Author's Note: The 365 Project is an experimental multi-fandom project to write and post at least one short every day for the next year, not including my semi-regular bi-weekly updates. For more details, see the relevent section in my profile. This is The 365 Project, 9 May.

In the immortal words of Samuel L. Clemens... "Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot. BY ORDER OF THE AUTHOR."

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"The Web Wing"
By J.T. Magnus, 'Turbo'


"And that's the end of the game for the week, boys and girls," the White House Press Secretary grinned, "The lid is on and burped."

"Peter! Peter!" the reporters called out his name trying to get his attention.

Peter Parker waved a hand, he was lucky since he started out in photojournalism which got him brownie points from the Press Corps since he had been a reporter himself, "Burped, I tell ya."

With that said, Peter walked off the platform and out of the press room. When his assistant approached, his entire demenor seemed to change.

"Where is he, Carol?"

"He's in his office," Carol answered, "Peter..."

"I know, I know," the former-Webslinger raised his hand, "I'll keep my temper and just be the friendly neighborhood Press Secretary everyone's come to know and love.."


The door to the office of the Deputy Communications Director burst open leaving Peter glaring at the occupant, "James Arthur Maddox! I have not been this close to wanting to do permanent harm to someone since the days I was bonded to an alien symbiote!"

The two Multiple Men created by the kinetic force of the original falling backwards in his chair helped him up, glaring at Peter. As soon as his chair was righted, the original shook his head, "Look, Peter, if it's about that quote I gave the Bugle, I-"

"A quote? A quote?" Peter was livid, his face almost the same color as the mask he used to wear, "You think this about a stupid quote? Do you have any idea the question I was asked just a few minutes ago?"

"Is this a bad time?" a voice asked from behind Peter.

"No!" Maddox exclaimed.

"Yes!" Peter snapped before spinning around, and correcting himself, "Uh, I mean, kind of, Mister President."

President Steven Rogers shook his head and spoke in that way that only a genuine hero of the Second World War and an American Icon could get away with and not sound patronising, "Son, whatever it is he did, I'm fairly sure it can't be bad enough to call for that kind of comment."

"With all due respect, Cap," despite Rogers' position as President, the old soldier preferred and insisted on being called Cap by people he knew, including Peter, "The administration doesn't need the kind of bad press that comes with this situation, especially not so soon after the problem with Stark."

"We're all allowed our problems, Peter," Rogers reminded him, "I remember a press secretary whose personal problems with the Mayor of New York made for an interesting campaign two years ago."

"Sure thing, Cap," Peter sighed before turning to shoot Maddox a quick glare - all three of him, "Next time, you come to me. I don't want to find something like this out from the Press Corps again."