This is what I just posted on my ao3 account:

Hello readers, followers and favoriters, and guests. Thank you so much for reading my work. I have as of about half an hour ago, finished all my high school classes. I can now freely work on my creative writing until college starts to drain my brain juice. So as of today, I will writing my fanfiction in this update order:

Lions can bet too.

Happy Birthday series

Original Works

Watching of Champions


As you may have noticed some are not on this list. That is because they are either on fanfiction dot net or on both ff dot net and ao3 or I'm debating putting them up for adoption/discontinuing them.

Fanfiction dot net:

Fairy Tail Online

Pokemon: Legacy

Sons of Anarchy: Dangerous Happiness COMPLETE rewrite

On both:

Watching of Champions


On that note, be on the lookout for the next part of Watching of Champions!

Also, I was thinking of creating a blog/social media account thingy so I post updates on there instead of on the chapters themselves. Would you follow the blog/social media account thingy?

Thank you so much for being so patient for an update. Please PM me if you have any questions.