Easy As Lying Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Practice and Patience

I spend the next few days practicing taking my wings in and out and looking through countless books to find out what I am. Not that I've found anything except frustration. Even in the most recent books from the Wilde family library. So far I've found definitions for Drackens, Dragons, Drackels, and Dragels. But on each one there's something that doesn't fit what I am. Dragons don't have a human form, Dragels are permenantly stuck in their half-human half-dragon form, Drackens have horns from the moment they come into their inheritance, and Drackels don't have markings. None of them have the markings actually. Frustrated, I throw down the current useless book and it opens up to the inside back cover. As fate would have it, the sloppy, hurried words on the inside cover catch my eye. Mainly because I can't think of any reason somebody would write in a priceless Dark book.

If you can see this, you have inherited my curse. The curse, or gift as some call it, of the Dragen. My name is Regulus Black. If this information pertains to you, I have stored my memories and a part of my magic in a journal in the Black family library. If you don't have access, contact my brother, Sirius Orion Black, tell him, or the current Black Lord, that "Souls are memories with feelings mixed in." The Black ring will take care if the rest. The book will transport itself directly in front of you. If my brother has passed, you would do well to search out Tempest Wilde, my god-daughter, or Hadrian James Potter, my brother's godson, as they are the Heir and Lord unless Sirius has a child. Remember, "Souls are memories with magic mixed in."


I sit heavily on the plush armchair behind me as I finish reading. I didn't even know I had a godfather. Shocker. It seems like I don't know anything about who I am anymore. But it sounds like this journal can help me. All I need to do is find the current Lord Black. According to Regulus, it sounds like I have to request a meeting with Harry Potter, himself.

I also found out I'm a Dragen, whatever that is. I clap my hands together and call for Tippy.

"I need you to find any books in the Greengrass and Wilde libraries that mention Dragens, with an 'E'. Oh! And clean up the blood in the kitchen."

"Yes Lady Wilde." She says before she pops away. I still smile at the title. I may not officially be Lady Wilde yet, but I plan on going to Gringotts as soon as I get the chance, to claim my inheritance. I can't move out and live on my own yet because I'm only sixteen and you reach legal age at seventeen. That means I still need a guardian. Right now, that's Lord and Lady Greengrass; but I hope for it to be Charlie and Chelsea soon. The extremely stilted and formal language and actions even around family is torture for me. I mean, yeah, I can be cold when the situation calls for it, or if I'm acting as a pureblood in public, but I was still raised in a home where love for others was expressed in private. I don't trust completely easily, but it isn't impossible to worm your way into my heart. Charlie is living proof of that. I would do anything for him. He's my brother in all but blood. My smile fades. He was there for me when I learned Eli had been...died. Tears prickle my eyes and I force my thoughts off that track toward a safer destination. How to hide this from the Greengrasses. Oh how I want to move out. I sit up straighter as a metaphorical lightbulb goes off in my head. I could start moving all my stuff into one of the houses I will own as soon as I claim my inheritance; even if I can't move in for another year. It seems that I have to go to Gringotts ASAP. I pop up from my seat.

My plans are brought to a halt as I hear the door open downstairs. I hear the pops of house-elves from the bedrooms down the hall along with quiet chatter from the entryway. I roll my eyes. The Greengrasses are home. I concentrate on hiding my wings and markings away as I leave the library to go greet them. At a prompting from me, me magic swirls out from my core and surrounds me with a glamour of who I was before my inheritence. Unlike most witches and wizards, I can do wandless and nonverbal magic more easily than with a wand. It's only gotten easier with my inheritance. I'm now sure it was a creature inheritence just because there is absolutely nothing else it could be. Pasting a pleasant smile on my face, I walk into the entryway.

"Ah, there you are, Tempest. I was wondering when you would show up." Astoria snobbs. "Get my new designer dresses up to my room will you. They're the one thing I don't trust the house elves with. Don't touch them or try them on, not that they'd look good on your plain figure anyways." I manage to bite my tongue to keep from laughing so it doesn't slip out. If only she could see my new body. She'd be soooooo jealous. Because I am not plain anymore, thankyouverymuch. As it is, I roll my eyes and grab the protected clothes from the arms of a very irate house elf. "They're for Draco's birthday ball one week from when we start school. We were all invited. Even you Tempest." I smile on the inside, but my emotionless mask is all they get to see. I make no move to take the dresses upstairs and lay them over the back of a nearby armchair.

"Great." I drawl, already planning in my mind. I'm thinking about showing my new form for the first time at Draco's party. I'll have to buy some new dresses with my current measurements as my old ones won't fit anymore. Self-adjusting charms can only do so much for the fit. In short, I need to go shopping. The list currently includes an entire new wardrobe, and a few accessories can't hurt. Maybe even the new Firebolt 02. It was released to the public only two days ago and is the nicest broom on the market as of right now. So, right now my mental lists looks like this.

Mental To-Do List:

-New wardrobe

-Claim inheritance and lock Greengrasses out of it (*cough*Astoria*cough*)

-Set up appointment for my parent's will reading and Regulus's

-Random shopping

Potions ingredients

Hogwarts supplies

Firebolt 02

Gown for Draco Malfoy's early birthday ball and my "unveiling"

Set up meeting with the current Lord Black aka Harry Potter

I'm knocked out of my thoughts as a common barn owl swoops through the window carrying three Hogwarts letters and one extra letter sporting the black wax seal of Gringotts Bank. Daphne and Astoria grab their letters as soon as the owl alights on the table by the door. The owl hoots once and swoops back out of the open window once I give it some treats from the bowl on the table. I then grab the remaining two letters. I check who letter from Gringotts is for even though I already know it's for me.

"Who's it for?" Lord Greengrass asks, holding out his hand like it's for him and he's only asking as a courtesy. I pull the letter closer to my body as I reply.

"It's for me, actually."

"There must be a mistake. As your guardian I handle all your vaults until you come of age. So the letter is obviously mistakenly addressed and I will need it." I roll my eyes mentally. The arrogance is astounding. I smile 'pleasantly' at Lord Greengrass as I knock him down from his high horse. Geez, does his pompous attitude know no bounds?

"Actually Lord Greengrass, Gringotts doesn't make mistakes; which means that you are mistaken and that some things can only be approved or taken care of by me." I keep my smile in place, but it becomes more of a smirk as I watch him pale, then redden, at the insult. He opens his mouth to reply, but I cut him off. "I will retire to my room now to read my letters. Good day and welcome home." I bow my head slightly in their direction and spin on the spot toward the stairs before heading up them. If I had robes that would've been so cool.

Once secured in my room with several locking and silencing charms on the door, I turn to the envelope. Contrary to what I told Lord Greengrass, I have no idea why Gringotts would send something to me and not to him. I use the silver letter opener on my desk to open the nondescript envelope. It flutters to the ground and sickly yellow smoke flows from the opening to form the image of a goblin holding a sheet of paper.

"Please place three drops of blood onto the paper to confirm your identity as Tempest Finnigan-Roarke-Singer-Sorcelleri-Wilde." I slice my finger with one of my pointer incisors and drop three drops of blood on the center of the paper. The envelope flutters back into my hands as the goblin dissolves into nothingness. I open it to reveal a notice. I begin reading slowly, not wanting to miss a word.

You, Tempest ... Wilde, have been invited to the will reading of Sirius Black. This event is to take place on the 6th of June, this...

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