Martha was asleep in her bed when there was a tapping on the door.

"Martha?" the Doctor said softly.

"Huh, what is it Doctor?" She replied half awake.

She propped herself up and looked at him.

"I uh was wondering if I could stay here tonight."

Now Martha was awake. "You want to stay in here, in this bed?"

He nodded.

"Why?" She asked suspiciously.

The Doctor lowered his eyes and shuffled his feet. "Well I'm still shaken up about what happen with the Family of Blood and I feel safer here."

She was surprised at him; she couldn't believe it the "On Coming Storm" was scared.

Martha stared at him for a moment; she was still hurt and mad at him for how he treated her when he was human.

She was tempted to say no but he looked so sweet and gorgeous in his striped pajamas that she conceded.

"Come on Doctor." She sighed.

Grateful he slipped under the covers beside her.

"Thanks." The Doctor replied.

"Don't mention it." Martha yawned and fell back to sleep.

A few minutes later she unexpectedly felt his arms hug her waist.

"I'm so sorry, Martha. You deserved better." The Doctor whispered. She felt a tear drop fall on her shoulder and then a soft kiss on her ear.

The Doctor hugged her tighter; his arms were shaking like a child who's scared of losing his best friend.

Martha then knew why he really wanted to stay with her.

She smiled and cuddled closer to him and kissed his hand.

"I forgive you." She whispered before falling asleep.

He smiled and continued to hold his friend.