I am half way hiding behind the corner, because I have this new fic and not sure if I should post. It is so different from anything else I have written. It is going to be on the angsty side and things are going to get really messy, before they get better. I am hoping for HEA, but who knows. The premise of the story is Bella left Forks after being abandoned. She could not stay in the same place as she had been with Edward. Imagine that Twilight occurred and New Moon started off as the original books, but that is when I strayed from the path. Bella never got the chance to reconnect with Jacob, so she never leaned on him heavily and he did not help her heal. They were never best friends and she was not there when he phased.

Copyright disclaimer: Twilight and all recognizable characters are property of Stephanie Meyer.

Revival: an improvement in the condition or strength of something.

Bella Swan had done the only thing she was capable of after being left by Edward in the woods. She ran. She had to escape the memories of her first love. She knew she was weak and pathetic, but she felt it was the right solution at the time. She actually convinced her Mom, Renee, to put her in the local school's home-bound program, so she would not be forced into another new school. She quickly completed her high school requirements and started classes at the local junior college near her mom and Phil's house in Florida.

Renee could not believe how dramatic Bella was behaving over a teenage breakup, but after a short while determined her daughter needed professional help. She insisted on a therapist and Bella had been going religiously for the past five years. Bella basically lived two lives. Well, one of them was living, she was a good student and kept a part-time job the whole way through school. The other was merely existing. She did not form any real friendships. She stayed in her room 90% of the time she was home. Renee and Phil had pretty much given up trying to get her to change. It was obvious that Edward and her were not meant to be. It was ridiculous to pine away for him for so long. Renee had asked her countless times, what kind of hold did he possess over her? She feared he had abused her daughter. She was young, beautiful and smart and she was basically letting herself waste away emotionally.

Bella had recently graduated with a teaching degree. She decided on early education, because working with young children sounded like a better alternative for her. She had found herself actually enjoying her student teaching, and being around the children was the only time she felt like a real person. She had just gotten her first official job when a late night phone call that rang through the Dwyer residence changed the course of her life once again.

"Hello," Bella tentatively answered.

"Bella, this is Billy Black."

Why in the world would Billy Black call her and how did he get this number she wondered. "Yes, Billy, is something wrong?"

"I'm afraid so, Bella. I hate to be the one to tell you, but Charlie was shot in the line of duty."

Bella screamed alerting Renee and Phil, who ran into the room. "What? Is he okay?"

Billy tried to calm her down, "Yes, Bella the doctor expects him to make a full recovery, but it is going to be a long haul. He was hit in the shoulder, the bullet barely missed his aorta, but the surgeon says there was some extensive nerve damage. He is going to have endure a long process of rehabilitation. You know Charlie is a well liked and respected man in these parts. We are all willing to chip in and help as much as we can, but Bella, you are his family. I just thought maybe if you could spare a little time to come stay with him. I know it would do wonders to lift his spirits and he is going to encounter many challenges until he regains full use of that right arm. Child, I am not trying to put pressure on you, I just wanted you to know the full story. That old, stubborn fool didn't want me to call you. He was afraid to worry you."

"Billy, of course, I want to help. He's my father," she felt a wave of guilt considering her behavior over the past five years. She had not been fit to be called his daughter. "I'll be there as soon as I can book a flight. Don't tell Charlie, he'll try and convince me not to come, but I will stay and help as long as he needs me."

Bella hung up and explained the whole situation to her Mom. "Sweetie, I am proud of you for wanting to help your father, but your new job starts next week. What are you going to do about that? You're a teacher now, how do you expect to miss out on the first of the school year?"

Bella felt she did not have a choice, "I will just have to call and decline the position. I know it won't look good, but this is an emergency. Maybe I can find a job in Forks."

"Sounds like you intend to stay awhile. Are you sure you are ready for that? It seems like after all these years, you are finally making some progress. I worry about how the memories there will affect you," Charlie had no idea what Renee and Phil had dealt with over the years. Renee was sure he was not prepared to deal with Bella's true state of mind, especially since his focus would be on his own recovery.

"I have to go, Mom. If it will make you feel better, I will search out a new therapist as soon as I get settled. I want to continue to get better. I mean it, I use to not care; but now I do."

Bella was on a morning flight two days later, headed back to Forks; a place that held so many memories for her. Edward and his family had made a huge impression on her in such a short time. She had never been able to be completely honest with her doctor regarding why she was so affected by them. Their world had to remain hidden from the rest of society. If she would have confessed, she had been pining over a vampire these past five years, she would probably had been committed by now. Bella had called Billy when she confirmed her flight and he told her he would make sure he had transportation for her from the airport.

Bella, wondered when she was on the plane if Billy would send his son, Jacob. She had a few fond memories of him. He was a nice kid and she felt bad, the two of them never got to really know each other again. She had been so caught up with Edward by the time she reacquainted with Jacob, she barely gave him a second thought. "Wow, he must be at least 21 now, I guess he wasn't a kid anymore," she thought.

That final thought Bella had about Jacob had been the understatement of the decade. She did not recognize the boy she remembered at all in that giant, gorgeous man that came up to her at the airport. That was until he smiled, that still looked the same. "Wow, Jacob, I can't believe how much you have changed. You must be well over six feet. Oh my gosh; you must love body building or something."

"Actually, it's 6' 5" Bella, but yeah, I've changed a little over the past few years." He had an incredibly deep and husky voice and Bella noted he seemed mysterious as well. She was being stupid, she no idea why she made that assumption after seeing him again. She obviously read too many books. For the first time in forever, she kind of felt giddy. Jacob had a certain presence and she was confused if what she was experiencing was attraction. She did not even think that part of her functioned any longer, but if anyone was going to awaken that side of her, it would have been him.

Jacob directed Bella to his car, she wasn't sure what kind it was, "What kind of car is this, Jacob? It's cute."

"Um, thanks, Bella. It's a VW Rabbit, I rebuilt it myself when I turned 16. I pride myself in keeping it running even though I have another car now."

"I should have known, since you did such a great job on my truck. I wonder what Charlie did with it."

"He kept it, actually," which shocked the heck out of her.

"Are you kidding?"

"No, he kept it in case you ever wanted to come back."

Bella got completely quiet, she was overwrought with guilty feelings. She had been a terrible daughter, but Charlie always held out hope. She could have lost him and he would have never known how much she truly loved him. She made a promise to herself that she would spend as much time as it took making it up to him.

"Bella, are you okay? I can tell you are worried about Charlie, but he is going to be okay, thanks to Seth," he confided.

"Seth?" She vaguely remembered that name. "Do you mean Harry Clearwater's little boy?"

Jacob broke out in roaring laughter. She obviously did not get it. "Did I say something funny?"

"Yeah, it's been a long while since anyone referred to Seth as a little boy. That's all".

"Oh, yeah I guess you're right. How old is he anyway?"

"Seth just turned 20, but he appears to be even older."

"Oh, he's not as large as you, is he?" She had no idea how that was possible.

"Nope," he replied with a resounding "p". "He might like to think that he is, but I am still quite a bit bigger."

"Oh, do you all work out together or something?" Jacob laughed again.

She must be on a roll, because she had not incited that much laughter in...since never, no one laughed at anything she said. She was not funny in the least.

"So, how did Seth save my dad?"

"He works with Charlie, the perp was about to shoot him again when Seth disarmed him."

"Oh wow, you're going to have to introduce me to Seth, so I can thank him. Sounds like I owe him Charlie's life. He wasn't harmed himself, was he?"

"No, Seth is good at taking care of himself and I'm sure you will see him around. Not only does Seth work for Charlie; his mom, Sue and Charlie kind of have a thing with each other."

"My dad has a girlfriend?" She never expected to hear that.

"They don't exactly call it that, but they like each other's company. I'm sure Seth will come around and then you'll get your chance to thank him."

Jacob was about to put the car into gear, when Bella heard his phone go off. He pulled it from his pocket to read his message. It must have been a long one, because he spent quite awhile staring at the screen. She didn't want to seem nosy, so she turned the other way to stare into the parking lot. When she glanced back to Jacob, he kind of look perturbed or irritated. She was not sure what, but he had lost his sunny grin, so she made polite conversation, "Nothing bad, I hope."

"Um, no..." he didn't act like he wanted to talk about it, but he also said, "Women. I bet you can relate, huh?"

What was she suppose to say to that? Jacob had a girlfriend she presumed. Of course, someone that looked as he did would be attached. She shook her head, "Nope, not me."

"Come on, Bella. You mean to tell me there isn't someone waiting for you back in Florida?'

Despite sounding like a loser, she told the truth, "Other than my mom, no Jacob, I don't have anyone back in Florida."

Jacob sighed heavily and shook his head. He then put the car in gear and headed away from the airport towards Forks.

Bella had kind of hoped Jacob was going to carry the conversation judging by the way he was at first, but after his long text message; he remained pretty silent. Bella did not know the first thing about what might interest Jacob, so she decided it was better to sit in awkward silence than try and make small talk.

Once they drove for about 20 minutes, Jacob got talkative again. "So Bella, how long do you think you might stay with Charlie?"

"I don't know, I thought I would play it by ear. I turned down the position at the school that hired me at the last minute, so there goes that. I'm sure I will never get hired in that district again. I guess I might check into the schools in Forks. I'm pretty sure they have all their teaching positions filled, but maybe I could work as an aide or assistant."

"I bet you can find something easy. It doesn't hurt that Charlie is so respected in the community. That should help your chances. Sometimes, who you know makes all the difference."

"Where do you work?"

"Um, I actually own a garage on the rez now."

"Wow, that's amazing and you love cars, so sounds like a dream job."

"Sure, sure. It pays the bills."

"Oh, do you still live at home with Billy?"

He kind of look uncomfortable, but he answered, "Nah, I moved out this year." he got quite again, but finally admitted the rest. "I live with my girlfriend, Nadia."

"Oh, that's nice. Have you been together a long time?" Bella knew she was so far removed from the dating scene, normal relationships, etc. She just assumed Jacob probably had known this girl awhile, if he had left his father to move in with her. She remembers how dedicated he was to Billy.

"Um well, she and I met almost a year ago."

"Wow, Jacob. You move fast, I guess you must really be in love." She had said too much, and realized how badly she was embarrassing herself. She instantly blushed and covered her mouth with her hand essentially stopping herself from saying anything further.

Jacob didn't say much else except, "Yeah, something like that."

She couldn't help but wonder what they hell that meant. Either he was very in love or not? Jacob Black was making her confused and she could not figure out why. She had done her best at keeping everyone at arm's length since Edward and now for some stupid reason she cared if Jake lived with a girl name Nadia. She did know one thing, she did not like that name. It sounded harsh to her ears. Jacob soon pulled into Charlie's driveway which looked precisely the same as the day she had left. Of course, Charlie would not change anything. His resistance to change was somewhat comforting to her, if she was completely honest. It just meant she could always count on him to be what she expected. Jacob got out of the car and retrieved her luggage. She caught herself staring at the way his back muscles moved and flexed through his shirt. He truly had grown into a handsome man. Was that word even enough to describe him? It probably wasn't. Bella knew there were much better, descriptive words to use, but seeing how he was taken. It did not seem appropriate to recite them even in her own mind.

"You coming, Bells?" Jacob asked from the porch.

"Oh yeah, sure." Dammit, did he see her staring at him? How humiliating. She stumbled on the stairs to further her embarrassment. God, she hoped Jacob did not come around too often, because one car ride with him had turned her into a bumbling fool. Of course, there was another part of her, that kind of wished she could see him again. She had thought way back when she first came to Forks that the two of them, might have become good friends. That was until she pretty much alienated everyone else from her world except Edward and the Cullen's.

Charlie was supposed to come home in the morning. He still didn't know she was in town. She debated whether to go to the hospital, but she decided her time would best be spent readying the house and maybe going grocery shopping. She looked to see that Jacob was still standing there, so she thanked him again for the ride.

"No problem, is there anything else you need?" Jacob said.

"Well, do you know if my truck might start? I really need to go buy food."

"Um, I doubt it, since it has been setting up a long while, but I can see what I can do a few days from now. I am backed up at work."

"Oh, no rush, I could walk if I only get a few things." She was not about to ask for special favors.

"No, Bella. You don't have to do that. I tell you what, I will send Seth over here early this evening. Would that work?"

"I thought you said Seth works for my dad. You kind of make it sound like he works for you, Jake," she didn't know why she gave him the nickname, but it slipped out. He appeared to like it because a huge grin swept over his face.

"Something like that Bella. Seth helps me out with some tribal functions. He works closely with me and a few other guys. You might see us all around from time to time. I'll make sure he gives you a lift to the store, so no taking off on foot. You hear me?"

"Yes, sir." She saluted him, to only support the perception he must have that she is complete and total dork.

He laughed and headed out the door and like a moron she quickly ran over to the window to watch him drive away.

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