Project: Ghost

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Time and year: 1943 16:00 pm location :Nazi Germany, setting: the Americans and the Germans in a massive firefight for a location off in Germany, but we will be taking apart of a American soldier whose name is sergeant miller lets begin

I quickly jump behind cover holding onto my Thompson m1a1 assault rifle against my chest as I dodge machine gun fire near a bunker in the middle of Germany I hear on my communicator "damn it were pinned down out here we need to find a way to get passed that damn machine gun fire" I pick up my radio and say "I may have an idea once the Nazis go to reload we should be able to rush them" the sergeant says "that could work we are ready on your go marine" so I hold onto my radio waiting for the marine gun fire to cease once it does I say "now! Go! Go! GO!" so I jump over the wall and me and 20 others rush the doors of the bunker breaking the doors down and killing every Nazi that's not paying attention and their guards down I then hear someone shout "hey miller over here!" I turn and head over to where he is and he says "we need to check out the basement I heard movement down there" I say "alright you three john, fire, and flash come with me" so I raise my rifle up to myeye and we start heading down the stairs in formation once we get down to the basement I see blood stains on the floor and walls, broken lights, and some dead bodies of German scientist on the ground I say "ignore them keep moving" so we start walking down the hallway of the basement in formation with our rifles still to our eyes.

One of my team members john turn the corner into a room to see a bloody wolf German scientist hanging from a ceiling fan in the lab he says "holy shit…." I come in to the room and look at him and say "what wrongs sergeant?" he says "look" so I look to where he's pointing and see the dead wolf hanging I say "damn what could of done this to him?" john goes speak but is cut off by a loud screeching then two of our group of four shout "AHHHHH!" as they get drug away by what we do not know.

I say "NOO! Fire, flash….. Damn it they were good marines we got to find what killed them" john nods and we once again put our guns back up to our eyes and walk slowly looking into every room as we walk looking for the creature that took our friends until I hear the screech again this time to the right of us and the creature grabs john, he starts screaming I turn and start firing in the direction he got pulled but to no avail, I pick up my radio and say "sergeant miller requesting roll call" all I hear from the radio is static and silence I say "damn it looks I'm alone on this one" I go to walk but I hear the screeching again behind me, I quickly turn around to be impaled and sent into a wall by a piece if concrete that was thrown at me.

I scream out in my pain and ears stand straight up as I struggle in pain to try and pull the concrete out of my chest but it doesn't budge, I then see what looks like a mutant wolf missing part of his skin and fur it jumps at me with a tongue like a snakes and teeth as looking like a sharks and sharp as a sharks teeth and its snout opens up like a venous fly trap when it screeches at me I shout "help!" I keep trying to get the concrete out of my body as the mutant wolf keeps getting closer to me and I can feel my life draining I then hear the second group of marines that have entered the building shout "it came from down here quickly double time!".

I don't take my eyes off the creature but I give up on getting the concrete out of me and start accept death until I see the marines and they unleash a hell storm of bullets on the creature killing it the marine charge says "quickly help this man" but as they try to free me I bleed out and lay limp dead against the wall but the virus was detained….. So we thought.

(TO the present day with rebel wolf gang member humphrey "ghost" in the year 2035 92 years after the virus was detained… Location: an abandoned factory east side of Los Angeles) I continue punching as hard as I can at the punching bag until I hear my step brother viper (A.K.A. Michael) says "alright ghost enough training for today.

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