The Doctor and Jack were walking in the park one spring day when he spotted a huge grin developed on Jack's face. The Doctor rolled his eyes and said. "Okay Jack what's got you grinning did you see someone you like and it had better not be me."

He chuckled. "No, no it's not that I was just thinking about this fantastic girl I met last week." "What makes her different from any of the other "fantastic" girls you meet?" Still smiling Jack answered. "I think she's the one."

It was the Doctor's turn to smile. "Well that's great Jack, congratulations!" "Yeah I've never met anyone like her before." He replied. "What's she like?" the Doctor asked. A thoughtful expression formed on his face. "She's perfect; she's kind, smart and beautiful."

The Doctor grinned. "What does she look like?" "Well, she's medium height, has dark brown hair and a really great figure." Jack answered with a devilish smirk. The Doctor was beaming at him. "I'm really happy for you Jack and I mean that, honestly." "Thanks Doctor that really means a lot." Jack then paused and reached into his pocket. "Hold on I'm receiving a message."

He looked at his phone and smiled. "It's from my new girlfriend!" "Can I see the message?" the Doctor asked. He peaked at Jack's phone and blushed. "Wow um, your new girlfriend has a very descriptive vocabulary." Jack grinned. "I said she was perfect." "Of course, you're her special sexy cuddle bunny." The Doctor snickered. Jack blushed. "Anyway she sent a picture, oh a sexy picture." He grinned.

"Yeah, well I'll just leave that as your private business." The Doctor assured him. Jack rolled his eyes. "For crying out loud she's not a pervert! It's just a vacation photo of her in a very modest bikini."He said.

Embarrassed the Doctor apologized. "Sorry man, I didn't mean anything by it." "It's okay Doctor, would you like to see the photo?' He asked. The Doctor nodded and took a glimpse at his phone. "Oh, yes she's ver- Jack!" He started shouting. "What's wrong?" Jack asked. "THAT'S MY GRANDDAUGHTER!"