I saw you die
In your hands a light like my sister's sun and I
Saw your face, alight with joy at the lie
Drawn by a power that disorders all
Too in love with pure chaos to heed my call
Then it came to life, the poison bright
Changing all that it touched to brilliant light
Swallowing you, and all, in my sight
I took my sister and fled to the night
On the other side of the world, in fright
Left you behind, in grief, for I
Had just seen you die

I saw it before it happened, in dreams
Visions that proved to be enemy schemes
But up to that moment I'd had no way
To know the light that I saw would blossom that way
Light is a sunrise
Light is a child's eyes
My visions never told me, in that light everything dies
Even I could not realize
What appeared as a dream of a light blooming brief
Was instead a cruel plan to bring us all to grief
Not till the moment I saw it bloom
Did I know that the light was to be all our doom

It was there in your hands
You had no time to flee
All I could save was my sister and me

For weeks, for months, I did nothing but cry
I left my brother behind
I let you die

My sister believes that this twisted thing who
Has plunged our world into madness is you
Wears your face and your voice, so she's fooled by its lie
But not I
A god it is, so it is said
To explain how it can be you, back from the dead
But if it was you it would still have a heart
I can still see the light that ripped you apart
And she can't bring herself to destroy it, but I
Know that if it were you you would never betray us
To lay you to rest, we must paralyze chaos
And when it is stone, I will not cry
For I know it's not you
I saw you die