Yea so anyway I have one more chapter in 'Phantom Agony' and the epilogue to do that. This is just a story that came to mind since Mother's Day is tomorrow. So this is going to be a two shot. Hope y'all like it.

To Mom- With Love

Anna hesitates for a moment as she stops just shy of a few steps before she enters the dining room. She knows that she shouldn't have to worry about the lonely atmosphere that she had grown accustomed to. It has been just shy of a year since Elsa had exposed her powers to not only her sister, but to all of Arendelle. In fact, Anna mused to herself, it would be officially a year since the Great Freeze next month. However she bites her lip as she is brought back to her current dilemma. She wanted to ask both Elsa and Kristoff to join her tomorrow, but she was afraid of what they might say…at least she is afraid of what Elsa would say or rather do. She might lock-

No, Anna thinks firmly as she squashes that thought to the deeps cravens of her mind, Elsa promised…she wouldn't do that to me again. Taking a few deep breaths she places a smile on her lips and enter the dining room, "Hey there feisty pants!" She heard Kristoff's voice as he waves her over to the table.

"Hello Anna," she sees her sister at the head of the table giving her a gentle smile.

Anna smiles back, "Hey guys." She says taking the seat on her sister's right hand which was also directly across from her boyfriend, "How was your day?"

"Busy and still not done with the paperwork for trade agreements." Elsa said as the first course is being served to them.

Anna frowns, "Oh sorry to hear that." Then she brightens up, "Well at least you can have a day off tomorrow. Speaking of which I wanted to know if you guys wanted to-" She adds hoping that her sister is able to remember what tomorrow was.

Elsa frowns as she immediately cuts Anna off from her forming question, "I am sorry Anna, but I do not see that happening."

"What? Why?" Anna asked shock hoping that her sister was joking. Surly she knew what tomorrow was, hoping that her elder sister would recognize the look she was giving her.

Apparently that was not the case, "I have way too much to do with paperwork and possible new trade agreements, especially with summer approaching. You know how great of an opportunity for the kingdom this will be?"

Anna just nodded with slight defeat, however if any of them noticed, they did not comment. So she turned to Kristoff, "How about you? How was your day?"

"Long. I have been busy packing." Kristoff answers as they finish up the soup and then the servers started serving the main course.

"Packing? What for?" Anna asked confused as all previous plans that she wanted to do for tomorrow with him and along with her sister is being thrown out the window.

Kristoff looked up from his soup to look at Anna, "Yea remember I told you I had to work Sunday, you know for Paul. So he could help take care of the newborn."

Damn it, Anna internally groaned, that is right…Paul recently became a father, "Oh right…I flaked on that."

Now picking up on the disappointment in her tone, both Elsa and Kristoff shared a look, "Uhm…everything ok Anna?" Elsa asked as she took notice of Anna's defeated and disappointment posture.

"Yes," Anna said quickly trying to recover, "everything is peachy. Just peachy perfect." Oh it was perfect alight, she thought to herself bitterly, perfectly…well perfect…

Elsa and Kristoff again looked at each other as Anna started picking at the potatoes on her plate not looking at them. For a moment no one spoke, that is until Kristoff decided to break it, "How was your day?"

"It was alright. I went into town with Olaf to visit the kids and did some shopping." Anna responded trying not to think about tomorrow. She was hoping that this year would be different, however it appeared as though it was going to be like it was for the past three years.

"Find anything good?" Elsa asked curiously as she took a bite of her chicken.

Anna nodded as she swallowed and took a sip of her drink, "Yea I did actually. I got some chocolate and uhm…other stuff…"

If this was any other time, Anna would have burst out laughing at Elsa's face as soon as she mentioned chocolate. Her ice blue eyes lit up as if someone had said that Christmas was coming early, "What kind of chocolate? Is it like those others that you had gotten? Because those were like heaven on Earth."

Kristoff shook his head in amusement, "You both always believe that any type of chocolate is like heaven on Earth." Ever since he started living in the castle a few months ago, he and Elsa had become really close friends and felt perfectly at ease when they would occasionally banter with one another. However of course this was only done in the privacy of their very close knit circle: i.e. in the presence of Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kai, and Gerda.

Elsa faced him and scowled, "Not all types of chocolate. I mean there are some that should not have even been created. Like what was that one flavor with the goo inside that you brought last time?"

Anna thought for a moment, "I do not remember, but I didn't think it was that bad. It had a little bit of a fruity taste to it."

Elsa shuddered, "Not that bad? Anna it tasted terrible."

Anna shrugged not feeling in the mood to argue with her sister, "Whatever, but to answer your previous question I got variety mix of milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, and some others." Once again hoping this would give her sister some kind of clue.

However all this went right over Elsa's head as she narrowed her eyes, "And pray tell baby sister…you going to share this special variety package?"

Anna smiled deciding to just give it up as she stood from the table, "Nope." She responded by popping the 'p', "I am actually going to turn in for the night."

"You feeling ok? They are about to serve dessert. You never miss dessert." Kristoff said looking at his girlfriend in concern.

Elsa's playful mood shifted to also one of concern as she watched her sister closely as the strawberry blonde responded, "Yea it just feels like it has been a long day."

Elsa knew something was wrong right away as Anna never in a million years have been known to turn down dessert, "Are you sure everything is ok?"

"Yea seriously guys I am fine." Going over to the other side of the table Anna hugged Kristoff around the neck from behind, "In case I do not catch you in the morning. Enjoy your day." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then proceeded over to her sister and hugged her as well, "Night sis. Try not to work too hard."

"Yea I will try not to." Elsa said slowly trying to return the smile.

They watched as Anna left the room and once she was out of sight, Kristoff asked, "Did we miss something?"

"I do not know honestly." Elsa said as the servants served cheese cake. Sharing another glance the Queen and the Ice Master began eating.

In the meantime Anna paced the length of the portrait room. She did not know how to feel about any of this, "I do not know what to do Joan. I mean did she or they really forget?" Pausing she shook her head, "Scratch that. Kristoff I can understand…maybe trolls do not celebrate Mother's day. I never really asked him before…but I kind of wanted this year to be special you know?"

Sighing she sat laid on the couch and looked up at her 'friend', "But Elsa? Really? I mean does she really not know what tomorrow is, or is she ignoring it? I mean I do not even think she has visited them. It is going to be like four years since their passing, and I still go see them from time to time, but it is Mother's Day tomorrow…" Anna trailed off as she sat up, "Do I mention anything to her or just do what I have been doing for years now?" The only answer she got was silence as she stood up. Frowning at the portrait she exited the room and sighed, perhaps with everything that has happened it was best not to push her sister to remembering what tomorrow would be- after all no need for another eternal winter right?

She woke up to the birds chirping merely outside her window, which signaled that it was early in the morning. Stretching her muscles, Anna got up and started to begin her day. She was in no particular rush as she changed into her light spring green dress, with her brown riding boot, and did her hair in her normal pig tails. Smiling to herself in the mirror she then proceeded to take out two packages- one was wrapped in green paper that had an envelope taped to it and the other wasn't wrapped at all. Sighing she opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

"Princess Anna?" Anna turned around at the sound of the female voice that caught her attention.

"Gerda, hi!" Anna greeted as she tried to hide the wrapped package behind her back.

The older woman smiled, "Nice to see you up on this lovely morning instead of sleeping it away like you normally do."

Anna returned the smile. Gerda had become like a mother to her since the accident and always kept her company. She had also been known to give great advice and always listened whenever she would complain about Elsa, or even about her parents in general, "Well you know me…"

No other explanation was needed as the woman looked at the Princess. She knew what was on the agenda for today, "Yes I do, and let me be the first to say that she would be so proud of the young woman you have become my dear." She rested a hand on Anna's shoulder and looked deeply into her eyes, "She would be so proud of the both of you."

Anna could feel her eyes water as she in took a shaky breath, "You really think so?"

"I know so dear. I really know so."

Anna enveloped the woman in a hug and she returned it just as much as Anna gave it. Once they broke away Anna whipped a tear that started to fall down her cheek and handed the older woman the wrapped gift, "Here. I got this for you."

Gerda smiled just as she always did when Anna gave her a gift, "Princess you really shouldn't-"

"You have been saying that for four years now and I will say that I have looked to you as my mother since the accident and I do not think she minds if I give you a present." Anna said smiling brightly, "In fact I think she is thanking you for looking out for us all this time…me especially since I am…well me."

"And do not ever change," Gerda said as she started to open the card.

Anna waited patiently as the older woman read the card and then unwrapped the box, "Oh these look delicious." She said smiling to the princess. She remembered when the gates were still closed and Anna would pick some flowers for her before going to visit her parents. It was the only thing that Elsa gave her unspoken permission to do at the time when the gates were remained closed.

"I didn't really know what kind of chocolate you liked, so I got you a variety of kinds." Anna said nervously, "I hope you like them."

Gerda smiled and gave Anna another hug, "I will love them. I think next to you and your sister, I love chocolate the most."

"Just do not let Elsa get her hands on them." Anna said winking as they pulled apart, "If anyone needs me-"

"Tell them not to need you." Gerda finished as she watches Anna walk down the hall. Gerda smiled until Anna rounded the corner and then looked at the chocolates. Looking around she opened the box and pulled one out and studied it closely before taking a small bite; to which as soon as it hit her taste buds she groaned with pleasure. Anna is right, Queen or no Queen Elsa would never get her hands on this box. However as soon as she thought about the young ruler, she began to wonder why Elsa was not with Anna today. She thought for sure Elsa would want to spend this day with her younger sister seeing as they missed out on thirteen years of being together, plus the three years without their parents.

Frowning she knows that Anna shouldn't be alone on this day anymore, so looking up at the ceiling she prays for some guidance as to have the strength as she hunts down the Snow Queen to rectify this situation.