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The heat... The sunlight... It has been so long. So long since young Sandra Petrikov has felt the warmth of the world. Since she could open her eyes to see sunlight. Her skin, slowly warmed after being frozen for so long. Frozen by her own mother. Her eyes twitched, still moist from the melting ice. You must be thinking, how could anyone survive being frozen alive. Well, this girl, had smart parents. Loving parents, smart enough to keep their daughter safe. Her parents, the one and only Simon Petrikov and Betty Grof had knew of the dangerous world. They knew the effects the Mushroom war would take on it. And they did not want these effects to harm, or even kill, their one only daughter, that no one ever knew about. Back then, because of the crown... That damn crown... Simon was obsessed with the cold. With ice. Betty studied a sample of the ice Simon shot at her, when she was being chased by what he had become. She took this sample to the safe house she had sent her to 13 year old daughter to. She didn't want her last memory of her father to be like that. Except, it was.

"But, no matter..." She remembers her mother saying, becoming sad when Simon was brought up. Finally, all she could do was take her poor daughter back to 'the Ice King'. "I love you, your father loves you... Not even when you thaw, will you forget that." That was the last time she heard her mother's voice, before the cold air and ice shot all over her body. She fell their, her father not even recognizing her. Once he was gone, her mother buried her there, to thaw once society had reorganized. Little did her poor mother know, of what would happen to little Sandra.

For being in that magic ice for so long, made her follow in her father's footsteps...

Now, back to present day. You see, it may have been a long time since this girl had any memory of anything, but once Sandra's feet touched the grass, a shock of electricity ran through her. She remembered everything. How to speak, what the pine trees smelled like, and how to feel pain. When her memory rushed back to her, she fell to her knees, in aching heart ache. How would she live on this world alone. She had no idea where her parents were, how long it had been. Are they dead?... Am I dead?... Her inhales of fresh air told her no to the second question, only leaving her to cry and ponder over the first. Her weak legs pushed her through the hardy trees, hoping someone would stumble across this poor, weak girl, desperate just to know the date.

Finn sighed as he rode the back of his shape-shifting dog, Jake. Right now, Ooo was at rest from fighting. No one had been causing problems, not even Ice King, and as wicked as it sounded, peace was aggravatingly boring. The blonde boy flinched at how insane his thoughts were. He'd rather have a world at war than a world of peace, just cause it would give him something to do. "Glob man... We don't have anything to do..." He said facing his companion.

"Easy for you to say, later Rainicorn and I are going on a double date with Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig." Jake told the boy, wiggling his eyebrows. Finn just rolled his eyes.

"Blash Jake! You don't gotta rub your love life on my face!"

"It's in your face, man. Dude, I know you keep wanting to fight cause it keeps your mind off your lady biz but glob! We need to find you a lady of your own!" Finn sighed and faced away from Jake. As much as Finn hated to admit, his dog was right. He hated being lonely. He didn't want to spend anymore lonely nights with BMO while Jake was smooching up Lady.

"Dude, every princess is over eighteen, except, well ya know!" Finn hated bringing up Flame Princess. "It seems like every girl in Ooo is too old or too young. And I hate to be judgy, but I can't date a Slime person or a Candy person. It just don't seem natural. I need someone whose closer to human." And beyond Finn's limited knowledge, his wish was soon to come true. For it was in that moment that he saw her. Little Sandra crawling out to him and his dog, crying. "Jake stop!" The boy jumped down from his dog and kneeled next to the slowly weakening girl.

Sandra looked up at Finn with dewy eyes. She shivered at his warm touch against her arm. "Help... M-Me..." Her ice blue lips pressed together slowly as she passed out in Finn's arms. He looked in fear, clutching her blue hands, that barely had a pulse pumping through them. He glared and looked at Jake.

"Quickly! Let's get her to PB so she can revive her!" He shouted as he hopped back onto his dog. He held the girl tightly in his arms, studying her carefully. "She's a human..." He stammered, seeing their similarities. He feels how cold her skin is and grits his teeth. "And most likely a victim of Ice King." Their was a clear hint of anger running through the young boys voice. A sort of anger he had never felt before. This kind of anger could make a man fight, even make a man kill.

"Woah man, I don't like the way you're mouth is making sound." Jake said, slowing down.

"Just keep going, this girl needs help now!" Finn urged. It wasn't long before the two boys were at the gates of the castle in the candy kingdom. They were let immediately when the guards saw them with an injured girl. Bubblegum was alone in her lab with Marceline. They had been having a fling behind closed doors. Finn even walked in on the two girls, locked in a kiss. But right now, that didn't matter to him. Not even to Jake.

"What the babies Finn?! You're s-" She started, but was interrupted just by the way he looked at her. He looked down at the girl in his arms and rose a brow.

"No time to explain, no time to care, just warm her and wake her up!" The boy's tone frightened the princess, but she followed his orders. Marceline walked over to Jake, being curious as always.

"So, who is this chick?" She whispered, hoping wouldn't hear. He couldn't over the heaters that blasted over the frozen girl's body. He was watching so closely, it was odd. This was the longest he had ever paid close attention to anything.

"I don't know. But we think Ice King froze her, and now Finn's going cray about her!" They both looked as Bubblegum slowly turned the heat up. But, they didn't realize what heat did. It was just as painful for hear as it was for the Ice king. However, she was awoken by it, a very painful awakening it was. She screamed out in agony, crying even. Her limbs flailing and shooting ice onto the heater powerfully. The unfamiliar force pushed against the girl and pushed her off the table. She found herself kneeling before her blonde savior's feet. She stood quickly and hugged him.

"Help me! W-What am I?" She stammered the tear filled words out onto Finn's shoulder. Finn only hugged back, never wanting to let go.

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