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"Do the words frost giant mean nothing to you?!" Loki shouted as soon as Thor showed up from their disastrous attempt at Hawaii. It had started out nicely enough. The place had been full of beautiful vegetation, plant life, and animals. Even the beaches had been pleasant...from a distance. Thor had wanted to go for a swim, and had somehow managed to convince him to come into the beach area. Unfortunately, it had become terribly hot for him rather quickly. He had teleported home when his skin started to feel like it was starting to burn. Loki had always had heat sensitive skin but the beach area with its white sands seemed to make it that much more unbearable.

"I'm sorry Loki. We've been to beaches before," he said sorrowfully and Loki sighed because he knew that Thor hadn't done it on purpose to hurt him. It could be something specific to the earth, or that beach in particular that had affected him so badly. But it was hard not to be irritated when his skin was still healing and he was still covered in sunburns... or maybe it was the sun's alignment with their planet. But it didn't matter. He wondered briefly if he changed to his frost giant skin if that would cool the burn or make it that much more unbearable. He didn't want to risk it and instead laid face down on the nearest couch.

"Is there anything you need?" he heard his brother ask.

"It's fine Thor. It will be healed within the hour," Loki said, even if it would likely be painful until then.

"I can get a Midgardian medicine, that may help it feel better." Thor offered and after a moment of consideration he nodded his acquiescence. After all, even if Midgardian medicine didn't help him, it wasn't likely to make the burn worse. He hissed sharply as he felt a hand on his burning back, his back went rigid in pain...only the pain lessened after a few moments as something wet was rubbed into his back.

"What is this?" he asked as he couldn't see it and could only feel it.

"It's something the Midgardians call Aloe Vera. It is helpful with healing especially in the case of sunburns," He continue on though he said this with a tinge of regret.

"There is also something called sunblock but I did not think that you would need it," he said regretfully. Loki did his best to bite back his irritation that this pain may have been avoided and concentrated on the soothing feeling that was coming from the liquid being rubbed into his back. Soon the pain was much more bearable and was more of a dull pain rather than a searing one. He put his hand up to let Thor know he could stop. The hand moved away and he could see his brother again. Thor looked quite sorrowful still.

"Look, Thor, I know you didn't mean for this to happen and soon it will all be healed." Thor nodded but didn't look any happier.

"Oh my god what the hell is wrong with his back!" Loki's eyes darted to Stark who was looking at his back in horror. Exactly how burned was it? He had never seen it, only felt it. Loki resisted the urge to try to look at it knowing doing so would only cause his back to twist increasing the pain.

"I'm a frost giant. I must have had a reaction to either your earth's sun directly on my back or there was something about that particular beach that was hostile to my DNA." He hated being in this position. If the man was poised to attack him, his back was exposed and already injured making him incredibly easy prey for the man. He would just have to trust Thor to protect him. He didn't like having to rely even on Thor for his physical safety, particularly from a Midgardian. Stark's eyes were still wide and focused on his back. He wanted to see it but that would require moving. Loki could touch it but he could only cringe at the pain that would bring. Only lying here motionless was keeping the pain at a bearable level. He closed his eyes and let the magic he normally kept in reserve even when he was in need of healing out and let it aid his natural healing that much more.

"Wow you are healing fast," Stark said as he gazed intently at his back. Loki looked to Thor for an explanation.

"You're back looked like you had been in a fire. It was severely burned. The scars are dissipating," Thor explained what was going on visually with his back.

"Yeah, but there's still a ton there," Stark said helpfully. Loki looked up at that. Why was Stark being helpful? Why was he even still there at all? He decided to look not a gift horse, even if it was likely a temporary gift horse in the mouth.

"Is there anything else that would soothe you?" His brother asked.

"The Casket," he said even though he knew that was impossible. With the casket, it would all go away. He had given his casket back to his brothers a long time ago and there was no way that this Asgard would let him access it, especially for something as minor as a sunburn. As bad as it was it would heal soon. Thor didn't respond which is when he remembered all the damage his other self had done with the casket. Fantastic, he couldn't seem to help stepping into those kind of mines.

"Water," he amended. He heard Thor scurry away to get him some….leaving him alone with Stark. That had not been what he had been intending. He lifted up his eyes to focus them on Stark. Was Stark going to attack him now that he was alone and vulnerable? If he had to, he could fight as he was, but it would be terribly painful. Stark though wasn't moving towards him just seemed to be looking at him.. and was that sympathy he saw in his gaze as Stark looked down at his back. That couldn't be true. Stark loathed him and wouldn't' listen to him anytime he had tried to tell him that he was not the man that he hated.

He watched the Midgardian warily until Thor came back into the room with a glass of water with a red and white straw in it. Loki lifted out a hand and Thor handed it to him. He liked straws. He had come across them on his first day in Midgard and had only grown fond of them the more he used them. He was going to take straws back to Asgard too. At the moment though straws meant that he could sip from the cup without sitting up and subjecting himself to unnecessary pain. The heat had also caused him slight dehydration but everything had happened so fast that the burns on his back had been the more urgent matter. The water felt soothing to his mouth and he drank the whole tall glass easily giving it back to Thor when he finished it all.

"Would you like more?" Loki nodded an affirmative then winced as it pulled slightly on his still sensitive skin. Thor left the room again leaving him once again alone and exposed, but Stark had not attacked him like the last time, neither physically or verbally... so perhaps he would extend him the kindness again? Stark was still looking at him, in particular, his back with a fascination that felt odd.

"How the hell do you heal so fast?" he said. Oh, so he was fascinated by his healing. At least now he felt less out of the water than he had before trying to figure out Stark's interest and why he hadn't left yet.

"Physiology. Aesir and Jotnar, both heal at an accelerated rate compared to Midgardians that has to do with the fact that our metabolisms work faster than a normal Midgardians. Which is why we must eat more than Midgardians. It is also why we are denser and things take more force to pierce our skin." Loki paused and wondered if he should have told that to Stark who could possibly use that against him in the future. It seemed like a moronic idea in hindsight, then again Stark wasn't attacking him, now... but that was perhaps only because he knew that Thor was in the other room. That Thor would be back at any moment and wouldn't react well if Stark tried to do away with him.

He hissed as something cold was put on his back without warning and his eyes narrowed into slits- only to relax a bit as he felt the cooling relief.

"We may not have the Casket of Ancient Winters but we do have ice," Thor said happily. It was only because the cooling sensation was so heavenly that Loki did not respond and tell him that he could have used some warning.

After a few minutes, he heard Stark say.

"I'm guessing that being a frost giant means you don't have have to worry about giving it rest?" He looked at Thor who was looking at his back.

"What is it? What going on?" Loki asked but still didn't want to twist his back to see himself.

"Your back is turning slowly blue and it seems to be accelerating the healing process. " He looked over his shoulder as much as he could without arching his back but it was still the same color, then again Thor had specified that it was slowly turning color and it might take a little longer before he could see the effects on it. However, if what Thor was saying was true then there was the only course of action.

"Thor, get more ice." He heard hurried footsteps and he looked up to see Tony still looking at his looked at his shoulder again and saw the blue slowly creeping down his shoulder. In the beginning, his transformation had bothered him but now less fact. He focused and let the blue wash around his body slowly. He opened his eyes to see the blue creeping down his arms and stomach.

"Well then it was rather unnecessary for me to get this then," his brother said slightly irritated as he put a bag of ice down on the nearest piece of furniture. The Trickster moved his body slightly towards his brother to see how much pain he was still in and found a dull ache when he moved but it was much better than the searing pain before.

"I suppose so," he said before looking down at his now completely blue body, well except for his eyes but he couldn't see his own eyes without looking in some sort of reflective surface.

"So….what is this? How…" Tony left the question hanging. Loki looked back and remembered that Tony had seen this form before granted it had been during quite a turbulent time as The Hulk had been there. It was much less turbulent now.

Loki frowned as he looked at the man who seemed to be very focused on the color of his skin. Granted a quick look at his brother showed that he too was concentrated on his blue form. Thor was not quite used to his Jotun form even if he had been exposed to it a few times since his visit had commenced. Stark was a Midgardian and probably hadn't seen much in the way of life that looked vastly different from himself...other than The Chitauri he supposed. Still, he would have assumed that Thor would have told them what he was they were his friends. He looked to Thor and flicked his eyes back to Stark questioningly. In response, Thor's eyes dropped down to the floor.

"I told them of your adoption, I never told them that…" he trailed off. His blood spiked and he was suddenly full of anger. He clenched his fists and shouted.

"That what! I'm a Jotun!" He barked then took in a long calming breath. He knew being a Jotun used to be a difficult subject for him. He used to deny it even after Thor had embraced it. They had been raised to hate the Jotuns. Parents told tales of them at night. It was likely his other self felt the same way. It was likely that Thor was trying to protect him even if the Midgardian probably had no idea what frost giants were anymore. His brother likely hadn't meant to harm anyone, Thor rarely did, even before he had changed his insults had been unintentional, just Thor being dense and rather unthinking rather than said with any true malice.

"I'm sorry," Thor said apologetically voice filled with shame and regret. Loki sighed, it was nearly impossible to be angry at him like this.

"It's alright Thor," he said tiredly no longer wanting to argue about it. He sat down on the couch that he had previously been lying on and looked out the window. The view still amazed him slightly and he had been there for nearly a week at this point and seen many fantastical things. The sightseeing would ebb off if the meeting tomorrow went well and most of their attention would be focused on his counterpart. Another reason he didn't want to keep arguing with Thor. He tried to relax back into the couch but the muscles in his back wouldn't relax and everything else was still a bit too rigid as well.

"I'm sorry," he heard his brother smaller and more pitiful than his usual boisterous voice tell him again before he heard footsteps going away. He couldn't figure out how to feel as moments after his brother had left the room his back started to relax again, making some of the pain go away.

"Do you need anything?" Well- except he suddenly remembered that Stark was in the room when his voice hesitantly came out. Loki frowned into the couch as the frown stayed as he lifted up his head. Stark looked painfully awkwardly at him, and silence hung in the air between them as Loki tried to figure out why the Midgardian was looking at him like that. He didn't look angry, just anxious and unsure of himself. Why would the man who hated him ask if he needed anything? It didn't make any sense. After a long moment of more of the uncomfortable silence the Midgardian sighed.

"Look I know I've been kind of asshole ever since you've shown up, but you gotta understand I...thought you tried to kill me, and rule my planet. Plus destroyed my whole damn tower." Loki opened his mouth to argue yet again, when he realized what Stark had actually said. Thought, he had said thought.

"And now?" he said slowly and with the least amount of emotion he could.

"And now...there might be a slight possibility that you're not the lying psychopath I thought you were." the man said with a shrug. Loki eyed the man doubtfully as he straightened his back slightly so he could get a better look at his face as he was slightly off to the side. The man rolled his eyes but moved closer to him so he could see him without straining his back. He appeared more defiant, though.

"I'm not saying it again," he said adamantly crossed his arms. Loki nodded after a minute, even as his mind raced to try to comprehend this sudden change in the Midgardian. Before he could fully wrap his mind around it Stark asked.

"So we're done with this?" Loki blinked, after a moment's consideration he replied.

"I believe so."

"Cool. Now that we're friends and all there some things I got to pick your brain about since you're the second alien I've ever really met and I have a feeling you might know the answers better than your brother," Loki's eyes widened slightly at the abrupt change of subject and the nonchalance behind it but again acquiesced.

Thor was sure now that he had given his brother sufficient time to cool down now and was making his back to him. However, when he got to the room his brother had been lying down in he came upon an unoccupied couch. Fear gripped him tightly clawing its way through his insides. Where was his brother? Why he not where he left him?

He tried to calm himself down, after all, it had been hours since he had last seen him. Perhaps he had simply retired to his bedroom. It would, after all, be a more comfortable resting place if there was still healing to be had. He made his way speedily to his brother's temporary room in the tower, only to find that too empty. That's when the fear increased thrice fold.

"Loki! Loki!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He can't have lost his brother. He had only had him back for a little more than a week. He was still supposed to have another week with him before he would leave. There was still supposed to be time. Who would do this? Tony? He remembered something before he could work himself up too far.

"Jarvis, where is my brother?

"He's in sir's lab," the AI voice told him. Thor frowned, what was his brother doing in Tony's lab? Was Tony running experiments on him? He didn't want to think so, he had always assumed that while Tony may not believe or like his brother that he had respected and liked Thor well enough to endure his presence for a short time in his tower. Especially since the both of the had been gone most of the day since they had gotten there. He tried to clamp own on the anxiety and anger rising in him at the thought as he stalked up to Tony's lab. He stopped before the door and took tried to take a deep calming breath but aborted it quickly and walked through the door.

Neither Loki or Tony seemed to notice his presence. What was even more startling was that not only was Loki held captive he seemed to deep in conversation with Stark as they looked down at something. Their tone seemed mostly amicable though also more than a bit sarcastic.

"You do remember I grew up in Asgard correct?"

"How could I forget, when you've brought it up a dozen times since we've come up here," Tony snarked right back.

One the one hand he was relieved his brother wasn't being subjected to experiments and that Tony hadn't betrayed him. On the other, he was at the loss with what to do with the scene in front of him. It appeared that Tony and Loki...were actually getting along. He hadn't expected that. At one point he probably believed he had wanted it but seeing it in front of him...that was different. He felt something pass over him that he couldn't put words to. Loki was his brother. HIS brother and he only had about one more week with him before he went away. His brother was spending what little time they had getting to know and joking around with Stark rather than himself, which for some reason did not sit well with him. Thor found himself withdrawing from the room and turning away to try to understand and overcome the feelings.

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