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She turned Cas and signalled to all her friends, who had wide eyes and open mouths. She was afraid she broke them again, "This is Castiel or more lovingly known as Cas. He is Dean's boyfriend and has oh so willingly came to check up on me and heal me apparently; scars and all."

"What the hell is he?" Roy asked, he truly was asking the right questions tonight while everyone else freaked out.

Cas stood tall and proud at being addressed, "I am an angel of the Lord."




Chapter 5: Family




It had been eight months since she had arrived at Ellen's. Eight months since she had become part of a different way of living. At Ellen's she learned that her father was a hunter of things strange and what she thought were tales and fables her mom told her to scare her into doing her chores and brushing her teeth, were actually true. She had also learned that her mother had disappeared into the wood work looking for her father to only be found in a vampire den in Las Vegas. Her mother was gone and she was in fact alone.

Even though Ellen took her back to her home after stopping by Bobby's and meeting the Winchesters, she feared that Ellen would let her go. Or even worse, send her to social services where she could ride the foster care train. But Ellen kept her. She called a friend who was tech savvy and then in no time she was in the custody of Ellen Harvelle. A long lost relative who had graciously taken in her family when Felicity's mother had died.

In her time at Ellen's she had returned to school. She was now on a more regular cycle even though she lived near and dear to a hunters stop in their journey to destroy all things evil. She had also gained a best friend in the form of Jo. A sister that she never knew or thought she could have. And she had grown a mother/daughter bond with Ellen. She wasn't Ellen's biological daughter but she treated her as such. Held her when she had nightmares, helped her with her homework and taught her how to shoot a firearm.

It was during the beginning of her first spring there when Ellen took her aside and spoke to her alone. She wasn't afraid that Ellen would send her away but she was afraid at what Ellen wanted to talk to her about without Jo by her side. Felicity was a good girl; did her chores, followed directions. She wanted to make sure that Ellen knew she was grateful. So Ellen pulling her aside while she was playing with Jo threw her off.

She tucked her hands under her dress as she sat on the bean bag Ellen got her for the room she shared with Jo. Ellen crouched in front of her and smiled, "You look nice in green, honey."

"Thank you," she answered in a small voice.

"Now I wanted to talk to you about something I've noticed. You're really good with computers. Like really really good with computers and all sorts of electronic devices. Your eyes light up when a hunter comes around with the latest gadget or phone. Now the friend that helped me keep you is really good with gadgets and what not. He's really good with computers too. We were thinking that maybe he could teach you what he knows."

Panic flooded through Felicity. She didn't think she would feel this again, "Are you sending me away?"

Ellen's eyes widened and she cupped Felicity's face, "No, I'm never sending you away. You're my girl. You're place is here with me and Jo. My friend, Ash, was thinking about coming here. I think your interest in computers and whatnot is something worth investing in. Ash thinks so too. Would that be ok?"

Felicity didn't know she could move so fast. In the blink of an eye she was up and hugging Ellen, "Yes! When is he coming? Is he going to give me a computer? Can I play on it? Can he teach me code?"

Ellen let out a laugh, "Yes to all. I'll give him a call then. He's excited to meet you. Says he'll teach you everything he knows if you're willing."

Felicity's excitement grew. She was oh so willing, "Yes! Wow. Computer. Can I go tell Jo? We can play together on it!"

"Go on then," Ellen set Felicity down, and in her excitement she grabbed the woman's hand and pulled her towards Jo. She couldn't wait to tell her. Someone was coming, and they would give her a computer and teach her things about gadgets and electronics that honestly spoke to her like no other.

When Ash arrived the following week he taught her everything he knew and more.




*Back at Felicity's Apartment*




"An angel of the The Lord?" Oliver asked with wide eyes, "An angel? Should we just expect anything and everything from now on?"

Felicity tapped her fingers together and gave him a tight smile, "If I say yes will you not ask me about the anything and everything until a later time?"

Oliver's shoulders slumped in defeat but he still kept his eyes on Castiel, "Chalk it up to one of those things that we'll talk about later?"

Felicity let out a sigh, the mountain of things that she had to talk about with Oliver kept on growing and growing, "Without a doubt."

"Can you answer me one thing?"

She gave a nod, "Ok. What is it?"

"How did you end up meeting an angel?"

"Well it's an interesting story," Felicity began. She had no idea how to start. How could she explain to Oliver that she had met Castiel while trying to stop the apocalypse. When she really thought about it that was the simplest answer. She should go with that, "I met Castiel while trying to stop the apocalypse."

When they opened their mouths to speak up once more she held her hands up, "One thing at a time. This right here," she put a hand on Castiel's shoulder, "is Castiel. He is an angel of the Lord who I met while trying to stop the apocalypse. Say hi Castiel."

In a deep voice that made something akin to lust emerge in Sara's eyes, which she was not going to touch with a ten foot pole, he said, "Hi, I am Castiel."

Damn that man and his sexy voice. Even then…she preferred Oliver's, "Now I know you want to ask more questions. Especially you Roy. You've been extra on point with the questions."

Roy gave a shrug, "Watched a lot of monster and fantasy movies when I was little. I haven't been so interested in something since Mirakuru."

"Fair enough. Now any and all questions will have to wait until after we've dealt with the problem on hand."

Oliver seemed to tense up all over again, "The werewolves."

"Yes. The werewolves," Felicity confirmed.

Castiel turned to look at her, "Have any others appeared since your call with Sam?"

Felicity gave him an exasperated look. It had been five minutes at most since she talked with Sam. But over protective Castiel was the best Castiel so she'd let it slide, "No. Team Arrow is here as you can see. This is Roy, Sara, Diggle and the one with the perpetual grouchy cat face is Oliver Queen."

They all gave a wave as Oliver asked, "How did you appear all of a sudden?"

Felicity gave him a look, "I thought you agreed to no more questions?"

"I did. I just want to know if we should be expecting any more of…" Oliver paused and mulled over his next set of words before saying, "your angel friends."

She couldn't hide her cringe, "He's my only angel friend. Other angels aren't like Castiel."

Castiel gave Felicity a smile, taking it as a compliment, "Thank you. And I'm afraid I can not bring any others. Powers…have never been the same."

Felicity tugged him towards the couch, "Castiel used to be able to hop around with people like he appeared here but things have changed. He's changed. Still the same awesome Castiel but different."

Once settled in the love seat she was previously sitting in Castiel said, "That reminds me. Dean and Sam have instructed me to tell you that they are on their way. Should be here in about 5 hours."

Felicity nodded, "Good, good. The gangs all going to be together. That'll be fun. So let's get back on track."

Everyone settled again in their seats and Felicity sat on the love seat's armrest. She noted that Oliver sat in the chair closest to her on her right.

"Now where were we?" she asked, "Before silent but charming popped up?"

Oliver held up his hand and started counting fingers, "Supernatural is real, you protect us from demons with talismans in our clothes, you…want us to get a tattoo like the one on your hip, and when you headed out to MIT you put the supernatural on the back-burner. Well until the Atlantic City pack happened."

Felicity nodded, "Sounds about good. Well after Sam called in for backup and their infrastructure was gone I left the scene. There wasn't much that I could do on the fighting front back in those days…before coming to Starling City. Before meeting you."

She had looked up at Oliver at the end, giving him a small grin. It had all been different before she had joined Oliver. But in some ways it was the same. Saving people, hunting things (or Mirakuru driven crazies, except Roy), the 'family' business. Even though the guys had been upset at first to find out she went into hiding in the West coast to only land in 'vigilante/hero' land, she knew that a part of them were proud that she was keeping the fight going. She was still helping people, it just happened now behind a huge and beautiful set of processors and endless gadgets.

Oliver ran his hands down his pants and stated in a gravelly voice, "Some of the werewolves got away when Sam called for backup to take the pack down. And the Atlantic City Pack are after you now. That's it isn't it?"

"Yes. A part of the pack had apparently escaped and Sam and Dean had never found them. And…" Felicity stopped for a second, remembering meeting all the werewolves. They had been normal, charming even. And then Sam and herself had found out what they were doing while undercover in Atlantic City. These normal, charming even, werewolves had done so much harm to those women, and now they were after her.

"Felicity?" Oliver called out to her in 'that' voice.

Her head shot up and she looked around the room before landing on Oliver, "Sorry. Did I blank out? I probably did blank out."

Oliver gave a breathy laugh, most likely amused by the fact that even when things got tough she was still the same Felicity, "Yeah. You 'blanked out' for a bit."

Felicity sat up and continued hesitantly, "Sorry. Let's get back on track. After a part of the pack escaped and Sam's backup took care of the scam they were pulling with the women there, I returned to our hotel room to find it trashed."

Oliver recognised that she was holding something back, "And what else?"

She blurted everything out before she could stop herself, "My bag was torn open and all my things were gone. They messed up Sam and Dean's things but my stuff…all gone. It's a scenting technique, like they do with dogs. They took my things to have my scent. After that I freaked, Sam & Dean freaked. Hell, even Castiel freaked."

Castiel gave a hum in affirmation, "They had her scent. She is important. We moved her to the West Coast to keep her safe."

"Thank you Cas," she gave him a warm smile. Talk about compliments, biggest ones coming from an angel, "Since Sam and I used fake ID's when we went undercover in AC all they had was my scent. That's why I moved to the West Coast as soon as possible. Can't really track a scent on land if it's taken a plane across the country. I guess they've been looking for me for years. My…my scent led them here." She couldn't help but feel dirty that they had sniffed her out after so many years because of what'd they'd stolen from her room.

"They won't get you," Oliver promised.

A yawn caught her by surprise and suddenly she felt so damn tired. Rubbing her hands over her knees she fought the sleep and fear of the day, "I know. I trust you."

He gave her a reassuring smile, "Then we'll be ok. It's late and you're tired Felicity. How about you take a shower and rest for a couple hours?"

A part of her couldn't deny the fact that sleep sounded great right now. But another part of her couldn't let her friends deal with this alone. They were a team but this was her world. Until Sam and Dean arrived she was the expert. But as soon as she opened her mouth Diggle jumped in.

"Backup is coming and we need you in good shape. Wash up and get some sleep."

"Yeah and unless you want Roy to touch any of your equipment we need you to be in good shape," Sara mused with a grin towards Roy. He gave her an affronted look and crossed him arms without saying anything.

"You guys will keep standard perimeter watch?" she asked. She was now dying for a shower and a nap but she had to make sure they were safe.

Oliver got up and took the small couch pillow she didn't even realise she was gripping from her. Helping her to her feet he told her, "Of course. No one wants you to use your 'loud voice.'"

Felicity laughed, "Damn straight."




After a thorough and warm shower she had changed into the most comfortable clothes she could find, which ended up being pajama pants and what was most likely Oliver's dress shirt. He would come over often enough where some of his things were in the guest bedroom and his shirts would end up in her laundry.

She was on the hunt for her fuzzy socks when a knock came from her door. Without looking up from her drawer she yelled out, "Come in."

The door opened behind her and a voice spoke up in a bemused tone, "Looking for these?"

She turned around and caught sight of Oliver dangling her favorite purple socks from his fingers, "You found them!"

He gave a laugh at her enthusiasm. Meeting her halfway she snatched those puppies from Oliver and pounced on her bed. She slipped them on with a soft moan. They were warm. She loved those damn socks and Oliver knew it.

"Did you throw them in the dryer?" she asked. Oliver gave her a nod, "You're a god among men Oliver."

He gave her a fond look at the praise as she threw the covers back and crawled into bed. When she was settled she looked up at Oliver. She had no cuts, bruises, or aches but she was tired. She flattened the blanket against her stomach nervously, "Can you stay?"

"Sure," he said as he toed off his shoes. This wasn't the first time they had shared a bed, platonically of course. Often enough Oliver would take Felicity back to her place after a mission and end up staying watching movies, eating, and when missions got extra hard they even ended up sharing a bed to ward off the inevitable nightmares. The comfort was real between them during those troubled nights. They trusted each other and neither had spoken up about the fact that the best sleep they got was when next to each other.

And right now she needed him, "Thank you."

"Be right back," Oliver told her as he walked out of the room and into the guest bedroom. In no time he was back in the room changed into a tshirt and sweatpants. He left the door slightly open before turning off the light. She could see his dark form cross the room and slide into bed. He settled about a foot from her.

"You sure you don't want me to look for any records? Financial? Hotels?" Felicity asked in the dark.

Oliver shook his head, "No, from what you've told me you destroyed their infrastructure and backup couldn't find them. They're not going to use the same tactics as before."

"Probably holding up in an empty warehouse, using fake ID's and credit cards in areas with no cameras or established police presence," Felicity thought absentmindedly. When she got no response from Oliver she turned her head to look at him.

If it wasn't for the slightly open doorway she wouldn't have been able to see how his eyes were trained on her in wonder, "Look at you."

"Look at me what?"

"All grown up," he teased, "You won't need the Green Arrow much longer."

Felicity hit him with a spare pillow, which he grabbed and tucked under his head, "Shut up."

She could feel Oliver lift his feet to allow the blankets to fall under them before letting them rest back on the bed, "But seriously, you're doing remarkably well. Proud of you."

She felt her cheeks flush. Praise from Oliver always did that to her, "Thanks for remarking."

The room fell into a comfortable silence. Sleep was weighing down on her but at the moment she felt that she owed Oliver so much. Without turning to look at him she started.

"When I was little I knew when we arrived at the Roadhouse that something was different. My mom went out to the truck to get a photo to ask about my dad and never came back. She…she didn't want me. The only reason why she even stood me is because my father Hank, liked me. Maybe in some way he loved me. But never enough. Never enough for him to stay."

She felt Oliver slip his hand into hers. She gripped it before continuing, silently thanking him for the support.

"But Ellen, Jo, Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ash wanted me. They became my family. They allowed me to…well become me. Become more vibrant…colourful. And it hurt the first time I walked away from the supernatural to have a life without it, to go to MIT without any worries. It hurt leaving them, my family. And it hurt even more when I lost part of my family," she felt tears cloud her vision, Oliver's thumb began to run over her knuckles.

"Ellen, Jo and Ash died after I walked away that first time and went to MIT. After that I swore I would be there when my family needed me no matter what. No more walking away. So when Sam asked me to help I came and I helped. I helped destroy the AC pack, and I walked away from the supernatural for the second time for my own protection. It was then that I ended up realising something. The supernatural never really leaves you. And all of this is proof enough. The supernatural is here again and after my family."

Her breath hitched and she bit her lip. She needed to finally voice the fear that she had always had since she met Oliver & the gang all those years ago. A fear that was now at their doorstep, "They're here to hurt me…to hurt you. I can't see you hurt because of something that I did."

Felicity felt Oliver tug her hand, "Felicity, look at me."

Turning her head she took in her best friend. His brow was furrowed and face was closer, "I've told you before. When it comes to you there is no choice. We will protect you. I will protect you. We're your family. Felicity…you're my family."

His confession made her let out a wobbly sigh of relief. For as long as they had known each other, he had never told her that. Sure she knew that they were family. She had felt it. But they had never said the words to each other; it just never seemed like the right time. Turning her hand she laced her fingers through his and allowed herself to relax.

Oliver tapped his thumb on her hand, "Now go to sleep. Everything's going to be alright."

Feeling her breathing settle down she felt sleep tug at her, "Promise?"

When Oliver closed his eyes she followed, "Promise."




She had been curled up on her bed with Oliver's hand still in hers when 'Heat of the Moment' by Asia interrupted her slumber and jolted her awake. Oliver woke up as well, his hand coming to grip hers tightly as he looked around the room for the source of the disturbance.

Felicity pulled her other hand over to caress the one in Oliver's, "Shshhhh, it's only my phone. It's ok. Lay back down."

She almost laughed at the sleepy analysing look he gave her as his face plopped back down into his pillow.

"Phone," he reminded her.

She jumped in her spot and turned around to grab the phone on the nightstand with Oliver's hand still in hers, "Ohhh phone." She looked down at the ID and smiled. Hitting answer she held up the phone to her ear, "Hi."

"Hi. Sorry if I woke you up. We're here," Sam announced, "I'll park out front?"

"No. Park down in the underground parking lot," she said quietly. Every second that passed brought her two worlds closer to clashing together. She was ridiculously nervous and curious to see how it would actually go down, "Do you still have the pass I sent you?"

"Yeah we do," Sam said as he directed Dean to park in the underground parking lot, "See you in a bit."

"Sounds good. See you when you get up."

Hanging up she placed the phone back on the nightstand and laid down once more. When she turned to Oliver his eyes were open and on hers. Well one eye. His face was practically buried in the pillow, "They're here?"

"Yup. They should be up in the next 10 minutes or so. You ready to meet my…well my best friends."

Oliver gave a playful offended noise and then said in a gravelly sleep voice, "I thought I was your best friend."

She let her eyes go wide and gave him a teasing smile, "Oh Oliver. That's Diggle."

"What?! Diggle doesn't bring you ice cream after a bad day."

She paused in her teasing and looked at him with warmth in her gaze, "You do."

"Diggle also doesn't rub your feet after a bad day," Oliver mumble/explained into the pillow.

Felicity pointed at Oliver, "That was once. And if you remember I rubbed your feet too because apparently those boots you run around in aren't as comfortable as you made us believe. I'm never ordering those again."

Oliver tugged at her hand to bring her a bit closer, "Diggle doesn't watch Battlestar Galactica with you."

Felicity laughed and finally gave in, "You're right. You're my best friend. Diggle can't compete."

"Knew it. Wait until I tell Diggle."

Felicity loved the playful banter between them that had only increased throughout the years. And when he was sleepy like this it doubled, "But seriously Oliver. Sam and Dean have known me since I was seven and I…I just want to make sure that you're ready."

"I'm ready. You told me that these people can keep you safe. That they're your family. That they were practically the experts on this. I'm ready to know more about you. And if they're part of you then I'm set," he replied sincerely.

If it wasn't that Sam and Dean were on their way up she'd hug the living daylights out of Oliver. Things had been crazy for the last couple hours. On top of that she had been terrified of bringing her two words together. And here Oliver was assuring that it would be ok, that he wanted to part of this. It was exactly what she needed.

They were interrupted by a series of knocks that she would know anywhere. Without a second thought she popped out of bed with Oliver hot on her heels. When she reached the front room she walked to the door and threw it open. On the other side stood a tall man with long brown hair and cheekbones that could cut glass. The man that stood next to him was shorter in comparison and had short light brown hair with the same glass cutting cheekbones. To the trained eye these two screamed hunter with their jeans, plaid, and brown heavy jackets.

She missed the uncomfortable look Oliver sported as she flew forward and hugged the tall moose, as Crowley oh so lovingly called him. Sam crouched down a little and met her halfway with a smile on his face, "Sam!"

She could feel her feet leave the ground as he stood to his full height. She had missed him. And by the way that he held her, arms around her body and fingers digging into her sides, he had missed her too.

He walked her backwards and into the room. Tucking her face into his neck she hid from the confused looks her friends were probably giving them. A 'you go girl' look from Sara and Roy. A 'brother going to kill' look from Diggle. And a sort of 'annoyed but trying to hide it' look from Oliver. She had all the looks down packed except for the last one. She hadn't figured out what it exactly meant except that he cared for her. Maybe a little more than he was willing to admit. He was her best friend after all for a reason.

"Alright Sammy. Let Short-stack go. You're hogging her as usual," a voice called out behind Sam.

Felicity felt a huff of laughter against her hair. Even after all these years Dean still called Sam that. He set her on her feet and pulled away from her. Dean came up to her with a grin, "Hi Short-stack."

She returned the grin, "Hi Dean."

Stepping forward he gave her a sort of half hug before kissing her forehead, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm ok," she said in a reassuring tone, "Cas fixed me up. Well just fixed up the cut I got on my forehead. Nothing else."

"Good. Heard you took two werewolves down by yourself?" his eyes lit up as he spoke, most likely remembering having taught her a thing or two about werewolf lore.

"I did. Shotgun and knife," she said proudly. It was odd bragging about killing werewolves but it wasn't about that. It was about being proud that she could defend herself.

"Atta girl," he said with a proud smile. He looked over at the room, scoping out the entrances and exits while completely looking over Oliver & the gang who were a couple feet near by, "How they treating you Short-stack?"

Felicity tilted her head and gave Dean an agitated look. It seemed her nickname had stuck over the years as well, "Not short anymore."

He gave a bark of laughter, "Well not in those heels you always wear."

"Felicity," Oliver interrupted as he closed the front door and stood with his head held high and stance wide. She was pretty sure that Oliver was trying to look extra tough for Sam and Dean, who now sported the same stance as they took Oliver in.

'This is going to fun,' she thought sarcastically.

Turning to be able to look at the three men she made introductions, "Oliver this is Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam and Dean this is Oliver Queen."




The man let out a sneer as he saw the two men pull up. He was across the street from the wrenched woman's home, in an apartment right across from hers. Quite frankly he was ready to tear her pretty throat open, group of friends or not, just like the couple who's apartment he was in now. Then 'they' had pulled up. Fuck, the Winchesters getting there so quickly had been something he hadn't anticipated.

Pressing his blood-streaked face against the window, he closed his eyes and let his nostrils flare. He could practically smell her over there. She had changed the way she dressed, acted, even her damn hair colour. And even though she had moved from the East…he had found her, finally.

Letting out a shaky breath he thought over the fact that Adam and Thomas hadn't picked up their phones in hours. She had probably taken care of them too, that little bitch. He nuzzled his face into the glass, smearing blood across it. He wanted to taste her flesh, smear the blood over her pale skin. He would take care of her just like she took care of him and his pack.

There were only a handful of them left now. Two of his werewolf brothers had already fallen and five were left. But that would be enough to take her down. Pulling out his phone he called the others. The phone picked up almost immediately.

"Lucas did you find her?" the person on the other line asked.

Tapping his clawed fingers against the glass he followed the shadows across her windows, "Oh yeah I found her."

"What do you want us to do?"

Lucas turned around and looked over at the two dead bodies behind him. Giving a sneer he turned to the window and traced a heart in the couple's blood, "Bring her clothes. I'm going to leave her a present."




End of Chapter 5




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