Smallville, Kansas


"Oh my god Jonathan! Wake up! I think it's an earthquake!" Martha was terrified, she wasn't exactly sure if it was an earthquake or not. "Jonathan!"

She hadn't exactly experienced one before, but the entire house was shaking. She reached for the lamp by the bedside but it and the table had shaken away from the bed eventually crashing to the floor.

The crashing sound jolted Jonathan up finally, that and Martha's thrashing about in the bed. The room was dark, and the easily accessible light was broken. He'd have to cross the room to switch on the overhead light but he was too afraid to move. "What's happening?"

Suddenly the pitch black room was filled with a bright blue light coming in from the back window. Martha just had to know what it was, and she got up from the bed and carefully made her way to open the window shades.

"Oh my god!" Something had just crashed and cut a trench in the ground about 100 yards from the house.

"Was that a plane crash?!" Jonathan asked once the quaking had stopped. He could see what was happening over Martha's shoulder.

"I think so. We should go help, maybe someone is still alive." Martha threw on a pair of her overalls and her work boots and ran downstairs. Jonathan followed, but before he left he grabbed his trusty Mossberg 500 from under the bed and checked the chamber, just in case.

He followed Martha outside and immediately saw that this was no ordinary plane. It wasn't big enough to be that, it was the size of a large pickup truck, maybe a little bigger, with an oblong shape. They avoided the fiery path cut in the ground but kept walking towards it, the closer they got the stranger it looked. Maybe it was something experimental from the military, but it looked far too strange to be. It didn't look foreign either, it was just… weird.

"Where are the wings?" Jonathan asked.

"Could it be a satellite maybe?" Martha wondered.

Suddenly a blue light flashed quickly like a strobe light, temporarily blinding both of them. When their eyesight came back they watched part of the the crashed object begin to open. Jonathan backed up.

"Jon, give me the shotgun!" Martha demanded, she was always a better shot than him. She wasn't sure how she'd do while frightened as she was now but figured she'd do better than him. Jonathan gave up the gun, knowing that his wife was a slightly better shot than he was. Also he knew she'd protect him like no other.

It looked like sliding double doors opened on the object, Jonathan and Martha slowly approached it. Martha had the her thumb on the Mossberg's tang mounted safety and had the gun at the low ready, if anything attacked them she would be ready.

Jonathan slowly approached the foreign vehicle, and was about to look inside when something sprang out from the opening over his head and into the air, he ducked and jumped back. Martha was on the case, she could turn clay pigeons into powder as well as anyone in the county and had a mantle full of trophies to prove it. This was no different, even in these low light conditions she hit the glowing white orb dead center. It fell to the ground and stopped glowing.

"Whoa!" The sound of the shotgun caught Jonathan off guard even more than the floating orb. He put his hands over his ears in an attempt to lessen the ringing in them, he looked over and saw that his wife was doing the same thing.

"Are you okay?" Martha shouted.

"What?" He could tell she was saying something, but couldn't tell what.

"What?" She couldn't hear him either.

After a minute things became normal again, and there was a sound that overshadowed all else. A crying baby!

Martha dropped the shotgun and ran towards the sound, Jonathan followed. "Wait! Wait!"

But she was already gone, she'd jumped up on the machine and looked inside, finding the answer to her prayers. A tiny baby, all she needed was a look and she was completely taken. She reached inside and lifted him up, along with the blanket that he'd kicked away from him.

"Oh little one you must be freezing!" She picked him up and noticed that body temperature wise he wasn't cold at all. But he was still crying. "I'm so sorry about that loud noise, I didn't know we'd find you here. Where did you come from?"

Jonathan was frozen in place, what the hell was going on? A satellite or something, falls from the sky with a baby in it? It took him several seconds to find his voice. "Martha what the hell is going on? Don't do that, you don't know what that is. That could be anything!"

"Jonathan look how tiny he is, he's just a newborn, and he needs us. We can't leave him alone."

"A newborn that just crashed in a space ship!"

Jonathan saw the look on his wife's face and knew that he was going to lose this argument. After two miscarriages and one stillbirth Martha had prayed and prayed for a child, and in her mind this was it. The answer to her prayers, an angel sent from the heavens, he couldn't exactly blame her. He wanted those children too, and figured they'd adopt like other couples in their situation, but this was something else.

"Look. I found him, and I'm going to keep him." Martha declared.

"Somebody's going to come looking for him, you know this, I know this. I don't know if this is a spaceship or what, but you know that this won't be hidden for long." He came up behind her and gently touched her shoulder.

The baby stopped crying after a few minutes of Martha's gentle swaying. "I know. I know. But right now I need this."

They waited and waited, but no one came. No one else in town seemed to even have noticed the earthquake or had seen any flashing lights. There were no government agents or NASA officials at their door, there hadn't been any indication that the ship had been seen by anyone else at all. Jonathan simply used his truck to drag the ship into the barn and eventually stored it under the floorboards. He took the orb Martha had shot and tossed it into the ship, never giving it a second thought.

Clark Jonathan Kent was the name they gave him, it didn't matter he was an alien from another world, he was their son and they were his parents.

Fortress of Solitude


Diana of Themyscira padded through the Fortress of Solitude on a mission. She wasn't exactly sure what she was looking for but would know when she found it. Today was she and Clark's unofficial anniversary. Unofficial because they weren't married, but worth recognizing because it was four years to the day they'd became a couple. She was going to do something a little out of the ordinary for him today.

She had seen a movie the other night where a woman washed a car wearing skimpy clothes and all the guys around went crazy over her. She had been planning something of the sort for Clark, but since they didn't own a car she needed an alternative. So she'd been wandering the fortress for the last hour or so looking for something to cover in suds and give Clark a show.

The more time went on the more she worried she'd have to find some other way to treat him, he would be home from work soon. It had been four years, so regular sex wasn't going to cut it anymore for a special occasion. She needed something to build up the excitement, make things a little bit fun. But what?

She wondered how people who had been together for even longer did things. Like Clark's parents, who had been married for almost 40 years now. Did they even care about that stuff? She and Clark weren't officially married, but may as well have been, they'd lived together for two years now and had completely altered their lives in order to be together. Diana took on a human facade of Diana Prince, the live in, free spirited, artist girlfriend of Clark Kent and he took on a more prominent role as Superman. Stepping into the public life with her much more than he ever had in the past. They had it all, they were the Ultimate Power Couple to the world, and just regular people in private. In her eyes, they were together for life.

Then it came to her, maybe she could wash down Clark's ship. It hadn't moved since he brought it here from underneath his parent's barn, which had been maybe 14 years ago. Since she'd known him he barely even paid attention to it. She raced to the chamber it was held in and considered the option. How sentimental was he over this thing? It was the ship that carried him to Earth, brought him to his home and into the lives of the people who loved him. Would he really be okay with his girlfriend getting naked, covering it with suds and sliding all over it?

The more she thought about it, the less she liked that idea. It just didn't feel right to use an object that had been so key to his life for cheap sex. But before she left the room, she decided to open it up and take a look inside. She reached in and touched the cloth padding and examined everything closely. In the end she felt sentimental about this ship even if he didn't, as it brought her love to this world and ultimately into her life. She was about to leave when she noticed an orb sitting in the corner of the ship. She'd seen it before, but never paid it any mind and she couldn't recall Clark paying much attention to it either.

She did know that whatever it was, it didn't work. Just about everything in this place lit up whenever Clark touched it, and these days had been rigged to light up when she touched them as well. But this one stayed dark, in fact it looked damaged. It looked like birdshot pellets were lodged in the side for some reason, which seemed incredibly odd. Diana found herself absently picking the pellets out of the orb before realizing that she needed to get busy on her surprise for Clark. She tossed the orb back into the ship and took off for Metropolis, not even bothering to close the doors on the ship.

She hadn't realized it, but she'd picked all the pellets out of the orb and it began to faintly light up.

After finishing up his work at the Daily Planet, Clark picked up a bouquet of flowers and headed back to his apartment. Where he found a note from Diana asking him to meet her at the Fortress. He now found himself following a trail of rose petals from the entrance to their bedroom.

Since this wasn't an official anniversary he wasn't quite sure what he should do. The last two years they just had a candlelight dinner and some romantic times alone. But that wasn't completely out of the ordinary anyway. Diana never had been huge on special events like this anyway so he hoped flowers would do the job. He assumed the rose petals were leading him to a not so elaborate evening she had planned.

"Welcome home honey. Why don't you have a seat?" Diana called. Tonight would be a bit more vanilla than she'd originally planned, but she supposed Clark wouldn't care that much anyway.

Clark couldn't exactly see her, he could make out only her silhouette but based on the layout of the room she was standing at the foot of the bed. There was a bright light directly behind her which kept her bathed in shadow. She had her hands on her hips and was swaying them back and forth slowly. He spied a lone chair a few feet from her so he sat in it as she requested.

"Why don't you loosen your tie? Relax a little." She asked seductively.

Clark did as she asked again. "So how was your day?"

Diana rocked her hips a little harder. "Nothing out of the ordinary, meetings, disasters. Just a regular Thursday."

Clark wondered what the disaster was, but before he could ask the lights came on fully in the room and revealed that Diana was standing in her Amazon armor. She looked ready for a fight except for the high heels on her red boots. She almost never wore those, and never in battle. She wore them for him.

She walked up to stand over him, straddling his legs as he sat in the chair. "Kelex, begin playlist."

Soft music began playing in the room, it took Clark a few seconds to pick out the song but eventually it became clear that 'Anniversary' by Tony Toni Tone was playing. He was glad he decided to pick up the bouquet, he wasn't sure if Diana was going to make a big deal out of today, but it appeared she was.

Clark would probably never get over how flawlessly beautiful Diana was, she was his ultimate fantasy. He'd known and dated some lovely women in his life, but Diana excelled them all by leaps and bounds, and when she turned on her romantic side she went to another stratosphere altogether. Despite the fact that he was currently getting a lap dance, her dance moves weren't particularly suggestive, and she was fully clothed he was still mesmerized by her.

Diana tried not to laugh at the look on Clark's face, his eyes wide open unmoving from her body and his expression looking like a mindless drone. He was under her spell, and she loved every minute of it. She could probably get him to do anything she wanted as long as he got the pleasure he seeked. She hadn't used her wiles to make him do anything too undesirable yet, and figured to save that possibility for a rainy day.

Clark reached up and put a hand on Diana's backside as she swayed, but immediately she slapped his hand away, hard. "No touching!"

"Oh it's like that?" Clark groaned.

"Oh it's like that." Diana confirmed, reaching for the lasso on her hip. "I will tie you up if I have to. Consider it a challenge, can you keep your hands to yourself?"

Clark considered his options, being tied up had never been a bad thing with Diana. So he risked it, he scooped her up and dove onto the bed.

Some hours later Diana rolled out the sleeping Clark's embrace and untangled herself from the golden lasso that they found themselves wrapped in, and got out of bed. It was the middle of the night but she was hungry, and Clark would be soon, so after picking up his cape and wrapping herself in it she made her way to the kitchen to fix some sandwiches. She'd have one for herself and make one that Clark could eat later. Nothing fancy, just ham and cheese but she was sure he'd love it anyway. She was reaching for the croissants when she noticed a hologram of Jor-El and Lara standing behind the kitchen counter.

She looked at them and frowned, she hadn't turned one on nor did she recall Clark doing so either. "Kelex, hologram off."

Only the hologram didn't turn off, in fact Jor-El and Lara looked at her with befuddled looks on their faces.

"Kelex hologram off!" Diana repeated forcefully, this time speaking Kryptonian.

Lara looked at her husband and spoke in proper Kryptonian. "Jor, who is this woman?"

"I do not know." He responded, just as confused as Lara was.

Diana almost fell backwards, she was under the impression that Clark had shown her every hologram of Jor-El and Lara countless times. Not once had they ever said that, it was as if they were speaking to her, which made no sense. They'd only spoken directly to Clark.

"Woman, who are you? What are you doing in our home?" Lara asked.

Diana was speechless, it became painfully obvious that this was no hologram. It was either a dream or this was real. So she did the only thing that she could do in this situation. "CLARK! Clark get up now!"

Clark instantly heard the fear in Diana's voice, a rare occurrence for her so he sprang into action. Within milliseconds he was out of bed and in his Superman suit and in the kitchen. He found Diana backing away from two people who looked quite familiar.

"Kal?" The woman said, looking at him as if he'd seen a ghost. Her eyes moved from the S on his chest, back to his face.

Clark was confused and stepped back himself, he was looking at his parents, but not the parents from any recording he had ever seen.

"You wear my symbol, but I do not recognize you. Identify yourself." Jor-El stated firmly.

"My name is Kal-El… I don't understand, what is this?" He didn't really know what to say, there had only been a handful of holograms featuring his parents, usually they relayed their message and automatically shut off, but these seemed confused as he was.

"How can you be Kal?" Lara looked back and forth at her husband and the man claiming to be her son. They looked so much alike, and if she looked closely she saw a resemblance to her father as well. "Kal is my son, but he is just a baby."

Diana watched as the three of them fell into an awkward silence as they just examined each other, none knew what to do. Clark's emotions were running the gauntlet right now, but it seemed Jor-El and Lara while confused, had a cold and emotionless demeanor. Every second that passed told her that this wasn't a dream, this was very real.

When Clark got his wits about him he used his x-ray vision to scan the people who appeared to be his parents. They certainly weren't holograms, they had muscle and bone and organs that appeared to be exactly like his own. Looking deeper, he scanned their DNA. If Diana hadn't been standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders he surely would have fallen.

Jor-El and Lara were here, in the flesh, alive and well.