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Hermione watched Harry worriedly, "Harry, I really think you should recheck the instructions."

"But I just checked them," Harry bit his bottom lip worriedly, glancing to his left for support.

Ron clapped an arm around Harry's shoulder and laughed. "Don't listen to her, mate, you're doing great! Ha, that rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!"

"Emily Dickinson was a poet. Edgar Allan Poe was a poet. Shakespeare was a poet! You, Ronald Weasley, are most certainly not!" Hermione hissed angrily, crossing her arms huffily.

There was a silence, permeated only by Harry's confused mumbles.

Hermione followed the unsteady motions of Harry's ladle and twitched, desperately wanting to take over and stir in time godammit! "Please," she begged. "We'll get an A. I'll get an A!"

"We're more likely to get a P," Ron sniggered, looking entirely unconcerned with his impeding failing grade.

Hermione looked as if she might faint.

"Besides, we agreed, didn't we?" Ron asked, fixing Hermione with a pointed stare, "If the ferret believed us-"

"I didn't think he'd actually believe that muggles don't know how to make fire!" Hermione shrieked in a hushed voice, "They got that in the stone ages!"

Harry looked up confusedly. "What does Malfoy-?"

Hermione screamed and went to grab the handle, "Harry! Stir the other-"

Ron stopped her. "Uh uh. We agreed; no outside help."

"But it'll explo-" Hermione looked helplessly at the smoking cauldron, but Ron still didn't release her, taking in her expression with a smug grin. "We agreed," he said.

Luckily Harry noticed it was time to go the other way, prevented an explosion which likely would have turned everyone in the room into a pile of blackened ashes.

"This isn't the potion to experiment with!" Hermione muttered in consternation, glancing concernedly at the prowling Professor Snape.

"We said; next potion lesson. And this is the next potion lesson," Ron told her.

"I don't want to get a bad mark because Malfoy's an idiot! It had to be a one off- maybe he wasn't listening?" Hermione suggested optimistically.

"Hey Malfoy!" Ron shouted.

"Yes Weasel?" Draco Malfoy asked sneeringly, not looking up from his perfect potion.

"Muggles perform rituals sacrificing the blood of virgins for the favour of their bloodthirsty gods!" Ron told him cheerfully.

"How utterly barbaric of them," The blond sniffed, a disgusted expression on his face.

"Fine; A twice off," Hermione forced out through gritted teeth.

Ron shook his head at her pityingly. "Hey Malfoy!"

"Yes Weasel?"

"Muggles burn vegetables in the hope that they will multiply in the fire!"

"How stupid of them!" Malfoy laughed mockingly, his minions barking out harsh coughs that might have been laughs.

"I just don't believe it!" Hermione gripping her hair, pulling at the roots. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, "And when did you get so eloquent?"

"Neville," Ron shrugged.

Hermione looked incredulously at the shy boy who beamed at her, tipping his top hat. "Splendid to make your acquaintance this hour, Miss Granger, dear; I'm so sorry I haven't conversed with you on this fine day, I shall amend that as soon as I am done working on this potion!" He said, gestured towards his gleaming cauldron, a halo of light forming around his head.

Hermione turned around slowly, a slight blush on her face. "Well."

As they had been conversing, Harry had forgotten to turn the heat up by exactly 30 degrees- and a half. This caused a minor combustion which the Trio were only saved from by Hermione's quick thinking and shield charm.

Harry observed his smouldering potion glumly. "I knew it was too good to be true. If everything's going well, you're obviously overlooking something."

"Murphy's law," Hermione whispered, staring down at the spitting remains of her perfect average in dismay.

Ron was completely ignoring this exchange. Instead, he was hooting in glee at one Gregory Goyle bellowing like a baboon and patting his burning backside.

"How did you get so sadistic?" Hermione asked the red head.

Ron shrugged again, "Neville."

The look Hermione gave the well-dressed Neville Longbottom this time was a lot more apprehensive.

Neville smiled creepily. "Soon," he whispered.