joke Quistis looked in the mirror. She couldn't even stand to except that the reflection was real.

Who are you, this girl I see? I know in my heart, this cannot be me.

She had to keep on going. Even if it killed her inside to see him. She would do it.

Pathetic girl, why don't you give up? You keep on going, even when you get cut.

She told herself one day that he would actually realize.....all just a dream. A pathetic little dream.

Stop dreaming, they'll never know. All the pain you have will never show.

How could she be so pathetic? She's been in love for so many years...and still.......nothing ever changed.

Guys won't change, girl. Their lost in their own little world.

Through all the pain and stupidity, she still went on. Rejection was something she knew all too well.....

You don't need him. All you need is yourself to win.

Rejected by Squall, yet she could handle it. Everyone she could cling to, long enough......was gone.

Rejected by many friends. Your pain never ends....

Even Zell..... He had.....that girl... But who did she have? She'd been in love..... She hardly even knew....

You don't even know what you want. Don't go pulling stunts.

Waiting for the day that the right guy would actually never did. And now she thought it never would.... Not even..Seifer could tell..... He has Fujin......

No one will ever know. Your hard work will never show. Be strong. If you are, then you won't go wrong.

How could she turn out like this? Was there something wrong with her? But...Quistis Trepe still went on.
For she knew somewhere there was......someone. Someone who she could be loved by. Someone she could love..... Where are you?

You'll find him. I know you will. But your still a winner. A winnner, still.

She knew she could do it. She wiped the tears that were running down her cheeks, now. She straightened her hair. I'll be okay.... I know I will......

And she found that guy. The guy she dreamed just so happens......that it was Rinoa's guy.

"Hey!!! Let go!!!! Squall is MY boyfriend!!!!! That's why he REJECTED YOU??????!!!!! C'mon, Quistis, this isn't funny!!!!! Let go of Squall!!!!!!!!"



The End......

Just to let you people know this is just a Halloween joke..... Why is it posted on November 1st, you ask?? Welll I just finished it today....... so.......HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!