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JB was dreaming about it again. He couldn't help it. It was a night he could never forget. That was the night he found out how she felt about him.

The cellar looked just as it did up til now. When they had gotten down the steps, he pulled on the bulb hanging from the ceiling and the small room was flooded with light. He found the shelves carrying the new shipment of flour, chuckling at his upcoming joke. She had to like this one.

"Hey Riley. What kinds of flowers grow between your nose and your chin?"

"Huh?" She wasn't listening and was looking up at the stairs instead.

A bit deflated but shaking it off, JB repeated it.

She shrugged and looked back up.

"Tulips!" He waited for her giggly response. And waited some more. "Riley?"

"JB, I think I heard something up there…"

"What? Oh, probably just the wind. A draft comes through here, especially during this season. But don't worry. As long as it doesn't blow the door shut because then we'd be in for it. Those trick hinges…Pop said he'd fix them but I've lost count how many times I've heard him pounding and yelling away from down here and then I'd have to come and rescue…"

His eyes widened and he hobbled up to check the door. Gulping, he found it hard to look at her in the eye while saying, "Yup, we're locked in."

"You sure there isn't another way to get out of here? A window maybe?" Her eyes searched the walls.

"Well, there's one that's a foot wide that you could squeeze through and then hit another four feet of snow if you feel like it. But my dad would kill me if we broke it." He weighed their options and it came to him, noticing the similarities between this situation and the one that Kayla and Jett had gone through. Just as he began to entertain the idea that this would have the same results, Riley snapped her fingers.

"Oh, I've got it. We can just call up your house." She pulled a phone out of her back pocket.

JB plastered a relieved smile on his face, absolutely faking it. Damn. Actors and their phones.

She punched a button and held the tiny cell to her ear, waiting.

"Hey," JB interjected. "You've got me on speed dial?"

"Of course I do. You're one of my closest friends."

A nice feeling crept up his chest and he asked, "Really?"

She tore her attention away from listening to the ringing and gave him a confused look. "Yeah."

"Oh…I never realized. I mean, I've only known you for so long…" For once, JB was at a loss for words.

She smiled. "More than a year we've been friends, JB. In my line of work, that practically make us soul mates."

He laughed but her analogy made that warm patch in his chest heat up even more. Her next move almost made him burst. Reaching out to touch his arm, she said, "Seriously though. I could never forget you…Hello?" She turned away then as someone in his house answered the phone.


"JB. Man, wake up, JB! We're here." He woke up then to be jostled on the shoulder by Jett.

"Huh…?" One eye opened to see Jett, looking down at him expectedly.

"I've come all the way down here for our high school reunion and you're asleep. You could show a wee bit more excitement." He was nagging. Another sign of his nervousness.

Straightening in his seat, JB cracked his neck. Feeling more conscious now, he relayed back what Jett said and smirked. "I think you're plenty excited yourself."

Avoiding his gaze, Jett spotted the old gymnasium and knew perfectly well what he meant by that. He ignored it though and unbuckled his seatbelt. "Hey, you've got it easy. You've been here since high school. You still see everyone and they know you."

"Oh right. I'm the lucky one. Yes, poor Jett Jackson being cooped up in Hollywood all these years. Jett Jackson who's mingled with every celebrity, gone to all the glitzy glamorous shows, done who knows what with who knows who…"

Before he could go on, and knowing that JB never really meant it when he said those things, Jett broke in. "You know that's not true. I'm glad to be back."

JB grinned and clapped him on the shoulder. "No kiddin. Come on, let's party."

They got out of the car and walked across the dark parking lot up to the gym. A puff of steam fell out of his mouth as JB spoke into the cool night air.

"So I was having that dream again."

"Again?? You guys weren't even in your basement that long."

Offended JB's voice got louder. "Hey, that was one magical hour!"

"Not even. Plus, your parents were two minutes away." They climbed up the concrete steps and approached a table set up in the front entrance.

"Yeah well…hey, I wonder what number I was on her speed dial." The question had never come to mind before.

Jett rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just ask her? As soon as we get back, you can rush into your house, wake her up and ask something that was relevant about a decade ago. I'm sure she wouldn't mind that you just left her there."

"It's not my fault we couldn't find someone to baby-sit the kids. And you know I'd have to go. Everyone would expect to see me, the local merchant. It's good for business…"

His voice trailed off as the two made their way into the building.