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Takuya, Zoe, Koji, and Koichi-13


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"Darn. I'm so not going to hear the end of this." said the goggle head that was running as fast as he can to the park to meet the Gang. The goggle head was wearing his kaki and his yellow t-shirt with his red jacket over it. On his head was his hat with his goggles over it.

"TAKUYA!" Screamed an angry Zoe "You said you were not going to be late but here you are being late a usual making us wait." Zoe was wearing her pink skit and her white and blue half t-shirt with her pink jacket over it. On her head was her pink and purple hat.

"Zoe clam down "said koichi "It's no big deal were not in a hurry" koichi was wearing a pair a pants and a long sleeve red t-shirt with a green jacket over it.

Zoe sigh "Your right, BUT YOU BETTER NOT DO THAT AGAIN!"

"Jeaze sorry so were JP and Tommy." Said Takuya

"Tommy had to go. So JP went to take him" said Koji. He was wearing a pair of pants and a yellow t-shirt and a blue jacket over it. On his head was his yellow and blue banana.

"Were back." Yelled an over joyed Tommy Then he noticed Takuya was there."TAKUYA!" and ran and gave him a big hug. Tommy was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts with a giant orange hat on his head.

"Hey Takky" said JP "What took you so long?" JP was wearing his blue and yellow jumpsuit.

"Forgot o set my alarm clock" said Takuya while scratching the back of his head. Everyone else sweat drop.

"boys" said Zoe

"HUH"said all the boys

"Never mind"

"Ok then so Zoe it's your turn to pick what was doing today. "Said Takuya

"SHOPING" screamed Zoe all the boys sweat drop.

"Do we hav…"started Takuya

"Legendary Warriors!" Said there Phones

"OPHANIMON!" They all said