Chapter one: When life was normal

"Come on Shikamaru, you know I'm right."

Shikamaru yawns. "Whatever you say Sakura." He says as he continues browsing the internet.

I cross my arms over chest and pout. "You aren't even listening to me."

"I do and you already know my oppinion, but you refuse to face the truth." He replies without giving me so much as a glance.

"Because I'm obviously right!" I spat. "And close that damn laptop already, the battery is gonna run out and I need it."

Finally, he raises his head. "For the last time Sakura, you're not funny."

"I am funny!" I throw myself on the bed next to him. "Look, I just made up this awesome joke. Are you listening?"

"I am. Let's hear your 'awesome' joke." He is still on the internet but I can't see what he was doing.

"For the love of God Shikamaru, I don't know what keeps you so concentrated over there but you better not watch porn on my laptop."

"I'm not Kiba, Sakura. Will you tell me that joke already?"

"Fine, fine listen here. Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Shikamaru looks at me even more bored than usual. "Seriously?"

"Just answer."

"I don't know."

"Neither do I, that's why I was asking you!" I begin laughing out loud again, the joke is so good.

I'm waiting for Shikamaru to join me laughing but nothing happens.

I stop laughing and fall on my bed. "Nothing? Not even a smile?"

He keeps looking at me with that face he has every time I say a joke.

"For the smart guy everyone think you are, you can't even get a joke." I state, turning with my back at him. He offended me deeply.

"It's not about being smart or not, no one would laugh at that joke."

"But I—"

"No one besides you, Sakura."

That makes me shut up.

"What time is it?" I ask looking at the ceiling.

"Seven thirty." He replies.

I sigh. "It's been just a month since school started and I'm already bored."

"Aa." He approves.

He is so busy doing whatever-was-obviously-way-more-important-than-listening-to-his-bestfriend that he pisses me off.

Just as I am about to ask him what he's doing, the door slams open and someone enters.

"Kiba, my saviour!" I say looking at him with sparkling eyes.

If there's something I hate in this world, it's boredom—and there's no way you can get bored with Kiba around.

"What's up niggas?" He asks closing the door behind him.

"I'm bored to death and this guy right here—" I point towards Shikamaru."—Barely knows I'm here."

Kiba glances at Shikamaru. Both of us know Shikamaru is rarely captivated by something so much that can't even hear what others say.

"What the heck's he doing?" I raise my shoulders, showing him I have no idea. "Oi, Shikamaru." He calls but gets no response.

Only when Kiba takes my laptop from Shikamaru's lap he observes him.

"Hello, oh mighty Inuzuka Kiba. Pleased?" Shikamaru says sarcastically. Kiba nods happily. "Give it back now."

"Why? Are you talking with a girl?"

"A girl?! Why didn't I know about this?" I ask, joining the conversation.

Shikamaru face-palms. "What did I do to deserve this.." He whispers. "I was searching for something that could give me an idea for the theme for this year's Freshmen's ball."

"Oh right, you're the vice-president of the student council body. How's life like now, your majesty?" I ask teasingly, knowing he hates his 'job'.

I still remember the day Shikamaru was chosen as the vice-president. We were freshmen back then. Sabaku Temari was chosen as the president. Shikamaru wanted to be anything but part of the student council, but he was nominated by Sabaku Temari, which surprised everyone, and could not refuse. The other people that tried were refused from the start. And so did Shikamaru end up in the vice-president.

"Why did Sabaku Temari even want you to be the vice-president? Besides the fact that she totally likes you—I guess she didn't give you this reason." I ask as Kiba sits on the edge of the bed.

Shikamaru finally closes the laptop and looks at us.

"She doesn't like me. She said that since I got in Konoha High with the best score, I'm just fit for the position. I tried to refuse but arguing with women is pointless."

"I agree man, women are nothing but trouble." Kiba agrees as he sighs and leans on the bed, his head next to me.

I glare at him. "I'm a woman too."

"Yeah but you're more like.. Come on Sakura, you're you. You know what I mean, you and this guy here are my best friends and we've known each other since elementary school, it's hard for me to see you as a girl."

"Let me guess, Kin broke up with you." I say, knowing he had a reason for agreeing with Shikamaru.

Kiba is a ladies' man and has been since I know him. Even though girls don't really love him, he loves them. Knowing he is the kind of boy that sees every girl as a potentially girlfriend, I should consider myself lucky he doesn't see me as a girl. He usually talks about (beautiful) girls as goddesses.

"You don't have to put salt on my wound, Sakura!"

"What did you do this time?" Shikamaru asks.

"Nothing, I swear! Ayame just didn't feel well during PE and she asked me to carry her to the infirmary. Being the gentleman I am, I did."

"You carried a girl—bridal style I suppose—to the infirmary, while your girlfriend was watching?" I ask, knowing Kiba is probably the only idiot on earth that wouldn't realize how bad Kin may have felt. "And wait, aren't Kin and Ayame, like, death rivals or something?"

There was silence for a moment.

"Shit." Kiba says as Shikamaru and I sigh at the same time. "Anyway, life goes on!" He says turning back to his cheerful self.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're bipolar." Shikamaru says.

"Getting back to the ball's theme, you can choose whatever you want?" I ask curious.

Last year's theme was video games characters. I spent the night with Shikamaru and Kiba and we agreed to wear costumes from the same game. It took us a while to choose a game and we decided on Mario. Shikamaru was Mario, Kiba was Luigi and I was...

No, not the princess.

I was the dinosaur.

You know, that green dinosaur Mario and Luigi ride.

Even now, it's still a memorable night. For good and bad reasons.

"Basically. There are some restrictions, but nothing important." Shikamaru replies.

Kiba and I thought for a moment, but we both give up at the same time.

"Well, good luck. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!" I say putting a hand on his shoulder as Kiba nods.

"What a great help you are."

"I gotta go, Anko is gonna close the girls' dorm door in half an hour and Hinata would be worried if I don't show up." I announce as I climb off the bed and take the laptop.

"Eight thirty, it's already so late?" Kiba asks as he glances at his watch.

"Seems so. See you tomorrow." I wave to them as I leave Shikamaru's room.

Kiba shares a room with somebody else and I share a room with Hyuuga Hinata, a shy but nice girl. Since Shikamaru's roommate transferred schools this year and he has a room for himself, the three of us spend our time over there. I didn't think I would stay so long when I came and didn't pay much attention to my close. I am dressed in a pair of white shorts, a pink tank-top with cherries and I have my sign red headband. Oh, and my bunny flip-flops. I love them.

I'm walking down the hallways carefully with my laptop tugged under my arm, looking for any sign of a teacher. It isn't against the rules for a girl to come in the boys' dorm, but the teachers always scold the girls if they see one in a boys' dorm or vice-versa. Only the boys receive a harsher treatment from Anko if they are caught in the girls' dorm. Like I said, it isn't against the rules, but since it is Monday and only half an hour since the lights are off, it would be a lot better if I don't run into anyone.

As I'm walking downstairs, my leg slips and my flip flop comes off. I bent down to take it but as soon as I get it and look up, I bump into someone.

"Uchiha, Uzumaki, you better go right to your room or— Is somebody there?" I hear Tsunade, the Headmistress, yelling.

I'm stunned for two big reasons.

One, Headmistress Tsunade is the most fierce woman I have ever met and if I would be caught here by her, there couldn't be a worse end to this story.

Two, the person I bumped into is Uchiha Sasuke. Yes, the Uchiha Sasuke. You know, dark hair, black orbits, a six-pack that should be illegal, sexy lips and so on. He was looking down at me—turns out I'm a head smaller than him—with those deep, black eyes. I could die happily now.

"Hey, who are—" Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke's best friend and one of the most popular boys in our year, was about to say something but Sasuke cut him off.

He looks away from me and to the Headmistress.

"No, I just saw a fly." He replies.

"It won't eat you." Tsunade replies sarcastically. Who would have thought that that beast could use sarcasm? "To your room, now!" She demands.

"But Tsunade-baachan, there is some—"

'Hold on, hold on, just what is going on? I'm not dreaming, am I?'

"Got it." Sasuke says, cutting his friend off again.

I am too stunned to say something, I can only look at him and feel my heart race. Before I realize, Sasuke puts his hand on my stomach and slowly pushes me back a few steps. My body moves as he slowly pushed me and my mouth opens as I stare at him.

'Damn, he's a thousand times sexier up close.'

I hear Headmistress Tsunade's footsteps as she walked away, neither of us say anything.

Sasuke lets his hand fall and turns around.

"She left." Is all he says and walks up the stairs.

"Hey, who are you?" Uzumaki Naruto asks me.

I open my mouth but didn't get to say a word as Sasuke spoke.

"If you won't come now you'll sleep on the carpet in front of the door, dobe."

"You wouldn't do it!" The blonde yells. "Well, maybe we'll see each other again, Cherry-chan." He says with a big grin, pointing to my shirt. He is probably referring to the cherries on my top, but I am too stunned to realize.

He then walks away. I stand there without moving for two seconds, trying to decide between going to my room or going back to Shikamaru and tell him everything. When I realize that the boys' dorm may close in half an hour, I rush outside careful not to lose my flip-flops again.

You won't ever guess what happened last night!

P.S. Pass this to Kiba too.


Sakura, I don't think passing notes during Tsunade's lesson is the smartest thing to do.


Not if she sees us, but she won't. Come on, guess what happened!

P.S. Did you pass it to Kiba?


You already said I won't ever guess, so what's the point in trying? And stop this stupid 'P.S' thing, it's useless and it gets on my nerves.


Did you have sex? If not, it's nothing that interesting.


You're seriously no fun, Shikamaru. If I wouldn't be around you to lift your spirits, you'd die of boredom.

Geez Kiba, it's not all about sex!

Well, I shall not keep you wondering anymore. Last night when I sneaked out of the boys' dorm, I bumped into Uchiha Sasuke! He was with Uzumaki Naruto, probably going back to their room, and Headmistress Tsunade was yelling at them. She was about to find me, but Sasuke helped me!

Am I the luckiest girl on earth or what?

P.S. I like using the 'P.S.', deal with it Shikamaru!

UCHIHA SASUKE TALKED WITH YOU? Way to go Sakura! My respect for you just reached a whole new level.


He didn't actually talk with me, he didn't tell me a word, but he helped me which is worth more than any words! Thank you, thank you, I'm amazing I know.


Maybe he did it out of politeness. Or maybe because it would be too troublesome to hear the headmistress yell at you too. If you would be so awesome, you wouldn't still be single Sakura.



I can't understand how you can't see how awesome I am. Sometimes I think Kiba's the smartest from us, after me of course. Or maybe you know how awesome I am, but you don't want to admit!


That sounds like you're a tsundere Shikamaru. I just remembered a H manga where this tsundere girl

From: CherryPie

To: WildWolf

Subject: Do I wanna know?

I just remembered this awesome song from Arctic Monkeys and had to use the title for the subject, it fits so well.

Anyhow, what did you write in that note that made the headmistress kick you out of the class?

From: WildWolf

To: CherryPie

Subject: Never heard of that band

Doesn't matter what I wrote. That woman is seriously insane, she almost stabbed me with that pen when she took me out. If there wouldn't have been any cameras in school, I'm sure she would literally kick me out.

From: CherryPie

To: WildWolf

Subject: Our friendship will never be the same again


Anyhow, how's life outside the class? Anybody else there?

From: WildWolf

To: CherryPie

Subject: Yeah sure

It's emptier than my bed on Monday nights. :C

I think I'll go to the cafeteria and buy something to eat. There are ten minutes until break so it should be fine. What should I get?

From: CherryPie

To: WildWolf

Subject: Fine, keep listening to that crap you call music

Isn't your bed empty, like, every night? Not only Monday?

Strawberry iced-yogurt! Save me some too.

From: WildWolf

To: CherryPie

Subject: IT'S CALLED RAP and it's not crap

You would be surprised to know how popular I became since we entered high school, my dear friend.

Banana iced-yogurt, definitely. Thanks, that's the best idea you've had for the past years.

From: CherryPie

To: WildWolf

Subject: Yeah sure

I actually wrote strawberry. S-T-R-A-W-B-B-E-R-Y. See the difference? But anyway, thanks for the compliment, I know I'm a genius.

From: WildWolf

To: CherryPie

Subject: (No subject)

Banana, get it?

From: NShika

To: CherryPie

Subject: (No subject)

You should really stop texting Sakura, you're not as subtle as you think and Tsunade will take your phone if she sees—Oh, forget it. She already took it.

"Tell me again, why are we doing this?" Kiba asks as he finished cleaning the floor.

"Because: 1) Shikamaru asked us very nicely, 2) We're Shikamaru's friends and since there are no volunteers, we can't let him do all the work and 3) It's fun!" I reply.

"What's fun about cleaning this giant room? I'm already exhausted." Kiba complains.

"We've only been cleaning for half an hour." I say raising an eyebrow.


"And Tsunade-sama let us cut classes to prepare everything." Shikamaru continues.

"Right." Kiba agrees, remembering the real reason we're here.

"Shikamaru, will you tell us what's going to be the theme this year?" I ask heading to my pineapple-head friend.

We are in the gym, helping Shikamaru with the preparations for the ball. It's only the three of us, Friday and afternoon.

"Come here." Shikamaru calls us.

We sit on a mattress used in the PE indoors classes. Shikamaru puts the papers down, showing us how the gym should look like for the ball this Sunday.

"The theme will be Masquerade."

"Masquerade? That's.. Awesome!" I and Kiba say the last word at the same time.

Shikamaru smiles proudly. "You can basically dress in anything, but you have to wear a mask."

"Only one problem." I continue.

"What?" Shikamaru asks.

"I have no idea what I'll wear!" I complain, making Shikamaru roll his eyes. "Masquerade is so vague.."

"You can worry about this later. Let's start the preparations, here's the plan. We'll put the tables with snacks and drinks on the left, a few chairs on the right and the scene in the middle."

"Whoa, hold the phone. What scene?" Kiba asks, taking the words from my mouth.

"There's a group of third-years in out school that has a band. They've asked to sing at the ball a few songs and they're pretty good so I accepted. I asked the Tsunade-sama and she said she'll send some adults to build the stage. We just have to decorate it."

"For a moment there I thought we were gonna build the scene." I say relieved.

Shikamaru narrows his eyebrows, something he's doing instead of saying 'You're so stupid I wonder why we're even friends'. I hate that face.

"What? Anyone would assume that!" I defend myself.

"We should start. They should come build the scene in an hour or so." Shikamaru says ignoring me.

We put the PE equipment in the storage and take out the tables and the chairs which we arrange as Shikamaru orders. We then decorate the entrance where we put a red carpet, Shikamaru says that this even should be elegant. By the time we send in the list of food and drinks—my favorite part—, the scene was already done. The noise made by those people wasn't giving us any energy nor was it pleasant, but we had to bear with it. Or go to classes. So we did our job with the preparations.

"It's so big.." I say as I stare at the scene.

"Right, and it won't prepare itself. Let's get the curtains." Shikamaru orders, cutting all my enthusiasm away.

"Yeas, yeah.."




"How.. long.. do we.. have to do this?" Kiba asks.

He is sitting on a chair, his mouth open and tongue out. He's probably exhausted. It's been two hours already.

"Come on Kiba, the hard part comes now!" I say enthusiastically as I grab his arm and drag him to the stage.

We put the blue curtains and arranged the sound and lights system for the concert.

"This is all." Shikamaru says as Kiba and I fall on the floor.

I can barely breathe. How could Headmistress Tsunade make children do this kind of work?! I'm sure there's a law that says this type of treatment is punished with death.

"Finally.." Kiba says.

Shikamaru is exhausted too, so the three of us collapse on the floor on each other. I put my head on Kiba's stomach and Shikamaru put his head on mine. I am about to close my eyes when I remember—

"It's Friday!" I yell, getting up quickly. Shikamaru didn't have time to move and his head hit the ground.

"And the earth's spinning, congratulations." He says sarcastically, obviously angry he got hurt because of me.

"Hinata said she'll go buy her dress for the ball tonight and I wanted to go with her! But wait, how does she know what the theme will be? We just found out."

"I posted posters on the school while you cleaned the stage." Shikamaru explains. "The classes should be over in ten minutes, hurry."

"See you tomorrow then!" I wave goodbye.

"Sakura." I hear Shikamaru calling and turned my head around. "Thanks for the help."

I smile and gave him a thumb up.

I am about to cry. I want to pull my hair and bite my lips until they bleed.

"Hinata, I'm going to die."

"S-Sakura, try to relax. I'm sure y-you everything will be alright."

Hinata sure is a nice girl. She's cute, has a heavenly body and a kind heart. There's no way you can't like her and in this very moment I'm so jealous of her!

"No I'm not!" I protest. "We've been searching for a dress for two hours already and I can't find anything but you found the perfect dress in ten minutes!"

"T-That's because I-I knew from the beginning w-what I am going to buy."

We are at McDonald's, taking a break. Hinata found a white, short, strapless dress. She also bought a pair of white heels and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously, Hinata has always been the shy, unnoticeable kind of girl but if the others will see her in that dress, she'll be the queen of ball. Well, the queen is chosen among the freshmen so it can't happen.

"Seriously Hinata, I don't know how I didn't see how beautiful you are until now."

She blushes madly. God, if I'd be a guy I would have fallen for her long ago.

"P-P-Please, d-don't exaggerate S-Sakura."

"It's the truth, dummy."

I finish my cola and get up.

"We should go search for your mask, I suppose we can look for a dress again then.." I say sighing.

God is so unfair. With that body and those big breasts, anything would look good on Hinata but if I would try wearing a strapless dress, it would probably fall off me and I would make a big show. So no thanks.

"The costume magazine is here." Hinata says as we turn around a corner. "I'll go l-look for the mask. You can look a-around, maybe you'll find something you like."


The magazine is enormous. There are all kind of costumes, from animals to anime characters and Hitler. Kidding, I only saw a mustache and thought of him.

As I look around, a woman came to me.

"May I help you?" She asks smiling.

I look at her face and then at her chest. Her breasts are almost as big as Hinata's. I look then at mine, which were barely visible. A vein popped on my head.

"Goddamnit, what are you people eating?!" I yell.

"I-I'm sorry if I interrupted you, I-I'll take my leave.." The girl says, slowly turning around. She runs away before I could apologize.

I sigh. "Hinata, where are you?" I ask looking around for her.

I was looking to my right and didn't notice I couldn't advance any further so I bump into some clothes. My eyes widen and my mouth opens when I see the clothes in front of me.

"S-Sakura, I'm done. D-Did you find something you like?"

"I just found the perfect outfit!"

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I didn't write to you this week, but I was very busy. The ball is the day after tomorrow and I'm very excited! I helped Shikamaru—he told me to send you his greetings by the way—, because he had to do everything alone and since I'm such a good friend I couldn't let him do all the work. And Headmistress Tsunade let us cut classes to prepare everything.

Anyhow, I found the perfect outfit! The theme is masquerade—a masked ball, just in case you don't know—and it took me two hours but I fount it, it's perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I attached a photo, tell me how awesome I am. I know you're going to ask how much it cost. Well, that doesn't matter, right?! Who cares about money if her daughter is happy? Right?

By the way, there is this guy in our school. He's like the prince of our school and I just had my first meeting with him! It wasn't a date or anything like this, but anyway, it's something.

How are you, by the way? Did you find any inspiration for your articles?

Your lovely and very happy daughter, Sakura.

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