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Destiny Challenge: 1. Their First Love

Rules: 200 words, one character

It was less of love than it was devotion.

He was devoted to the game as he never could be a lover; devoted in the sense of losing himself with each draw of the card, each flick of the hand. Nothing could quite beat the thrill of the wager, the tricks behind his pleasant grins, the satisfaction of a well-placed bet. He devoted his life and soul to the games that he played; he always had, and he always would, he believed.

After his heart was lost to the darkness, the games were still there, but he always felt as though something was missing. It was not the jingling coin pot, nor the hearty drink. Company of all sorts was plentiful, and his cards had never looked in finer shape. There was a melancholy in the absence, he noticed, as one might feel after counting a deck a thousand times and still coming up a card short.

He wondered, when attendance of players was lacking, what that feeling had been before his untimely demise. How it was that he never recognized its presence before he lost all connection to it.

You never know a good thing until it is gone.