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Chapter 15

Founders' Flats and Defense Dunderheads

Harry nodded, though slightly confused as to why the last owner had lived so long ago. He shrugged tat thought off. He said the password, and, sure enough, the crest in the ceiling melted away and a rickety wooden ladder fell through the fresh hole. After deciding it was safe enough, Harry climbed the ladder.

When Harry arrived at the top, he felt a rumble beneath his feet, and felt himself rise. He jumped off of the thing, and backed into a wall. He watched as a black marble fire basin rose where he had been standing in the center of the room, until it was about four feet tall. It had two pots, one on each side of the room, at its base, full of Floo powder. Suddenly, a bright green flame jumped up in it. This room, apparently, was connected to the Floo network. Curiously, there was no chimney for the fireplace.

Harry walked around the fire basin, looking at the wall. He saw a landscape on it. It was not a canvas, but a mural painted there. He looked around the room. It was circular with stone walls. The mural stretched around the circumference of the room. It has four thrones, each an equal distance of from the others. The first was green with a silver trim, and a long, black snake wrapped around it. The next throne was yellow with a black trim, and had a badger at its feet. Next came the red one with a gold trim. A lion prowled around it, guarding the throne for its master. Lastly was the blue throne, which had a bronze trim and a raven perched on the left arm.

The background was a room Harry had not seen before. It looked to be a flat. Behind the Ravenclaw throne was a library, full of books, and had a door, with a plaque saying "Shack". Behind the Gryffindor throne was a dueling stage, the same one that had been used in Harry's second year when Lockhart had done his club. It also had a door with a plaque that read "Forest". Behind Slytherin's throne was a potions lab, fully stocked with all types of ingredients, not all legal. There was also a door there, with a plaque saying "Chamber". Behind Hufflepuff's throne were two couches, one silver and the other gold, and two chairs facing each other, one being bronze and the other black. It also had a door, with a plaque bearing the word "Cave".

All in all, Harry though it was a nice room. Suddenly, the Founders from the portraits Harry had talked to across from the Great Hall walked through the doors behind their thrones, and sat in them. "Well, I guess we'll be speaking sooner than I thought," Harry said.

Salazar smirked at him. "I guess so. Let's start with this: how are you up here?"

Harry smirked back. "I am the Founder Heir and Owner of Hogwarts."

Godric quirked an eyebrow. "Really? Whose heir?"

"All four of yours." Harry watched with amusement as everyone's eyes widened minutely.

"That is…unexpected," said Salazar. "Well, there is a lot for you to know, and it can all be told to you by Hogwarts, or, and I recommend this, since it is easier and faster, she can just send the information to your memory."

Suddenly, a burning pain shot through Harry's head, not unlike having a cock shoved into an unprepared hole, and he could remember everything that had happened or was happening in Hogwarts.

Salazar was talking once again when the pain subsided. "Now you know what the original goal of the school was, and what we wanted, but, over the years, our school has been degraded, and I would not be surprised if we were now the worst school in Europe, if not in the world."

Harry nodded. "I shall endeavor to fix this, but, I first need to kill Dumbledore. However, before I can do that, I need to discredit him, or else he will die a martyr."

Salazar and Rowena nodded, while Helga and Godric looked disgruntled at the fact that there would be waiting and scheming involved.

"What house were you in…I just realized that we don't know your name," Rowena said.

"Harry James Potter, though I am currently here as a professor under the alias Ethan Jasper Madriot when I should be in my sixth year, and I was…am a Gryffindor, but that hat said I would do well in any house, and said that Slytherin would help me on the way to greatness."

"Bumblebee hired a sixteen-year-old to teach students!" the founders cried, outraged.

Harry nodded. Godric then smirked at Salazar, and he smirked right back, as Harry's house caught up with everyone in the room.

"Now, I came up here to explore the owner's rooms, so, how do I get there?"

Rowena explained. "You must drop seven drops of blood into the fireplace, and then give us the password. If you pass the test, then you shall be admitted. If not, well, let's not discuss that."

Harry conjured a small dagger and sliced his palm, walking up and letting seven drops of blood fall into the fire.

"How do I know the password?" he asked.

"It's 'To be or not to be'," Hogwarts whispered in his mind.

Harry repeated the password and the flames of the fire turned a bright blue. The founders exchanged glances, and nodded at each other. Then, the walls seemed to move backwards, making the circular room bigger. The wall broke into four pieces, each equal in size, and kept going backwards. As the walls moved, they shrunk as well. When the walls had finished moving, the scenes in the background of the mural was there, as though the mural had been a painting of the room with the thrones added, and, in each section of the room, sat a canvas of the thrones from the mural, each with their founder still seated in them.

"Enjoy," the founders said as the left their portraits.

Harry looked around the room, and out one of the many windows that had appeared. The sun was beginning to come up, and he thought it was time for him to get down to breakfast.

The Great Hall was practically empty when he reached it, with only the early risers there. Of the professors, only the Headbastard and Professors McGonagall and Snape were present.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, and, soon enough, over.

Harry walked up to Dumbledore as they exited the Hall. "Excuse me, Headmaster, but I do not believe I know where the Defense room is."

Dumbledore nodded, a grandfatherly smile on his face. "Of course. How could I have forgotten? Follow me, please, and I will show you. There is a schedule of your classes on your desk. If I remember correctly, your first class today is Sixth Year Gryffindor and Slytherin."

Harry smiled. They walked through the castle straight to where Harry knew the Defense room was, and a crowd of students was waiting outside it. Dumbledore nodded at Harry, and walked off.

Harry approached the door, through the crowd of students, and opened it.

Harry walked into the familiar classroom and up to the desk. He waved his wand, and strips of parchment appeared on each desk, indicating the students' seats. "As you can see, the desks are organized in pairs, and the person next to you will be your partner for the rest of the year."

It took everyone five minutes to find their seats. Harry had made Gryffindor-Slytherin pairs, all of them. The most notable were: Weasel-Blaise, Mudblood-Pansy, and Draco-Neville. Harry made a mental not that he still had to talk to Neville and find out whose side he would be on.

Then, the class began. "Today, I will be showing you your practice rooms. This year, we will be reopening the rooms to practice spells and such outside of class. There are seven rooms, one for each year. As such, all four houses will be sharing this room, and all sixth years will know the password and location of the room. Stand and organize yourselves into a single-file line behind Mr. Malfoy."

Everyone did as bidden, albeit with a little pushing and shoving by Weasel and the Slytherins, which got Gryffindor deducted points, because, "Mr. Weasley, I saw no shoving being done by the Slytherins, only yourself. Five points from Gryffindor and a detention with Professor Snape tonight at eight," which promptly shut him up.

As soon as they were in line, he led them from the room and down to the third floor corridor on the right hand side, where Fluffy had lived during his first year. They entered the corridor, and saw the changes. There was now no trapdoor, and several different portraits lining the walls, and several busts of people mounted on raised platforms.

Harry led the class to the bust of Homer. "Class, in this hall, we have bust guardians, not portraits. The bust who guards the sixth year training room is Homer. The password, for now, is 'doolbdum'. If it changes, I will inform you." Harry enjoyed watching Hermione bristle with anger at the password. It was quite funny that she was the only one who got it. Strike that, he saw Draco's small smirk. One of two, then. "You may go inside and explore. For now, there are spell-suppression wards around the room, as I do not want any casting yet. There is a Library, as well as a rather large common room that can be used as any other common room. No, Miss Granger, you may not take books out of the room. Class is dismissed when the bell rings."

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