Story: Reunited

Rating: R

Author's Note: Okay, here it is! This is the Sequel to The Pair. Read that one first or I guarantee you will have no clue what is going on.

A/N 2: Thanks to all of those who stuck by me on the first one. I hope this one is better.

And on with the show!


The day after the rescue attempt..

He woke up to a pounding headache. His mouth was dry and tasted like something small and furry had died in there. Ugh, not one of his better moments. He opened his eyes to stare at a plain white ceiling. He looked to his left and saw a blue-gray brick wall lined with tables and medical equipment. Okay, he was in a hospital.

The doors to his room opened and in walked a woman. In scrubs. She was very pretty with light blonde hair tied back from her face in a ponytail, and light blue eyes. "Not a bad scene to wake up to, or am I still dreaming?" Vin thought to him self. Then she turned around to pick up a tray on one of the tables.

It quickly became Vin's nightmare. She had a barcode on the back of her neck. He had to squint to read it, his vision was still a bit fuzzy. The last three were 675. The events leading to his "stay" here rushed back.

"Lexa!" Vin screamed trying to get out of the bed. He was strapped down but he pulled with all his might. The female was looking startled and she dropped the tray she was holding and hurried to his side. She firmly tried to push him down but she was no match for him.

His right hand came free and he grabbed her throat. "Where the hell is my sister?" He said his voice even more deep than usual. The X5's voice croaked as she tried to speak despite the tight hold on her throat.

"She's fine." She said.

"That is not what I asked." Vin said.

"She's recovering. The stab wound did some damage, they had to operate on her."

"So you've seen her?" Vin demanded.


"She'll live?"

"Yes, but you won't if you don't calm down. Please, I'll tell you what you want to know." Her eyes darted to the door. "The doctor is going to be here any minute, they will send you to reindoctrination early if you don't cooperate."

"They can try." Vin growled.

"They will make you forget her. Do you really want that?" The X5 pleaded.

This made Vin relax his hold on her and lay back down. He laid his hand on the bed so she could attack a new restraint to it. She had just finished when the doctor came in.

"Awake I see." The doctor said stating the obvious. He was a tall man who keep himself in good shape. His light brown hair was cut in a crew cut and his mustache was neatly kept.

Vin just looked at him.

"You are going to be fine. You will be fit for duty in a little over a week. You suffered some internal injuries." The doctor continued. He gestured to his assistant without looking at her.. "675 will help you get cleaned up and get you some food." Then he turned to her. "Let me know if there are any changes in his condition." Without waiting for a reply he left.

675 threw a disgusted look in his direction as he left. Vin noticed this and asked. "Why do they let you work in here? Why aren't you out training?"

"Because I just went through labor three weeks ago. I am on light duty for three more weeks." She said looking down.

"Where is your baby?" Vin asked.

The woman's eyes filled with tears at this question. "They took her away before I could hold her." She cleared her throat and wiped her eyes. "Well, we need to get you cleaned up. But first I need to take your vitals." She went about taking his temperature and his heart rate and Vin did not fight her as he had before.

Vin felt sorry for her. The woman's child had been taken from her. She didn't act like a typical soldier. She acted like she actually cared. She released him from his bonds and handed him a pair of scrubs and a toothbrush. She pointed in the direction of the bathroom and said "Everything else you need is in there."

Vin stepped close to her. "Why are they leaving me alone with you? Don't they worry that I might try to escape?" Just as he finished his sentence his knees buckled and he would have fallen if she hadn't caught him. He grinned wryly. "Maybe I'm not such a threat right now huh?" He asked.

She smiled. "Nope."

She released him and he made it to the shower on shaky legs. He took a long shower leaning against the wall. The whole time he wished to hear Lexa banging on the door urging him to get out before he took all the hot water. He dressed slowly and came out to see 675 sitting in the chair next to his bed.

"Feeling better?" she asked. He nodded. "Good." she said.

She raised a hand to her throat, rubbing the finger marks that were already appearing. "I'm sorry." He said softly. She looked at him in confusion and he gestured to her neck. She simply nodded.

He laid down on the bed once again and looked at her. "How is Lexa doing?" He asked. He had wanted to know before his shower but felt she needed time to recover from the emotions that had been apparent earlier.

"She gave us a scare. The knife did some internal damage. It didn't touch the fetus or its sack but the blood she lost made her unstable. Her body tried to abort the baby." Vin's eyes widened in alarm. "She's okay though. They gave her a transfusion and she recovered."

Vin sighed in relief. "Good. Do you think there is any way I can see her."

The female became nervous and she began to rise from her chair. "You wont be able to see her until you both go through reindoctrination and start training." She moved to the door.

"It is almost lights out but are you hungry? I can get you something to eat." She said trying to change the subject.

Vin's stomach turned at the thought of food. "No, I don't think I could handle it right now." 675 nodded then left.

Vin laid his head back against his pillow and stared once again at the plain ceiling. He thought about Lexa and what she would be going through. His thoughts then turned to Max. He wondered if she and Alec had got out okay. He closed his eyes and tried to rest.


Lexa shifted slightly in her sleep and an expression of pain crossed her face. She shifted again, trying to get comfortable but another sharp pain woke her. She tried to sit up but the pain lanced through her again.

"Ah," She gasped.

"You shouldn't move, you will pull your stitches." 675 admonished as she entered.

Lexa lay back and attempted to catch her breath. Thoughts raced through her mind. The last thing she remembered was Alec's face full of sadness and him kissing her good-bye softly. She put her hand to her side remembering the female's knife plunging in.

She grabbed 675's hand as she was smoothing the sheets over Lexa's legs. "My baby..Is it okay?" She asked urgently.

675 smiled patiently. "Yes."

"And my brother Vin?"

675's smile dimmed. "He's okay, but his temper may get him in more trouble than he needs right now."

Lexa sighed deeply. She was very relieved. "That sounds like him. Did Al- 494 and 452 get away?"

"They did." 675 nodded. "The Captain is very upset." her face was grim.

As long as Alec and Max had gotten out she felt some relief and hope. Lexa noticed the look on 675's face hadn't changed so she asked "What's wrong?"

"I-uh, you have to go see the obstetrician tomorrow." She said as she looked away.

A mixture of dread and anticipation filled Lexa. Sure, it wasn't the way she would have wanted to go to the doctor, but at least she could find out something about her and Alec's baby.

675 shifted her weight to her right foot. "Is there anything you need?" She asked.

"Yeah." Lexa cleared her throat. "Could I get some water?" 675 poured her a glass and gave it to her.

"I have to go check on some other patients. Are you all right here?"

"Yes. Thank you." She said smiling weakly. As 675 turned to go Lexa called out. "675? I know I am not supposed to ask but how does Vin look? I know you said he's okay but. I guess I am asking if they are going to be sending him to reindoctrination anytime soon."

"He had some internal injuries but the doctor said he will back to normal by the end of the week or so." She left it unsaid that they would probably be sending him to be tortured beyond imagination soon after.

Lexa nodded her eyes filling with tears. She knew that until she had the baby she would be as close to okay here. By then she would be fair game also. Lexa lay down and tried to sleep.

Present day....

"I love you Lexa." Alec whispered softly into the night. He had just lay down himself after a hard day at work. The packages had seemed to triple over night in the warehouse so Normal rode everyone harder than usual.

Alec had declined Max and Oc's invitation to go to Crash, instead he opted to swing by Logan's and see if there was any new information. As usual, he was disappointed and had head home with the sole intention of getting drunk. He opened the door to the fridge to pull out some Coke to mix with the last bottle of Rum he had. His hand froze when he saw the ultrasound picture he had taped there weeks ago. He closed the door and put the bottle of Rum back in the cupboard. He shook his head with disgust at himself. He was about to drink his problems away when Lexa was still in that hell hole.

Alec took a quick shower and lay down in bed clad in only in his boxers. He rolled on his side and reached out to where Lexa had slept those too few nights she had spent with him. For a moment the longing became unbearable, and a tear slipped down his cheek to wet his pillow.

"I love you Lexa." He had whispered as he drew the other pillow into his arms. It smelled faintly of Lexa's shampoo. It comforted him slightly as he drifted off into a restless sleep.


675 came and got her from her cell, and escorted her to the lab where she would be examined. She directed her to get on the table and put on the gown there and left. Lexa stripped and put on the gown and sat on the sterile table. The room was cold and she shivered. She waited for what felt like an eternity.

She looked around and started to miss 675's company. She wasted the time by trying to think of a name that would fit 675. She hated to think of her as just a number. Lexa had learned in her time out in the world the importance of having a name.

She had discarded several possibilities when the door opened and the doctor stepped in. She drew in a deep breath trying to calm herself. She didn't want to give the doctor any reason to report her to the Captain.

He picked her chart up from the table and thumbed through it slowly. "Okay 427. Do you have any allergies that we don't know about?"

"Not that I know of."

"Okay, and you have been drinking the shakes and taking the vitamins in your refrigerator?"


"Why don't you lay back and we will take a look at you?"

Lexa laid back and started to relax. She was starting to feel like she was at a normal doctor.

The doctor moved to her head and started to give her a breast exam. As he probed he asked. "Any tenderness?"


The doctor nodded. "That's normal." The pressure of his hand changed until he was lightly caressing her.

This went on and he closed his eyes.

Lexa turned her head, eyes filling with angry tears. There seemed to be a rape theme in this "new Manticore."
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Lexa went back to her cell feeling dirty and used. She bypassed all attempts to talk made by 675. She went directly to the small bathroom at the back of her cell and turned on the shower. She stepped in and turned the water to hot. She scrubbed her body with the small bar of soap, carefully avoiding the stitches in her side. When she was too emotionally weary to stand, she pulled on the maternity scrubs 675 had left on her bedside table and fell into bed. She laid there staring at the door half afraid of who would come in next.

Later that night 675 came in with her meal and watched as she ate. After she was finished she dutifully drank the "shake" and took her pills, face devoid of all emotion. She crawled back into bed and once again stared at the door.

A couple of minutes before lights out 675 came in again and handed her another pill. She had a sympathetic look on her face.

"What's this?" Lexa asked.

"Something to help you sleep. Don't worry, it won't harm the baby." She replied.

Lexa took it and laid back down, this time facing the wall. She heard 675 leave as she succumbed to sleep.

"Wake up!" a rude voice interrupted her dream. Shaking accompanied the rude voice and Lexa opened one bleary eye to see 675 standing above her with a panicked look on her face.

"Whasswong?" Lexa slurred.

"They are evacuating the facility. You have to get up." She was pulling Lexa from bed as she said this. She pulled shoes from a closet in the bathroom and put them on the floor by the bed. Lexa changed out of the scrubs and into the gray shirt and camouflage pants that 675 handed to her. Lexa was more alert by this time.

"Why are we evacuating?" She asked alarmed

"I don't know" 675 shrugged as she waited for Lexa to put on the boots. "I was just told to make sure you are on the bus in front of building Alpha."

Lexa finished tying the laces and followed 675. Once they were out of the building, they head towards their designated bus. Lexa looked around for a way to escape.

"I wouldn't think about it." 675 said, as if she read her mind. "They are going to let the dogs loose soon." Lexa didn't like the sound of that. She resigned herself to getting on the bus.

As she sat down in a seat near the middle, the guard that followed her back handcuffed her hands to the rail in front of her seat. Great, she thought to herself. She leaned her head against the window and watched the trees give way to a paved road. The sleeping pill 675 had given her started to work it's magic again, now that the adrenaline rush she had been running on ebbed. She closed her eyes and slept.


Vin had been rushed from his room also. He had caught a brief glimpse of Lexa when they loaded him on the bus behind hers. Wanting to call out to her, he looked to either side of him and was reminded of the three guards that hadn't left his side since he was woken. Reluctantly he let them herd him onto the bus and cuff him to the rail. He would bide his time..

The rode for hours. When Vin thought he would go crazy from sitting still so long the pulled onto an airstrip where many jets were waiting. They filed off the bus and onto the aircraft where Vin was once again was secured to his seat.

He had seen a large male carrying Lexa off her bus. It worried him that she didn't seem conscious. He sat back and watched the landscape go by.


Lexa woke up in a bed. She looked around in confusion. "How did I get here?" She asked herself aloud.

"One of the males carried you in. You didn't wake up the rest of the trip." 675 said. She had been sitting in a chair next to Lexa's bed a bit anxious that she hadn't woken up before then.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Our new home." 675 said sarcastically. Her un-soldier-like attitude reminded Lexa of her intention of giving 675 a new name.

"Why do you seem to be here every time I wake up? Don't you have drills or something? Not that I am complaining." She asked.

She gave Lexa the same explanation she had Vin. This time the tears in her blue eyes spilled over before she hastily wiped them away. "Sorry, damn hormones. My body hasn't got back to normal yet." She said.

"It's okay." Lexa said reaching out and touching her arm. "I've been thinking. You need a name."

675 looked up fearfully. "I can't, I have a designation-" She began.

"It will be between us." Lexa assured her.

"Okay." 675 said slowly.

"Then your name is going to be Paige." She said triumphantly.

Paige's eyes widened. "The girl in the book I gave you." She said smiling.
"Yep. It fits you perfectly." The girl had overcome many obstacles to achieve freedom from a duke who had abducted her..

"Thank you." Paige said as she handed Lexa her pills and a glass from the ever present fridge. Lexa groaned and took the glass and downed the contents without taking a breath. Paige handed her the glass of water that had become part of the evening ritual. Lexa drank it slowly.

"I am going to go now. I will bring you chow later on." Paige said.

"Where are we at?" Lexa asked before she left.

"Somewhere in the desert." Paige answered. "Arizona I think."

Lexa leaned back against the bed. "Damn it, after all that work trying to leave here, where do I end up?" Deciding to take a nap before she ate, she laid down.
The sun shone brightly on the young couple as they lay on the grass. The woman laughed at a comment the man had said. She gasped slightly, then smiled and put her hand on her stomach. "She kicked." She explained to the man whose face was concerned. The smile was infectious and he smiled with her.

Alec laid his hand on her stomach and felt the kick also. "That's my girl. She just wants to come out and play."

Lexa kissed him and smiled against his lips. "I love you." she told him.

"And I love you." he replied, his heart swelling with emotion. He never had felt so free.
He cuddled her against him never wanting to move.


Alec's hand slammed down on his alarm clock turning it off. He opened his eyes and found himself clutching Lexa's pillow against him as it had become his ritual every morning. He sighed in disappointment.

***To be continued.

This chapter was originally longer but I couldn't seem to stop. I decided it to split it up so you guys don't fall asleep reading it. Sorry if the first part is kind of boring. I am trying to lay the ground work. Let me know if there is anything you want to see happen.