Hello guys and welcome to my first fanfiction! This fanfiction is based off of the video game "Heavy Rain", except instead of their characters, some of the characters from "South Park" will take their places! The dialogue might be a bit different than it is in the game, but this is basically going to be a walkthrough of "Heavy Rain". (SPOILERS WILL BE REVEALED!)(Yes, there will be choices, just like in the actual game, but this is how I played it.)

NOTE: I do not own anything from "South Park" or "Heavy Rain". But hey, a writer can only dream, right?

Kyle's P.O.V.

I open my eyes after of lying in bed for a while. Eventually, I get out of bed and yawn. As I walk towards my bedroom door, I see a note on the floor. I delicately scoop it up to read it:

"Gone shopping. I'll pick up the kids from school at lunchtime and then I'll come home to get things ready for Pip's birthday party. Don't work too hard. I love you. Bebe."

I place the note on a nearby shelf and open the door. After checking up on Merlin, Ike's pet bird, I enter the bathroom and walk over to the shower. After sliding out of my boxers, I turn on the shower and wash up for a few minutes. I step out of the shower, put on my boxers, and head back to my room to change. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a sky blue T-shirt, I walk downstairs and head for my office, which is located next to the living room. I sit down at my desk and begin drawing the plans for the new house that are required by next Monday. After about a half hour, I finally finish the blueprint and smile at my work. I stand up from the chair, and just as I get to the kitchen, I hear a car pull into the driveway. I smile as I stand in front of the door, waiting for my beloved family to come inside.

"Dad!" I hear Pip and Ike shout as the door opens and they burst inside. I smile as I kneel down to hug them as they come running at me. They wrap their arms around my neck and nearly push me to the floor. "Hey, take it easy, you're gonna knock me over!" I joke, and they release their strong grip on me. I look over at Pip and say "It's your big day, isn't it?" Ike is jumping up and down while Pip asks "Am I grown up yet? Now can I borrow your car?" repeatedly. I respond to his every question, chuckling. The boys run outside to go play while Bebe enters the house carrying three grocery bags. She closes the front door with her foot and looks over at me. "Kyle, could you please help me?" she asks. I walk over to her and take the bags into my arms, kissing her on the cheek as I do so. "Thanks," she says, sounding somewhat exhausted. I don't blame her, the boys are pretty hyper. I set the grocery bags down on the kitchen counter and pop a few green grapes into my mouth from a nearby bowl. We talk about work and Pip's birthday party as she unloads the grocery bags. I see the boys playing together in the yard out of the corner of my eye, and head outside to go play with them.

The boys run over to me as I walk outside and ask me repeatedly to play with them. I grin and agree while they pull on my arms. Bebe walks over to the sliding glass door and calls out "Five minutes until we eat, boys!" "Okay, Mom!" Pip and Ike shout back to her. Bebe giggles and walks back to the kitchen. "Me first!" the boys call out, jumping up and down and waving their hands in the air, as if I couldn't already see them. "Alright, Pip, let's do the helicopter," I say as I put my hands out in front of Pip and he grabs onto my forearms while I hold his. Ike backs up so he doesn't get hit in the face. I begin to slowly spin Pip around me, spinning around and going faster and faster. He lets out a loud "WHEEEEEEEE!" as he spins around me, knowing that he is safe in my arms. I slowly stop spinning around and put Pip carefully back down onto the ground. He wobbles for a bit while Ike approaches me. He turns around and spreads his arms out. I carefully grab him under his arms and put him on my shoulders. Ike keeps his arms outstretched as I begin to run around the yard. He giggles as I jog a lap around the backyard as Pip watches from the small patio area. I eventually scoop up Ike and put him back down on the ground.

"Come on, Dad, show us how strong you are!" Pip calls with a huge grin on his face. "Yeah! Show us your big muscles!" Ike chims in, smiling and jumping up and down with delight. "Be careful and hang on," I tell the boys as they each grab one of my biceps. I slowly stand up with my arms outstretched while both boys dangle from my arms for a moment, giggling the whole time. Once I set them back down, they stand in front of me and applaud while I take a small bow. Ike and I grin at each other while Pip grabs two toy swords that are lying on the grass near us. He tosses one to me and calls out "This time, you're done for! It's time to pay for all of your crimes, evil one!" I let out an evil laugh that startles both him and me. I point the toy sword at him mockingly and swing the sword to his left shoulder, touching it gently. He pretends to fall back from the impact. We fight with the swords for a little while while Ike cheers on Pip from the patio area. Eventually, Pip touches my shoulders with the sword gently, and I pretend that I am wounded, but carry on "fighting". After he "hits" me once on the face and once in the chest, I fall to the ground while Ike and Pip cheer.

Bebe comes outside and giggles when she sees Pip waving his sword in the air. "Food's ready, boys!" she calls out to them. "Coming!" they cry out with delight and run inside. I stand up from the grass and follow them inside. Ike hurries upstairs to go check on Merlin while Pip sits down at the table with Bebe. "Ike?" she calls out, looking towards the stairs. "Do you want me to go get him?" I ask her, closing the sliding glass door as I walk inside. She replies "I'd appreciate it, thank you, Kyle." I head up the stairs and find him sitting in front of Merlin's cage with a solemn expression on his face. Merlin's small body lies on the floor in front of him. "Ike?" I ask him, putting my arm around his shoulders. "What's up?" "It's Merlin," Ike says sadly, "he's dead... he's dead and it's all my fault." A tear falls down his cheek as he looks at the bird's corpse. "No, Ike, of course it isn't your fault," I tell him. "I'd give anything for him to come back to life," Ike replies as another tear rolls down his cheek. "You know, Ike," I say "there are some things in life that just have to happen even if you don't want them to." Ike exclaims "It's not fair, Dad! It's so unfair!" as he wraps his arms around me and buries his face in my shirt. I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. I hug him and think to myself "It really is unfair that someone so young should lose someone so special to them."

Sorry if this first chapter was a bit dull since it was just the introductions. Yes, I wanted to make Kyle and Bebe a couple, but no, I do not ship them. I decided to make Pip as Jason because (a) I can and (b) his hyper personality seemed to make him the perfect candidate for the role of Jason. I also wanted Ike to be in place of Shaun merely because I know that even though they tease each other a lot in "South Park" (i.e. Kick the Baby), Kyle and Ike genuinely care about each other. Leave a review if I should continue this story, and if so, who you'd like me to replace as who or if you'd like the original character to remain. Have a great day/afternoon/night!