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Kim Possible: Necessary Changes Chapter 10

Betty watched the large monitor set above Wade's desk as the private jet lifted off from Middleton Airport and towards Canada. She was still astonished by how many satellites the boy could simply commandeer for his own purposes and it became clearer by the minute how he could have avoided Global Justice's hackers for so long.

She chuckled to herself, forcing herself to remember that such things were no longer her problem to mull over. After spending so many years seeing the world through GJ's eyes, she now had the almost alien task of reverting back to a civilian mindset. She probably never would completely, but she had plenty of time to try.

She wasn't even close to her forties and already retired, making her truly question her place in the world now. She wondered where she would have possibly gone to make a difference had Team Possible no longer existed. As she watched the trio of Shego, Ron, and Yori take flight and make for enemy territory, she worried for their safety.

She'd grown fond of Ron in the years she'd known the team and Yori was turning out to be a very dependable addition and mostly trustworthy, her hidden loyalty to Yamanouchi notwithstanding. Shego was the wildcard, but there was something there that was keeping the reformed villain in check. She'd had plenty of opportunities to harm Kim if that had been her intention, but she hadn't. Her reasoning was a mystery, but she appeared loyal, if only to Kim, so she was practically an ally.

Kim was the one thing Betty was most interested in out of all the team. She'd always marveled over the girl's skill, her prowess, her indomitable spirit. Her admiration over the years had turned into what could have only been a maternal instinct in watching over the girl. She'd had her missions recorded whenever possible and had always placed a failsafe to protect the girl if she ever went in over her head.

Surprisingly, that never occurred. Never once was Director's intrusion necessary and that had cinched in her immense respect for the teen. If Betty had ever bothered with having children, she would have wanted a daughter like Kim.

This was probably why she had struck up such a quick friendship with Ann. The elder Possible doted over her daughter's safety like any good parent, but she also believed enough in Kim's abilities to allow her this heroic lifestyle. As tough as Kim was physically, her mother's emotional strength in watching her eldest child run headfirst into danger…it was nothing short of inspiring.

"The man that took Kimmie was a fan?" Ann suddenly asked, standing next to Betty and watching the screen with unblinking eyes.

"David, yes," Betty responded. "He looks up to your daughter, it seems."

"How could he hurt her, then? What sense does it make to harm someone you admire?"

Betty thought about that for a moment, "Admiration and obsession aren't that far apart, especially for those who see someone else living the life they desired. David and his cronies attempted what your daughter perfected and failed…miserably, in David's case. Perhaps he sees her as a hurdle he must overcome to negate his past failures."

"I'll never say this to her, but I hope she pummels him."

"I heard that," Monique's voice caused them to turn to the entrance.

The girl led her 'boyfriend' Leon inside, followed by a brown haired man in a suit and Senor, Senior, who chatted animatedly as they walked. Betty knew about the boy, who taught classes about Kim on his down periods. He seemed to be an admirer, but his attention had been focused on the girl ahead of him since they'd met.

"Who's the suit?" Betty asked, not recognizing him.

"This is Shego's limo driver, Driver," Monique said. "He said he was worried about his boss and wanted to join in waiting for them to return."

"You're name is Driver?" she raised an eyebrow.

"By name, by profession," he smiled warmly. "I hope I'm not interfering, but I've grown quite fond of Ms. Shego and Ms. Kim. I can't rest until I know they're back and safe."

"You're more than welcome to stay," Ann answered. "You've taken Kim and Shego lots of places? How are they together?"

He chuckled, "It's not my policy to dole out private matters, ma'am. Let's just say they've become quite close over these past few weeks."

"Really close," Leon added. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were dating."

Monique elbowed him lightly and Betty noticed Ann's body language change ever so slightly. Driver merely chuckled again and moved to stand off to the side and admire the machinery around him. None of these reactions sat well with Betty.

"Ann," she began, "what are you not telling me?"

"I don't know what you mean," the redhead grinned and turned her attention back to the jet. "All I know is there's a person on that jet right now that is prepared to move heaven and earth to get Kim back."

"Assuming Kim isn't already preparing an escape as we speak," Leon moved forward. "She's been through worse than this, Ms. Possible. I'd bet she's already on her way to freedom."

Kim Possible was drooling. A light stream of slobber edged from the corner of her mouth and ran down her face and she was SNORING. The last thing he expected the teen hero to do was either of those things and it did wonders in humanizing her. In fact, if he was being completely honest, he found it a tad cute to behold.

Will Du had been imprisoned for longer than he had ever anticipated, but every escape plan had been thwarted by his captor's sudden increase in capability. He was used to the brain dead minions of the past, but his current wardens were not only intelligent and perceptive, but hospitable to boot.

George and Jim, if those were their real names, had taken care of him admirably since his capture. He'd been fed evenly, allowed to bathe at times, and had even been allowed television privileges due to his lack of escape attempts and in exchange for a few sparring rounds with his captors. If only they'd known he just hadn't found one safe enough to enact yet.

Everything had changed now, as Possible's sudden appearance meant something big was about to go down. He'd heard some henchmen plotting, but he'd never gotten enough details to satiate his curiosity. The captors were too dedicated to blab, but it was clear from conversation that their only thoughts were Team Possible.

He'd had his hopes raised after seeing the new Team trounce Motor Ed with minimal effort on television, but Kim's unconscious form sharing his prison proved they were still playing against a powerful alliance.

"Get a guard," he heard Kim whisper.

"What?" he blinked.

"Tell a guard something's wrong with me," she kept her 'sleeping' face as she spoke. "We'll jump him when he's inside."

He exhaled deeply, "They don't post guards. They come when they feel like it. You can stop with the possum act."

Her eyes opened and looked miffed, "Great. That was pretty much my best plan on a whim."

She rolled over from a lying position into an Indian style sit, surveying the room they currently occupied. He had to admit, it was nice for a prison. It was a single room, a little over bedroom sized, and contained a single set of cots and not much else décor besides the aforementioned television bolted to the wall.

"Good to see you're okay," she smiled quickly at him. "Dr. Director was worried about you."

"How is she?" he asked a bit more worriedly than he'd intended.

"She suffered a pretty bad shock from a Taser of some kind, but she's healing. She's officially retired as well."

He nodded, fully aware that they would have given her practically no choice. For as professional as she could be, Director detested any higher power that refused to see the more important picture. Of course, she considered Team Possible more important than most international securities, so perhaps it was time she found a new calling.

"So," Kim stood and stretched her arms upward, "I take it since you're still trapped this place is pretty locked down."

Unashamedly, he stole a glance as her shirt rode up her stomach, "Tighter than most of our security at GJ."

"And they were smart enough to take my kimmunicator and all my gadgets. This might actually prove difficult."

She walked around and gave every nook and cranny a thorough once-over. He didn't have the heart to tell her he'd already done the same thing multiple times by now. Besides, if anyone could find something he'd missed, it was Kim. He had no qualms admitting that the girl could practically do anything.

"You're hurt," she looked at his arm.

He followed her gaze, surprised to indeed see a considerable bruise below his elbow, "I've been sparring with my jailers. They're quite tough and talented, especially that David fellow that brought you in."

Her jaw tightened at the name, but she played it off, "How strong is he?"

"At first, he was quite good. I could keep up with George and Jim, though they might have been holding back. David was noticeably better; I didn't stand a chance. Now, since his little change in attitude, he hasn't sparred with me…but I hear the stories of him fighting some of the henchmen. He's put many of them in the infirmary."

"So, his personality did change. What happened?"

"I only have second hand information, but it seems that Dementor used his attack on Global Justice to steal Electronique's weapon that changes you from good to evil."

"The reverse polarizer," Kim slammed a fist into her hand. "I knew it."

With purpose, she strode to the single, metallic door that separated them from the outside. She banged on it viciously, making it reverberate throughout the halls outside the cell.

"Get me David right now!" she commanded. "I'm ready to end this nonsense!"

He watched her step back and had to admire her gumption. She was ballsier than anyone he'd ever worked with, but he hoped she knew what she was getting into. She'd all but openly retired the last time he'd seen her and stopping a bumbler like Motor Ed was a far cry from what Dementor was planning.

After several minutes of silence, the cell door opened and the requested pony-tailed man stepped through with a gigantic smirk. The two stood inches from each other and Du could see the tension radiating off them.

"You said I had a week," Kim grimaced.

"I changed my mind," he visibly flexed his muscles. "Villains tend to do that."

"You're not a villain. You're a muscle for hire that's had his wires crossed without his permission."

He scoffed, "So, you know about the polarizer. Good, that saves me the trouble of explaining. If I knew it could have freed me this well, I would have gladly taken it before."

"So, why bring me here? Why not fight me on neutral ground like a real warrior?"

"Because after Dementor's plan begins, nowhere but here will be safe."

"What does that mean?"

He laughed, "You really think I'll tell you? How exactly are you planning on getting that out of me?"

"I can think of a way," she grinned menacingly.

With speed Will still couldn't comprehend, Kim placed a hard foot into David's stomach and sent him stumbling out the cell door. Will followed in surprise and saw a group of men beginning to bear down on her.

"Back off!" David yelled at them as he clutched his stomach. "No one touches her except me! Understood?!"

They all nodded and instead focused on keeping Will secured in the prison. He watched as Kim took a stance and stared down the older man as if she wished him to catch fire under her intense gaze. He only grinned back at her and removed his uniform's top, revealing a muscle shirt underneath.

"The whole base is our playground, Possible," he almost seemed giddy. "Please make this worth my wait."

Kim responded by leaping at him intent on giving him the fight of his life. Will wished her luck as they disappeared into the base.

"Possible and David have just left the holding area and are moving towards the mess hall, sir," the guard's voice said over the radio.

Dementor ignored him, actively watching the altercation on the multitude of security cameras spread throughout the facility. Constant visual awareness was something he'd demanded since the construction of his underground base, the Gesellschaft. It was a marvel of technology and the fruits of the labors of dozens of scientists and a ton of Drakken's old tech.

The base was actually mostly completed by the time Dementor had discovered it, a lifelong project first commissioned to HenchCo about three months ago. Jack Hench had refused to reveal the original requester, but he made it all too clear that they were no longer going to return to claim it. Better yet, the businessman had given it to him without pay or collateral, making him promise to repay its worth after he'd succeeded.

Jack had always been looking out for the prosperity of villains worldwide. After all, where would his business be without people to buy his products? The German looked at it all as a show of good faith and Jack's belief that he would indeed be successful in his objective.

The time for his plan was so close and now Possible, the only one who could possibly stop him, was about to be trashed by David and his improved new attitude. Speaking of which, the two fighters were now in the mess hall and absolutely tearing the place apart. Henchmen, under orders to not interfere, moved aside as both combatants exchanged blows and not just with fists and feet.

Possible kicked chairs and tables and David even used the henchmen as shields as the two fought savagely. It was a fantastic show and Dementor didn't want to miss the exact moment that Kim Possible knew she had lost; the moment when David would snap her in two and then he could be disposed of as well, ridding him of every annoyance in one fell swoop.

"Dementor, sir," his intercom crackled.

"I'm busy!" he responded loudly. "What is it?"

"We have signs of life directly outside the door that leads to the warehouse."

Dementor spun in his swivel chair and pressed up the main camera. He couldn't see anything on the monitor stationed outside the facility, save for the Canadian wilderness. Yet, the system was indeed picking up a heat signature of some kind.

"It's probably just an animal," he dismissed.

"Uh," the henchmen stuttered, "it's knocking…sir."

Well, that changed things then, "Get as many free men as you can at that door and destroy whatever you find, animal or otherwise."

"Sir," he logged off.

They hadn't detected anything coming towards them in the sky nor the ground. He'd always worried that Team Possible would follow after their captured leader, but that had been hours ago. Plus, there was no way they could know where his hidden base was located.

He told himself it was a raccoon, or a Canadian equivalent, and that there was nothing to worry about. He went back to his entertainment as the two fighters were now leaving the mess hall and a ton of debris in their wake.

Both were slowing, possibly more to retain stamina than tiring out. Both were exceptionally talented and this fight could last a very long time. Neither appeared injured, but it was only in due time that the real carnage would commence.

He was so preoccupied by his joy that he barely registered the powerful explosion somewhere above him, scaring him witless and making him fall from his chair. He scrambled across the floor and to the monitor that showed the outside…and his eyes widened.

The henchmen ran for the door down the narrow hallway in a tight group. There were only about twenty and they were armed and ready to rock. They made it down the hall and to a portion that widened out for the entrance that connected the outside warehouse to the hidden facility.

The group steadied themselves as one approached a panel that allowed him to open the sliding, metallic doors. They looked prepared, but none of them had expected what appeared once the doors opened.

Rufus stood with a metal bar in hand ready to continue beating on the door as he had been previously. He had stopped mid swing and now surveyed the confused men before him.

"Thank you," he mumbled as he dropped the bar and scurried past them and into the facility.

They stood dumbfounded, shrugging to one another and shaking their heads. That is, until one of them screamed, like a girl no less, and a giant ball of plasma erupted through the doorway and landed dead in the middle of the group.

Though it didn't hit any of them directly, it was still powerful enough to blow a sizable chunk of floor out, sending them all rag doll into the walls. It had almost been enough to dislodge Ron and Yori from their hiding place inside the ventilation shaft above the hall, but they held firm.

Ron waited until he saw Shego walk into the building before signaling Yori to continue ahead. The green woman walked with a purpose Ron finally understood after all this time. She barely let a grin show as she moved calmly into the facility and ignited her hands in preparation for the heat that she knew was about to come down on her.

She'd made it clear that she was to be the distraction while the two of them sneaked in and located Kim and hopefully Will Du as well. He didn't like the fact that she was willing to take on Dementor's entire army by herself, but she couldn't be dissuaded. He wanted to think she was just out for the blood and destruction; that she only cared about exerting dominance, but then he remembered the words she'd told him on the way here.

Exiting the jet far outside the zone of the facility, she'd pulled him to the side and given him a stern look.

"I'm counting on you two to get Kimmie out of there. I'll give them something to worry about so you can do your ninja stuff. If it takes me too long to get out, then go without me. Knock her out and drag her if she won't leave."

Ron crawled through the ducts and tried to find a way to explain the woman's attitude as anything besides what it clearly was. In her own way, she cared about Kim immensely; enough to sacrifice herself to give them a chance to escape.

The selfish had become the selfless and he knew it would have been impossible if not for the fact that Kim had inspired the change in character. No, it wasn't so much a change as a shift in priorities. Shego was still an ice queen, but there was something different in her attitude. He still didn't like it, but he was starting to understand it.

"Which way, Wade?" Yori stopped ahead as the vent T-sectioned.

The kimmunicator in her hand lit up, "Left. The layout of this place isn't clearly labeled, but I'm pretty sure I know where they might be keeping Kim."

Ron began to move, but Yori hesitated, "Will Shego be okay? She's still injured."

"Honestly," Ron smiled grimly back at her. "I'm more worried for the goons."

Shego breathed evenly and continued into the hidden base. She moved deliberately at a slow pace, making the henchmen come to her in hopes it would clear out their numbers wherever Ron and Yori were going. She barely heard them crawling overhead, which meant they'd have no trouble remaining undetected.

More goons poured around the corner and made for her, fear and adrenaline present in their movements. She didn't waste her plasma, knowing too well she would need every ounce the deeper she delved into the enemy's home. She didn't need her powers for chumps anyway.

One goon swung a shock stick, but she ducked it and uppercut him unconscious. Two more swung wildly and she stepped forcefully into one shoulder first, knocking the air from him and slamming him against the wall. The other was all too simple to disarm and bodily throw through a window nearby.

The window led to a room that contained more men who just had their card game interrupted by their buddy flying in and smashing their table; served them right for playing instead of working. She leaped through the window just as the men were retrieving their weapons, but it was too late for the nearest two.

An elbow to the back of one's neck dropped him cold and the other got two punches and a roundhouse for his trouble. She noticed two more windows nearby and smiled maliciously towards the remaining men. When she was done, there weren't going to be any windows left.

She felt no pity for the whimpering simpletons as they lie about broken glass, covered in blood and bruises. It was refreshing to her to see that she was still quite ruthless when she needed to be. In her musings, she wondered what Kim would think of her disregard for taking it easy on her captors.

She'd still want me, she thought happily as she kicked another goon and saw blood and spittle splatter the wall. She'd do the same for me if I'd been taken.

There were no doubts in her thoughts, which made her fight that much harder. As fun as this was, it wasn't for her personal entertainment. Every punch and kick wasn't meant for herself; it was all for…her lover? Girlfriend? Did it really matter what she was called? Kimmie: the name itself spoke every reason she needed to keep fighting.

So many years of fighting and living for herself now set aside for one person's safety. It didn't feel bad, honestly. In fact, every blow to a goon's face made her believe that this whole hero thing might actually turn out to be a lot of fun.

Dementor stormed down the hallway with all the speed his tiny legs would allow. With Monkey Fist and Gemini following close behind, they made haste towards the research area of his base. Team Possible's sudden appearance and subsequent dismantling of his henchmen had changed everything.

"You're sure you saw my sister with them?" Gemini asked.

"We have more important things to worry about, Sheldon!" the German bellowed.

"WE?! If I'm not mistaken, it's your base that's currently being ransacked. It's your men who are proving ineffective against this little intrusion."

"My problems are yours, Gemini. Or have you forgotten what an alliance entails?"

"Our alliance also hinged on your imprisonment of my sister! Now she's on Possible's side, the one place we didn't need her to be! Your incompetence has all but rendered our camaraderie moot!"

Dementor exhaled evenly, allowing his temper to even before he spouted something he would regret. The man's fixation on his sister was infuriating, but it was a useful card to play whenever he was hesitant to play ball. There was no time to bicker amongst themselves.

"Gemini, please," he spoke slowly, "we still have our plan and Drakken has seen to it that it can begin immediately. This is our ace and we can play it whenever we choose to render Team Possible helpless. The threat alone will shake them to the core!"

"Then do so," Gemini stopped, causing the other men to look back quizzically. "I shall attend to my own affairs."

With that, he disappeared down an alternate hallway.

"He'll run the first sign of trouble," Fist muttered.

"Let him," Dementor continued his walk. "We only need to beat the intruders to the labs."

Fist suddenly stopped and looked back the way they'd come.

"What!?" Dementor was quite sick of distractions.

"I sense mystical monkey power," the ape man stared at nothing in particular.

"Stall them."

"I shall do more than that. Count on it."

Fist moved back down the hall and the smaller man didn't give a cursory glance before resuming his trek. Fist would stop Possible's blonde boy, he had no doubts of that. David would kill Possible, and then there would only be Shego to deal with.

He lacked the manpower to stand toe to toe with the ex-superhero, but perhaps Drakken had some toys lying around that would help him dispose of the last great threat against his success. He was so close and nothing short of his own demise would halt his plans.

Kim fought in midair to right herself, but David's toss had been too great. She braced herself as her body slammed against a table and almost cracked the wooden top. She rolled off it and onto the floor, feeling the hard metal beneath the carpet give little cushion to her fall. This fight was at a standstill and she didn't like it.

David was breathing hard and had a trail of blood draining from the edge of his mouth, but he was still more than capable of putting up a tremendous offensive. Kim wasn't bleeding yet; luckily, she was just faster than him and had scored the majority of hits. Unluckily, the man was solidly built and though she was wounding him, he was far too tough to feel most of it.

She growled softly and pushed back up to stand against him. He grinned every time she refused to stay down and she knew he was playing a game with her. This wasn't a fight to the death to him anymore; this was his one dream come true and he was reveling in it like child meeting Santa for the first time.

"That all?" he breathed.

She bared her teeth and ran the man down. They currently fought in a study of some kind, like a recreational area set aside for down time. Bookshelves, end tables, chairs, and random assortments of board games littered the large room.

However, it was the window that caught Kim's attention. A window that looked out over a storage area filled with tons upon tons of wooden crates and storage containers. A window that David was standing directly in front of and one that shattered quite easily when she'd leaped into his torso knees first and sent both of them careening onto a catwalk just outside.

Metal creaked as both bodies slammed against it and Kim protected her face from the shards that rained over them. She pushed herself back up, hoping that little stunt had at least winded him. To her surprise, it actually had.

He held his chest and moaned but he didn't hesitant to right himself and stare her down.

"What's Dementor planning?" she demanded.

He shrugged and smiled defiantly, which irritated her to no end. She jumped inward and swept low, but he saw it coming and used the catwalk's railing to hang above her attack. He kicked out with both legs, but she maneuvered under them and lifted her back high. She caught his legs and forced him to flip backwards, but he simply landed and rolled back to his feet.

She brought on the assault again, but he was through countering. The narrow walkway didn't give her ample room to move, making her a sitting duck. Eventually, he found an opening and smacked her hard across the temple, disorienting her. One boot to the stomach later and she was rolling across the walkway.

"How are you so tough?" he asked as he strolled casually towards her. "Are there muscles hidden beneath that narrow frame of yours? How can a little girl like you defy so many laws of physics and nature?"

She kicked out, catching him in the knee and forcing him to a kneeling position. She kipped up and started pelting his lowered upper body with knees and kicks. He blocked most of it with his arms, but she could feel his resolve lessening with every solid blow.

Quickly, he threw an elbow into her extended leg and slammed her knee against one of the railings of the catwalk. With a pained grunt, she realized she'd given him a free blow to her previous injury.

He stepped up and into her space, but she ducked low and came directly back up, feeling the top of her head make contact with his jaw. His head cocked back, almost making him fall backward but he managed to stumble and remain upright.

She pushed off the railing and soared foot first towards him…but he was ready and intercepted her attack. She felt her jaw shift violently as his fist made impact and then her body shifted in midair. She felt the railing strike her side, but the worst feeling was the emptiness beneath her. She realized she was falling over the edge just in time to feel her whole form slam against a wooden crate several feet below.

Shego wasn't exactly sure where she was now. She'd been moving about on instinct and that had only gotten her lost. She now stood amongst a series of machinery that resembled the inside workings of a large aircraft. Pistons turned and spun, gears whirled in perfect rhythm, and it all made so little noise. This was tech on a level she hadn't seen before but it seemed strangely familiar.

Ignoring those thoughts, she moved through the room and towards an exit at the far end, wondering if Ron had found Princess yet…when two figures walked through the exit and started at her presence. She immediately recognized the younger black man and older blonde man.

"There you are," Jim almost purred the words. "You are certainly lacking in subtlety these days, girl."

"I'm back to doing what I do best," she placed her hands on her hips. "I'm afraid I don't have time to entertain you boys again, so let's make this quick."

Jim nodded and actually licked his lips in anticipation.

"Alright," George put out a fist. "Winner gets her first."

Jim extended his own and Shego went wide eyed as she watched the men begin to play Rock, Paper, Scissor. After multiple tries, she assumed they were going for a best of ten or so. She didn't have time for this.

Their little game was interrupted as she shot a small plasma ball directly between them, smoldering a hole in the wall behind them.

"Like I said, I don't have time for this. I'll take both of you at once."

"You can't be serious," George looked oddly worried. "You could barely take us individually."

"You caught me in a bad time. I was lost then, trying to find something worth fighting for," she put her arms out, which erupted in plasma.

"So," Jim balled his fists, "did you ever find it?"

"Come find out," she grinned.

The two exchanged a fist bump before rushing her and Shego stood her ground. They were only feet away when she loosed a blast at the ground, kicking debris up towards the older blonde. She spun into the other, kicking out and putting him on an immediate defensive.

A few kicks and she felt the blonde recover, but she was running and facing him now. He didn't expect that and thus was forced into a defensive game as she pummeled his defenses and tried to wear him out. He managed a few counter strikes, but they were easily dodged.

The other man moved between them and he was spinning and flipping like his capoeira allowed, moving erratically and taking quick strikes when least expected. George was strong, delivering blows that could crack cement, but Shego easily caught a punch as he stepped in to assist. She wrapped his arm with her own and barred him, using his own strength against him as he struggled to escape.

Jim was fast and agile, but Shego found an opening and intercepted one of his legs with her own, entwining their knees and forcing him to the ground. Shego was strong and she'd forgotten how much so until she'd pulled the bigger man inward, putting his weight on her and Jim's entwined legs and causing him noticeable pain.

With ease, she used just enough plasma to double palm him in the chest and used the super powers to send him flying back against a large metal cylinder. The room echoed from the blow as she was already untangling their legs and cartwheeling over Jim.

The younger man was rolling with her, keeping distance and using his hands to support his body as his legs attacked his pursuer. She felt two glance her and reciprocated with a strike to the face. He rolled with it and backhanded her, but she rolled along with that and extended a long leg. Jim's face shook from the impact and he was tumbling head over heels and sliding to a stop.

"Must we continue?" she asked. "I'd love to pound on you two some more, but I have to find Kimmie before your crazy pal gets to her first."

Jim chuckled, "Too late. They're already going at it somewhere. It should be over shortly."

Shego grimaced at the man's enjoyment of that sentence, "You fan boys are so pathetic. No wonder you could never reach Kim's level."

"You of all people should know how we feel, Shego," George wiped blood from his mouth. "You know what it's like to be chewed up and spit out when you don't conform to what the world wants. How quickly did they abandon you in Go City?"

Shego shot him a glance, "I abandoned the city, not the other way around. I walked away because that's not who I was; it wasn't who I wanted to be. You two quit when things got hard. I took a pummeling from Princess more times than I can count, but never once did I run from the world and hide and lick my wounds. That's the difference between you and me."

"Then why join Team Possible?!" Jim attacked again and Shego defended this time. "You can't be a hero! None of us can! So why pretend like you even belong with Kim and the others!?"

He managed to strike her twice, face and torso, before she cracked his jaw and elbowed him to the floor. He jumped back up, but she answered him with a plasma blast and sent him back to the floor.

"I may be evil and I may be selfish," Shego narrowed her eyes, "but even I know when it's time to admit that the world is bigger than my problems and my failures. I found something more important than myself."

Jim started to speak, but was interrupted.

"Let it go, man," George's tired voice echoed. "She's got something more important on her mind. We lost. Besides, we still have something left to do."

She walked away from the men who didn't matter, towards the exit, towards that something she needed to find; that someone that had shown her there were stronger things than her greed and selfishness. Jim was right: she could never be a hero again. But, she didn't have to be. It wasn't about her anymore; it never truly would be again.

The world spun and she hit another crate before finally smacking against the hard ground a floor below where they'd started. She closed her eyes tight and tried to make the world stop spinning and the nausea subside. She heard footsteps descending the metal stairs nearby, apparently in no rush.

"You're good, Kim," he spoke between breaths. "It took me almost twenty years to reach this level of skill, and you've still got over a decade of improvement to go. See, I know you better than most people. I've watched you, studied you, tried to understand what you possessed that I lacked. That's why I know that you aren't giving me your best."

She felt an angry fist grip a large portion of her hair and she was lifted painfully by her roots. She used a free arm to grab her assailant's, pulling up and relieving some of the stress from her scalp.

"Why are you holding back!?" he yelled directly into her face.

"I came to fight David," she said weakly. "I'm not giving my all against a victim of the reverse polarizer."

"Victim?" he asked. "That doohickey saved me, Possible. Decades of personal torment were whisked away in a matter of seconds."

Something slammed into her face and she was down again as she heard him begin to walk around the room they were in.

"Being evil doesn't just mean being vile and despicable. It also means that you aren't affected by things like a conscience. There's no more internal struggle. No more guilt that eats away at your very soul day after day. It's true freedom."

Kim coughed, "Is that what you always wanted? Freedom from feeling guilty over Cindy?"

She couldn't see him, but she could hear the air leave his lungs. She could hear him whip around and stare concentrated anger towards her.

Kim rose to her knees and met David's eyes, "Is that why you ran away from home? Why you joined a mercenary group? Were you trying to run from the guilt of what happened to your sister?"

There was a very sudden, very violent conflict rising in the man's eyes. He wanted to walk to her and hurt her, that much was apparent. However, there was a far more powerful emotion assaulting him, reminding him of what he'd been living with since he was almost her age.

"You don't know what it's like to fail, Kim," he mumbled. "You've lost, I know that's true. But you've never failed when it mattered most. You've never had to deal with knowing in the end that you just weren't good enough."

She didn't answer, only waited as the man was clearly not finished speaking.

"So many criminals stopped; so much good done for my city. They were planning on naming a holiday after me. I was on my way home to tell my parents and my little sister. I remember seeing the door open, broken from the hinges, and walking into my living room. My parents were tied up and sitting on the couch; my sister was bound and standing next to the man who'd taken my family hostage, a man I'd stopped weeks ago. I attacked blindly, before I'd seen the gun pressed against my sister's spine. He'd fired before I could reach him and there was blood everywhere. I lost it…I don't know if I killed him or not, but he was bleeding just as badly when I was done."

Kim closed her eyes and remembered Wade discovering the deleted files hidden in Yoko's code. She'd erased his past for him, but the destroyed history did little to ease his soul it seemed. Kim had read the news report of the police finding the family after David had called 911. The parents had been fine and the criminal had somehow survived the violent beating given him.

Miraculously, Cindy, David's younger sister, had survived her wound, though it had made her a paraplegic from that day on. David was never seen again, having left the city that very day. The guilt over what had occurred radiated off the man like a diseased cloud he would never be rid of. It ate him alive, whether he admitted it or not.

"What would you have done?" he asked her.

"I don't know," she answered honestly.

"That's not good enough! Tell me what you would have done if that had happened to your brothers, your parents, Ron…what about if it had happened to Shego?"

She didn't answer, didn't have anything worth saying to the man. His pain was foreign to her and she hoped she could never relate. She was mature enough to know words could only heal so much.

"She can never love you," he said cruelly, though he registered no joy over it.

"I don't know what you mean," Kim deadpanned.

"I told you I've watched you. Even recently, I've watched you and Shego bond. You spent the night at her house, went out for salads together…my favorite part was the way you couldn't keep your hands apart after you were through."

She stared into him defiantly.

"So the moth falls in love with the flame," he continued. "After seeing how badly you and Ron turned out, I wonder which of the two you are."

"I don't want to hear Freudian nonsense from a man with a fried brain. At least I know who I am."

"Don't diss the polarizer 'til you've tried it, Possible. Dementor's using it for his new grand scheme; maybe he'll let us use it on you. Or maybe we should give Shego another round with it. I hear you like Ms. Go much better anyways."

"No," Kim pushed herself up by her knuckles and stood upright. "I'll never take away her right to choose."

"I didn't expect any other answer from you. Ready for round two?" he looked absolutely delighted at that.

"Actually, I'm ready to end this. If Dementor's using the polarizer for his scheme, then I don't have time to play with you anymore."

"You won't get past…" his sentence ended as Kim flew forward on strong legs and planted a knee into his sternum.

He stumbled back, but Kim wasn't letting him regain his stance. She flipped into the air towards him, bringing down both feet, but he jumped to the side clumsily. Surprise registered in his eyes as he noticed her land on both legs without wincing.

"Your knee…" he breathed.

"Faking it," she smiled and wiggled her formerly injured joint.

He almost growled, but she moved towards him with unmatched grace and dead-legged him. He fell to one knee, and she back flipped and felt her feet crash against his chin as she returned to a stand. He lay on his back, looking at the ceiling, not moving for several moments.

"Finished?" she asked.

"Just starting," he slowly stood and rubbed his face.

Will knew the sound of fighting was near almost as soon as it had ended. The grunts of pain from outside were soon replaced by someone jingling keys and eventually opening his cell. Ron Stoppable and the Yori girl entered quietly, almost impressively so far as he was concerned.

"Well," Will grinned as he neared, "this has been just the interesting day."

"You have no idea," Ron didn't smirk back. "We're getting you out of here. Where's Kim?"

"Off fighting David. From the ruckus outside, they seem to be tearing the place apart."

"That would be Shego," Yori said.

Will looked surprised, "Shego…I never would have believed I would call her one of my saviors."

"If it makes you feel any better," Ron added. "I don't think she actually cares if you're safe. Hence us being here and her not being."

Will shrugged good-naturedly, "Not complaining. Let's get out of here."

They nodded and left together as Will noticed the battalion of troops lying splayed across the floor. The two had taken them out with little effort. He'd heard that Stoppable had been training in Japan for some time, but he still found it odd to find the boy so capable. He clearly had been missing a few key moments these past few weeks.

They rounded a corner as Rufus led the way, sniffing the air and using his animal senses to locate the way out and also any traces of Kim. Wade's transmissions were becoming jumbled, forcing them to rely on the mole rat to assist in their escape.

Rufus suddenly slid to a stop and Ron moaned a bit at the sight before them. Monkey Fist blocked their path, hands behind his back and looking very calm despite what occurred the last time they'd met.

"What now?" Will remained calm.

"You two go back the way we came," Ron stepped forward and brandished his staff. "Find Kim if you can then get out of here."

"I'm not leaving you," Yori sounded actually angry.

Ron gave her a confident smile, "Am I the monkey master?"

She grimaced, "Yes, you are."

"Then have a little faith, Hon. There are more important things than all of us fighting Fist. Make sure Kim is safe. Please."

Will could see Yori hated this plan, but she couldn't argue with Ron's logic. One of them holding him at bay gave the others ample time to escape. Kim's demeanor had rubbed off on the blonde in the best way possible.

The girl pulled him in close, "Show him what we already know."

"Booyah," he whispered.

She released him and commanded Will to follow as they bolted back the way they'd come. He thought he saw the girl's shoulders sag a bit heavily as they ran, but he couldn't be sure.

Ron looked down to see the naked mole still standing by his side, "You too, Ruf."

"Nuh uh!" the pet shook its head violently before running up its masters shoulder.

Ron wasn't a genius, but even he knew a show of loyalty when he saw one. Most considered Rufus to be just an animal, a dollar store companion from his childhood. Ron saw him for what he was: a friend good enough to face down certain monkey doom without hesitation. He scratched the animal under his chin and twirled his staff.

Monkey Fist chuckled and unfolded his arms. With fists clinched, he was surrounded by a quick burst of yellowish energy. It was the Yono again, stronger than before. Every second Fist used those powers guaranteed a chance at higher proficiency.

"You do your masters proud by standing your ground, boy," Fist taunted. "Master Sensei has toughened you, it seems."

"You make it seem like there's a reason we should be afraid of you," Ron playfully spun his body and staff, like it was a game. "Team Possible has a history of putting you down, remember?"

"You mean Possible and that little brat of a sister you have. Don't think for a moment you were ever a factor."

"Talk, talk, talk. You better be glad you have a cool accent, because that would get old after a while."

"Indeed. Talk is over."

An open palm launched a burst of evil chi directly at Ron's face, but he ducked it easily. The blonde rushed him and threw out the staff at full length, eliminating distance and almost striking Fist's stomach. The monkey swatted it to the side and leaped high, screaming that primal roar as he came down and cracked the floor where Ron once stood.

Quick steps kept him ahead of the villain as he formulated some kind of battle plan. All the while, he tugged from inside himself, searching for that spark that would charge him with the monkey power he sorely needed.

Fist was definitely stronger now, but his speed was still matched by Ron's, making it simple enough to dodge blows and hope he could connect with a counter attack. So far, he'd been unsuccessful, allowing Fist to get closer and closer.

One lapse of judgment later and Fist was above him and swinging a chop directly at his exposed head. Without thinking, Ron deflected it with his staff. Energy sparked out as the two made contact and Fist jumped back in surprise as Ron hit the ground.

Monty rubbed his hand, "That is no ordinary staff. A gift from the Yamanouchi?"

"It was rightfully mine," Ron kipped back up.

"Intriguing. I've felt that energy before. I feel none of it from you, specifically. Where is your mystical monkey power?"

"Don't need it to beat you."

Fist actually dropped his stance, "You're a pitiful liar and a clumsy fighter. You aren't worthy of that power…or my time."

With that, Ron stared wide as the man simply turned his back and walked away.

"Um, what?" Ron asked.

"What is the point of having the greatest power in the world," Fist held up a hand as it burst with energy, "if you have no one to truly test it on?"

"You lost me."

"Shocking," he quipped. "Your handlers claim you are the chosen one, yet I see no proof of it. Killing you is as wasteful as swatting an insect. Perhaps your friends will prove better challenges."

"Stay away from them!"

Fist turned on a dime, "Then become stronger, Ron Stoppable! Become the master worthy to fall to the power of the Yono! I spare your life today only so you may achieve that goal. I give you time to improve. Disappoint me and I will see your friends broken at my feet."

"You have no clue how bad I'm going to hurt you," Ron growled.

"In due time, boy," Fist walked away slowly, unfazed by the threat. "In due time. As a show of good faith, I suggest you swing by Dementor's labs. There's something there that will be useful to your struggle against David. I also recommend leaving this place soon. I'm sure everyone else is doing the same; hero and villain alike."

Yoko walked briskly down the hall that led to the escape exit built into the upper floors of the facility. The main exit served as a noticeable distraction to take attention away from the bay that housed multiple, small devices used to dig their way from the base in case of emergency.

This was certainly the biggest emergency they would face. Shego was setting the place ablaze, David wasn't winning against Possible, and Gemini had already flown the coop, taking his men with him. Dementor was going to be awfully sore when he found out how everyone was systematically abandoning him.

The small German walked next to her, large briefcase in hand as they neared the guards posted at the escape devices. The guard saluted his boss as they neared.

"I'm leaving and I'm taking the girl with me," Dementor said. "I trust there are no OBJECTIONS!"

"No sir," the man stepped aside. "Your personal digger is standing by."


They moved past as Yoko nervously watched the guard, who paid little attention to their passing. Soon, they stepped inside of a machine the size of a large bathroom and settled onto the red, polyester seats that lined the outer rim of the device. Dementor sat the briefcase down and propped his feet up.

"That was nerve wracking," Yoko breathed, holding her laptop close to her chest.

"Couldn't have gone smoother," Dementor's voice cracked to a higher pitch as his face morphed back into its original owner's.

Camille laid super model style across the seats, pushing an assortment of commands into the control panel built into the wall of the device. In under a minute, the machine began to shake and roar to life.

"I've never broken a contract before," Yoko looked ashamed.

"It was a verbal, so no big," Camille cooed and rubbed the briefcase. "Besides, we didn't take all of Dementor's money. Just enough to support our new, lavish lifestyle."

The younger Asian actually smiled at that, "Spas, mud baths, and masseuses as far as the eye can see."

"That's the spirit!" the woman scooted across the device and sat next to Yoko. "I'm going to show you what you've been missing out on, kid. We're going upper class and never stopping."

Yoko gripped her laptop tighter, "I wonder what Wade will say when he sees my makeover?"

"Please," Camille scoffed. "You can score much better boys than that one."

"We score on different subjects."

"I won't hold it against you, dear," Yoko chuckled as the taller girl hugged her close. "As long as it's you and me, I see a ton of fun in our future."

David kicked a piece of debris at Kim quickly but she was able to deflect it in time. He was on her in seconds and swung hard, clearly no longer holding back like she had been. He was dangerous; there was no doubt of that. However, Kim was better than most and that wasn't going to change anytime soon.

She'd taken her shots, suffered her doubts, but now that was over. She'd found something bigger than herself to believe in. It was always about being the best for the sake of others. She fought and trudged on in spite of all opposition, but what had she sacrificed by burdening all onto herself? She used to think only she was capable of holding that weight, but…

Yori had saved her from injury, had proven more than capable and dependable when she needed to be. She was stronger than most of them when will was involved. Ron had improved so dramatically since he'd left. If he continued this way, he would surpass Kim one day. He'd abandoned her once, but she believed he wouldn't do so a second time.

Shego…the green woman was different from the rest. Ron and Yori, and even Dr. Director and Kim's family, could help her support that weight the world placed upon her. But, Shego could help her support the weight she placed on herself.

Kim Possible would always be the perfectionist, the one who achieved anything at all cost. More than anything, she wanted someone who could carry that burden with her. Would Shego stand by her for the long run? Could she be trusted to carry that burden in the hardest times?

Kim didn't pretend to know that answer. But, did she want to find out if the former villain could? Was she willing to let her close enough to lighten that weight?


Kim shoulder checked her opponent into a box, which splintered around him as his body tore through it and skid to a stop against the metal floor. She hand-springed over it and landed close by, allowing him to sweep her feet from under her. He was on her before she could react and laid a solid hit to her face.

She shook off the blow, but a second one dizzied her. The third threatened to connect, but her instincts forced her body to roll forward and she gripped his leg for dear life. With all her strength, she lifted him and felt the full weight of his body struggle against her smaller frame.

Kim was made of stern stuff and she somehow lifted him in an arch, slamming him against the ground and wrapping his leg in a death grip.

"Yield!" she commanded.

"Screw you!" he spit.

"I'll break your leg."

He didn't even blink, despite her very sincere threat. He'd survived worse than her on a battlefield and that made him stupidly brave. With a huff, she released him and rolled back to a stand.

He did the same, "Hollow threats?"

"I don't cripple."

"Of course not. Heaven forbid the almighty Kim Possible resort to drastic measures."

He rushed her, but she was prepared and backhanded him down. He gave a solid haymaker to her stomach, but she responded by grabbing either side of his head and slamming her own forehead into the bridge of his nose.

That recently broken nose was just waiting to open back up and that's exactly what it did. Blood poured relentlessly from his face, staining his mouth and teeth. In a daze, he dropped to a sitting position. Kim didn't drop her stance, but she could tell by his demeanor that he was close to unconsciousness.

Instead of passing out, he suddenly began to laugh softly. That was a little weird to say the least. She raised an eyebrow, but let him have his little slow descent into madness or whatever was causing this shift in attitude.

"I couldn't measure up after all," he said between laughs. "What is it you possess that I lack?"

"I don't think you'd understand," Kim gave him a genuine look of pity.

"Probably not," he adjusted himself into a kneeling position, legs curled underneath him. "Finish it, Possible."

He spread his arms outward and closed his eyes, looking entirely at peace. She shook her head and sighed, wondering what kind of mental state one had to be in to throw away their lives for something so meaningless.

Kim loved the adrenaline of a fight, but her life wouldn't suffer if she were to suddenly stop. She fought evil as hard as she could only because she had to, not because she needed to.

"It is finished," she relaxed.

"No. One of us has to die. I came at you with the clear intention to kill and I expect the same from you."

"Then you're an idiot! I don't kill, under any circumstances. If you were a real fan, then you would know that."

He grimaced and reached slowly into a small pouch attached to his leg. He pulled out a device the size of a small remote control and used his thumb to pop a protective top from it. His thumb hovered over a single, grey button.

"By now, my boys have finished covering this place with plastic explosives, from the labs to the machine room downstairs. Dementor needed a fail-safe to keep his base from falling into enemy hands, but he made the mistake of leaving the switch unattended."

Kim's froze, "Don't…"

"I won't," he was dead serious now, "as long as you give me what I want. Kill me, Kim. Put an end to this loathsome existence. I will be remembered as the first victim of the great Kim Possible. That is the mark I will leave on the world."

The whole stupid base was so similar that Shego was now running full force, glancing into every room she passed and becoming more agitated by her inability to find anyone. She couldn't raise them as something was jamming their communications and she was encountering less and less goons, making it all too apparent that most everyone had abandoned ship. So where the hell was everyone?!

Red markings on clean, white walls and floors indicated she was in either a medical area or a lab, neither one seeming too helpful in finding her teammates. Every minute she didn't know of Kimmie's safety was a dagger in her gut. Or, perhaps that was her now aching side pleading her to slow. Of course, she didn't.

A double door blocked her passage, but a strong plasma blast opened a comfortable hole for access. She was soon inside a hangar of some kind, surrounded by discarded tech and incomplete experiments. Gadgets lay strewn about and even a bipedal robot of some kind sat unused by the far wall.

She was about to turn back, convinced this was the wrong place to investigate, when she heard the unmistakable sound of laughter.

"They haven't beaten me yet!" a German accent floated from the distance. "They can't stop my plan!"

"Careful!" another familiar voice echoed. "We don't know if it will work! We haven't tested it yet!"

"We have no time! Either assist me or be gone!"

Shego burst through another set of doors and into the very back part of the hangar. Before her, a sizable strut wound around a small satellite looking device. Dementor perched atop it, cackling madness and installing what looked like a helmet inside the main chassis of the machine.

Below him, Drakken wiggled his little hands and attempted to reason with the helmeted maniac. From the look on his insane features, words were no longer reaching him.

"The hell is this!?" Shego walked into the room with purpose.

"Shego!?" Drakken turned.

"You are too late, you traitorous harlot!" Dementor yelled. "You may have claimed my Gesellschaft, but you will not stop my master plan!"

"Don't care," Shego waved dismissively. "I'm looking for Kimmie."

"Your beloved Kim Possible should be dead any moment now, if David hasn't screwed up."

"Beloved!?" Drakken sputtered. "What is going on with you and Possible?!"

"What do you care?" Shego walked up and poked his chest with a sharpened finger.

"Just because you abandoned me doesn't mean you aren't still family!"

"Abandoned you?! You crossed over to the other side, idiot! Does 'sleeping with the enemy' mean anything to you?"

"You know I don't watch chick flicks, Shego!"

"Pardon me," Dementor politely interrupted. "I hate to interrupt your little reunion, but I'M ABOUT TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO CHAOS!"

"Ugh," Shego rubbed her temple. "Fine. What does this new doohickey do?"

"So glad you asked. The Eye was intended to spread energy in a widened arc around the planet, effectively ransacking electronic devices using the same technology Drakken made for his EMP Nuke. However, the blue imbecile and my team have been busy customizing the Eye to send out not electrical energy, but another type of energy entirely."

He waved a hand across the helmet, caressing it like a pet. Shego finally realized what the familiar device was.

"The reverse polarizer."

"Indeed. You've felt the energy first hand, Shego. Now, imagine an energy arc spread enough to cover the entire planet in the polarizer's beam. Imagine a world where most of the human population is forcibly converted…to EVIL!"

"That…would be bad."

"For you, perhaps. For myself, it is an opportunity to allow the world to destroy itself without a single delicate finger of mine lifted. The people will back-stab one another and fight wars for dominance. And once they're finished, I turn them back good and use the threat of turning them again to usurp rule. Absolute power without so much as a battle fought! Mwahahahahaha!"

"Not a bad plan," Drakken scratched his chin. "There are a few minor problems, but it has a high success rate."

"You're taking this too well!" Shego yelled at him and then ignited her hands. "You forgot about me, Dementor!"

She launched a double blast directly at the device and the small man on it. To her shock, an energy shield flashed up just quick enough to intercept her attack.

"Oh I didn't, my dear," the German grinned. "I took everything into consideration."

A loud mechanical shift of gears caused the hangar to shudder and Shego saw the roof above slowly beginning to open. Multiple layers of barriers slid apart until she could see the hints of daylight streaming down on the Eye.

With a raised hand and a click of a device in his tiny mitts, Dementor rode the satellite as it lifted itself off with several small boosters built into the chassis. Dementor was busy strapping a parachute on, intending to jump from his ride as soon as it was safely heading for orbit.

Shego shot again, but her volleys all smacked uselessly against the barrier. She looked around for any way to leap up to its level, any way to halt the thing's ascent. To her annoyance, the place was barren aside from the struts the Eye had already passed.

Dementor continued to laugh, "So sad, you tried your best! But your best was nothing in the end! You've lost, Team Possible!"

Shego shut her eyes and balled her fists. She'd failed; how could she face Kim now after having let Dementor escape with his main weapon?

"They may have lost, you undersized annoyance," Drakken called up to him, 'but you forgot about your real enemy."

Drakken pulled out a small detonator of some kind, complete with big red button on the tip.

"What is that?" Shego asked.

"An insurance policy," he murmured and then yelled up to his hated rival. "I had friends in Global Justice! This is for them!"

A single click and then the world seemed to slow as Shego processed what she saw. Dementor's eyes widened as something dawned on him just in time for the Eye's ascent to halt suddenly. The German stumbled but somehow avoided falling.

"What are you doing!?" Dementor screamed.

"What I had intended to do the moment you stupidly trusted me with the Eye. I'd anticipated you would be too impatient to do a test run. You missed out on all my recent 'improvements'. Now, that device is going where all other dangerous weapons like it deserve to end up."

Another long press of the button and several green lights began to systematically turn to red. Shego realized that they reminded her of a timer.

"Oblivion," Drakken finished just as the sides and core of the Eye erupted outward in multiple fireballs.

Dementor's screams were engulfed by the flames, along with the professor himself. In seconds, the Eye became flaming wreckage that began to fall back to earth…and directly towards them.

"Huh," the blue buffoon eyed the falling debris. "Didn't think that part through."

Shego sighed and grabbed the scientist around the torso as she made for the exit back into the main part of the facility. Metal landed on metal and flames danced around them as they sprinted for the exit…and Shego's pulse quickened as she saw the emergency fire doors begin to close.

In seconds they'd be trapped and Drakken's weight was too much for her to pick up speed. She thought of abandoning the moron and nearly did. His death would mean nothing in comparison to her dying…to never seeing Kimmie again.

She was about to let him go, when a blonde figure stepped in between the closing doors and wedged them open with his bo staff. She exhaled unconsciously as she continued her dash and watched as Ron jumped up, wedging himself between the doors as she flew low and underneath him.

He snatched the staff from its place just as the stress had begun to bend it and soon the doors were closed. The sounds of rending metal were muffled by the door, but it sounded horrific all the same.

"Now we're even," Ron said and turned his back to leave.

"You bet we are," Shego stood and dusted herself off.

She turned to the retreating boy to make a snarky comment, but stopped as she saw a familiar device in his hands. The helmet was the very same, but it wasn't possible.

"Is that the polarizer!?" she asked.

He looked at it quizzically, "Yeah, I found it in one of the labs. Figured we'd need it."

"But we just saw it destroyed."

"You just saw the prototype Dementor's team had been working on destroyed," Drakken rubbed his aching joints. "Of course I wouldn't let him get the real thing anywhere near the Eye."

Shego ran up and snatched the device from him, "We need to get this to Kim! Now!"

Ron looked offended, but luckily knew they had no time for squabbling. He pulled his naked pet out of his pocket and placed it on the ground.

"Find Kim, buddy."

Rufus saluted and immediately began sniffing the ground as he began to locate his master's ex. The trio followed after closely.

"Wait," Drakken started. "If your pet could find Possible this whole time, then why were you here?"

Ron chuckled, "Lucky for you guys, I decided to investigate that racket you were making."

"Lucky, indeed."

She breathed less than evenly, staring at the device and wondering how she'd ever be able to wrestle it from him without setting it off. The more she thought it out, the more impossible it seemed.

"Your friends are here," David was beyond hope now. "Ron, Yori, Rufus, Shego…they came for you, just like the good little team they are. One push and I will take them all with us. Only you can stop it. What's more important: Your spotless little moral code or your friends?"

She tried to think of an out. She couldn't believe that this was it. She'd lost and now her lack of foresight was going to cause her to lose something precious, no matter the outcome. How could anyone do this, evil or not? He couldn't…he couldn't…

Her mind cleared just as a realization hit her, "You won't do it."

"Excuse me!?" he yelled.

"No matter what the polarizer did to you, you won't take the easy way out. You talk a big game, but you're still motivated by your honor."

His eye twitched as he raised his thumb in preparation to press the trigger.

"Shego's the same way," Kim smiled at no one. "She's evil, but she'd never resort to cowardice. Her honor was the only thing that overcame her evil tendencies. It kept her from killing me for all those years. I think that's why I fell for her. Ms. Go was so much sweeter, so much kinder, but she didn't sacrifice anything to be good. Shego had the choice between evil and caring about me."

David narrowed his eyes as Kim's eyes began to glisten from the threat of tears.

"She chose me."

"Touching," David grunted. "You're faith in others has always been your weakest attribute, Possible. I'm not Shego, I don't have anything worth choosing over this outcome, and I'm going to press this button."

"Maybe, maybe not," Kim wiped her eyes. "I was just distracting you until they could get in range."

David's eyes flew open in surprise and his arm muscle began to flex…and then a beam struck him from behind. Energy engulfed him as he wriggled to free himself, but the effect was already underway. In moments, he lay panting on the floor, blood still running from his nose in slow rivulets.

Kim smiled gratefully at Ron and Shego, who held the helmet aloft proudly as they neared. Kim moved to David's side and knelt down as the man slowly rose to his knees. Clarity and understanding swam in his eyes and the distinct lack of any real animosity in them proved the polarizer had done its job.

"Welcome back, David," she whispered. "You can let go of that trigger now."

He looked at the device in his hand and chuckled, "It doesn't matter…"

In an instant, he pressed the trigger with an audible click. Kim's heart stopped cold as her body naturally prepared for the upcoming explosions bound to happen. Instead, the whole room was deathly quiet, save for the older man's chuckling.

"Jim and George would never have followed my orders," he said proudly. "They didn't even arm the explosives. They're good people."

"You are again, as well," Kim placed a hand on his shoulder.

David didn't answer, much as she expected. She left him to his musings and turned to her saviors, the blonde and raven haired allies who'd shown up in the nick of time. Somehow, she hadn't noticed the blue man standing behind them, looking nervous and lost.

Ron winked, "Cutting it a bit too close there, KP."

"It's what I do."

She turned to Shego and tensed as the woman was inches from her in a split second and held the teen's face with both hands. Kim didn't move, didn't even breath as she allowed the older woman to do whatever she was intending.

Emerald green eyes surveyed her, stared past her into what felt like her soul, but the woman remained silent. Kim heard Ron grumble and turn away and she wanted to feel embarrassed, but something about the woman's touch was intensely calming.

"I'm glad you're okay," was Shego's eventual words. "You look like crap."

"Likewise," the redhead allowed herself to continue breathing. "Let's save the romantic talk for when we get out of here."

Shego was in the midst of nodding when something crashed through a doorway nearby, possibly the one Shego and Ron had entered from. Kim felt the older woman jump in front of her and heard her plasma whoosh into life. Drakken squealed in fear and jumped behind all of them.

The wall where the doorway once stood was now in ruins and a large, bipedal robot lumbered slowly towards them. It was man shaped, but was rounder about the midsection and sported a pair of clawed tentacles instead of arms, which waved back and forth menacingly.

The top opened outward in two halves, showing the pilot inside. Dementor looked injured with his red jumpsuit ripped and burned in some places. A chunk of his helmet was broken off, allowing his bald cranium to show. Kim flinched as she saw a disturbing amount of blood slowing draining from his abdomen.

"Drakken!" he gasped, choking on something in his throat.

Madness clouded his eyes and the robot continued to move towards them.

"Any ideas?" Ron backed up a bit.

Kim thought about that for a second. Ron was untouched, making him raring to fight. Shego looked solid, but her side had to be hurting her even though she'd never admit it. Drakken was useless in a fight. David was down for the count and Kim wasn't faring much better.

"Team Possible!" she called. "Run away!"

She scooped David up just as the others unsurprisingly obeyed her command. He was heavy, but Ron thankfully took most of the load from her as Drakken led the retreat and Shego began pelting the robot with plasma to slow it down.

Just as she'd predicted, Drakken's cowardice made him the fastest which worked wonderfully since he was the only one who knew the layout of the base. Luckily, he would get them to their destination before Dementor could overtake them.

The pain was slowly beginning to return, but the current burst of adrenaline held most of it at bay. Soon, she was forced to relinquish her hold on David just to keep herself upright. Somehow, past the beating she'd given him, the older man held his pace as they passed several winding corridors and eventually spotted some familiar faces.

Yori waved for them at the end of the hall with Will Du right beside her. Surprisingly, Jim and George ran around the corner holding something and allowing them to pass. As soon as they'd passed, the two men activated some kind of switchboard they held. Kim looked back to see Dementor slowly but surely demolishing everything in his path in his pursuit.

"Keep going," Yori said as she ran nearby Ron and David. "Those two will stop Dementor."

"With what?" David asked worriedly.

Before she could answer, something exploded behind them and Kim could feel the world around her shake. That first was followed by several more in short bursts and she grit her teeth from the strain of running. Her aching frame was ignored by the desire to be far ahead of whatever was happening behind them.

Like a vision of hope, the last hallway turned and she saw the exit straight ahead. The destroyed doors allowed the view of the Canadian wilderness to fuel them and the explosions sounded closer. She thought she felt the base itself begin to shift as she allowed multiple people to exit ahead of her.

She looked back, saw Jim and George rounding the corner, and she spurred them on. Without doubt, the entire facility was beginning to lean and she leaped through the door with the two men as one more explosion rocked the hall and pushed them out.

Cool earth caught her as she attempted a clumsy roll onto her back. Breathing heavily, she stared into the sky and attempted to catch her breath. Everything seemed so much quieter after the noise from earlier. The silence lingered for some time as everyone caught their breaths.

That silence was soon broken by multiple people in their group cheering loudly over their victory. Excited conversation followed and Kim was too tired to follow any of it. She caught the sight of Yori pouncing into Ron's arms and the two sharing a wonderful kiss. Jim and George lifted David up and dusted him off, checking on him as David insisted he was fine.

That was all she could see before the world started going dark against her wishes and she felt the first instances of sleep overtaking her. Someone walked up and placed their arms beneath her and she felt herself lifted.

"Let me…"Ron started, but a beautiful voice cut him off.

"I've got her," Shego didn't sound angry, but protective and it warmed her considerably.

She allowed the woman to carry her gently as her warm frame and gentle swaying lulled her into a deep slumber. The last thing she felt was the unmistakable feeling of success.

Monique leaned against the wall in the upstairs portion of the Possible household and stared at the door they'd just exited. Kim's room was a bit crowded right now and she'd wanted to give everyone some space, so she and Leon had bowed out respectfully. The boy stood with her now, their arms hooked like they liked.

"She'll be okay, you know," the boy reassured her.

"I know, just a little bruised and worn out," she smiled gratefully. "I'm more worried about me."

"A little nervous? Not everyone gets to be the head designer and co-Public Relations Consultant of Team Possible at your age."

"Lucky me," she laughed. "Honestly, I'm just glad I can be of help to them. I don't know if she notices, but I'd do anything for that girl."

"She notices," he wrapped an arm around her. "She notices everyone in her life. She can somehow juggle you all rather effectively. It's admirable."

She pulled him closer, "Easy, tiger. I've laid claim to you already."

"Lucky me," he kissed her and she loved every second of it.

They eventually parted lips and she smiled at him. It seemed every day was another instance of how much she enjoyed his company. God, she still needed to thank Shego for setting up that date.

"So," Mon scooted closer. "You plan on sticking around, too?"

"Are you kidding? Every day with you guys is a new story for my class. I could write a book: 'The Chronicles of Team Possible'."

"Sounds like something I'd read. You have plenty of material already."

Leon chuckled, "Oh, believe me; this team's story is far from over. Especially with our new recruits."

Betty and Senior, Senior lounged in the kitchen downstairs, each sipping a coffee and chatting business as usual. To Betty's eternal surprise, Drakken sat with them and cradled his own cup of Coco Moo and looked undecided, as he should be.

Betty had been told the story from multiple sources and she still had trouble believing it. Strangely, it seemed they had mostly the blue man to thank for stopping Dementor's plan. This had led Senior to brainstorm the idea of inviting the former villain into their fold. She'd wanted to deny him, but the truth was that their group was hurting for a scientist and Wade could always use the extra brain muscle.

"It would be the same job I held at Global Justice?" he asked.

"More or less," Betty sipped her coffee. "You'll mostly work in tandem with Wade on Team Possible's mission gear."

"And the boy is okay with this?"

Betty fished a kimmunicator from her pocket, the device that they'd all been given since returning from stopping Dementor less than a day ago. Wade's face popped up wearing an interested smile.

"I've got no problem with it. You were the one who gave us the base's location after all, very crafty by the way, so I don't see any trust issues. Maybe we could teach each other a few things."

"Passing on my knowledge to future generations," Drakken mused. "Ohhh, why not. Count me in."

"Ahhh, our family is growing swiftly," Senior charmingly celebrated as only the elderly could. "I cannot wait for my son to return from his vacation and see how much has changed."

"That just leaves you, Will," Betty turned to the opposite end of the table.

Will sat with arms folded and eyes closed, contemplating his current predicament. She knew him well and had no doubts he was weighing every positive and negative presented to him. Sadly for him, Global Justice was weary about allowing former prisoners back into their fold, in fear of a spy or traitor.

"I have to say," the young man began, "I disapprove of working with former villains. Nothing personal, it's just a personal rule."

Drakken waved his hand dramatically, "Oh, no offense taken."

Will continued, "I still believe Dr. Director and I belong back with GJ, but that isn't a possibility. It's probably less possible for me by the day."

"It doesn't have to be a permanent thing," Senior said. "A trial run would suffice, no?"

"And you'd get to work side by side with Kim," Betty added without glancing at him.

Will averted his gaze for a few seconds before exhaling, "Very well. I shall serve under you on a temporary basis."

Betty nodded, pleased he would see enough reason to at least try and participate. Will was a good soldier and there were few people she trusted more to be on her team. Not to mention, it was entirely noticeable that the man held a slight crush for Kim. She'd always wanted them to hit it off, but it seemed so impossible due to their conflicting responsibilities. Perhaps now would be the time for something to occur between them.

"Hey," Drakken spouted, "why don't you ask David and his men to join? They seem more than capable."

"Something tells me they wouldn't be interested," Betty said. "They have their own ideals to follow. Perhaps they've discovered some new ones in the past few days."

"Where did those guys go anyway?"

David took one last glance at the Possible house before leading Jim and George away and towards the street.

"Is it okay just to leave like this?" George asked.

"Kim gave us her blessings," David didn't hesitate. "Besides, we've lost and I'm man enough to know when we've overstayed our welcome."

"What did she say to you?"

David recalled the conversation with a half conscious Possible as he walked, "Go make peace with yourselves. Come back after you do and I'll gladly fight you."

"That kid is something else," Jim shook his head and smiled. "We lost before we even started. I didn't even get a good fight in with Shego."

"Speaking of which," George leaned in close. "Is it safe to leave Kim in her care?"

"If there's anyone in the world that can keep Kim safe, it's Shego," the pony-tailed man said. "She's changed."

The men made it to the street just as a man in a suit waved them down from across the road. He stood next to a limo, smiling with excessive friendliness.

"You gentlemen look like you have somewhere to be," Driver called. "Care for a ride? Compliments of Ms. Shego."

The men hesitated only enough to look to one another. Silently, they read one another and simultaneously decided to take up his offer. As they neared, the smiling Driver opened the door for them.

"Where to?"

David allowed the others to enter first before answering, "Take me home. I have a family that probably misses me terribly."

David entered and sat opposite his boys as Jim spoke up, "It's been a long time man. What if they aren't there anymore?"

"Then I'll look until I find them," he said and held out a single, balled fist.

George placed his own next to David's, "Until we find them."

Jim didn't say anything, but his fist settled next to his friends'. David knew he probably didn't deserve their loyalty especially after all they'd been through, but he cherished every undeserved second he had it. Few people often get second chances and David was intent on making the most of his. Past mistakes would need to be repaired. He couldn't think of better company to do it in. In solidarity, the men held their fists together for a moment longer as the limo pulled away into the world before them.

Yori stepped into the bathroom downstairs from Kim's room and locked the door behind her. She had finally sneaked away after many hours of tending to Kim and making sure the girl was alright. Of course, she would be fine. She was one of the strongest people the girl had ever met.

Ron had stayed behind, worrying over his childhood friend every moment she was asleep and annoying everyone around him with questions of her health. Everyone but Yori, that is. She could never find his demeanor intolerable; the boy simply cared greatly for his friend. There was no shame in that.

Still, his continued attention for the redhead had been affecting her mood lately and she feared she would no longer be able to hide it. Horribly enough, she was doing what she'd been sent to do, albeit with intense rule breaking.

She was never supposed to have fallen for the blonde, had been told to do the exact opposite. In the mirror, she stared into her young face and recalled her secret meetings with Master Sensei.

"Kim Possible is Ron Stoppable's destiny," the master echoed. "It was her life in danger that spurred him into using his monkey power at full strength. They must see the importance of their kinship. You, Yori, must mold them into it. Only then will the true monkey master emerge."

His words were so familiar to her, a mantra she believed in with all her being. Still, it did little to soften the pain of knowing his words were true. Kim and Ron were meant to be one. She'd already shamed her people by being with him: kissing, lying, and loving. Her dishonor was severe.

She'd told herself that she could unlock that power with her affection for him, but it had thus far proved unsuccessful. With deep, bottomless regret, she admitted to herself that there was only one course of action now.

"Yori," Ron's voice called outside the door. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," she said and opened the door.

He frowned and was smart enough to know when something was bothering her. As skilled as she was, she could never bring herself to truly hide all emotion from him. He brought out so many in her that it was nigh impossible to do so.

She spoke up before he could ask any questions, "Is Kim okay?"

Ron scoffed, "Yeah, but Shego kicked us all out. Said that Kim needed alone time. Of course, Shego stayed in there with her."

Yori chuckled, "You mustn't let their relationship bother you so. You would be doing the same if you two were still a couple."

"Yeah. But I'd look better doing it."

"Agreed," she entwined her fingers with his, unable to help herself. "Let us retire home. We have many adventurous days ahead of us."

He leaned down to kiss her and she should have pulled away, but she allowed his affection. She knew the more she gained, the more pain she'd feel when it was over, but she was only human. She couldn't help loving something she could never truly have. She would assist him in attaining his power, in defeating Monkey Fist, and then she would leave him in Kim's care. Thus was the existence of the ninja.

Shego huddled around the girl from behind, sharing her bed and using her Go Glow to warm the smaller girl. With covers over them, she hoped Kim would reach comfort levels soon.

"Uh, Shego," Kim muttered. "Kinda starting to sweat here."

"Oops," she dowsed her powers and sent them back to room temperature.

Kim's subtle movement back into the woman's body let her know she was now content. They laid there for some time, never moving, feeling each other breath in the dim light from the window. Shego grasped her as lightly as she could, resisting the urge to crush her with her super powered strength.

She didn't know when it had happened, but holding Kim had become therapeutic for her. The familiar sensation came back from so many hours ago, worrying as she ran about the base if she'd ever see the teen again and feeling an unfamiliar pit developing in her stomach.

That pit had immediately filled when she'd found Kim and it was a glorious feeling unlike any other. She thought back to her conversation with Ron before they'd stormed the base and she'd admitted that she might be falling in love with her. After this mission, there was little doubt left.

Now you're in ooey gooey, girl love, her inner voice mocked. You've gone SO soft.

Don't care. Cuddling Princess.

She ultimately didn't care. She never thought herself totally incapable of it; she just never anticipated it could be attained so easily. Of course, she'd probably never say it. Kim wasn't ready to hear such a thing yet and she honestly had to do a bit more soul searching before that hurdle was crossed. Still, that didn't mean she wasn't going to ride this train for all it was worth.

"Everything's changing," Kim whispered.

"The world tends to do that," Shego spoke softly.

"Is it changing too quickly? I feel like so much has happened in such little time. I'm still trying to catch up."

"You could always pump the brakes. Don't think that just because you're name is in the title you have to carry all the weight by yourself. You've got so many people now to help."

"I know. I can start living again. After Ron, I felt myself stalling in life. Not moving out, not choosing a college; I'd become stagnant. I never want to do that again."

"Don't worry. I'll be here to kick you in the ass whenever you need it."

Kim didn't laugh, but instead found Shego's hand and pulled it to her chest. She could feel the teen's heart beating under her shirt and it made her own pick up in pace.

"I need you here for more than that," Kim's body heat raised a bit. "You have no idea how much I need you, Shego."

"I have a pretty good idea," the woman whispered.

"I'm about to go to sleep and I want you to be here when I wake up. Promise me?"

The room was silent for a moment as Shego calmed her emotions from that message. She'd never heard another human being speak that way to her. She'd never felt so wanted than in that moment and she swore she'd never disappoint Kim as long as she lived. If she could be good, if she could be anything worthwhile in life, then it was going to be for the girl's sake

She leaned in close, almost kissed Kim's ear with her lips, "Everything's changed, but I promise you this, Pumpkin. There's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be than here."

End of Season One

Author's Notes: It's finished! (Trumpets play) I started this story planning a small KiGo tale and ended up exceeding my original novel in length. I have lots of caffeine, my insomnia, and every one of you who ever encouraged me to thank. Now, it's time for a well-deserved break.

Am I saying I'm done with this universe? Hell no! I just need some time to dedicate to my original stuff. Plus, I've been getting requests for fics on here that I may take up. Still, there are plenty more stories to tell. The villains are still running loose, Team Possible is just getting started, and there are plenty more mysteries to sort out. I focused mainly on Kim and Shego for this first season, but I promise to focus on everyone else as well when I return. I look forward to continuing one day.