Chapter 1: New Arrivals

The sun shone gently as a new day greeted the world of Medius. Peeking through the treetops, the light gently landed upon the two demons cuddled together in their sleep, both of them smiling contently. The first one, a male fire demon, had midnight black fur with several silver strips of fur running along his back and arms. His head was canine in appearance complete with pointed wolf-like ears on top of his head, giving him the appearance of an anthropomorphic dog/wolf. In addition to this, his only article of clothing he had on was a pair of ragged looking shorts, which added with his toned muscular build gave him an almost savage appearance. The second demon, a female wind demon, looked quite different from her companion. While her companion had a rather muscular build, she had a more slender build. Her fur was an inverse of his, with her fur being predominately white with a few black strips running along her back, arms, and legs. Her hair was long (reaching shoulder length on her rather elongated neck) and black in color, same as the feathers on her wings. She was dressed in a worn red robe-like dress that was slightly torn around the edges and had an odd stitch design on the front. As the light hit them, the fire demon stirred from his sleep. Groaning slightly in annoyance, he let out a tired yawn as he woke up, revealing a pair of deep blue eyes. His expression was that of annoyance at first, but it quickly changed to a gentle smile as he saw the wind demon in his arms. His awakening must have disturbed her as she too quickly stirred from her sleep.

"Mornin', beautiful," he smiled as she opened her eyes, also revealing a pair of deep blue eyes.

She giggled a bit when she heard that, enjoying the sound of his voice and the feel of being in his arms, even if she was larger than he was. "Good morning, Eric," she smiled lovingly to her mate.

(Eric's P.O.V.)

I smiled again, before giving Sakido a kiss on her forehead. At times like this it was hard to believe that it had only been a couple of months since we first met. My name is Eric Elexion, a Special Ops soldier from Earth. Currently I'm trapped in this world known as Medius, and I've never been happier. Now, how did I end up on this world? It started about two months ago. At the time I had been a special ops soldier assigned on a mission to assassinate a rebel leader in Russia to stop a rebellion before it could really cause any problems. All in all, I thought it would have been another mission that I would simply complete then either go home in one piece or not come home at all. Of course, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to somehow get pulled into a completely different world. Sure it took me long enough to figure out that I wasn't on my own world anymore, but for all its worth, it was one of the best things that happened to me, second to meeting the love of my life. Thinking about it again, I couldn't help but chuckle at how different things were back then.

"Is something wrong, Eric?" Sakido asked, hearing my chuckle.

"No, nothing's wrong, Sakido. Just remembering the first time we met, and considering how we were back then, it's hard to believe where we are now," I explained, earning an understanding nod from her.

"That's true. Back then if anyone had told me I was going to fall in love with a human, I'd have thought them crazy...provided I didn't kill them on the spot for even considering the idea," Sakido chuckled in agreement.

Lying back against the ground, I looked up at the clear blue sky as I remembered our journey through this world. If this was like one of those fictional stories, this is usually the part where the protagonists tries to find a way home, but honestly…I'm not sure I even WANT to go back. After everything we've been through together, from becoming Soul Partners, to travelling Medius, fighting together, falling in love, and even somehow gaining the ability to turn into a demon. Everything I've been through here on Medius, I always had Sakido by my side, and now…I couldn't even imagine life without her, which was ironically quite fitting since being Soul Partners, we literally couldn't live without each other. With that thought, I decided not to think about Earth. Medius may not have been where I was born, but home is where the heart is, and my heart is where Sakido is. Even so, I couldn't help but wonder what's going on back on Earth since I ended up on Medius. I'd probably be listed as MIA, if not KIA. Fortunately it wouldn't be too bad, since I'm an only child and my parents passed away a while ago, and amongst the other soldiers in the army I wasn't really the type to make lots of friends, so I wouldn't be missed too badly if I was labeled KIA. Whatever the case, I was happy just being with Sakido, and that was all I wanted right now. With that thought, I wrapped my arms around my…wife? Mate? Heh, it didn't matter. All I knew was that we loved each other with all our hearts and that was enough for us.

Russia, Our World

The camp was bustling as various members of the military worked in tandem in preparation for what may just be a mission that could change the world as they knew it. It had started two months ago, when they had sent one of their best men, Eric Elexion, on an assassination mission. Normally they wouldn't have sent a single soldier by himself, but Eric was easily their best operative with a high success rate record, especially in solo missions. However, Elexion suddenly dropped out of contact during the mission. At first, they had thought that he had likely been KIA, but since they had yet to confirm it, he was listed as MIA at first. Not long after that, reports on the Rebels suddenly stopped, prompting an investigation. What they found was that the Rebel camp was completely deserted and for the next month, no reports of the Rebellion appeared, prompting further investigation of the abandoned camp.

What was found after nearly a month's worth of research was immediately classified as 'Top Secret'. An energy anomaly had appeared in the area, and after researching it, the scientists found that it wasn't just any energy anomaly; it was a portal, and a portal to another world at that. From there, it was easy to theorize that the disappearance of both Eric Elexion and the Rebels were caused by the portal. However, it was also discovered that the portal was unstable, and was estimated that it would only remain open for about another month at best. Because of that, despite the protests of the scientists who wanted to learn what was on the other side of the portal (stating that at the same time they could retrieve Eric), General Hansen, their commanding officer, had initially intended to just make sure nothing else went in or out, not willing to risk his men on the slight chance that Eric somehow managed to survive. General Hansen knew Eric was a survivor from all the solo missions that he had managed to pull off, but even that had its limits. Not to mention the scientists only knew that something was on the other side of the portal, but for all they knew, the world on the other side might have been some hostile world ready to kill the first living creature that wandered in. It was only a last minute plea from one of his top soldiers, Jonathan Drayer, a good friend of Eric Elexion, and often time partner on missions. In the end, Hansen decided to give him a chance, allowing him to form a team of volunteers for the mission. The results gained him nineteen soldiers including himself, and five scientists, making a total of twenty four people volunteering for the scouting mission.

"Alright men, we will begin briefing you on your mission one more time immediately," General Hansen stated to the assembled team, all of them were standing next to the two BTRs and the two Humvees that had been prepared for the mission. "Due to the nature of this mission, we will not be able to guarantee protocol for the situation. As such, I will keep this brief. You have four main objectives. First, you need to set up communications on the other side and report any and all findings. Second, you are to explore the world, but remain within a certain range of the portal, as you must be ready to leave ASAP. Third, you are to confirm the situation of the Rebels, and if you find any you are to eliminate them immediately. Fourth, if possible, retrieve Eric Elexion, assuming he has not been KIA. That is all," he finished. "Any questions?"

"Sir! No sir!" they responded with salutes, earning a nod from the General.

"Good! Now I wish you all the best. May you return safely from this mission," he stated as the men quickly got into the BTRs, each carrying ten men each, and the Humvees, each carry two men each. As the machines started up, the workers scrambled to clear a path, leaving a clear shot into the portal, complete with a ramp that was set up to allow for a clean entrance. With the path clear and the teams having checked their equipment, the two BTRs and two Humvees started up, before rushing down the path, up the ramp, and right into the portal, before disappearing in a flash of light each…


(Eric's P.O.V.)

My head suddenly snapped towards the west for a reason that I didn't know.

"Is something wrong, Eric?" Sakido asked as we walked through the streets. Ever since we defeated the Rebels a few days ago, we had been searching for a town, which wasn't easy as all the nearby towns had been abandoned thanks to the Rebels. The reason for our search was to ask for the location of a place called 'St. Curtis', as that was where we would find Sakido's little brother (I still have no idea how they're related), Buwaro, as Sakido had promised him that she would find him. So with that in mind, we had finally found a town that was inhabited. Quickly shifting back to my human form, and hastily putting on a fresh pair of clothes (pillaged from one of the abandoned villages we found) to avoid looking like some kind of tribesman and maintaining the convenient ruse of Sakido only being in a costume as we walked through the town.

"Nothing. I don't know why, but I…felt something strange. Don't worry, it's probably nothing," I reassured, earning a nod from her as we quickly purchased supplies, and more importantly, a compass and map. "Huh, looks like we've gotta retrace our steps. Makes sense, since the Sinclairs WERE already headed for St. Curtis, and they were headed in the opposite direction as us," I mused.

"Well then, we'd better start moving if we want to get there before they move on," Sakido smiled as we hefted a pair of bags full of supplies we had bought. Thankfully money wasn't really an issue since there were Trouble Centers in a lot of towns, this one included, and compared to what we had to deal with recently, a few odd jobs would be easy.

So, with that we soon left the town with our supplies ready and a destination in mind. Changing my clothes back to the ragged pair of shorts (to avoid destroying the fresh pair of clothes when I transform) and shifting back to my Demon form (I was honestly starting to enjoy being in my Demon form rather than my human form, something that probably should have worried me more), we looked through the map one more time, and checking to compass once more to make sure we were going the right way, set out for our destination. Despite that, I still had the nagging feeling that something big was about to happen…

(Jonathans P.O.V.)

I groaned slightly as my vision came back into focus, and I saw the rest of my team also waking up from the rough landing. My name is Jonathan Drayer, a Special Ops soldier. Our special team, consisting of twenty four members had volunteered to explore the world on the other side of the portal that we had found. The entrance was easy enough, but the actual passage? To say the least, it was rough as Hell, and now I know how Popcorn must feel like while its popping in the bag…no, scratch that, we had it worse, since we were shaken about in a METAL vehicle. Quickly exiting our BTR, we noticed that the rest of the team in the other BTR, as well as the two Humvees, had also exited their vehicle, all of them looking a little sick... and bruised for that matter.

"Is everyone alright? Say 'aye' if you're in no condition to walk," I said. Fortunately, there was only one 'aye', which came from one of the scientist in the other BTR, who had been jostled in an uncomfortable position, earning him a sprained ankle. Nothing too serious and ultimately not a problem, since he was one of the scientists who had agreed to stay at base camp, which was supposed to be within range of the portal. With that in mind, we quickly split up, with five men searching for a secluded spot to set up base camp, sixteen men standing guard of the BTRs, and the remaining three men, myself included, scouting the area to check for hostiles, so readying our weapons, we set out in this mysterious new world. I'll find you Eric. You'd do this for me anytime, and I do this for you anytime, buddy. Were my thoughts as we trekked through the woodlands and through the light layer of snow.

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