Summary: (AU) Bra is your typical teenager – that is, if you ignore the fact that she is the fifteen-year-old daughter to the richest woman in the world and an alien prince of a fallen warrior race. With growing interests in shopping, fashion, music, and boys, there seems to be little room left in her busy life for her father's "uncool" training sessions. However, her peaceful, easygoing lifestyle is one day interrupted by an attack on Capsule Corp. Getting caught up in the conflict, she is sent back into the past to the days of Vegeta's service under Frieza. Bra must figure out a way to return to her era and save her family and friends from the alien attackers.

Author's Note(s): Some background information for saiyan culture can be found on my author's page. It is not necessary to read this information to understand this story. It is merely there for reference if more insight is desired.

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Lessons From My Father

Lesson One
Always Be Prepared

By the time I was twelve years old, I was strong enough to defeat, in a spar, the strongest men in the world. And by 'strongest men,' I mean strongest human men. Even still, Daddy was determined to have me train with him for several hours each week. At that age, it was the last thing I wanted to do. I felt I had better things to do with my time, like shopping or hanging out with my friends. But he would hear none of it.

"Why do I have to know how to fight?" I asked him one day.

I was frustrated with him, to say the least. He had been goading me to try to strike him all afternoon – while he was powered up into his super saiyan form – and I had been unsuccessful thus far.

"You will know how to fight because that is what saiyans do," came his answer. That was always his answer.

"But I'm only half saiyan," I reminded him. "I'm also half human and my human half says I don't have to know how to fight."

He powered down; his gold hair and teal eyes darkened to their usual black. His face remained passive, but I could tell that he was growing impatient with me. Through our kinship bond, I could feel him unintentionally brush his conscious against my own. I could feel his disappointment. I tried not to feel ashamed at my outburst, and his resulting dismay, but the shame wiggled itself into my core nonetheless.

I sighed. "I just don't understand," I tried to placate him. "You and Trunks, Uncle Goku and Gohan and Goten. All of you are so much stronger than me. What use could you possibly have of me in a battle? A real battle? You don't need me to know how to fight..."

Daddy remained quiet for some time. His expression remained stoic. But I could feel a shift in his demeanor. He was no longer disappointed. Just... sad, perhaps? I knew he was trying to puzzle out a way to answer me. So I waited. After several long minutes, his composure seemed to deflate.

"As strong as I am, as strong as your brother is, as strong as Kakarot and his brood are... We may not always be able to come to your aid in a time of need. If you always rely on us to save you, then you will not be able to save yourself before it's too late. You must always be prepared for the situation where you will be unable to rely on anyone but yourself."

When he finished, I knew that he was right. I couldn't argue with that logic. Even though I doubted the day would ever come that none of my saiyan family or friends would be able to help me in the face of danger. But I couldn't ignore the wave of concern that I felt through the bond I shared with Daddy. It wasn't for him that he made me train every week. It was for me.

~from The Memoirs of Bra Briefs

Date: Age 793, May 27th
Location: West City, Earth

The sun rose on another beautiful morning in West Capital. The weather was turning warmer. The birds were out singing to each other. The citizens were trickling out of their homes to begin their commutes to work and school.

Life inside the family wing of Capsule Corporation headquarters was starting out as usual, except for one difference. Today was Bra Brief's fifteenth birthday. The young heiress practically bounced down the steps from her bedroom on the second floor, filled with the happy excitement of her very special day. Although her day would start out no different than normal – she was planning on attending school that day, even though her mother had offered to let her stay home – she had a huge celebration planned for that evening. And because her birthday had fallen on a Friday this year, there was no specific curfew for her party to end. "7:00pm to ?" the invitations had said.

The birthday girl pranced into the kitchen where all the members of her family had gathered for breakfast. As usual, her pappy was seated at the table with a newspaper in front of his face – the deep wrinkles in his skin and thin wisps of hair indicated his ninety-three years. Her grammy, despite her own aging body (and the presence of many servo-bots), insisted on bringing servings and helpings of breakfast to the table. Also seated at the table was Bra's mother; one hand holding a cup of coffee and the other scrolling through charts on a tablet. Next to Bulma, Trunks was finishing his breakfast before he and his mother headed to the R&D wing. Just as Bra had entered the kitchen from the second floor, Vegeta had entered from the other side of the room. Wearing only a pair of training shorts and sneakers, he had obviously just returned from his early morning jog.

"Good morning, my lovely family!" Bra sang as she plopped herself down in an empty seat next to her pappy.

From her parents and her brother, she got grunts of acknowledgment. They were all too engrossed in their activities, be it food or company business. But the response she got from her grandparents was much better.

"Good morning, Pumpkin," her pappy happily returned the greeting, setting his paper to the side while doing so. "How are you today?"

"I'm good, Pappy. How are you?"

"I seem to be doing rather well. The arthritis isn't so bad today." His smile morphed into contemplation when he added, "But I think my memory is on the fritz. Seems as though there's something important about today that has slipped my mind..."

Bra giggled. Doc Briefs had been saying the same thing on every one of her birthdays.

"Oh, Dear, there's nothing wrong with your memory! You very well know what day it is today," Kiki Briefs chided her husband. She turned to Bra and handed her a tiny package wrapped in pink paper and elegant ribbons. "Happy birthday, Sweetie!"

"Thank you, Grammy," Bra said as she accepted the gift. "Are you sure I can open it now? My party isn't until later..."

Her grammy waved her age-spotted hand dismissively. "You go ahead and open it now. You'll be too busy entertaining your friends tonight to bother with your Pappy and me."

Bra gave her grandmother a mock-pout. "Don't say that, Grammy! I'll always have time for you and Pappy!"

Kiki, while touched by her granddaughter's honest and heartfelt rebuke, pushed Bra onward. "Well, go on! Open it!"

The teenager's gaze dropped to the package in her hands. By now, she had gained the attention of her parents and her brother. Bulma and Trunks took a moment to pull themselves out of their own little worlds to give her their full and undivided attention. While Vegeta continued to shovel food into his mouth, his decreased pace was enough indication for Bra to know that he was watching as well.

Bra carefully slid the ribbons off of the small present and set them aside. How her grandmother was able to tie so many ribbons around such a small box was beyond her. She found a seam in the paper and gently tore it away. A jewelry box was revealed to her, but she had already guessed what type of box it was based on touch alone. She flipped open the lid and sucked in a breath of air. Inside was a pair of teardrop-shaped ruby earrings set against gold studs.

"Oh, Grammy... they're beautiful! Thank you so much!"

The birthday girl stood up and gave her grandmother a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The feel of her grandmother's small, bony form caused Bra to be consciously mindful of her own strength. After the embrace, she showed the earrings to her parents and brother. Bulma complimented her mother on her selection. Trunks agreed that they looked nice. Vegeta nodded his acknowledgment but said nothing otherwise and continued with his meal. Bra sat back down in her seat. She removed the earrings from the box and hooked them into her ears.

"They look perfect on you, sweetie!" Kiki cooed.

The Doc then chimed in, "Don't forget my gift!"

He slid a gift bag across the table towards Bra. The bag, with the image of balloons and "Happy Birthday" printed all over it, was much larger than the box that her grammy had given her. Bra pushed the white tissue paper aside and found a box deep inside. Her eyes widened when she saw what it was. From the bag, she pulled out the newest piece of technology that the company was producing: the CC smart-watch.

"Oh my... Pappy! These aren't even available in stores yet!"

The elderly man beamed. "That's the very first one off of the production line, my Dear. Not even your brother has one yet."

Bra glanced over at Trunks to gauge his reaction. As the head of the company's R&D team, it was usually his privilege to own new tech first. But instead of receiving a bitter or jealous look from the twenty-seven-year old, she got an impish smile.

"It's true," he confirmed.

Her pappy grabbed her attention again. "That watch comes with all the standard applications; current time in all the time zones, calendar, event planner, calculator, dictionary, address book, contact list, cell phone, GPS, compass, and weather forecaster. It has a built-in 22 megapixel camera and has four holo-lenses to project a three dimensional display. In addition, it can connect wirelessly to just about any computerized device you already own; your smart phone, your laptop, the computers in your mother's labs..."

"That's so champ!" she breathed.

"But there's one more function that's been programmed into your smart watch that no other smart watch will have," her pappy stated.

Bra's curiosity was peaked. "What's that?"

Bulma, having an idea, blurted, "You didn't..." But her interruption went unnoticed.

The Doc answered his granddaughter. "There's a dragonball locator designed into it as well."

"Really?" the teenager asked.

"Yep," her Pappy confirmed.

Bra didn't know how to respond so instead she stood up from her seat once more and gave her grandfather a hug and a kiss on his wrinkled cheek. "Thank you so much, Pappy!"

"You're welcome, Sweetheart."

When Bra peeled herself away from her pappy, Trunks cleared his throat to gain her attention. "My turn," he said as he tossed a small envelope across the table. "I'm not sure if I'll make it to your party tonight or not, so I figured I'd give this to you now."

Her brother's words only fueled her curiosity. She picked up the envelope; it was almost too small to contain a card of any sort. But there was one tucked away inside, nonetheless. She carefully slid it out of its case and two laminated squares of paper fell onto the surface of the table. She retrieved these, but before looking at them, she read the handwritten words on the inside of the card first, scrawled in her brother's scratchy penmanship. It read:

To my baby sister who isn't a baby anymore. Happy birthday, sis. Love, Trunks.

Bra smiled at the birthday wish and then finally focused on the plastic sleeves in her other hand. Concert tickets. She turned them over. The front displayed the words Sunrise Five and Backstage Pass. Her jaw dropped. Her brother had gotten her tickets to see her absolute favorite boy band!

"Oh, Trunks! This is fantabulous!"

The lavender-haired man blushed a little under the compliment. "I figured that you'd like 'em. I recently retrofitted their tour buses with several upgrades. As thanks for getting the upgrades finished so quickly, their manager gave me the tickets."

"Thank you, Trunks!" Bra practically skipped around the table and latched onto her brother. She didn't hold anything back in this hug, knowing full well that her big and strong brother could handle it. He lightly returned the embrace; he didn't share the bubbly exuberance that his sister had.

Bulma sighed. "Well, since we all seem to be doing gifts now, I suppose it won't hurt to give you mine, too."

Bra separated from her brother so she could face her mother. "If you want to wait until the party, that's okay, Momma."

"Well, I think you may want it before the party anyway," the Capsule Corp. CEO replied.

She handed a large, but light, box to her daughter. Bra carefully peeled away the sparkling blue paper to reveal a clothing box. She lifted the lid. Inside was a rich red garment. Bra lifted the item from the box slowly with eyes full of wonder. It was a beautiful silk dress with spaghetti straps, a low cut back, and fell to mid-thigh. It was the dress that Bra had been eyeballing for several weeks.

"Oh, Momma..." she breathed. "Thank you so much!" She gently set the dress back down and gave her mother a huge hug.

When the mother and daughter duo separated, Bulma added, "And I have another surprise for you. I know you said you couldn't skip school today because of an exam, so I'm going to pick you up early instead. I've made an appointment to take you to Madame's Health and Beauty Spa this afternoon. Facial, manicure, pedicure, full body massage, the whole deal. I promise, you'll love it."

A wide smile spread across the teenager's face. "Thank you, Momma. It sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!"

Bulma nodded in agreement, happy that her daughter was pleased. At that moment, Vegeta excused himself from the table without a word. His silent departure garnered the attention of the entire family. Bra wondered if perhaps he had left to retrieve a gift he had gotten for her, since everyone else had preemptively given her their gifts. She, like everyone else, waited for his return. But when he never came back, the anticipation in the air shifted to awkwardness. Everyone slowly averted their attentions back towards the tasks they had been in the midst of before the gift exchange had started; the Doc to his paper, Kiki to her cooking, Bulma to her tablet, and Trunks to his breakfast.

Bra tried not to let her disappointment show on her face. She had gotten so many wonderful presents already. How could she expect herself to demand more? But it wasn't the lack of or desire for more material things that plagued her. It was about her father acknowledging her birthday. She loved her father very much. He was her daddy. She might not always understand him and sometimes his behaviors may seem odd to her. But his approval had always been important to her. Perhaps it was because his expectations were so high. Perhaps it was because everyone else in her family just accepted her for who she was, whether she grew up to work in a high position in the family business or if she followed her grammy's footsteps and became a housewife. It was always her father who had pushed her, who had demanded more from her, who worked very hard to guide and shape her life.

It was for these reason that it hurt her, just a little bit, when he had gotten up and left the room without so much as a "Happy birthday" from him.

Bra ate a quick breakfast as these thoughts rattled around her head and her disappointment festered in her her heart. A car horn from the front courtyard alerted Bra to the fact that her friends had pulled up out front to pick her up for school. She jumped up from her seat, said goodbye to each of her family members, sans Vegeta, and headed for the front vestibule. She grabbed her bag on her way out, quickly greeted the secretary and security guards stationed in the vestibule, and exited the building. As she climbed into the red sedan and received birthday wishes from her friends, she decided to put the unpleasant feelings of her father's aloofness out of her mind. This was her birthday and she was going to enjoy it.

Bra sat in her sixth period classroom. The room was silent except for the sounds of pencils scratching on sheets of paper and buttons being pressed on graphing calculators. A set of calculus equations, unsolved, were written on the white board at the front of the room. The teacher, a middle-aged brunette woman, sat at her desk, using the time to write up future lesson plans and homework assignments, no doubt. The two dozen students – all two to three years Bra's senior – had their heads bent over the math problems they were working on.

The blue-haired teenager looked up at the numbers and symbols written in blue dry-erase marker on the boards in front of the classroom. Then back down to the paper on the desk in front of her. She had worked out the first three of the ten equations almost without having to think about them. The problems were just too easy for her. They provided absolutely no challenge.

Twice already, Bra had skipped ahead in school. She knew that she could have easily skipped ahead once or twice more, just as her brother had done. But she also knew how this behavior had isolated Trunks. With every grade level that Trunks had skipped, the age gap between himself and his classmates had widened ever more so until, eventually, he was enrolled in courses among those who were five years older than him. And what seventeen- or eighteen-year-old wants to associate with a twelve-year-old? Only those who wished to prey upon his wealth and naivety.

Bra, who craved social bonds much more than Trunks ever had, didn't want to repeat the same mistake her brother had made and she had refused to skip ahead any further than she already had. She wanted to form real friendships, not the fake friends who had taken advantage of her brother. And she had done just that. But the payoff for her social life was that she was intellectually unchallenged.

Despite how easy the exam questions were, Bra simply couldn't concentrate. She knew that she should have been able to complete the test within fifteen minutes, if even that. But the end of the forty-five minute class period was less than ten minutes away. And still, she was only halfway through the fourth equation. So what was it that was distracting her? There was an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something akin to ...adrenaline? ...nerves? ...anxiety? But why? She had no reason to experience this build up of nervous energy. It must be that she was excited over her birthday celebrations later that day. An afternoon at the spa with her momma, followed by a massive party. Yea. That was it. She was just excited over her plans.

But how could she explain the sense of foreboding she was experiencing? It's as if the air feels... off. She shook that thought aside. How redonkulous! I can't feel how the air is! The argument felt weak, however, as if she was trying to fool herself. It was almost as if the very air itself carried a vibration that was so subtle that it was undetectable by normal human senses. It seemed to pull at her. It called out to her; her blood seemed to thrum in sync with the soft, alluring pulse of energy in the air. Her hands were trembling, she realized. She flattened her palms against the surface of her desk, trying to settle her nerves. And that was when she felt a major shake rumble beneath her, a shock wave so great that her classmates felt it as well. Murmuring erupted around her as everyone discussed the possible cause of the disturbance.

Was that an earthquake? Bra wondered. A minor one, perhaps, just barely strong enough to alert everyone to its presence. But no, that couldn't be right. There were two major flaws with that theory. First, the shock wave was too short lived to have been an earthquake. Instead, it felt as if it had struck her and then passed over her just as quickly as it raced away from its source. Second, she knew that West City didn't lie anywhere near any fault lines. So what had caused the unusual occurrence?

"Oh my God!" one of the students called out above the mumbles of speculation. "Look!"

Everyone followed his gaze out the window. The window faced West City and offered a perfect view of the cityscape. Except that perfect view was now tainted with billowing black smoke from some unknown location at the opposite side of the metropolis. Tests forgotten, the students and their teacher rushed towards the windows for a better look. They theorized what the cause of such smoke could be. A gas line broken during the earthquake, maybe? Or maybe a building that was not up to code had fallen over? On and on it went like this.

Only Bra had remained in her seat. Something terrible is happening. But what? There must have been an explosion somewhere in the city. It's the only thing that could explain that shock wave and the fire fueling that massive cloud of smoke... Instinctively, she did what she usually did when she was riddled with unsettling thoughts and feelings; she reached out through her kinship bond in search of her brother's comfort and her father's reassurance. But when she reached out to them, she found... nothing. She reeled in her mental projection, gasping. Why can't I feel Daddy or Trunks? Her fears magnified tenfold with the inability to form a mental connection with her family. No, it was more than not being able to connect with them. It was as if they were... gone. Missing. Nonexistent.

The blue-haired teen mechanically rose from her chair and unconsciously grabbed her bag at her feet. She joined her classmates by the window. Shorter than them due to her age, she had to push her way to the glass pane. There was no difficulty in forcing her way through since she was so much stronger than them. The few students that she had gently shoved out of her way gave her odd looks as she did so, but with the more interesting mystery unfolding beyond their limited view of the city, they paid little attention to her sudden and inexplicable strength.

Bra reached the window and looked out. Thick, black, ugly smoke belched into the sky; its source lay somewhere on the other side of a large cluster of buildings in the distance. These buildings were among the first built when the city had been established and were dwarfed by the skyscrapers in the city center. If these historical buildings had been large like their newer counterparts, she doubted they'd have been able to see the smoke at all.

The blunette's eyes widened as she took in the sight. She knew exactly where that smoke was coming from. It's coming from Capsule Corporation! The dread in the pit of her stomach intensified. She felt nauseous with fear. She slung her bag onto her back to free up her hands and then pressed both palms against the glass panel of the window. She pushed. With little effort, the pane popped out from its frame; the window fell to the asphalt three stories below and shattered. Startled, her classmates backed away from the open portal, fearing for their safety and not realizing that the panel had been intentionally forced out. Ignoring her fellow students, Bra climbed onto the windowsill. A few of the students called out to her.

"What are you doing?"

"Get away from there!"

"Bra, be careful! That's dangerous!"

She didn't listen to them as she hung out of the window. She launched herself away from the building. As she fell beneath the line of sight of her classmates, she could hear them gasp and cry out in alarm. But they had no reason to fear. Bra gathered up her ki beneath her and propelled herself skyward. The students gasped in awe and wonder as they watched her magically fly away towards the smoky distance. Their teacher collapsed in a faint.

Once Bra was out in the open, the odd sensations she felt in the air had intensified. There was a strange hum, a subtle energy electrifying the air. It was peculiar and unfamiliar to her. Not unlike ki, yet not like it either. What is it that I keep feeling? Where is it coming from? Well... she knew where it was coming from; from the direction of Capsule Corporation. But from who was it coming? And how? And it was strong, too. Very strong. Its magnitude stirred her anxiety and the absence of her father's and brother's presence only exacerbated this anxiety. At the same time, she felt drawn to it. She was compelled to investigate. If not for any other reason, she had to know what was going on. To make sure that her family was alright.

The closer Bra got to her home, the thicker and blacker the smoke swirling in the air became. She was close enough now to smell its acrid, horrific scent. And given the innumerable amount of different chemicals and materials stored at CC Headquarters, the smoke was likely extremely dangerous to inhale. She covered her face with a hand to try to block the toxic fumes, but of course it did little to filter the air she was inhaling. Her eyes watered and her throat burned, but she pressed on.

The yellow dome building that served as her home and her family's business came into view. Thick, ugly smoke was billowing out from the family wing. She froze in place overlooking her home. She gasped as she realized the horrors of this fact. Grammy and Pappy were in there! Did they get out in time? Were they even home when the explosion happened? Are they alright? Where are they now? And then came the second important question. Because the smoke was coming from the family wing and not the R&D wing, as she had expected, she wondered, how had the fire started?

Bra approached the building. Emergency crews had not yet arrived. Capsule Corp employees were fleeing from the building, racing from all exits... all exits except for the family wing, located on the west side of the dome. She landed on the side of the west wing where there were few people to see her in flight and where the smoke would obscure her from those who could have seen her. She raced towards the patio doors which would take her into the kitchen. But an imposing figure suddenly filled the doorway from within, blocking her entrance into the building. She skidded to a halt.

The man preventing Bra's access to her home was humanoid, but definitely not human. He had dark purple skin and shoulder-length yellow hair that was so pale that it looked almost white. He was very tall and his muscles were bulky. Too bulky, she observed, like a brute. His body took up almost the entire doorway. He wore body armor from head to toe, but the armor was far different than the armor her father wore from time to time. This man's armor was sleek, formfitting, and black. Clipped over his ear was a communication device. And from the earpiece, a single lens was attached that sat in front of his left eye. Bra recognized it as a scouter. He pressed a button on the side of the scouter and she could see digits light up on the lens. The numbers stopped after a moment and the man's grin grew even wider. Too late, she realized, she should have lowered her ki.

His lips were parted in a gleeful sneer. His eyes were deep black obsidian pits filled with malice. They ran down the length of Bra's body and back up again, making her feel exposed, dirty, and vulnerable. The Brute took a step forward, crossing the threshold and onto the patio. Unnerved, Bra took a step back. The man took another step towards her. She stepped back again. Each time the teenager retreated, the man's eyes grew more predatory.

The Brute pressed another button on the scouter and then spoke in a language that Bra had never heard before. "O gu'eirv eruds ei'ar eid e jo ku'eis maigaim. O daiht chaa nov kaa ag zi'aa'er kmav vei." A pause while he listened to the response on the other end. And then, "Egsnevaig."

The look the Brute gave Bra caused chills to run up and down her spine. Fear pooled in the pit of her stomach. She bolted. The girl launched herself into the air. She needn't glance behind her to know that he was in fast pursuit. Tears formed in her eyes as terror filled her. She wished more than anything that her daddy or even her big brother were there to save her. The blunette attempted evasive maneuvers. She darted up and down, left and right. She used the billowing smoke a few times to try to throw him off of her trail.

Despite Bra's speed and agility, the Brute was quickly gaining on her. She realized she had no choice but to turn and fight. He would catch her soon anyhow, and with her father and brother missing, she was on her own. The blunette turned to face her pursuer just in time to block a fist that had been aimed at the back of her head. She reacted without thought. She blocked his fist with her left forearm. He pressed the attack with a series of blows. Left jab, right hook, right uppercut, left cross, right kick. To these, she also acted without thinking. Dodge, duck, block, dodge, block.

The blue-haired girl defended herself very well. In truth, however, she was absolutely terrified. Her thoughts were chaotic. What do I do? I've never been in a real fight before! Why am I being attacked? How am I going to stop him? She was too frightened to do more than defend herself. She was incapable of forming any offense. Her ability to formulate a plan of attack had oozed out of her the very moment this man began to chase her. Her current actions were fueled only by instinct and self-preservation.

Unfortunately, Bra's luck was about to change for the worse. She was focused on her attacker. Too focused. She hadn't detected the arrival of a newcomer. The teenager was taken by surprise with a brutal blow delivered to the side of her head. She immediately plummeted to the ground, crashing into her grandmother's garden. Fertilizer, wood chips, and flowers exploded upon impact.

Bits of dirt and debris rained down upon Bra's prone form. She didn't immediately rise from her impact crater. Instead, she quietly whimpered, clutching the left side of her face. Pain throbbed from her temple down to her jawbone. The girl sobbed. Why is this happening to me? Where's Daddy? Where's Trunks? Why aren't they here to save me? The sound of two sets of feet setting down on the ground reminded her that she was not alone; that she couldn't afford to be weak and sniveling. She slowly sat up, opened her eyes, and looked upon the new arrival.

This one was a female. Much more slender than the male, but almost as tall. Her skin was a lighter shade of purple and her waist-length hair was a fiery red. Her armor matched that of her male counterpart and she, too, had a scouter. The woman's eyes were dark brown and looked upon Bra with a mocking pity. Her lips, painted a dark purple, smirked with evil delight. Yes, you even look like a bitch, Bra thought hatefully.

The woman spoke to her comrade. "Es aa'ei cheis chai aiz dai vevs ag e zi'aa'er? Chai zaanz vei kedaivait vei naa."

"Chai nazv kaa ei'ar. Js ku'eis maigaim oz vei jo," he answered.

The Bitch hummed in thought. "Eiz dai zmairaiv uu'ig ur js. O ei'erv vei zaa og chai saa'etvz vei aiv."

The Brute pressed a button on a device strapped to his left wrist. Instantly, that bizarre energy that Bra had felt earlier flared to life once again. Now that she was at point blank range, the sensation was overwhelming. She felt as if she were drowning in it. It flowed over her and through her. The energy sang to a deep place within her core, triggering an indescribable and unnameable instinct. The teenager could feel herself surrendering to its call. She was slowly becoming a thrall to the power of the vibration. She was aware of this fact, but helpless to stop it. This paralyzing inability to shake off the effect it had on her caused her fright to escalate. Yet, at the same time, she felt soothed by the energy they were projecting at her.

Finally, relief came. The Brute pressed something on his wrist again, and the sensation stopped. Immediately, Bra felt as if she had been released from a hypnotic spell. She felt a wave a dizziness, but it was only momentary. The only lasting effect was that she suddenly felt empty and unsatisfied without the energy's influence on her. This hollow feeling of unfulfillment bothered her terribly. It indicated that the power of the sensation was too potent, too addicting... and too controlling.

Unfortunately for Bra, her situation was about to get even worse. A third intruder arrived. He landed gently on the ground, taking a place in front of the other two. Their boss, then, Bra inferred based upon the fact that he placed himself in front of the others. His skin was almost as dark a shade of purple as the Brute. His height fell in between his male and female counterparts. His short cropped hair was a dark orange. He was muscular, but lean. His black eyes were stoic, calculating, drinking in Bra's form. She tried to appear confident under his scrutiny, but the aftermath of that energy wave hindered her.

Finally, he spoke. To her surprise, it was in human common. "You are a saiyan." It was not a question, but rather, spoken as a known fact.

The blunette's eyes widened a fraction. How did he know? She mentally slapped herself. The scouter, of course! The Brute had gotten my ki reading and probably reported it to Boss-man here. They know I'm not like normal humans. But their first guess is that I'm a saiyan? How could they have immediately come to that conclusion? Was it that energy wave they hit me with? Was it meant to cause a reaction only in saiyans and no other species? It seems probable... But she refused to confirm his spoken observation. They weren't going to get any information from her if she could help it. Bra scowled defiantly at her attackers as she rose to her feet. She winced momentarily, pain caused by her earlier impact shot up and down her left side.

But the Bitch grinned triumphantly, having inferred the confirmation from Bra's silence. "Ah, you are saiyan!" she replied, using the human language – and butchering it horrifically. "You scowl exactly like scoundrel prince. Daughter you must be. Though, coloring is odd. But coloring of son of prince was odd too."

Bra mentally cursed. How could they have figured it out so quickly? Am I being careless? Apparently, she wasn't schooling her features very well... But the Bitch is being careless too. She compared me to Daddy and Trunks. So they must have already run into them. That's the only explanation. How else would they know how they look? And since these freaks must have encountered Daddy and Trunks, then they must know what has happened to them.

The Boss spoke again. "She is the last one, then." His subordinates nodded. "Once we have dealt with this one, this planet shall be cleansed of the saiyan plague."

Bra's eyes widened fearfully. Her Daddy. Trunks. Uncle Goku. Gohan, Goten, and Pan. What did they do to them? She shook with rage. She felt sick with fear. They were all so strong! How could these... people have possibly defeated her saiyan family and friends? Wasn't Uncle Goku one of the strongest men in the universe? Wasn't her father a very close second? How could this have possibly happened?

"What did you to do them?" Bra demanded, trying and failing miserably at holding back tears of anger and grief. She tried to sound strong, but even in her own ears, she sounded meek.

The Boss obliged her an answer, but it was vague. "We have neutralized the saiyans inhabiting his world. We have guaranteed that no more harm will come as a result of their actions."

Bra didn't understand. What harm have any of them ever caused? They all live peacefully here on Earth. All of them have saved the Earth many times over. Uncle Goku liberated the galaxy from Frieza's tyranny. And then he and Daddy saved the universe from evil Buu's sadism. What did they do wrong?

"You're making a mistake," the teenager argued pitifully. "They were all good people." She wiped away a traitorous tear that had spilled down her cheek.

The Brute and the Bitch snickered at her as if she were a naïve little girl. The former mocked, "Girl thinks saiyans good! Ha!"

Bra was insulted. And rightfully so. "They are good," she insisted, but then realized how childish she sounded. No wonder they were amused by her. She could feel her face burn with embarrassment.

The Bitch rebutted, "No saiyans are good. All saiyans make war and death. Know nothing of love. No value for life."

"You're wrong," the teenager growled.

"Your father is the saiyan prince, Vegeta, yes?" the Boss inquired.

"Would it make a difference whether I confirmed or denied it?" Bra snapped.

The Boss answered her question. "I suppose it does not, though I suspect that you are indeed the daughter of the vile prince."

"Don't call him that," Bra demanded, but her request was ignored.

"The prince of all saiyans. Vegeta II. He, of all the saiyans, was the most despicable. All of the crimes committed by the rest of the saiyan race combined are nothing in comparison to what your father wrought in his youth. You, little girl, are sprung from the seed of a monster."

The blunette shook with fury. How can this jerk stand there and spew such horrific lies? Daddy is a good man! Sure, he's a little rough around the edges. Yea, he's often difficult and stubborn. And everyone knows that he can be impatient and short-tempered. And, yea, sometimes he fails to acknowledge important events – like my birthday today. But that doesn't mean Daddy isn't a good person! He's also fiercely loyal and protective. He's honest with everything he says and does, even if the truth is brutal. He always makes himself available to me and Trunks whenever we need his advice or guidance. And although he has a funny way of showing it, I know that Daddy loves us.

The Boss could see from Bra's defiant glare that she refused to believe the allegations against Vegeta's character. "I see you are disillusioned. Your father has told you nothing of his past, has he?"

"He's told me," the blue-haired girl insisted. But the truth was that very little had actually been revealed to her. She knew of her father's indenture into Frieza's army. She knew that he had been forced to work against his will for the arcosian prince. But he had never actually told her what that had consisted of. This black hole birthed a fraction of doubt in her mind.

The Boss picked up on her uncertainty. "Prince Vegeta has committed atrocities too many in his lifetime to count. He was Frieza's favored pet, loosed upon the galaxy. He was an enslaver of many races. A murderer. A slayer of entire species. And a destroyer of worlds."

Bra felt her world fall out from beneath her. Was this true? Did Daddy really do those things? No, she refuted. He's lying. He's just trying to unnerve me. Daddy's never hurt anyone who wasn't evil. Right? As far as I know he hasn't done anything bad. But the Boss had planted the seed of doubt in her mind and she no longer knew what to believe.

They're gonna kill me cuz they think Daddy was a bad guy, Bra fretted, just like they killed Daddy and Trunks and Uncle Goku and everyone else! Bra wiped away another tear that had spilled from her eye. She hadn't realized that she had been crying. She hated looking so weak and vulnerable. She cursed herself.

Dammit Bra, pull yourself together. Don't listen to him! This guy is trying to confuse you! You have to think straight. Remember... Daddy taught you how to fight. You have to fight, to save yourself, so that you can save everyone else later.

But I can't fight all three of them at once, she knew.

Of course not. That's why you have to get them to split up.

But how?

Lie to them, convince them.


Bra sniffled. "So... that's why you... why my Daddy and my brother are d- d- ...gone?" She couldn't force the word dead past her lips.

"Yes," answered the Boss.

"And Uncle Goku's family?"

"I presume you are referring to the saiyan known as Kakarot. Yes."

Okay, Bra. Here we go...

"And Auntie Celera? Mr. Kale? Soy? All of them?"

This time the Boss didn't immediately answer. But his face remained stoic, hiding whether or not he believed her. The Bitch and the Brute, however, showed concern and alarm. They looked to their leader with questioning looks, not that he could see their faces behind his back. They waited for his next order. The Boss continued to scrutinize the blue-haired girl.

Come on, Bra! Make it convincing!

The teenager hiccuped. Fresh tears fell down her face. "You did get them all, didn't you?" She let her face crumple in grief. This grief came a little too naturally after she spoke her last sentence, knowing that 'all of them' included all of her loved ones.

It was enough to convince the Boss. "Go," he ordered his comrades. "Sweep the planet for these other saiyans. After I've finished with this one, I shall join you."

The Bitch and the Brute waited no longer. They immediately launched themselves into the sky, heading in opposite directions. Good. They took the bait. Now you can take this guy.

But Bra still had her doubts. How am I supposed to do that? This guy is stronger than the other two are. And he was able to defeat Daddy and Trunks and everyone else. How am I supposed to beat him?

Fight dirty.

What? Fight dirty? But that's dishonorable!

Was it honorable when that Bitch sucker-punched you? Was it honorable when they stunned you with that device? Was it honorable when the three of them had you surrounded and were going to off you?

Well... no...

No, it wasn't. This stopped being honorable the moment they started killing your friends and family. And what good will honor do you when you're dead too?

You're right.

The Boss, seeing Bra's vulnerability, continued his spiel by recalling a personal account, intending to break her resolve further. "Prince Vegeta is the very culprit who destroyed my home world. Only myself and my two siblings are the survivors. Every last one of my people are gone, by your father's hands, snuffed out with little more than a passing thought. Mine is only one example of your father's heinous crimes, of all the atrocities he committed."

Bra shook with a long list of emotions. Fury and fear were at the top of that list. Anger at his words. Afraid that he was right. Anger at herself for standing there like a fool. Afraid that she would continue to just stand there. Her tears were beyond her control at that point and it made her face burn with shame. I don't want him to think I'm weak. I don't want him to see me as easy prey.

But in that moment, an idea formed in her mind. No, let him see you as scared and helpless. Let him think that you are powerless to stop them. And when his guard is down... strike!

The blunette poured on the waterworks. "No, Daddy isn't like that," the blunette pathetically sobbed. "You're wrong." She let her tears flow freely now. Her enemy showed no pity, but she could see that already his posture had relaxed. Good. Now I need a distraction, she plotted. She knew exactly what to do.

"I'm afraid not," the Boss patronized. "And now, I'm sorry to tell you, but it's time to end this."

The intruder stepped towards Bra. The teenager stepped back, faking a stumble while doing so. He'll think I'm clumsy, she knew, and all the better to ease him into a false sense of superiority. Sure enough, his grin widened, reflecting the gain in his confidence. He stretched a hand out towards her, gathering red ki in the palm of his hand. She timidly ducked her head. She brought both of her hands up to her face to wipe away her tears, shutting her eyes tight as if to rid them of the unwanted moisture.

Now for the delivery, she thought.

Instead of clearing her face of her tears, she lifted her outstretched hands to the sides of her face and called out, "SOLAR FLARE!"

Her adversary's scream signified her success. Bra wasted no time. She launched herself at the intruder. She threw a series of attacks at him. Blinded by the solar flare, the Boss was unable to defend himself. She threw a right uppercut to his chin. A left and then a right jab to his stomach. He hunched over. She kneed him in his face. He stumbled backwards as blood gushed from his nose. She lunged forward, closing the sudden gap, and threw her right elbow into his sternum. He gasped for air. Relentlessly, she kicked him in the left side of his head with her right foot, connecting with the scouter attached there and shattering it to pieces. He staggered to his right.

By then, the Boss's sight began to return. Bra threw a left hook at him, but he was able to dodge it. She didn't give up, however. She followed it with a right cross, but this time he blocked it. She thrust her left knee at him. He countered with a left hook of his own. It glanced off of her cheek. The contact, while it didn't hurt much, still shocked her. The Boss pressed his attack with several jabs. Right, left, left, right, left. She blocked the first two, took the third to her ribcage, the fourth to her jaw, and barely ducked below the last.

Come on, Bra! You aren't fighting dirty!

That's right! she realized. Still crouched beneath the Boss's last attack, Bra delivered a powerful uppercut to his groin. He doubled over in pain. Keep going! She kneed him again in the nose. And again. The Boss weakly reached a hand up towards her and blasted her with ki. The blunette released her opponent and staggered backwards, clutching her singed face. New tears sprung from her eyes.

Her opponent was recovering. He stumbled to his feet, one hand still cupping his groin. He gritted his teeth in anger. The blood from his nose streamed over his mouth and coated his teeth. Bra blinked the tears from her eyes. She dropped herself into a fighting stance. She expected the Boss to make the next move; she was suddenly intimidated by the fury on his face. Instead, he quickly schooled his features and reigned in his temper. He wiped the excess blood from his face and inspected it. Then he grinned at her, a cross between malice and amusement.

"You know, you almost had me fooled," the Boss scoffed. "I was almost convinced that you were an anomaly among the saiyans. I began to think that you were completely naïve and sheltered from your saiyan ways. For a brief moment, I began to wonder if you even were a saiyan. But I see now that that's not true. You've more than proven to me that you are just as ruthless and sadistic as the rest of your despicable race."

Bra bristled. "Stop saying that! We aren't evil or despicable or any of those things you keep saying!"

The Boss ignored her rant. "You see, I was going to be merciful. I was going to make your end quick and painless. But I see that that simply will not do. Since you refuse to believe what you are, what your species has done, what your father truly is, I feel that it is only fitting that you should find out for yourself. And after you have faced this reality, I shall let you cling to the rest of your days suffering with the brutal truth."

The blunette was perplexed, yet skeptical. "What are you talking about? What are you gonna make me do? Write a research paper about it? Oh, wait, I know! You're gonna make me watch old home movies of your planet's demise!"

It was a low blow, and she knew it, but if she could unnerve him like he had attempted to do to her minutes before, then perhaps she could regain the upper hand. His response, however, was little more than a slight narrowing of his eyes. He raised his right hand and gathered energy into his palm.

"Tsuuruu zgais."

The Boss released the red sphere of ki from his hand. Bra braced herself for the impact, crossing her arms in front of her. The energy connected with her. To her surprise, it didn't hurt. It did, however, seem to consume her. It washed over her, covering every square inch of her body, encasing her in a cocoon of foreign energy. It puzzled and amazed her, yet frightened and alarmed her. The teenager had only a moment to ponder her situation when she felt as if she were being lifted off of her feet. That was when the pain started.

Bra felt as if her body was collapsing into itself, forced into a single point deep within her core. The experience was excruciating. She screamed in pain. She curled in on herself, writhing in agony. And when she felt that she could no longer tolerate it, the discomfort disappeared. The next thing she knew, she was falling.

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