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She did a mental checklist of her appearance before joining the line. Smoothing down the front of her skirt, she casually looked around. No one seemed familiar and likewise nobody recognized her.

Feeling more antsy than she expected, she saw the building looming ahead. The labeled entrance brought a smile to her face. Gymnasium. How long had it been since she'd last seen it? Prom maybe? No...she frowned. ((Remember...you missed that.))

She neared the front of the line. It was manned by someone that tugged at her memory, a gentleman with glasses and grey hair that looked out of place.

"Well well...Miss Kayla West. Or perhaps your name has changed since then?" The elderly man greeted her, his eyebrows lifting inquiringly.

Her eyes wide, she blurted without thinking. "Mr. Dupree! You're still here!"

His pleased expression didn't change, which she was grateful for and at the same time couldn't remember seeing much of in his class. "Of course I'm here. How else would I get the opportunity to see the product of my utterly senseless torture?"

The same Southern drawl addressed her. "Oh Mr. Dupree, don't say that. It was an enjoyable class really, absolutely essential to our..." She searched for the words but he waved away her attempt.

"Kayla now, you're not here to appease your old teachers. Remember we've passed you already. Though if I can recall correctly, you never were a problem."

"Thank you, sir." The term of respect slipped out and she felt she had gone back in time ten years. She watched him thumb through the pile for her name tag.

"Ah here we are. Miss West, it still is?" His pen lifted to make any necessary corrections.

"Yes, that's right."

A nod and warm smile dismissed her. "It's very nice to see you again, Kayla. Have a good time at the reunion."

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