yet to be fulfilled. He now knew that he could have other loves in his life as long as he understood that their time would come when she would share him with no other. He too felt a deep longing for that time. It was an instinctive need for her. He knew that there was a part of him that only she could complete. Their moment would come and in the meantime it was alright for him to fill the void with another that he chose to love. That person was Adi.

Tuning out the constant hum of the monitoring devices in the room, Obi-Wan found that he was unable to take his eyes from Adi's body. He used the precious moments he had to memorize the curve of her jaw and her slender graceful fingers. There was so much to this amazing woman that he had yet been given the time to learn. There were so many wonders that comprised her. He wondered if he would ever learn of them all.

He had grown up admiring her strength and character as a knight then as a master and now a Council member, but he had only recently begun to enjoy a glimpse of Adi Galia, the woman. He pressed his hand against the cool slick surface and was struck by how different it felt compared to the warmth of her skin. He smiled in spite of the loss of contact. It was enough for the moment that he was this close to her and that she was going to survive.

He closed his eyes and reached for her. He could feel the new bond still warm in his mind. He hadn't meant to form this tie but in his attempt to save her the bond had been formed. It wasn't unheard of but was discouraged among the Jedi except in the rare cases where Jedi married. It had formed so easily. He was certain that it had something to do with his new found abilities as the Chosen One. He realized that he would have to learn to manage these skills with more finesse in the future or else he would find himself bonded to every being he attempted to help.

Unable to resist the temptation he touched the bond between them. His eyes never left her as he felt her mind reach back for his. Even from the slight exertion he could feel his life force wobble a bit. It was going to take him a few more days to recover from his encounter with the Sith. Pushing past his weakness, he used what strength he had to send the beautiful master a reassuring touch.

//Cold.// Came the response and he smiled encouraged by how rapidly she had detected his touch.

//I know My Love, but I promise to warm you up just as soon as you are out of that tank.// He sent back throwing in a few images to encourage her understanding. He felt her touch his mind once more reacting with both anticipation and a touch of humor as she sent back what her mind had first interpreted his thoughts to be versus what he had truly sent. Obi-Wan blushed in spite of himself and smiled up at the woman's face basking once more in the pure joy that he had not lost her.

//You lost our bet.// He sent triumphantly over their connection.

//Took advantage of me.// She weakly sent back.

//No I didn't. But rest assured that I plan to.// He replied his humor evident as well as his intentions.

"Enough of that! At this rate she'll never heal." Mirilent's voice caused Obi-Wan to jump. He felt caught until he reminded himself that he was no longer a teenage padawan flirting with an agemate.

"Must you sneak up on me like tha? You could have given me a heart attack." He sighed clutching his chest of dramatic effect.

"I'll give you worse than that if you don't get back to your room." She raised one eyebrow in mocked anger, but Obi-Wan realized that the woman meant business. If this is what having a mother was like then he could fully understand why Anakin missed his so much. There was something tender and reassuring about having someone who was totally devoted and unyielding about his care. He couldn't imagine not having this Healer to watch over him. She had traveled the universe in order to fight for his life as he fought for the lives of others.

As he walked past the small woman, he laid a hand to her shoulder and gave her a mischievous smile. When he spoke his voice was soft and full of affection.

"What have you been doing with yourself with me out of the Temple? I haven't seen one frightened padawan trembling at your side." He glanced around her as if in search of a trembling student failing to find one he shook his head as he turned back to her. "I believe your mellowing out." She slapped his well toned behind as he continued passed her. He turned back in surprise. "I would never have thought you were into that-" He began his eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Look Pretty Boy, just because you've survived a whole year as a Knight, and yes I lost a considerable amount of credits over that fact," Obi-Wan began to chuckle knowing full well that the woman would never bet against him, "doesn't mean you can come in here and start ignoring my orders. The sith ain't got nothing on me when it comes to being scary. You got me?" Her voice was hard but he knew if he pushed she would smile. He chose instead to give her a look of completely innocence as he threw his hands up in surrender.

"Yes Master Soljan. I am at your command." He glanced once more at his lover still hanging suspended in the healing tube.

"She'll be alright." Mira said glancing over her shoulders and checking the controls. "But you need rest. You were injured yourself. You came very close to overextending your life force. You must never do that again. Do you hear me?" Her concern for the Knight was evident in the sincerity of her tone. He had frightened her this time. He had really frightened her.

"I hear you." He said softly reaching out to tough the Healer's arms. She sighed, smiling, and shook her head.

"Until next time when someone else's life depends on you risking your own." She sounded a bit exasperated.

"I'm a Jedi, Mira, what else would you have me do? It's not just what I am. It's who I am." She understood that now, as she always had, that was why she was constantly amazed that he was still alive at all. From an early age he had put others before himself without any thought of himself. One day it would get him killed and she knew this, but as any mother knows, it was better for him to live one day as himself than a thousand denying who he was. She would take everyday he was granted and try to be there for the man when the inevitable did happen. She would be there even in that last terrible moment to ease his pain and suffering. It would be the hardest moment of her life but she loved him too much not to be there. She had learned long ago that was what love did. It walked into flames never giving a thought about the heat.

Obi-Wan noticed the tears forming in Mira's eyes and knew that she too would need a few more days to recover from his confrontation with the Sith. He nodded in understanding trying to convey that he understood that he risked more than his own life when he placed himself in peril. It was enough that he understood and the Healer embraced him. She then smiled and worked to lighten the mood between them.

"So tell me what new tricks you can do now that you are the Chosen One."

"I'm afraid I'm not really sure." Obi-Wan admitted throwing his arm around the woman with only minimal pain as they exited the tank room heading back in the direction of his own.

"What?" The woman mocked humorously. "I would have thought you could at least juggle or throw your voice." Obi-Wan laughed in response. As an initiate those had been two of his first proud moments when he had first begun manipulating the Force. He had run down to the healer's wing as fast as his legs would carry him to show off for Mira.

"Mira remind me never to get on your bad side. You know all my best and worst secrets." He deadpanned.

"You're damn right I do and also each and ever birth mark and scar on that lovely and much sought after body of yours. So you'd better do what I say got me?" She warned only half kidding.

"Got ya." He agreed.


"How many dead?" The numbers weren't good and Mace's brow furrowed as he and Yoda exchanged a look while listening to Ki Adi Mundi's report.

How had this happened? How had the Sith been able to set up such an elaborate training facility right under the Jedi's noses?

"You need your rest." Maraji walked in interrupting the meeting. Ki Adi Mundi stared between the Masters and the Healer. "Don't bother looking to them." Mara stated checking Mace's monitor. "This is my wing and what I say goes. Master Windu may have visitors again in a few hours." Ki seemed a little thrown but managed to bow his head in respect before leaving.

"Mara, you've been working with Mira too long." Mace grumbled but was in all honestly relieved that the Healer had insisted on his getting some rest. His head had begun to ache as were his muscles. He found himself wondering if he would ever regain his full strength.

"You're not the first to accuse me of that." Mara confessed smiling.

"And how is my Padawan?" Yoda asked knowing full well who would have made such a comparison to the man.

"I'm not sure. Mira had gone in search of him. He had left his bed." Both Master smiled at that revelation. It was so like Obi-Wan to push himself and ignore medical orders. "It isn't that he shows disrespect for the medical orders, he just tends to view them more as suggestions than actual orders. Perhaps you could work with him on that?" Mara suggested giving Yoda a knowing look. Satisfied with Mace's progress he turned his attention back to Yoda.

"You are his Master after all." Mara added as he watched the smaller master. Yoda sent out a slight feeler for the missing Knight. A smile etched itself across his face as he located his missing Padawan.

"Found him she has." Yoda announced after a moment. "Back in his room he is now."

"With about two additional pounds of advice and lecture I'm sure." Mace added.

"If he's lucky. She was pretty well fit to be tied when she saw he was up. She knew exactly where to start looking for him though."

"Adi." It was a statement not a question. The Healer looked up and met Mace's gaze before nodding.

"We expect a full recovery." He smiled and watched the man relax with relief. "Now Master Yoda," He paused regarding the being he was addressing. "Why don't you go spend some time with Obi-Wan while Master Windu here gets a bit more rest?" Yoda nodded realizing he was being politely dismissed. He lowered himself from the chair and made his way towards the door.

"What time is the assembly?" Mace asked just as the green master was about to pass through the door.

"This evening in the Great Hall." Yoda replied. He had hoped that Mace would be strong enough to attend but realized now that his friend too weak to attempt it. He did feel his hope buoyed by the fact that Obi-Wan was up and about.

He had meditated earlier and had felt certain that it was the will of the Force that the Knight be present at the gathering. He felt calm about facing his fellow Jedi. He somehow got the impression that it would be another who would convey all that must be done in order for the Jedi to survive.

He wondered even now if that person realized what his role would be in leading the Jedi into this new era. The old master doubted it but knew in time the Force would reveal its plan to the young man.


Anakin was in the communication center with Qui-Gon as they waited to receive an update as to his mother's whereabouts. She had left Tatooine the day before and if everything had gone as it should was scheduled to arrive on Coruscant in a few hours.

Anakin was barely able to contain his excitement. Qui-Gon felt his nervous anticipation through the Force. There had been a time when he would have felt the need to reprimand him for his lack of serenity, but things had changed, he had changed. Qui-Gon now found that he could just enjoy the boy's unbridled enthusiasm without linking it to a lesson. He could enjoy the boy,as a man instead of always viewing through the eyes of a master.

"They should be arriving in approximately eight hours." The droid reported.

"And how will her arrival be effected by the increased security measures. Are they allowing ships in yet?" Qui-Gon asked the droid.

"Ships are coming in but not out of our system at the moment. She will have to pass through normal custom's stations for all off planet arrivals but this should not delay her for more than a standard hour if her papers are in order." Qui-Gon nodded and glanced down at the boy. Anakin returned his gaze his blue eyes piercing the man. He had seen this same look of unabashed joy in Anakin's eyes on the day when boy had won the pod race. Funny, he hadn't seen this same look since. He felt ashamed that he had not noticed the loss, but also grateful that now it had returned.

"Looks like nine more hours." He spoke kneeling down to the boy's level. "Do you think you can make it that long?" He asked in honesty seeing how wound up the boy was. Anakin smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll make it." He announced loudly.

"We have a few hours so I was hoping to spend a few of them visiting with both Mace and Obi-Wan." Qui-Gon announced as they began heading out of the area.

"I think I'll go visit Pratell. She in staying in Master Yoda's quarters. I think she could use a friend." Anakin admitted. "If that is okay with you, Master?" He asked.

"I think that is a fine idea." Qui-Gon admitted and realized he was glad that he and Obi-Wan would have a little time alone together. "Once we have finished our visits we will then head to Resident Accommodations to secure quarters for your Mother." Anakin smiled and thanked his Master.

"Do you think that she has missed me as much as I have missed her?" Anakin asked his voice sounding slightly worried and unsure.

"More." Qui-Gon replied. "More Anakin. I've no doubt that letting you go was the hardest thing that she ever did. The fact that she is already on her way is indicative of her desire to see you again. She must have leapt at the chance, taking no time to pack." He smiled and wrapped his arm around the boy's thin shoulders.

"She's a slave Master Qui-Gon. She doesn't really have much to pack." His voice was soft. Qui-Gon noticed how the boy's voice softened and his eyes were now lowered in shame.

"Anakin." Qui-Gon's voice held all the authority that a Master of the Jedi Order should hold. The young boy looked up instantly concerned that he had in some way displeased his Master. Instead of seeing anger in his Master's eyes though he found compassion and it warmed him inside to see the affection in his gaze."There is no shame in what happened to you or your mother. You may have been slaves but the shame is not yours. The shame covers the Hutts and beings like Watto who perpetuate a system where slavery exists. You must never allow anyone to make you feel less because you were forced into an unjust situation. You had no choice. The fact that you understand what it feels like to be a victim of such injustice will cause you to be a much more compassionate and prudent Jedi." His voice was firm but kind.

"Do you really think so Master Qui-Gon?" Anakin's eyes were filled with wonder. "You really think that the fact that I was a slave could make me a better Jedi?" He asked incredulously.

"That all lies within you Anakin. If you choose to allow it to make you a better Jedi, if you are willing to reach deep and act in compassion out of your knowledge then yes, but if you chose to focus instead on the anger and shame you feel having been a slave then no. If you choose the latter path then it will very well be your undoing. A Jedi must always rise above and uphold truth, justice, compassion, and mercy." Qui-Gon spoke softly but once again made certain to hold the boy's gaze so that Anakin would fully understand the danger associated if he chose poorly.

"I will Master." Anakin stated firmly.

They reached the point where their paths diverged. Qui-Gon dismissed him with a nod and a smile. It felt good to watch the young boy bubbling over with a joy he had never seen in the young man before. Things felt better now. He realized that they both felt better together. There had always seemed to an unspoken fear between them. Qui-Gon had always feared that perhaps choosing to train the boy had been the wrong decision and it seemed that perhaps Anakin had always felt that his choosing to leave his mother in order to be trained had been a mistake as well. Now it felt as though both were finally at some peace with the decision that they had made a little over a year ago.


"Are you certain about this Master?" Obi-Wan asked his voice sounding unsure and a bit intimidated. Yoda nodded solemnly.

"Meditated I did on the matter. Sure of what the Force was telling me I am. Meditate you must. Show you it will." He stated. Obi-Wan nodded. He had no idea that he would be stepping into his new role in the Order so quickly. He felt over whelmed as he closed his eyes allowing his body to sink deeper into the soft bed beneath him.

"It all feels so daunting." He admitted in a small voice. Yoda smiled staring lovingly at the boy. He reached out and laid his hand upon Obi- Wan's arm. Obi-Wan opened his eyes and gave his Master a pleading look. Yoda chuckled and shook his head.

"Prepared you are." Yoda stated firmly then his voice turned softer. "Alone you will not be. The Force will be with you always." He reassured the young man.

Obi-Wan nodded obediently and knew that his Master's words were true. It just all felt like too much. He was still trying to process the fact that he was the Chosen One and now he was being asked to address the entire Temple as the Chosen One. He couldn't imagine what he would say. He had the sudden longing to bolt from his bed and run as far and as fast as he could.

"Find you I would." Yoda stated firmly. Obi-Wan smirked and then laughed softly.

"I'm sure that you would." He admitted, but it might get me out of this one meeting. He sighed and closed his eyes once more.

"Meditate you must. Help you it will." Yoda stated his voice soft but firm. Obi-Wan knew that the being was right. He just needed time to prepare. He only had a few hours. Obi-Wan glanced at the door as it opened. He found Qui-Gon standing in the doorway.

"Your fan club is waiting in the hall." He announced smiling. Obi-Wan groaned and placed his arm up over his eyes once more. Qui-Gon furrowed his brow and approached the bed throwing Yoda a curious glance..

"Is something wrong?" He asked instantly worried that Obi-Wan's condition had weakened.

"I have to speak at the assembly tonight." Obi-Wan stated softly. "Just feeling a bit overwhelmed I suppose." Qui-Gon gave an audible sigh of relief.

"You took five years off my life span." He muttered as he slapped good naturedly at Obi-Wan's feet as he headed out to relay this new information to the Knight's waiting friends. They would understand. He returned a few moments later just as Yoda was leaving the room.

"Time he must have to meditate." Yoda stated firmly ending any illusions the other master might have as to the possibility of a lengthy visit with the Knight..

"Yes Master I am aware of that fact." Qui-Gon tried to keep his tone respectful. "I won't stay but a moment." Yoda cast one more glance in Obi- Wan's direction before leaving.

"What did you tell them?" Obi-Wan asked as soon as the door closed once more. He felt relieved that his ex-Master had obviously postponed the visit from the other knights, but certainly didn't want his friends feeling that he was avoiding them. "Were they upset?"

"Not at all. I explained about what you had before you this evening and they agreed that you needed your rest if you were going to be able to get through it." Qui-Gon stated matter-of-factly as he moved to sit beside the Knight. "They understood. They were there remember?" He gave the Knight a humor filled look.

"How am I going to do this?" Obi-Wan asked as he once again laid back in his bed and covered his eyes with his arm. Qui-Gon smiled at the Knight's hopeless tone. It was reminiscent of other moments from their past. Those moments, just like the one the Knight had before him now, had all been faced and triumphed over. He had no doubt that Obi-Wan would once again rise to the occasion and do what was asked of him.

"Do what?" The older man asked hoping perhaps if the Knight discussed it he would see that he was ready for what lay before him. .

"Lead the Order. Show them the way. Sooth their fears. Be their Chosen One." His voice was so full of desperation Qui-Gon felt compelled to comfort him.

"Do you trust the Force?" Qui-Gon asked. Obi-Wan opened his eyes a shocked expression on his face.

"What?" He asked. "You know I do." Qui-Gon nodded.

"Yes I know you do. That's all you have to do Obi-Wan. You will appear before the Order tonight not as their Chosen One but as Knight Kenobi, the one chosen by the Force, the same man you have always been. You will do as you always have in the past. You will reach for the Force and you will rely upon it to see you through. It has never failed you. It will not fail you now." The man's words, like his voice, were soothing to the Knight. Obi-Wan felt his calm returning. He laughed at his moment of weakness.

"I can't believe I lost sight of that." He admitted feeling slightly embarrassed. "This certainly wasn't one of my finer moments." He smiled up at his ex-Master.

"After what you have endured a momentary lapse is understandable. It's time though to get back on course." Obi-Wan nodded.

"I must meditate." He stated firmly.

"Can I help you to the garden?" Qui-Gon asked standing as he did so while reaching out his hand to help the Knight. Obi-Wan nodded. He took the offered hand and was grateful for the aid from his ex-Master. He wobbled slightly and Qui-Gon tightened his grip. The hand upon Obi-Wan's waist and arm felt comforting and natural. There had been a time, not so long ago, when accepting help from Qui-Gon would have made Obi-Wan feel weak, but now everything had changed. He no longer felt he had something to prove to the man. They were finding their own way now. He found himself filled with hope. This truly was going to be a workable friendship.

"Thank you for coming after me and for finding Adi and I." Obi-Wan's gratitude washed over the other man.

He remained silent choosing instead to send a warm embrace along their bond as he helped his most beloved padawan find his way.


Sador made his final jump into hyperspace. He was purposely jumping in and out in of systems in order to throw off any Jedi who might possibly be in pursuit of him. He felt his escape had been undetected but didn't feel comfortable taking any unnecessary chances.

He settled back against the pilot seat and sighed realizing he was finally on his way to Thulle. It was his final destination. He hoped against hope that Sidious and Dooku had not left any information about the second training facility that was located there. Surely the men knew better than to leave the entire Sith Order exposed.

He felt he could breathe for the first time since the attack upon the Coruscant base. It had happened so suddenly. One moment he had felt certain that the sith had the upper hand, then there had been the disturbance in the Force and suddenly the sith were fleeing for their lives. It had happened so quickly. He had realized, as had the rest of the students when Dooku had been eliminated, that something had gone terribly wrong. He had never felt the end of Sidious but had seen no possible escape for the dark lord. He had felt the power the Chosen One possessed. The dark one would not be taken without a battle but Sador doubted that the older man's powers could come close to matching that of the Chosen One.

Sidious was no doubt either dead or being held somewhere deep within the bowels of the Jedi Temple now. He felt a strange allegiance toward the man. He had after all found Sador, taken him out of his life of poverty, trained him. Sador was who he was because of Sidious. As much as Sador felt he owed the man though he couldn't help but delight now in what had been left to him. He would learn from the man's mistake. Sidious had allowed his own pride and arrogance to cost the man not only his own life but lives of many sith as well. Sador sighed in disgust. It wasn't that he cared for any of his fallen comrades, but each loss marked a loss of both resources and time. He hated waste and when he was officially placed over the sith he would insure that such losses were avoided.

Sador stared out into the darkness of space and considered how he would break the news of their loss on Coruscant to the apprentices on Thulle? They would no doubt look to him for leadership. They would no doubt need him to complete their training and formulate a new strategy.

Sador felt a surge of power as he considered the position he had inherited at the moment of the dark lord's death. He was now the leader of the sith. He was the one who would lead them into victory over the Jedi. He smiled as he realized he was the dark lord now.


The Great Hall was seldom used in the Temple. In the past though, the grand room had always been used for celebratory occasions marked with great joy and happiness. Whether it was the calling out of new padawans or the knighting of new Jedi, the mood in the hall was always bright and exuberant, but today's gathering was different from all the other times the Jedi had gathered. The mood was anything but joyous. There were no new padawans or knights to be called out nor were there any retiring masters to be honored. No, today the Great Hall held the entire population of the Temple with the exception of those masters, padawans, and knights who were scattered throughout the galaxy on missions. Rumor had it that even those who were not physically present were at the very least observing the gathering via the holonet. Whatever the purpose for the gathering, the Council had gone to great length to contact as many members of their order as possible and made it quite imperative that they participate. The message given today had to be clear and the Order had to be united if they were to survive the now apparent presence of the Sith.

There was the sound of those assembled shifting in their seats and hushed whispers which taken individually amounted to little but with the entire Temple assembled equated to a low roar within the Great Hall as the leadership of the Temple filed onto the main platform.

Obi-Wan glanced out recognizing most of the faces that his gaze fell upon. He felt odd standing upon the platform with the others. He was the only Knight among the leaders of the assembly. The surviving members of the Jedi Council were of course present as was Qui-Gon and several of the other senior masters. He wondered if this was his first glimpse at his new life in the Order. It was hard to feel that he belonged among those he long held in the highest esteem. As if reading his thoughts, he felt Qui-Gon reached out along their bond and send a comforting embrace. The Knight had to admit feeling the man at his side did feel wonderfully familiar and he smiled at his ex-Master hoping that he too felt the nostalgia of the moment.

Yoda glanced to his right as well finding his Padawan staring out at the various Jedi gathered. There was strong feeling of both fear and trepidation coming from the members before them. Obi-Wan closed his eyes latching on to his center and steadying himself. Yoda managed to connect lightly with Obi-Wan's leg with his walking stick. Obi-Wan glanced down at his Master, the green being's eyes were both serious and concerned.

"Lead you the Force will." The green Master assured him. Obi-Wan had hoped that he would not have to speak and was secretly still holding to that hope. He had decided earlier in the day when he had been mediating that he would only speak if he truly felt the Force was demanding that he do so.

He watched as Yoda made his way to the podium and elevated himself to where the audience could both see and hear him.

Qui-Gon moved closer to Obi-Wan and the young Knight was once more comforted by the familiar Force signature at his side. This felt right. He reached out and felt a resounding confirmation through the Force.

Yoda began addressing the Order. He knew that many of the masters and knights were no doubt wondering why he was speaking and not Mace. He also realized that with the Temple gossip mill in full operation that many of them already knew the details of what had occurred concerning the powerful master. The old master felt a wave of gratitude that his friend was safely recovering in the Healer's Wing. He knew that it was important considering their great losses incurred during the battle with the Sith that all assembled realize that even their strongest are vulnerable to the dark ones attacks.

As he began speaking a hush fell over the room. His hoarse gravelly voice reverberated throughout the hall demanding the respect which he had earned over his many years of service. He began by working to alleviate the fear and apprehension that he was sensing from those assembled. He calmly explained the events of the last few days. The Hall once more erupted into a crest of outrage and disbelief when the old Master revealed Chancellor Palpatine's involvement with the Sith Order that had been discovered. There was a deathly silence that filled the hall when the Yoda painfully exposed the Council's failure to sense the existence of the sith or their training facility. The fear and apprehension rose once more as the members tried to wrap their minds around the fact that their chosen leaders were in fact blind to the threat that had been growing at their very doorstep. It appeared that Yoda was beginning to lose control of the meeting when Obi- Wan felt a prick against his mind and knew what he had to do.

Stepping forward he bowed graciously to his Master before replacing him at the podium. Yoda couldn't hide his pride that the Knight had recognized as he had the Force's urging. He gave the young man a playful wrap with his stick as he headed back to join the rest of the leadership at the back of the platform.

Curiosity overpowered the fear and outrage as the members assembled now fell silent again wondering why this young Knight was standing before them. There were a few whispers where the words "Chosen One" echoed through the Great Hall. Obi-Wan chose to ignore the title for now relying instead on the Force to guide him. He was after all but a servant of the Force. He was its conduit. Clearing his throat he felt a wave of gratitude as his gaze fell on Bant, Garin and Siri all seated in the very front row. They were each giving him personal signs and signals of encouragement. Bowing graciously to his friends he began.

"I see so many familiar faces among you. We are after all family to one another. I, like most of you, never knew my birth family, and therefore have always considered the Temple to be my home and my fellow Jedi to be my family. I've heard it said that the measure of a family is not how well they manage during the best of times but it is how well they handle the worst of times. I feel the next few years will definitely determine our family's worth.

Of course you are all aware of how the galaxy is constantly watching each of us to see how we react or refuse to react to various situations. This crisis is no different. They will look to us and any weakness we present will be amplified and used to our enemy's advantage. This is a war we can win and make no mistake about it. We are now at war." He paused allowed the weight of his words to fall from the elevated podium down upon the listening ears.

Nothing has changed from yesterday except now our enemy is exposed. Our advantage has been increased. The time to fear, if there had been such a time, would have been the months and years leading up to this moment. Now we have the upper hand. Now it is important that we no longer rely upon the proven methods but reach out to the Force asking for the first time in a long time what it is that it would have us do.

The Council will be reevaluating their role in working along side the Senate, the Training Masters will be reevaluating the curriculum and methods used with our initiates and padawans, knights will be asked to return for further instruction in saber techniques, there is much that we all must do. Most importantly we must NOT fear. That is exactly what the dark lord is counting on. He wants you afraid. He wants you to hide and tremble at the threat that his sith order poses to the Jedi." He took another deep breath and was amazed how quiet the hall was as he waited a moment reaching out to the Force before continuing.

"Do not be deceived. Not by the dark lord nor by your own arrogance. We must all acknowledge our complacency and vow this moment to renew our commitment to the light. We are servants of the Force. It is there for us now guiding us, leading us, showing us the way. We but must only open our eyes and see, quiet our spirits to that we might hear, embrace our future not with hearts trembling with fear but with hearts beating with courage and determination. Many of us might fall in this war. But any cause worth fighting for must also be worth dying for. Fight with me my brothers and sisters. Together we will defeat the sith and renew the spirit of truth and justice both in our Republic and the galaxy it represents. " A cheer rose up from the floor. As the assembly leapt to their feet in excitement cheering on the young knight that they all knew if not personally then surely by reputation. Obi-Wan waited for the room to grow quiet once more as he humbly gestured for the applause to cease. Once he had their attention he continued.

"Having lived in this building most of my days I know the power of the Temple grapevine and realize that rumors have been circulating concerning the fact that I am the Chosen One. I am here to inform you all." He paused shaking his own head. "That those rumors are true." There was a gasp of surprise. Obi-Wan chuckled. "Exactly my response as well." Soft laughter filled the hall. "But I have been trained to trust the Force and trust it I will. It matters not whether I feel worthy of being the Chosen One, the Force has chosen me. So I live as I will die, serving the Force." The room was hushed as he continued.

"Lord Sidious has escaped, but not before gloating about his master plan which involved the various systems which have resigned from the Republic. This battle was won but the war is not over. We must release our fears and remain anchored to the Force. We are instruments of the Force first and foremost. The galaxy is looking to us for protection and preservation. What will be our answer when she calls?" He paused. Again a wave of excitement raced through the hall as the members found their feet once more inspired by the words of their leader. Even the most skeptical couldn't help but see that this Knight truly was chosen by the Force to lead them in these dark days. He would bring balance. He would see them through this.

Clearing his throat he meet the gazes of as many of his fellow Jedi as he could before concluding his remarks. When he opened his mouth his soft cultured accent flowed soothingly over each being assembled.

"It is true that the sith were able to reemerge without our knowledge, but that is the way of darkness. It is hard to see that which we are blinded to. It is hard to see what we long to believe doesn't truly exist. Now we know of their existence so it is with persistence and determination that we must search them out. We must not give in to their ways. We must not tremble in fear or give in to our hatred for their cruel and unjust ways. We must instead cling to the Light. We must hold to the Force and trust it as we have never trusted it before. We must believe it capable of sustaining us through our darkest hour. We must all at this moment in time choose to be a servant of it. We must allow the Force to transform each of us in to a beacon of hope for the oppressed, each of us transformed into a seeking light searching out each hidden shadow throughout the galaxy guided by a Force we each live to serve and willingly die to ensure its survival."

The hall then erupted in a triumphant cry. The Council members nodded in approval joining in the contagious atmosphere that the knight had inspired. Obi-Wan stood his ground refusing to give in to the small voice of doubt within himself, the voice that longed to remind him of his past failures and short comings. No, he would not give in to that voice. He instead thought of all that lay before the Order. There was much to be done and like every Jedi before him, he was destined to fulfill his part.

He felt slightly drained after his speech but at the same time overjoyed that the Force had flowed through him. He had only spoken that which the Force had instructed him to say. He suddenly felt that perhaps he would be able to fulfill his destiny. He merely had to trust and believe in the Force. It had always been there for him in the past. He knew it would never abandon it. He had meant what he had said. He lived to serve and knew one day he would die in service as well.

His eyes roamed over the faces of those assembled feeling the warmth of their continued cheers rising up around him. The Force had yet to reveal its plan but Obi-Wan knew with all confidence that the Jedi would prevail. The fate of the galaxy lay in their hands. They had no choice. The Jedi would succeed.


Sidious' ship screamed through the corridor of hyperspace with both a vengeful and deliberate purpose. He had always known that one day he would follow this course which was leading him to the future of his Empire. He could see his past mistakes now. He had trusted the wrong individuals, moved too quickly, been too arrogant and reached for the Chosen One too late. He had over estimated his ability to turn one so powerful and underestimated the Knight's ability to overcome his past and lay claim to his future.

Now that the Jedi had the Chosen One in their Order, he would have to be even more cautious in his dealings. They would no doubt now scour the universe in order to purge it of the evil that Sidoius had managed to plant over the last two decades. Sidious felt a twinge of anger and remorse at his lost efforts. Had it not been for the potential he now sought, he would indeed feel that all was lost to him.

He had come to find out about this particular prize inadvertently. It had been a misplaced monitoring chip within the Jedi communications center. A random call, a moment of weakness, the beginnings of a plan which would bring about both the end of the Jedi as well as the demise of their precious Chosen One, all made possible because of a distant signal bouncing back and forth between to innocent bystanders.

Of course Sidious had to wonder at the innocence of one participant given the nature of her situation, but he was no one to judge on such things. He realized that sometimes one person's selflessness could indeed be their own undoing or even more amazing it could bring about the destruction of the very one that the act was meant to protect.

Sidious found himself contemplating Obi-Wan Kenobi as he had so much of the time since his hasty retreat from Coruscant. He marveled at the Knight's blissful ignorance of what was to come. He hoped that he would be able to continue to keep the Knight surrounded in this bubble of bliss. Though a part of him knew that one day he would take great delight in revealing the identity of the one bringing about the young Knight's destruction and the end of the ridiculous Order he lived to serve.

Yes, he had waited too long to grab Kenobi. He had allowed him to grow strong and independent. He had allowed him to become too close to Master Yoda. He had sensed that this was the relationship that would be the most treacherous even from the time the Knight had been just an initiate in the crèche. Master Yoda was a dangerous enemy that even time seemed unable to disarm.

Sidious could see now that he should have snatched the Knight as a youth. He should never have allowed the Jedi to indoctrinate him in their ridiculous dogma. Well he would not make that mistake again.

Silently the star systems streaked past the small ship plunging through the darkness heading for the planet of Correlia. Deception was a dangerous liaison. It was never possible to truly weave a sturdy fabric of deception, instead it remained a webby gauze full of holes and vulnerabilities. Even when deception is executed with the best of intentions the weaver can never be certain if they will succeed or predict the reaction of the person once their rouse is revealed

A moment of weakness during a time of turbulence that was all that it had taken, a man seeking comfort in the body of another. Two beings drawn together and unable to resist the gravity of the other's pull upon their own being. Sidious imaged it had been a secret yet passionate affair considering what he knew of the participating parties. It had been meant to be a momentary respite as they both gave in to their own human needs for love and affection.

No doubt the woman had counted herself lucky at her discovery. The dark lord had no idea how she had managed to keep it from the Knight. He dismissed his speculations immediately realizing how little her methods mattered. She had failed to keep it from Sidious and that was all that counted. Yes, he had made mistakes during his first attempt to overthrow the universe, but he would not repeat them again.

He would not wait for this young one to be identified by the Jedi. He would not wait for the frail gauze of a young woman's deception to reveal the foundation of the future of the sith. Sidious had lost the Chosen One and yet found him all in the same day. If he could not turn the father then he would turn the son.


The End.. Until sometime this Fall when I will begin posting the sequel..

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