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So at the end of the Epilogue, Pinestar meets Jake and a dying Whitetail. What about Mapleshade? Your answer: She visits Whitetail in StarClan and the two mend broken ties, but at the same time, she also visits Pinestar in his dreams to remind him of his loyalty to ThunderClan ... a little too harshly. And thus, Pinestar starts secretly getting food from Twolegs and meeting up with Jake (He's not gay, just in need of a friend).

Yes, Leopardfoot is his mate and yes, Tigerkit is born. But Pinestar feels as if he cannot share his fears of dying to his family, even though he has an exceptional amount of lives left. Mapleshade watches over him from the Dark Forest, and Pinestar's scheme reminds her too much of Whitetail. So she visits Pinestar one last time before he makes the decision to step down as leader of ThunderClan.

That night in the Twoleg nest (he now lives with Jake) Mapleshade visits him in his dreams and disowns him, exactly what Poppyfrost did to her when she was visiting StarClan for the first time since she died. Mapleshade realizes that her quest for revenge is not over yet, and sadly, it will never be over. In Crookedstar's Promise, it states that Mapleshade is still hungry for revenge, and this trait will never leave her.

I tried to keep most of the things in this fanfiction as close to the real series as possible, and I know that the SkyClan part was kind of off-track, but it was important to include the long-lost Clan. I feel the need not to repeat the reason why, because if you read the entire thing (yes, the entire scary thing) you will find out why.

You must have realized that in the middle of the story I suddenly threw out Sagepaw, RiverClan's old medicine cat apprentice and exchanged her for Bramblepaw to keep the story as close to the original series as possible. I also switched ideas if you might have noticed, but that's because in the middle of the night I'd jump up and realize I haven't included something, or I've forgotten to add something, and then I would also use the ideas from reviewers.

Authors are not perfect, and we forget a lot of things. It's deeply appreciated to the reader to raise questions and suggestions, because that keeps new surprises int he story(:

Last of all, (because to you that are actually reading this A/N, I'm picturing you about to doze off) I hope that your view on Mapleshade has changed. I've always thought she was written by the Hunters in a cruel way, and they didn't really express the true part of her. I'll admit that I took about two days to brainstorm everything and write down every single event, but I feel that it was worth it. Mapleshade is a powerful character and she teaches us so much about love, loss, and family.

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