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Wednesday, 9:31 a.m., 1.836 inches

Kenny's P.O.V.

I stand in front of the meeting room door, a bit nervously. Inside that room, I am going to present what I have found out in front of Captain Mackey, who I like to refer as the "M'kay Idiot", Lieutenant Craig Tucker, who I have affectionately deemed "The Hot Asshole", and his assistant Clyde Donovan, who I've only seen a few times so I haven't gotten a chance to give him a nickname yet. I smile a bit and remember when Chef and I used to come up with nicknames for just about everyone that we knew or saw on the street. Despite it being years since I've last seen him, I know that Chef would say "What the hell do you think you're doing, just standing around outside this door? Get your ass in that room and make me proud!" right now. As if following his instructions, I open the door and say "Good morning, gentlemen. Should we get started?" Captain Mackey looks pleased that I've used manners and Clyde is too busy chowing down on a hamburger, but Lieutenant Craig raises an eyebrow as if to say "The fuck do you think you're doing?" I walk up to the front of the room and begin my oral report about what I have found out about this Origami Killer dude.

"The Origami Killer is white, most likely aged between 30 through 45. He doesn't act on impulse but plans his crimes in a very meticulous fashion. He doesn't have anything personal against his victims. That's why he covers their faces with mud, to make them anonymous," I announce to the men. Clyde looks up from his hamburger and asks "Why would he kill them if he has nothing against them?" with his mouth still full, bits of chewed up food falling out of his mouth. Lieutenant Craig looks over at him, grabs a pen and a piece of paper, scribbles something on it, and passes it to Clyde. He reads the note and wipes his mouth with the paper. I pretend to ignore the loving glance that Craig shoots at Clyde and reply "For him, they may be some kind of image. A symbol. That's probably why he gives them an origami figure and an orchid as gifts to apologize what he's done to them." Craig finally looks up at me and says "That's very interesting, McCormick. How is this supposed to help us find our killer? It's wonderful that we'll get to know the guy when he arrives in prison, but we aren't going to have that chance if you keep on lecturing about what color his hair is and whether or not he believes in unicorns." I've worked my ass off to prepare this report, and he just insults me like that? "OH IT IS ON NOW BITCH!" I think as I choose my next words carefully. "This information is going to help us build up a profile of the Origami Killer and understand the person we're looking for. It might have been useful if it was done earlier in this investigation." Captain Mackey frowns at this comment and says "Just continue with your report, m'kay? I'm sure that this information is going to be very helpful to the investigation."

I calm myself down and continue with my report. "One detail attracted my attention," I say, looking at Captain Mackey. He might be a total idiot and oblivious to the fact that Craig hates me for the reasons of he is a dumbass, but at least he's paying genuine attention to this report. I kind of feel sorry for fucking up his tie when I first met him, but I console myself knowing that it was just a harmless prank and it was bound to happen at some point. "The interval between the time when a victim disappears and the time when the body is found ranges from three to five days, but the rainfall is always at 6 inches, give or take 10%," I announce. "M'kay, now what does that mean, Agent McCormick?" Captain Mackey asks. "All of the victims were drowned in rainwater. The killer kills only in the fall, when there is plenty of rain. It could be because he puts them in some kind of well or tank that is open to the sky and that fills up with rainwater. The more it rains, the less time that the victim has to live," I answer. No rude remark from Craig or Clyde this time, thankfully.

I continue on with my report and say "Then I studied the geographical distribution of the murders. Generally a killer commits his first murder near to where he lives, so he has a safe place to flee to if any complications arise. The more confident he becomes, the further he roams from his base. By analyzing the locations where the victims disappeared, I was able to isolate a zone where the killer might live." Craig shuffles in his seat and says "How large is this zone thing?" He glances over at Clyde, who looks at him, shrugs, and looks back at me. I hesitate and say "For the moment, about ten square mile." "Oh great. There must be ten thousand people living in that sort of area. You gonna question them all one by one? Ask who killed little Johnny and get thousands of people crying out 'I didn't do it, I swear!'" Craig says, a smirk growing on his face as he finishes his comment. Infuriated, I say to Craig "It may not give us the address of the killer but at least it's something to go on! Tucker, if you've got a better plan, I'm willing to listen! Don't be shy, I'm all ears!" Clyde gives me a "Dafuq is wrong with you" look as Captain Mackey clears his throat and asks "So what's next?"

I look over at him and reply "Two suspects whose psychological profiles might fit and can be connected to our 'comfort' zone. I'd like to question them." "Goddamnit, we're wasting our time with this bullshit. The killer is out there somewhere, we've got to get off our asses and find him!" Craig announces angrily. I'm already extremely pissed off and am ready to beat the shit out of him, so I yell "Tucker, I've had just about enough with your shit! You've been chasing this guy for, what, two years? What have you caught, huh? Oh yeah, NOTHING. Abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING!" The smug look on Craig's face vanishes as he leans forward and says "Wait, you think you can do a better fucking job than me with your psychology degree and your great glasses? Well let me tell you something pal, that doesn't mean zip when it comes to getting out there. You're just a fucking bureaucrat!" I've never been so pissed off at a guy I just met before. I glance over at Captain Mackey and can tell that if I say one more nasty thing to Tucker, I'm going to be in serious shit, so I say to Craig calmly "I came here to find the killer and that's exactly what I'm gonna do - with or without your help." Craig responds by flipping me the bird and standing up as if to fight me. Captain Mackey glares at Craig and says "That's enough boys, m'kay! We all need to work together in order to find the Origami Killer, m'kay?" He turns his attention back to me and says "You said it took 6 inches of rainfall before the victim died. How much time do we have left to find Ike Mars?" I hesitate before replying "If the weather forecasts are right, less than 72 hours."

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