I look into those eyes and oh, the stories they hold could captivate a child's imagination or traumatize their very souls.

His eyes are young and old, wise but never limited. The Doctor's eyes show all those feelings he's been hiding; whether he's happy, sad, scared or when he's sure of himself or even when he's not; I can always tell.

His eyes have seen more blessings and known more burdens than he cares to admit. His eyes can light up a room when he's happy or darken in it when he's angry. His eyes can become so sad, vacant and lost when he's hurting inside.

When his eyes get intense and sparkle like stars he'll kiss me. I can study his eyes and know when he doesn't want to tell me something. The way he stares into the minds of his enemies I realize his eyes can become weapons.

But when I look into his eyes all I see is him, his faults, his quirks, his fears and I know he loves me because he tells me every time he looks at me with those beautiful eyes.