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Small details you may not notice include Akamaru staying home because his fur is not suited for the heat, and Kō getting spotlight because he was Hinata's caretaker when she was younger, yet, he hardly ever gets spotlight in fics. Boom!






Sasuke stood in front of his open refrigerator, scowling at the contents that were now showing the beginning signs of condensation. At the tingling irritant of yet another sweat drop rolling down his back, the Uchiha slammed the door shut, running a hand through his sticky hair.

It was too damn hot.

The air conditioning was down in his apartment complex—again—and the next possible scheduling for maintenance would not be for another month. It was a load of crap, he knew this, because the village was not so preoccupied that someone couldn't come fix a simple cooling system.

So, to try and cope, he kept all curtains closed to keep out the sun. That helped a little, but he then resorted to keeping the windows cracked open to avoid the growing feeling of suffocation. If the right breeze blew then that helped, but, in most cases, it did not. When cold showers proved more harmful than helpful, he was reduced to wander around in his boxers since wearing clothes would only have them become drenched, but even this did not help.

It was maddening.

He fell on his living room sofa and closed his eyes, completely drained. He tried to control his breathing, but he was becoming light-headed. In a daze, he listened to the soft hum of the building, willing himself to sleep so he wouldn't be awake for the bulk of this torturous day.


Sasuke turned his head, one ear pointed towards the cieling.


He squinted, slowly pushing himself up.


That...was the sound of the air conditioning.

Sasuke opened his eyes, his anger causing a new sheet of sweat to sweep over him. His mind went rampant as he jumped to his feet and stormed over to the temperature dial near the hallway.

There was no way this was happening.

He turned the knob to 'Cool' and waited. There was a rumbling, then a clanking, followed by a pathetic sputtering as it all shut down—the same sounds he's been hearing every time he was foolish enough to believe it was finally operating right. He nodded, licking his lips irritably as he continued to hear the comforting hum from the apartments around him. He wouldn't think of the significance of this. He wouldn't assume anything, because the heat had his nerves at a constant boiling point.


If he had to draw a very logical conclusion, it would seem he was on the wrong side of favoritism. He was everyone's favorite to annoy. He was the village's favorite to screw over. He was the favorite when it came to being left to burn alive while everyone else sat in their freaking ice boxes.

Sasuke's grip on the dial tightened, snapping it off. "Fuck," he growled, dropping the object and dragging himself to his room.

He had to get out of here.


Why did he come out here?

Sasuke walked aimlessly down the street, frequently waving the flaps of his collar and tugging on the front of his shirt. Initially, the outside had been a few degrees cooler than his apartment, but now, as he walked around with the sun at its highest peak, he realized he had been terribly, terribly misled.

But he was at a loss on what to do.

Going back home would slowly bake him alive, and wandering around would scorch him to death.

He grumbled, feeling sweat accumulate on his forehead and back. He shoved his hands in his pockets, resisting the urge to claw away at his clothing, but only felt his internal body temperature rise.

"Hey!" A hand slapped down on the Uchiha's back, sending an irritating itchiness up and around his spine. "Eugh... You're all sweaty."

Sasuke forced his head to the side, glaring at a jacketless Naruto who was sweating just as much, if not more, than he was. "Don't. Touch me."

"Aw, you grumpy 'cause of the heat?" He grinned, wiping his hand on his shirt. "Don't you have A/C?"

Sasuke looked at him harshly, a new wave of heat sweeping him. "Would I be out here if I did?"

Naruto crossed his arms, looking up into the sky. The raven-haired stared at him in a mild state of awe. He didn't know how he was able to do it, but Naruto seemed completely oblivious to the moisture dripping off his own body.

It was he was mocking him.

"That's too bad," Naruto said, tilting his head to the side. He looked at him, a wide smile parting his lips. "Guess we really are similar, huh? Mine's busted, so, eh." He shrugged nonchalantly.

Sasuke's eye twitched. Naruto...was pissing him off. The more he looked at the blond—at the sweat freely sliding off of him—the more the idiot seemed to be put in a better mood. That wasn't normal. He tried to ignore him as they walked, but Naruto didn't seem to get it, or he just wasn't bothered by the neglect.

"Hey!" Naruto chimed, patting Sasuke on the back. "How 'bout we go for a swim!"

Sasuke looked at him, a bit short of breath.

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei and Uber Brows are there right now."

Sasuke shuddered, looking away.

"Eh? No good?" Naruto scratched his head, causing more locks to stick up than usual. "Ah!" he exclaimed, slapping the Uchiha's back. "We could spar!"

He recoiled from his touch. "How would that help?"

"With what?"

Sasuke ground his teeth lightly. "Why did you suggest we spar?"

"I'm bored."

"It's ninety degrees..." He had to pause to catch his breath. "Why would you want to do that?"

The blond blinked. "You want to cool off?"

The raven-haired walked faster.

"I have a great idea!" The back slapping returned. " We-"

Sasuke turned, grabbing Naruto by the collar, and slammed him to the ground.


The Uchiha's knee rammed down on the blond's chest, firmly pressing down. "What do you want?"

"R-ramen," he coughed, forcing a convincing smile. Sasuke pressed his knee in harder. Naruto laughed through the pain. "We'll be out of the sun."

The Uchiha stared at him for a moment before kicking off of him.

Naruto gasped for air, rubbing his chest. "Eugh..." He wiped his face. "You got sweat on me."


"Here you go, boys," Teuchi announced, setting the bowls down. He picked up a handheld fan and fanned himself. "It's a hot one, isn't it?"

"It's pretty warm, I guess." Naruto smiled, snapping his chopsticks and preoccupying himself with his meal.

Sasuke was collapsed next to him, his forehead pressed against the counter top. "I'm gonna kill you," he muttered, almost wheezing.

"C'mon, we're outta the sun," Naruto said with his mouth full. But with the ovens blasting and the broth steaming, Sasuke felt himself suffocating a very humid death. "You should hurry and eat before your food gets cold."

"Shut up."

He had to find a way to cool off. He couldn't find it in himself to inflict pain anymore, so he knew he was reaching an unbearable point.

"Dammit!" Kiba roared, entering the shop. "It's no better in here!"

Naruto turned, finding his friend jacketless and dripping with sweat. "Hey, you guys got back late."

Kiba snorted, jabbing a thumb at Shino. "He gets sluggish when it's hot."

Shino stood silently next to him, fully cloaked in his jacket.

"Eh..." Naruto felt a few degrees warmer just looking at him. "Aren't you hot in that?"

"Mind over matter," he responded.

"Right... Where's Hinata?"

"Mm?" Kiba quirked a brow. "Why?"

Naruto shrugged. "Teams usually go the first few stops home together."

"Hm... Well, she went home. She's not crazy about heat like this." He sighed, shaking his head. "What I wouldn't give to live with her at times like these. Her place has one hell of a powerful A/C."

"Makes sense, I guess. With so many people, I bet the summers would be torture without it."

"You're telling me." Kiba moved to take a seat but stopped, inspecting the empty chairs. "Weren't you eating with someone?"

Naruto looked next him only to find Sasuke's seat empty.


Without much of a logical mind to drive him, Sasuke's body forced him to walk the agonizing expanse of Konoha and maneuver his way over the Hyuuga wall (he couldn't be bothered with the guard right now) until he was in front of the Main House. He panted, half his conscious mind gone, and rang the doorbell. A moment later, it opened, and he was greeted by the most cooling, refreshing gust of air he's ever felt.


He focused, finding Hinata, wearing thick rimmed glasses he must have never noticed, hiding behind a now nearly closed door.

"I-I mean... Um... Y-yes? What do you need?"

He shook his head, trying to focus. "We're gonna watch a movie."

She paled. "W...we? Um... Wh-why would we do that?"

Sasuke pushed his way in, causing Hinata to sputter and jump back. He felt an icy cold relief wash over him now that he was inside and almost passed out due to this immense calm.

Unaware to him, Hinata stared in a state shy of horror, trembling as she pulled on her T-shirt to cover her legs not at all hidden by her short shorts. She wasn't sure if she should be on the defensive or offensive because Sasuke Uchiha was not a person she ever had to, cared to, or thought to deal with. Then he shows up, barges into her house, and demands they... a movie?

He came all this way to watch a movie with her?

That didn't make any sense.

She stared at him, noting how sweaty he was, which meant...he put himself through the extreme heat just to-


Hinata jumped, turning so fast that her hair (which was pulled into a ponytail) whipped across the Uchiha's face. Kō stood there, eying the duo curiously, which only made the girl go the palest she's ever been.

"I see...the Uchiha's here," he said awkwardly, trying to piece things together. "Is something going on?"

She shook her head, face exploding red. "N-no, we- he just, um, came here watch a movie."

"You two?" He blinked, unable to stop himself from going wide-eyed. "Oh... He's not as..." He coughed, redirecting his words. "I never pegged him as the type you'd go for."

"We're not like that!" she blurted. "We... He... It's just-"

"It's alright." He smiled sympathetically. "Girls have that bad boy phase." He looked Sasuke over, who seemed completely in a different world. "Um... Feel free to lend him the bathroom." Kō walked on, not daring to look back because he did not know whether or not her current interest made more sense than her last.

Hinata watched as he walked away; she found herself very distressed now that she was back in this uncomfortable situation. She looked up at Sasuke.

He seemed very...relaxed.

She nibbled her bottom lip and took in his appearance once again. His hair was slightly matted and sticking up in places; his shirt was practically glued to him, and his expression held a bit of exhaustion. And...he was like this because he wanted to watch a movie with her...? The thought of it was unsettling enough, but the reason behind it unnerved her even more.

But, because she knew the pain of heartache, she figured she should at least be...nice.


He didn't move.



She reached a tentative hand out to him, gently grabbing hold of his wrist. When he didn't recoil or respond in any way, she tugged on him, taking a step forward. He followed but was still spaced out. She frowned but found herself a bit intrigued. No one ever told her Sasuke was...odd.

She led the dazed Uchiha to the nearest bathroom so he could wash off. She placed clothes in there for him, but she wondered if it would do any good because he was still unresponsive when she left him in there.

Not knowing what else to do, a confused Hinata went to the small theater room to pick out movies.


Sasuke walked out of the unusually colorless bathroom into the hallway. Drying his hair, he looked up and down the hall.

Where the hell was he?

"Are you finished?"

He looked down the hall to see Hinata standing a good distance—a safe distance—from him.

"I, um, hope nii-sa— Neji's clothes fit comfortably."

He instinctively looked down at the white shirt and dark sport shorts. He frowned.

Neji's clothes...

"Um, if you're ready...f-follow me."

He hadn't the clearest idea how he had gotten to this point in the day, but he followed the heiress just to prolong his stay.

She led him to a room with a large flat screen television and a decent sized black sofa pressed against the wall opposite it; rows and rows of DVDs lined the left most wall. Sasuke scanned the room, looking for the most important aspect.

"I figured you these." Hinata stood in front of him, keeping that safe distance, and presented him with five different movie titles. "Which... Which do you want to watch?"

"All of them," he answered absentmindedly, not bothering to spare a glance.

Hinata blinked, looking at the DVDs, and proceeded to the five slotted DVD player.

Sasuke continued to search until he finally found what he was looking for: The vent, source of the cool air he suddenly became addicted to. It was on the ceiling just over the left side of the sofa.

"O-okay," Hinata huffed, picking up the remote. "If you would get the, we can watch it now."

And then she sat down.

Right where the vent was.

Sasuke twitched.

She must have done that on purpose. Why, out of any spot, would she sit right there? She lived in this freezing utopia, so why was she hogging the cold air?


He snapped out of his anger, looking at her.

"Is everything alright?"

Sasuke sighed, flicking the lights off, and walked over to the couch, taking a seat flush against the Hyuuga.

Hinata went rigid, a bothersome blush spreading across her face in record speed. Why did he do that? Why was he sitting so close to her? They were...touching. Was he trying to make a move on her? Was this what being forward was like? She tried not to think about it because she was sure her actions would give him the wrong idea. She raked through her brain, trying to find a casual way to move away from him.

"Are you cold?" She stood, taking a few small steps away. "I can turn the air conditioning off, if you want."

Sasuke grabbed her hand; Hinata froze. "Just sit down."

And she did.

Right back where she originally was.

For the remainder of the movie, Hinata's mind went wild, trying to come to terms that Sasuke Uchiha—a person she could have gone her whole life without conversing with—may have had a crush on her.

Sasuke, on the other hand, fell asleep after the first ten minutes of the movie.


Neji entered the house, completely grateful for the cold air that greeted him. Sparring had been cut incredibly short (as enforced by both him and Tenten), and he would prefer nothing more than to sleep until the sun got a little lower in the sky.

"Ah, welcome back, Neji."

He looked over, spotting Kō walking by. "Hello. Has Hinata-sama returned?"

Kō froze, turning stiffly. "That...she did. I do believe she's preoccupied at the moment."

"Oh?" Neji stepped out of his shoes. "Where is she?"

"I... I believe she mentioned watching a movie." He coughed. "Excuse me."

Neji watched him hurry on his way, his curiosity fully peaked. He made his way toward the theater room. Knowing his cousin, she probably fell asleep. Just to confirm his suspicions faster, he activated his Byakugan and quickly located her.

He stopped walking, staring at the image just three hallway turns away.


He deactivated his Byakugan, quickening his steps. If what he saw was right, there was no way to explain it. For the two of them to be in such close proximity...

Neji burst into the room, turning the lights on. Hinata jumped; she was wearing those novelty glasses he bought her two years ago, but, more than that, it really was him—sleeping against Hinata!

And in his clothes!

Hinata opened and closed her mouth, the hand that was in the Uchiha's hair now hovering above the offending place.

"No." Neji groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, no, no."

And it was yet another summer day that Sasuke found himself in the company of Naruto trying to find a way to beat the heat.

Yesterday had been like a pleasant dream—surrounded by an endless supply of refreshing coolness—until the pompous one came and threw him out.

"How about ramen?" Naruto grinned, face glistening, but he was as unaware of it today as he was yesterday.


"Guh... Then what do you want to do?"

"Be rid of you."

"Why do you act like you hate me?" Naruto threw his arm around Sasuke, yanking him closer. "Brothers are supposed to looooooove each other!"

Sasuke snapped, grabbing Naruto by the collar. "Listen to me-!"

"E-excuse me."

They looked to find Hinata standing in front of them, jacketless and holding a plastic bag. Kiba and Shino stood behind her; Team 8 eyed the two's closeness but said nothing of it. Surprisingly, Hinata was hardly sweating compared to everyone else.

"Hey, guys," Naruto greeted.

"Look," Kiba said, "it's hot, alright? Hinata's been looking all over for you, so just spare a few minutes."

Naruto untangled himself from Sasuke. "Oh... Alright."

"Um...I actually wanted to speak with S-Sasuke."

Kiba spun her around, giving Naruto more of a shock than Hinata herself. "You never said that," he accused, two knotches away from being frantic. "You said Naruto. You were looking for Naruto."

"I...figured Sasuke would be with him." She looked at her team then at Naruto. "Could the three of you stand over there?"

A stunned Kiba and a slightly surprised Naruto were led away by Shino. The two lively males could be heard throwing questions at each other/

Hinata turned to Sasuke, her cheeks tinting when he looked at her. "" She extended the bag out to him. "I washed your clothes for you."

Sasuke took it from her. "Okay."

"Um... S-sorry about Neji. He gets a little...uncomfortable when people visit."

Sasuke nodded vaguely, wondering why she was explaining this to him.

"But..." she pushed her index fingers together, staring at them, "he's...gone on a mission today." She looked up at him, shaking by the slightest degree. "So...i-if you wanted to c-come over again, um... I'd be...okay with it." Her shaking had now worsened, and she couldn't look at him for more than a few milliseconds. "I-I-I-I m-mean if you w-w-wanted to, Um!" She bowed deeply. "S-sorry!"

And then she turned heel and ran.

"What the hell?!" Kiba zapped over to Sasuke, yanking him by the collar. "She washed your clothes?! Come over again?! What the hell are you up to?!"

Naruto stared at the Uchiha, still trying to get over the fact that Hinata had looked for find Sasuke. "Are we really lumped together?"

"Answer me, Sasuke!"

"It's not like I'm your keeper..."

"What were you doing at her house?!"

"Or...are you my keeper?"

"She's off limits, hear me?!"

"What is life...?"

Sasuke barely heard any of this. All he knew was...

...he would survive another day.