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Sheldon stood tall, hands clasped firmly behind his back, in the central gazebo of the impressive central courtyard at Dracul Castle in Sighișoara, Romania. The large grassed area was formerly the most used space on the grounds. Large ornate fountains and impressive landscaping were meticulously placed amongst the grounds, surrounding the oversized round gazebo that sat center. It was Sheldon's favorite part of the castle. Was.

It had been only 8 years since he received his kiss, turning him into an immortal child of the night. Only 8 years since he promised his heart and soul to his one true love, Elizabeth. Not nearly long enough to make up for the 549 years he had spent apart from her before their world erupted into chaos.

For the past 3 months Sheldon found his world turned on its head. William, the only other surviving 1st generation vampire, had declared war on Elizabeth and those in the Dracul coven. He had meticulously spent centuries building his army and planning his attack on the sadistic woman. Only when he had his spies in place did he make his move.

3 months prior Elizabeth and Sheldon had played host to a large gathering of Elder vampires of the Dracul coven at Dracul Manor that quickly ended in blood shed. William's loyal followers had waited until the party was at its peak. Couples danced, the elegant classical music played, staff served fresh warm blood in impressive crystal glasses. Sheldon would never forget that night or the stunning pure white ball gown that his wife wore. It was one of the rare times she was not in red or black.

Sheldon and Elizabeth had smiled and looked into each others eyes, enjoying their waltz when the main doors loudly slammed shut and the lights were killed. Elizabeth, ever the prepared warrior, immediately pulled her favorite knife from its holster on her thigh and quickly sought out Thomas and Vaclav who were both luckily in the large crowd. Sheldon knew his orders, grab Simon and Ana and get them to safety.

Elizabeth, Thomas and Vaclav had only just moved towards the only doors that lead into the ballroom when the doors were thrown open and violent Nosferatu flooded the room. The battle had been a blur to Sheldon, who had Simon and Ana tucked away in a secret closet hidden behind an oversized painting at the far end of the room. He had not been able to witness it with his eyes as he was enveloped in darkness, but he could hear and he would never forget.

He would never forget the screams and growls that seemed never ending. Simon held Ana tightly is in his arms, gently rocking her as she sobbed against him. Sheldon stood with his back to them, facing the door with his stiletto in his hand, prepared to kill any enemy who tried to hurt the loyal members of his immortal family. The violent battle had only lasted 15 minutes before silence befell the room and all Sheldon could hear were the distant pleas of Vaclav.

Thomas thrust the door open revealing his impressive suit had been destroyed. Blood painted his hands, face and neck and part of his chest. Sheldon could see scratches on the man, but it was Thomas' eyes that startled Sheldon. It was the tears in his rarely shown hazel eyes that put his heart in his throat.

Sheldon quickly moved around Thomas and could not help the strangled sob that escaped him. In the center of the room was Vaclav, sitting on the floor and holding a very bloodied and injured Elizabeth. Nearly all the Elders of the Dracul coven had been killed, but that didn't matter to the blue-eyed former Physicist as he sprinted across the floor and slid to a stop, kneeling down in the blood as if it weren't there. The elegant room was in shambles. The white marble floors were stained with blood. Chairs and tables had been flipped aside, some left as mere splinters of wood. The lush deep red velvet curtains that decorated the floor to ceiling windows of the two story room were torn to shreds. Dead bodies of both coven members and the Nosferatu were thrown about. The band still sat in their position on the raised platform, leaning dead over their instruments. Blood dripped down from the second floor balcony, an endless rain of horror. The ornate crystal chandeliers precariously dangled from the vaulted ceilings, dead Nosferatu destroying their beauty.

Elizabeth's eyes were open, her silver-white eyes danced in tears that fell unabashedly. Vaclav held his hand to Elizabeth's throat, desperately trying to stop the blood. Sheldon had never seen Vaclav so upset, but the burly man openly cried as he begged Elizabeth to hold on. The world was in a haze for Sheldon. He could hear Ana sobbing in the background and Thomas' furious footsteps leaving the ballroom. He watched in frozen shock as blood poured from his wife's neck, staining her beautiful crystal studded bodice. It was only when her shaky hand reached for him did he snap out of his shock.

Sheldon held her hand tight, kissing her knuckles, pleading with her to not to leave him. Their eyes met and through their tears they managed to stare at each other, memorizing every detail of the other. Her mascara was running, her hair that had been pulled into an impressive twist had fallen, her arms and hands were covered in scratches, but he didn't care. In that moment she was as beautiful as she always had been.

Thomas had returned holding more pints of blood than Sheldon knew they had on supply. Ripping the top open, Thomas delicately poured the blood into his Queen's mouth. Sheldon tried not to cringe when she choked, the blood spitting back out. He ignored the tears that fell from Thomas' eyes and the way the strong man's lower lip quivered. In the presence of their dying Queen, the two fiercest followers of Elisabeta Dracul were brought to their knees.

Sheldon moved his position so he was sitting at Elizabeth's head, carefully replacing Vaclav's arm that was supporting her neck and shoulders with his hands to push her into a slightly sitting position. They needed to get blood into her and they needed it fast. Without the blood, her vampire healing would not kick in and she would bleed out right there in front of them.

Sheldon whispered loving encouragement into her ear with a soft voice he was shocked to find not shaky. He needed to be strong for her. Sheldon counted 8 pints of blood that had been fed to Elizabeth and the bleeding had not stopped. In a desperate move, Ana grabbed a nearby knife and made a small slit in her wrist and forced her shaking wrist to Elizabeth's mouth.

Ana had begged Elizabeth to drink her blood that was laced with the immortal gift. Sitting on Thomas' lap, Ana squeezed the sides of her wrist, urging the blood to pour faster, while tears streamed from her beautiful green eyes. It was when Ana began to slightly sway from loss of blood that she let out a shaky laugh as Elizabeth's fangs dug in. Elizabeth only fed for a few seconds before she released Ana's wrist, licking the wound closed.

Thomas wrapped his arms tightly around Ana, hugging her close to him as they cried tears of joy. Vaclav laughed through his tears, greatly relieved that his Queen had not died. Sheldon pulled Elizabeth into his arms and held her with a strength that would have killed any mere mortal, but was a welcome embrace to his wife. After only 8 years together, he had nearly lost her again.

Only 51 of the nearly 400 individuals that had resided at the Manor that weekend walked out. Thankfully before Elizabeth had been clawed in the throat, she had tortured one of William's followers, a spy that had been placed amongst her coven. The man refused to give up information and only screamed when Elizabeth began disemboweling him with brutal force. He admitted the attack was arranged by William and pleaded with Elizabeth to show mercy. She did, she immediately decapitated him.

That was the night that Sheldon's world turned. Their coven was at war and as such, Thomas, Vaclav and especially Elizabeth found strength in their sadistic pleasures. They hunted William's followers and spent hours brutally torturing them for information. Some screamed and willingly gave it up. Others endured sometimes days long torture sessions, but never said a word. It didn't matter who gave information as all of the traitors met the same fate, impaled in the central courtyard.

Over 100 traitors filled the central courtyard that sadly, the master suite overlooked. Their presence in that courtyard was by design. Elizabeth found great pleasure in standing on the expansive balcony, drinking her blood and observing her "trophies." She relished their tortured screams as she lay in bed. It seemed the declaration of war on the coven had snapped something in Elizabeth's mind and she was no longer Elizabeth, the strong and seductively dominant vampire that Sheldon had reconnected with nearly a decade prior. She was Elisabeta Dracul, fierce torturer and impaler of men.

Sheldon shook his head, clearing his thoughts as he watched 20 loyal men of the Dracul coven move the "trophies" from the central courtyard. He was determined that he would reclaim his favorite part of the grounds and he didn't care how much it pissed his wife off. He knew when she returned from business in Hungary she would be livid to see her "trophies" moved. He knew she would yell, snarl and possibly even threaten severe bodily harm, but he would not relent. He had not said anything about her sadistic tendencies in the past and sometimes had even found them morbidly erotic and he only hoped she would compromise on this.

"Holy crap on a cracker, you clearly have a death wish."

Sheldon turned to the right to see Penny climbing the stairs to the gazebo, her green eyes watching the scene in interest. Unlike Sheldon, who wore darker Renaissance attire like his wife, Vaclav, Simon, Thomas and Ana, Penny still wore modern clothing. Her dark wash skinny jeans hugged her shapely legs and her black t-shirt were an odd sight amongst the traditional castle.

"I do not." Sheldon responded flatly, turning back to observe the move. If he was going to move his wife's "trophies" then he would at least ensure they ended up on the training lawn in the same condition they were originally in.

"Sheldon, come on, this is going to seriously piss her off." Penny commented, crossing her arms and shaking her head.

"Most likely, Penny, but I will not bend on this." Sheldon gently removed his hands from behind his back, placing them on the white wood railing that surrounded the gazebo, leaning onto it.

"Why are you moving them? I mean, I get they aren't exactly a good lawn ornament, but why?" Penny turned to face him, a glimmer of fear behind her eyes.

"I will not continue to listen to their screams or have this," he waved his arm towards the courtyard, "be the first thing I see anymore. I do not mind that she has sadistic tendencies, but this…this is too much."

Penny nodded quietly, opting to bite her bottom lip instead of responding. It was no secret at Dracul Castle that the Queen and Prince weren't exactly seeing eye to eye in recent weeks, but no one was going to comment on it. The only people who could speak freely without fear of immediate death were Vaclav, Simon, Thomas and Ana. Though Penny and Leonard were quickly gaining favor with the sadistic Queen, they weren't quite at free speaking level yet.

Penny and Sheldon stood quietly, side by side, as the men finished relocating all of Elizabeth's "trophies." The grounds were brutally mutilated, but Sheldon had faith the groundskeepers could restore the beautiful courtyard to its former glory.

With the courtyard now impaled men free, Sheldon and Penny quietly moved into the castle. Penny could feel the eyes that watched Sheldon's steps as they made their way towards the main sitting room, but Sheldon seemed to not care. Of course he felt their gaze, but he would not respond. He was Prince of Dracul Castle, Elizabeth's husband and second to only her, he would not explain his actions to anyone.

Penny and Sheldon joined Leonard, Ana and Thomas inside the main sitting room. Leonard was tucked into a book, as always, as was Ana. It was Thomas who narrowed his eyes at Sheldon when he joined the group.

"Did you receive your wife's blessing to move her trophies?" Thomas asked bluntly, holding his hand out to the donor who stood next to him, expecting her wrist immediately.

Sheldon crossed his arms, raising a brow to Thomas and pursing his lips slightly. Penny was forced to press her lips tightly together to prevent from laughing, this was an expression she knew all too well. He might be Sheldon, Prince of the Dracul coven, but he was still her whack-a-doodle.

"Not that it is any of your business, Thomas, but no I did not." Sheldon responded, a hint of arrogance present.

Thomas rolled his eyes, shaking his head slightly before bringing the donor's wrist to his mouth and biting in for his snack.

Ana, gently closed her book and placed it in her lap, smiling serenely at Sheldon. Sheldon sat down gracefully in his favorite brown leather chair, sinking into "his spot." He truly enjoyed the main sitting room in the castle with its ornate floor to ceiling windows, high vaulted ceiling and lush tapestries that decorated the stone walls.

"Sheldon, I believe what my husband is trying to say is Elisabeta is going to go into a rage when she sees what you've done." Despite her smile, her tone was clipped. "You should have asked her blessing."

Sheldon accepted the offered goblet from the servant's tray, taking a long sip of the warm contents considering Ana's words. He knew she was right, but the deed was done.

"I can appreciate your point, Ana, I can. However, as her husband, I would hope Elisabeta would take my feelings into consideration as well. I do not stop her from her sadistic pleasures, but I will not be forced to stare at them daily." Sheldon's tone was harsh, warning the occupants of the room to tread lightly on the subject. Ana merely narrowed her eyes, her lips dropping the smile into a frown. Penny and Leonard both seemed overly interested in tome Leonard was reading. Thomas raised a brow and by the wince of the donor, he knew the man's jaw had tightened.

"You find yourself disgusted with Elisabeta's actions, do you not?" Ana asked, her grip tightening on the book in her lap. Penny casually looked to Sheldon, wincing at his angered expression.

"I never said I was disgusted with them, Ana. You are putting words in my mouth." Sheldon seethed.

Ana raised a brow, a smirk forming on her full lips. "Am I? You know that Elisabeta treasures her trophies, yet you move them without her consent because they disgust you. Therefore it's easy to deduce that her actions disgust you."

Sheldon's grip tightened on his goblet, his eyes flushing red. Thomas immediately ceased his feed, harshly tossing the donor's wrist from his mouth allowing him to lean forward in his chair, elbows resting on his knees. Sitting immediately next to his wife offered him the advantage to intervene should Sheldon lose his temper.

"Are you deliberately trying to start a fight when one isn't there?" Sheldon asked curiously, softening his expression to calm Thomas down. He could understand Thomas' immediate defensive stance at Sheldon's eye color change. He, too, would do the same should someone show any sign of aggression towards his wife.

"No, Sheldon, merely preparing you for the fight that will come. I can promise you that she will take this as a negative opinion of her recent actions." Ana's voice was soft, her eyes pleading with Sheldon to try to understand.

Sheldon leaned back in his chair, gently placing his goblet on the offered empty tray from the servant girl. He knew Ana had a point. While he might be Elizabeth's soul mate, Ana had definitely known the temperamental woman longer.

"I will admit that Elisabeta's actions recently have been somewhat…unnerving. Her aggression seems to be growing with each passing day." Sheldon reluctantly admitted, seeking assistance from Ana.

Ana nodded her head, brows furrowing in thought. "While yes, recently she has been more aggressive in both fighting and torture than she has been over the past few years, her current actions really do not differ from those when Vlad was alive."

Sheldon nodded his head before closing his eyes and resting his head against the high back of his chair. Ana's exact response was one he did not want to hear. Unfortunately, he had only known Elizabeth 1 year before the fateful night that tore them apart. In that year, he had seen some of what she was capable of, but knew she had been too distracted by love and romance to embrace her Dracul sadistic side. A side that was legend, much like her Uncle. The harsh reality was Elizabeth was violently sadistic and only recently had he seen the true level she could reach with it.

"I would strongly recommend you find a strong ally in Simon on this." Thomas' voice broke Sheldon's thoughts. Sheldon opened his eyes, once again blue, looking at Thomas with an amused smirk.

"And not Vaclav?" He asked with a playful tone.

"Good luck with that. He loves that Elisabeta is channeling her inner medieval sadist." Thomas snorted, a smile softening his usual stoic face. Sheldon laughed with a nod in agreement. Vaclav most definitely was enjoying the rapid changes in the Queen.


A loud slam of the double doors that lead to the central courtyard silenced the occupants of the main sitting room, just a few feet off. Penny shifted closer to Leonard, finding comfort in the arm he draped across her crossed legs. Ana placed her book on the side table, taking a deep calming breath. Thomas quickly rose from his chair, crossing his arms and assuming a defensive stance. Though Sheldon might piss him off at times, he would not allow Elizabeth to hurt him in a rage. Sheldon delicately clasped his hands together and placed them in his lap, awaiting his wife.

Elizabeth threw open the doors to the sitting room, the heavy wood slamming against the thick stone with a loud thud. Her furious steps stopped beside Sheldon, her deep red eyes focused on him. Sheldon turned his head towards his wife, offering her a small smile as he silently appraised her. Her form was hidden behind an impressive black leather floor length coat, heavy silver buttons clasping it closed. He knew underneath, her curvaceous form was hugged by tight black clothing that made it easy to move swiftly and high black leather boots. Her curled raven colored hair hung loose as it always did.

"Where are my trophies?" Elizabeth bit out, her long fangs present.

"I moved them." Sheldon responded neutrally. "They now reside on the training lawn. I assure you they are still in pleasant condition."

"Why were they moved and who the fuck said they could be?" Elizabeth yelled, her voice echoing in the room.

Sheldon's eyes flicked to the door, thankful to see Simon despite the disapproving frown he wore on his face. Vaclav also entered the room, quickly moving to stand behind Elizabeth. Much like Thomas, he would not allow the Queen to do something she would most definitely regret.

"I was tired of looking at them and hearing them, my love." Sheldon smiled slightly, hoping to defuse the situation.

Elizabeth raised a brow at her husband and under normal circumstances he knew her lips would have pursed, they only didn't due to her fangs that were now piercing her bottom lip, beads of blood forming on it. Her fingers twitched at her sides, her control was slipping.

"You were tired of looking at them and hearing them?" Elizabeth repeated softly.

"Yes." Sheldon nodded. "I prefer the only screams that be heard in our room come from your lips, my beauty."

Penny raised her brows at Sheldon's direct reference to sex. That was one thing that had struggled to get used to. He was no longer the bumbling virgin she had met. That was made perfectly clear when she caught Sheldon roughly slamming into Elizabeth as he had her pressed against the wall in an alcove off the main hall a year after her arrival at the castle. The passionate couple did not stop their hot coupling, even after Penny quickly mumbled her apologies and ran away.

"You moved my trophies. The evidence of my hard fight to maintain control and peace of our coven because you only want to hear my screams in our room? I enjoy having my pets close." Elizabeth's tone was cold and precise.

Sheldon carefully stood from his spot on the chair, clasping his hands in front of him as he took a small step towards his wife, gauging the severity of her rage by her response. As expected, she took a step back, a clear indicator that she was trying to not do something she might regret.

"Elisabeta, my love, please try to be reasonable. I do not find the same enjoyment that you do from the sights and sounds that accompany the presence of your trophies. Please, can you compromise on this?" Sheldon softly spoke, his soft blue eyes pleading with his wife.

"That's what this all boils down to doesn't it?" Elizabeth hissed, her hands clenching into fists. "Your displeasure at what I'm doing."

"No!" Sheldon snapped, crossing his arms defensively. "I am not asking you to stop what you're doing, just compromise on where it's displayed."

Elizabeth took a step forward only to find a firm hand gripping her upper arm, Vaclav pressing himself against her back. Thomas carefully moved to stand just behind Sheldon, his hand moving towards his knife that was sheathed in his back holster.

"And why should I?" Elizabeth's voice was a harsh whisper. "They are my reward for the protection I offer to our coven."

Sheldon narrowed his now red eyes, gently leaning forward so they were at eye level. "No, they are fucking fuel to your sadistic fire and if you won't reign it in, Elisabeta, I will."

The room was deathly silent and the tension oppressive. No one moved, nor spoke, for fear of sparking the tight fuse that was Elizabeth. Red eyes stared at red eyes, each daring the other to speak first.

"My Queen." Vaclav softly spoke, his angry eyes focused on Sheldon. "Let us find peace in the dungeons."

Thomas looked to Ana, who nodded quickly to him, before turning back towards Elizabeth.

"Yes, my Queen, we have traitors awaiting." Thomas smirked, his eyes glinting with excitement.

"Yes." Elizabeth whispered harshly.

Sheldon shook his head, rolling his eyes. "Yes, would be a travesty to have one day without you indulging wouldn't it?"

Sheldon heard the sharp slap before he felt it, how he was unsure, but he did. His left cheek immediately radiated pain while the coppery twang of blood met his tongue. When he turned back towards his wife, all he saw was her furious retreating form and the passing forms of Vaclav and Thomas who were no doubt going to join their Queen in the dungeons to not only engage in the torture, but to ensure she did not kill everyone that crossed her path.

Sheldon's eyes flicked to Simon who looked at him sadly, pain evident in his eyes. "Why must you push her so?"

A/N: Okay, so Sheldon and Elizabeth are like every other married couple in the world who have their disagreements. Relieving isn't it? Just a little sneak peak at what is to come in this story: Two old friends from 4A join the coven, Sheldon embraces his darker side, Elizabeth forms a unique bond with Penny & my personal excited favorite...Sheldon and Elizabeth become parents! It will not be through a vampire pregnancy, their child will be through a twisted adoption.

For those interested, the Dracul Manor's ballroom is inspired by the Fairmont Copley Plaza Grand Ballroom. Absolutely STUNNING.