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They faced off for the last time, two adversaries standing against each other for the last time. It was a battle that would decide the fate of the world. Deep green eyes met icy blue one's, cruelty obvious in their depths.

Casting her mind from herself, Elspeth could sense her allies approaching. The Daywatcher and the Moonwatcher--Gahltha and Maruman--calling for her desperately. She knew that by the time they reached her, the world would either have been saved or would be doomed to die, engulfed in another Great White, one that would never break.

She could tell that he was watching her, following her every move for some sign of what she would attempt. She wondered if she could just kill him now, use her deadly mindpower and be done with it. No... in her heart of hearts, perhaps in subtle information from the mindstream itself, she knew that it would not end that way.

Across from her he smirked, a slight upturn of the lips that made her seethe. He was so calm, not as if he could potentially destroy the world, the Land, Obernewtyn, her friends... everything.

He spoke then, his voice insidious and deadly and hungry, as if feeding from her terror and despair that she might lose. "Choose Elspeth Innle, Seeker. Choose."

She sighed and picked up the token, the one that would be used to save everything, its red colour bright against her pale skin. The board was laid out before her, all she had to do was play one final piece and her terrible quest was over. But what to do? How to play it?

Slowly, silently she leaned forward, her mind embracing everything as she dropped the token into place. I slipped into position with a *clink*, linking with three other similar tokens.

She looked at her opponent, a true smile, the first in the weeks since her quest had truly begun, appearing on her face. "I believe that I win H'ryka!"

Ariel stared open mouthed at her, then looked back down at the blue board filled with yellow and red pieces., then looked back at her. "Bugger! I knew I should have chosen Yahtzee instead of Connect Four."