Short start to another Fairy Tail story, my second so far. I hope despite it's length its pretty interesting, hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer~ Fairy Tail and the character of Fairy Tail are not under my ownership in any way, shape, and/or form

Prologue- Intruder

Lucy's POV

I settle into my nice warm bath with a content sigh, the water feeling fantastic on my bare body. I just back from a mission with Levy, a welcome break from the usual hecticness I would face everytime I went on a mission with my normal team. I settle deeper into the tub, bubbles tickling at my chin. When we had gotten back to the guild my destructive partner wasn't there, according to Erza he was upset I went with Levy without him and he and Happy had taken a job together instead. I sigh, feeling a little bit guilty, I probably should have told him but I can apologize when he gets back, maybe get him and Happy some food if I could afford it with their eating habits. I smile, content with my plan, and close my eyes only for them to fly open a moment later when a crash sounds in my apartment. I jump up and hastily throw on my towel, suds still covering my body, and grab my keys from where I started leaving them on my sink in case of emergency. I finger Sagittarius's key, him being the least preverted and least likely to completely demolish my apartment if it came to a fight. I rush out of the bathroom and flick on the lights to see the intruder, Sagittarius's key ready for use. My blood stops cold as I spot the intruder.

"He- hey L-Luce, welc-ome back. So- sorry bout yo-ur cur-tains" I stare in shock as Natsu releases my curtains, a bloody handprint left in lieu of his hand, and collapses face first, his blood seeping into my carpet.

Though short I hope this was an intriguing little start, chapter 1 should be up sooner rather than later (and much longer) thanks to this small group of words. Please tell my what you think so far in a review.