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Pure, unimaginable pain.

Worse than hundreds of Crucio's being cast simultaneously on one person.

This is what tore through the body of a young wizard at precisely 12:00 am on July 31, 1996.

This wizard's name was Harry James Potter, and he was in for a big surprise.


Harry awoke to the familiar tapping of an owl at his window. 'Damn owls,' he thought. 'It's going to wake up the whale. Better find out what it wants so the pest can leave…'

Harry walked to and opened the window so the owl could fly in. The owl took her place on Hedwig's perch, since she was out hunting. Harry relieved the owl of its burden, and opened the letter.

Mr. Potter,

We here at Gringott's have taken notice that today is your sixteenth birthday. We have urgent information regarding your magical inheritance.

'Hmmm, I remember Hermione talking about that. She said something about growth spurts and small boosts in magical power.'

We also need to speak with you about your claiming lordships


and estates, and also the wills of Sirius Black, James Potter and Lily Potter. This paper will act as a portkey and take you directly to the office of Griphook, your account manager. The password is "gold."



Head Goblin of GIngott's Wizarding Bank

After reading the letter, Harry grabbed some clothes from Whale Jr.'s hand-me-downs and proceeded to the bathroom only to get a shock when he looked in the mirror. The man, not boy, standing before him could not possibly be himself.

He had had a growth spurt overnight, and a rather large one at that. He had grown from the smallest boy in his year at 5' 1", to the tallest at 6' 2". His muscles had filled out, somehow undoing the damage from years of malnutrition. His face had lost its baby fat and had become more angular, with more aristocratic features. His hair had grown from the short bird's nest to long, silky raven black that went down to his waist.

When Harry had recovered, he stepped into the shower and washed himself. When he washed his groin, he discovered that his muscles weren't the only thing that had grown. After washing his hair, he decided to use some of his Aunt Petunia's conditioner to keep it in good shape. Harry got out of the shower, dried off, and dressed in Whale Jr.'s clothes.

Harry left the bathroom, and ran into Whale Jr. in the hall, who attempted pushed him into the wall. This landed him flat on his ass when Harry pushed him away.

"What are you doing up so early, freak boy? What happened to you? Did your freaks teach you how to look better so Cedric would finally fuck you?"

"Go away, Dudley, before I get my wand."

Dudley scrambled to his feet and ran when he heard the underlying threat. Harry walked back to his room and picked up his wand and the parchment from Gringott's.

"Gold," and Harry felt the familiar pull behind his navel.


When he landed, Harry saw the room he was in was very Spartan. It was made of marble, with an ornate oak door. In the room, there was a desk, which a goblin sat behind, and a chair.

Harry bowed slightly and said, "May your gold grow and your enemies' blood cover your blades," by way of traditional goblin greeting.

For a second, Griphook was too astounded by hearing the respectful greeting used by a wizard, as goblins, since they were "creatures," were look down upon by the wizards, but then replied with a slight bow and, "May your ventures be prosperous and your enemies bleed by your hand."

Harry took the other chair in the room and waited for Griphook to begin.

"Hello Mr. Potter. Before we get started, I need a drop of blood to make sure you are who you say you are," Griphook stated as he held a dagger and a piece of charmed parchment out to Harry. Harry took them, pricked his finger, and allowed one drop of his blood to fall onto the paper. Immediately upon impact, the blood began to trace words on the parchment. Harry handed it back to Griphook, and waited. A minute later, when the blood was done, Griphook looked over the parchment.

"Well, Mr. Potter, it seems that you are very wealthy. This is a copy of your birth certificate. It shows your parents, godparents, magical guardian, blood status, titles, money and abilities."

Griphook handed the parchment to Harry, who whistled as he look it over.

Certificate of Birth

Name:Hadrian James Potter, Pureblood

Father:James Charlus Potter, Pureblood, Deceased

Mother:Lily Luna Potter nee Parkinson, Pureblood, Deceased

Godfather:Sirius Orion Black

Godmother:Bellatrix Druella Lestrange


"Yes, Mr. Potter, you are. I believe that all your questions can be answered later, during the will readings."

Magical Guardian:Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Parkinson

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Gryffindor

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Hufflepuff

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Ravenclaw

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell

Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Emrys

Heir to the Dark

Owner of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Chosen Dark Lord of Magic







Natural Occlumens

Natural Legilimens




124,986,967,042 Galleons 3 Sickles 24 Knuts

Magical Bindings:

Bind on Power placed by Albus Dumbledore

Status:destroyed by power influx during Inheritance

Bind on Knowledge placed by Albus Dumbledore

Status:destroyed by power influx during Inheritance

Bind on Physical Size/Strength placed by Albus Dumbledore

Status:destroyed by power influx during Inheritance

"What does this all mean?" asked Harry.

"It means, Mr. Potter, that you are the richest man alive. You also have the most power, the most titles, the most abilities, and the most seats on the Wizengamot. It also seems that your esteemed Headmaster," Griphook sneered at this, "had placed binds on you, restricting you physical size, strength, knowledge, and magic. These bonds were broken by your inheritance. Would you like to claim the Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Peverell, Emrys and Dark Lordships today?"

"Can I claim the Parkinson lordship?" Harry questioned curiously.

"No, since Lord Parkinson is still alive. He is the younger brother of your mother, the father of Pansy Parkinson."

"Alright. What does the title 'Dark Lord' mean? I thought that Voldemort was the Dark Lord?"

"Voldemort is a self-appointed Dark Lord. The true Dark Lord is marked by Magic herself. The last true Dark Lord was Merlin Emrys, the one you are descended from-"


"Yes, Mr. Potter, you are. Now, you are the true Dark Lord, not Mr. Riddle. Would you like to claim your lordships?"

"Yes, please, Griphook."

"Before you do that, I feel I need to inform you that large sums of money have been stolen from you. This has been happening since you were left with your muggle relatives. The money has been going into the vaults for Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix."

"Dumbledore has been stealing from me?" Harry could hardly keep his feelings of anger and betrayal in check.

"Not only that, but since you started Hogwarts, large sums have also gone to the Weasley family vault, and the personal vaults of Molly Wealsey, Arthur Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger. Dumbledore has also taken several artifacts and heirlooms from your vaults."

"Is there a way for me to get them back?"

"Yes, and we can also have them prosecuted for stealing."

"Wait on that. I would like the money and possessions back into their respective vaults and also take interest for the money stolen at 50% per year. If you can, don't alert them to what is going on."

"Of course, Mr. Potter. The rings, now?"

At Harry's nod, Griphook reached into his desk and brought out a long, black box. On the inside were nine rings.

"What is the ninth ring for?" asked Harry.

"It signifies your ownership of Hogwarts. Now, to claim the lordship, simply place a drop of blood on the family crest of the ring, and place the ring on the finger the drop was from. If the ring accepts you, it will stay on and your mind and magical core will be flooded with the knowledge and power of the family. When you place the Dark lordships ring on, you will black out to give your mind and magical core the energy needed to adjust to the influx of information and power. We have a room ready for you with a cot so you can accept your lordships in there. Follow me."

Griphook stood up and left through a door Harry was sure hadn't been there before. Harry followed Griphook into the room and sat on the cot. The room was just as Spartan as Griphook's office, with a cot, a small table and chairs and a sink.

"Can I have the rings, please?"

Griphook handed Harry the box.

The rings were all silver with black etchings for the crest. The first ring, the Potter ring, had a lion chasing a stag on its crest. Harry followed Griphook's instructions and place the ring on his right index. He continued the process. The Black ring had a raven atop a Grim; the Gryffindor ring had a lion eating a snake; the Hufflepuff ring had a badger; the Ravenclaw ring had a raven reading a tome; the Slytherin ring had a snake biting a lion; the Peverell ring had the symbol for the deathly hallows, a circle in a triangle with a line through the middle; the Emrys ring had a wizard's hat and a wand; the Hogwarts ownership ring had the Hogwarts crest. Harry took each ring, and by the time he was almost done, he was feeling very tired with an enormous headache.

"The human body wasn't meant to take in so much power and knowledge in one sitting. You only have one ring left, the Dark lordship ring."

Griphook took one last box out of his pocket. It was pure black, but the box itself was saturated with magic.

"Place seven drops of blood on the box to get it to open. Take the ring out, slice the finger you will keep it on open, and place the ring on it."

Harry opened the box as he was told. Inside the box was a band of pure black stone. It was the perfect size for his finger. After Harry had sliced his finger, he placed the ring on-


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