I apologize for typos, misspellings, grammar, etc. I'm typing this directly on fanfic cuz ima lazy jackwad,

"KAITO!" Aoko shouted after her childhood friend, who was now being driven away in his favorite car. "Ugh," She stood in the street where the vehicle had just been. Just as she turned to storm off there was a glint in the corner of her eye. She picked it up and held the small shiny object to the light.

"What is this thing?" She marveled aloud. It was a round ring of shimmering metal with glass in the middle that was nearly shattered (No doubt from falling out of the car). There was a thin string that dangled from the object, suspending a small charm with a picture of a clover on it. "Did Kaito drop this?" She couldn't help but wonder.

"Is this... A monocle?" She shook her head in amazement. "The things this boy keeps will never cease to amaze me, But it looks familiar, like something you'd expect to find on tv or something..."

Had there been anyone around they would've heard the clicking and whirring of gears in her head.