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Chapter 1. The pivotal choice.

Harry was exhausted to the point of numbness. Dobby's cruel fate was just a last straw. His heart was clenched in pain, and his head was blissfully, mercifully empty as he dug the grave for his small friend. He barely registered others joining in, barely heard Luna's honest words above the small body, barely felt Voldemort's elation through the scar. He discovered a counter to their connection. Grief – love – made his mind utterly incomprehensible to Voldemort. Staring at the white marble stone above the small grave, Harry felt strange clarity. Sheer exhaustion coupled with grief and the absence of Locket-horcrux dulled his emotions and doubts. His mind was free to make connections and piece together the clues.

Harry knew that Voldemort was hurrying back to Britain, he knew what he discovered in the highest cell of Nurmengard, he knew what – and where – Voldemort was so desperate to reach. Hogwarts. Dumbledore's grave. Elder Wand. It was a perfect opportunity. He did not need much.

Gryffindor's sword, his father's Cloak, and Bill's old Cleensweep 5. Not paying any mind to Ron's frantic questions, Harry apparated to the old caves near Hogsmeade – the ones Sirius hid in. It was a short ride through the village, up the twisty path to Hogwarts, through the Forbidden Forest. Harry hid the broom in the nearby bush, donned the Cloak and filled his mind with thoughts about his loved ones.

The wait was short. Voldemort stalked to the white tomb with visible anticipation. With a lazy wave of his wand, the tomb split and cracked, opening the peaceful vision of a deceased Headmaster. Pale spidery hand darted forward and snatched the wand from the dead fingers just before goblin-wrought steel hacked into the long pale neck.

Harry barely felt anything when a snake-like head thumped to the ground. The body followed a second later. He wasn't surprised or scared when Voldemort's remains began to smoulder and evaporate. He watched, detached, as the vapours coalesced into a wraith. He did not make an effort to protect himself when said wraith lunged at him.

Pain was a nice wake-up call.

Harry thought he knew pain when he was held under Dark Lord's Crucio. He thought he knew agony when Voldemort attempted to possess him after the DOM debacle. He was wrong. At the graveyard, Voldemort was torturing him. In the Ministry atrium, he was controlling his body. Now… now he was trying to outright eradicate his very soul.

It was unbearable. In the span of few seconds, Harry personally killed dozens of innocents. Watched Death Eaters rape and kill hundreds. His own curse felled his father five times. He was the one to kill Lily Potter. And again. And again. And again. Times and times again, in an eternal loop he watched light leaving her eyes. Just like Dobby's…

The brief thought broke the hold on him, giving Harry ability to resist. His soul was still battered and ripped by the evil tendrils…but he had the control of his body. Blind from the tears and deaf from his own screams, Harry crawled forward and picked up the fallen wand. Elder Wand. Deathstick. It hummed to the touch, sending sparks of magic through his body, distracting Voldemort, giving him an idea.

Try as he might, Voldemort couldn't destroy his host's soul or even simply expel it from the body. Already his magic was taxed beyond any belief. He had enough juice to shatter Potter's mind, probably, but was it wise? He would be spent for decades, utterly incoherent and powerless. And who would guarantee that Potter won't regain his mind sooner or later? No, better to end this now.

Harry allowed Voldemort to raise Deathstick to his temple. If it takes Voldemort with him, even if it just stops the pain, he was fine with it. Ron and Hermione would figure out the rest. They would have time.

It was two minds, two souls, two wills, two different magic users incanting the same spell, using the same wand, targeting the same body. The difference laid in intent and Old Magicks. The same Old Magicks that governed the selfless sacrifice, love, and wandlore. There was a green flash, and silence.

"You were right, Albus. He knows you have it. He's here, going to take it."

"Not to worry, Severus. The victory in this war won't be achieved by brute force anyway. Now…Severus? What's the matter? Is he summoning you?"

"No, it's…it's gone. Not completely, but…it's barely there! The Mark!"

"The Mark is gone?"

"Look! Like in that cursed Halloween. Did you leave a surprise for Dark Lord?"

"No, I don't believe I did. This is puzzling, Severus. You better investigate."

Harry awoke to quiet mutterings above him. The voice was familiar. The cold ground underneath him wasn't. Did he felt asleep on watch? He felt someone levitating him onto a stretcher, but didn't risk opening his eyes or showing other signs of being awake. There was a whoosh, a ripple of a cloak, and he felt motion. Now he knew who was transporting him – Severus Snape. The realization brought rage with it. He didn't stop to think, he just acted.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Snape died with a surprised expression on his face.

"Oh!" Harry groaned. Both the conjured stretcher and the charm keeping it in the air evaporated with Snape's death. Shakily, he stood up, and only then registered what he done, where he was, and how he came to be here in the first place.

"Goddamit. It worked. It worked! Take that, you old codger!"

March 24th, 1998. After coming to his senses, Harry, armed with the Elder Wand and Gryffindor's sword, marched into Hogwarts. Using the Cloak and the Marauder's map from his moleskin pouch, he tracked down McGonagall, Flitwick and Slughorn and used their help to capture Carrows and raise the wards. Messages are sent to the Order of Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army.

March 25th, 1998. "Potter Watch" announces the second fall of Voldemort. Word comes to Hogwarts that Death Eaters are organizing at the Ministry. The Golden Trio figures out the location of Diadem-horcrux and destroys it. Fifteen Slytherins led by Theodor Nott and Pansy Parkinson break out of Hogwarts, killing Slughorn, Hagrid, Seamus Finnigan and Ginny Weasley in the process. Gringotts closes doors. With Wizarding Britain dividing into two warring armies, nobody gives goblins a second thought.

March 26th, 1998. Students of Hogwarts are demanding justice upon the Slytherins and everyone who welcomed Carrow's regime. It takes Harry personally locking Slytherin common room and standing guard to stop the mob. Plans are drawn to deal with Death Eaters.

April 5th, 1998. Bellatrix Lestrange leads a group of fanatical Death Eaters into an ambush at Little Hangleton's graveyard. Twenty Death Eaters die in a crossfire, including Bellatrix and Rastaban. Ronald Weasley is the only casualty on the Light Side.

April 7th, 1998. Rodolphus Lestrange leads a terror attack on Diagon Alley. Order of Phoenix arrives, and the battle is joined. Fifteen minutes into it, doors of Gringotts are opening, and a horde of goblins proceeds to attack both sides. Casualties on all sides are horrific. Harry uses the opportunity to sneak into the bank and destroy the Hufflepuff's Cup. He escapes the bank on a dragon-back. Charlie Weasley is killed by goblins.

April 15th, 1998. Lucius Malfoy comes to the Hogwart's gates with the head of Rodolphus Lestrange and a way to break into the Ministry building.

May 2nd, 1998. The Final Battle commences. Death Eaters are wiped out, but a dead-man's switch in the wards of DoM makes victory hollow. Only a hundred make it out of collapsing building alive. Neither Bill nor Percy Weasley make it. Nagini is confirmed dead. The Voldemort threat is finally over

May 15th, 1998. Survivors from the Final Battle mount an attack on Gringotts in an attempt to stop the rampaging goblin rebellion. Due to lack of people conventional attack fails. There are less than two hundred able-bodied wand-users left.

May 17th, 1998. For the first time in history, wizards use muggle weapons of mass destruction. PG-mixture is released into the tunnels in large quantities. A day later there are no living beings in the Gringotts' bowels.

September 1st, 1998. There are a total of fifteen first-year students this year. Census shows that there are less than seven thousand wand-users left in Great Britain. Harry Potter invites Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin and Fleur Weasley to join his household in hopes that company may benefit them all. All three accept.

1999. British Wizarding World starts to slowly rebuild. Demographic crisis is the most pressing problem, with Werewolf uprising coming a close second. The meritocracy government is formed, called the Government of Best and Brightest, or simply The Government. 10% of Government budget is allocated to R&D division.

2002. A study led by Penelope Clearwater shows that a muggle woman impregnated by a wizard has a five percent chance of having a magical baby. After a lot of philosophical debates and a nation-wide referendum a Repopulation Encouragement Bill is passed. During a mandatory check-up Harry Potter pronounced completely sterile.

2012. CERN announces a discovery of Higgs Boson. In Britain's Magical world, R&D announces a development of DoorNet, a network of connected doors – a much more comfortable mix between the unreliable Vanishing Cabinets and Floo Network.

2013. Earth's human population reaches 7 billion.

2014. Hogwarts offers vacancies for every course due to dramatic increase of muggleborn students. Some start to say that Harry Potter looks remarkably young for his age.

2016. Hermione Granger develops a system of checks and counter-checks to insure the government stays as meritocracy even centuries down the road. Seven other Wizarding states adopt Repopulation Encouragement Bill.

2020. It is confirmed that Harry Potter has gained some form of immortality due to uniting all three Hallows. He tries to retire from the Government and is forced to remain due to public outcry. Worldwide magical population reaches 7 million and continues to rise. CERN announce a first successful creation of antimatter.

2025. A muggle commercial project Mars One successfully founds first human settlement on Mars.

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