By Hotaru Hope Maxwell

I do not own SM or GW or any of the anime I use! However, the three senshi; Doomsday a.k.a. Pathway Fortunes, Fate a.k.a. Fae Rin and Sailor Destiny a.k.a. Laura Wish.


Hotaru sighed as her feet ached with each step. It seemed as though a heat stroke was taking over the area of what appeared like ancient Japan she was in. Her breath was coming out in little pants of air. Her hair felt as though it stuck to her skin. The hot sun was placed just about 3 and it still burnt into her pale flesh. She groaned, leaning up against a building trying to hide within its' shadows. Of course no one else was out in this heat. Hotaru guessed that everyone was either by the streams, wells or hiding within the cool wooden houses. The few out were police officers, travelers, shop owners and a couple vagrants who were looking for someone to steal from. Ignoring the pains of heat and exhaustion she continued down the dirt made road. Removing a small trinket from her inner kimono, she sighed sadly trying to stop the tears that threatened her own eyes. It was the silver heart with a tiny opal in the center that Duo had given her for their first Christmas present as a group. Shaking her head, she stuffed the little charm back into its' previous place. Her reminder, her memories scattered through her head as she walked. "This sucks. It was snowing at one time then hot sun the next…I swear if this is her idea of a joke…." Hotaru clenched her fist and continued walking.

******GG BOYS AREA****

"T…" Duo muttered, watching the sweating girl who hid beneath the light of the hot sun. Quatre sighed, handing the older brunette a small sandwich that had been dropped through a small hole that suddenly appeared in the rooms of white. The strange white rooms of the area were filled with twin bed rooms containing two bunk beds in one and twin beds in another. There was a simple bathroom and then the main room the group was now in. Heero kept up with his position near what seemed to be the farthest end of the room while across from him was Trowa. Wufei was on a constant change of pace, moving from bedroom for meditation to checking upon the only female of their party. Quatre worked on keeping the quarters clean as well as ensuring all were fed, well rested and prepared for anything and everything. Duo had yet to leave his position near the orb, watching the raven-haired beauty in its screen. "Duo…Come on Duo…You need to eat…" Quatre stated quietly. Wufei sighed, his coal eyes looking at the braided violet blue eyed boy. "Hotaru would want you to eat, Duo…" Heero's precise voice hissed out. Duo blinked, looking to the leader of their team. "Heero…" He spoke, voice etched with agony. "She's fine…Eat or else she'll come back to a dead boy friend." Wufei snickered. Duo sighed, taking the little food from Quatre.

(((((Back to Hotaru))))

Hotaru felt her skin become flushed as the heat was cooled by a patient wind. "Thank you Kami-sama…" She muttered under her breath. Pulling out a simple ribbon she put her hair up into a high ponytail. Step after step came, and finally the girl found a restaurant called the 'Akebecko'. "A beef pot place? Sounds good…" She shrugged, entering through the paper-thin doors. Loud noises echoed through the area. People were scattered about, lounging quietly and trying their best to ignore the heat that swarmed the piece of earth they lived on. A young child like teen girl came up to her and bowed. "Hello Ma'am. Can I get you and you're company a seat?" The brunette with light violet eyes blushed lightly as she spoke in a quiet squeaky voice. Hotaru felt herself remembering the quiet tones of Ami and Setsuna when she listened to her. "I'm afraid I'm alone. Do you have a seat for one?" She questioned, "Or at least some cold water that I could purchase?" The older smiled softly. "Right this way." The young brunette lead her to a seat. When Hotaru sat, she looked up at the smaller teen. "Here you are, ma'am. What would you like for you're meal?" The girl child questioned. "I'd like a nice cool glass of water, some rice balls and a small pot of beef stew." Hotaru stated, grinning softly as she leaned against the wooden wall. "If you need anything at all, please call upon Miss Tae or myself. My name is Tsubame." Hotaru nodded as the younger went to attend a calling customer and turn her order into a cook.

Hotaru heard a loud noise come from the areas near her. One group of drunken looking men was arguing with some normal patrons. Hotaru peeked her noise around the corner, her curiosity getting the better of her. There before her was a nice looking party. A young boy with black hair and chocolate eyes was arguing with a pretty young teen with long black blue hair and dark midnight orbs. Near them, oblivious to the fighting was a brunette wearing a red bandana scratching a fish bone into his teeth. Next to him, two little brunettes were eating while a lovely green haired woman with dark red eyes who reminded her of Setsuna scowled lightly. The red head nearest Hotaru and the first woman was trying to calm the two fighting against the drunks. Shaking her head, she turned back to sip lightly at her cool water.

"Humph…Leave them alone, Li. We have more important matters to attend to…" The boss of the drunks smirked. Kaoru and Yahiko smirked with a triumphant look. The man vanished in the seating area next to there own. A "hello sweetheart…" Was heard and then suddenly the guy went flying out, his face bruised and battered. The others suddenly yelled and dived into the small eating box. All of them ended up flying out not two minutes later, each landing on top of the already passed out leaders. Kaoru's wide blue eyes blinked as she heard Kenshin mutter a soft 'oro'. Kaoru's, Kenshin's and Yahiko's heads peeked around the bend. Sitting there calmly, sipping a glass of water or tea was a young girl. The teen was around 15 or 16 with short black hair cut just a little beneath her neck. She wore a dark violet kimono with sakura blossoms and a blue midnight colored obi. Her skin was pale, an almost snowy white color. She flinched slightly, as if aware of the gazes she was receiving.

Hotaru felt at least 3 pairs of eyes on her. She couldn't help what she did, and knowing her boyfriend like she did, if he knew he'd probably be laughing it off or glaring death meats with Heero at the five men. Hotaru sneered under her breath. "Idiots…" She muttered, remembering the periods of training she'd taken to become a Gundam Pilot. She was glad that a computer device was found in the bag. It meant that Rogue Gundam was somewhere on the world. Shaking her head, she turned to look darkly at the three she found staring at her. "Hi!" The single woman grinned as the other two smiled lightly. The red haired warrior was looking at her strangely in a way she didn't approve for. He's searching my soul for anything that might harm his companions…. Strange… Hotaru's mind thought quietly. "How do you do?" Hotaru bowed her head lightly.