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I'm so sorry I've been gone guys! I've had writers block for a long time now, but I decided to just trust my gut and write away so enjoy (:


It was 9:00pm in Jump City, and it was the annual ball room dance. Everyone from Jump City was there, and the mayor had decided that inviting the Teen Titans to come would be a great idea so he did. They arrive there at 8:00pm and the party would end at 10:00pm so they be had been there for an hour. Starfire was with Robin as he talked to the Captain of the Jump City Police Department about recent crimes, Cyborg and Beast Boy were just chilling by the food table, and Raven was off reading one of her books she had brought with her so she wouldn't have to socialize with anyone.

"So, are you gonna do it?" asked Cyborg.

"Do what?" said Beast Boy taking a sip of his soda.

"Asked Raven to slow dance!" said Cyborg.

Beast Boy then did a spit take and looked at the tin man "How the hell did you know I was going to do that?!" asked a very curios Beast Boy.

"Dude, I'm your best friend. I make it my job to know." said Cyborg smiling.

Beast Boy shot him a glare, but then sighed "I don't know man, I doubt she wants to dance with me. She hates me, and I have no idea why?!" Beast Boy said getting another soda can.

"Could it be because you're always bugging her nonstop?" said Cyborg.

"That's just the way I show her that I like her!" Beast Boy said opening his soda can and taking a sip.

"Aha! I knew you liked her!" said Cyborg doing a little victory dance.

This time Beast Boy did a spit take all over Cyborg, sending him a shock all over his body "Dude! You got to promise not to tell her or anyone else!"

"First of all thanks for the soda grass stain, and I'm not gonna tell her you are." said Cyborg wiping the soda off with a napkin.

"Have you gone haywire?! I'm not gonna tell her, I'm probably going to get rejected!" said Beast Boy waving his arms around.

"Look this is what you're going to do, you're gonna ask her to dance, and once she says that she had a nice dance ask her out." said Cyborg smiling proudly.

"Well, how do you know she'll dance with me?" asked Beast Boy.

"I guess we're going to find out, now go!" said pushing Beast Boy to go find Raven.

As Beast Boy looked around for her, after 10 minutes of searching, there she was reading her book leaning up against the wall, and wearing her amazingly beautiful dress. She looked as beautiful as ever, now all Beast Boy had to do was go over there, and ask her to dance. He then made his way to her, passing through all the other party guest, and finally arriving right in front of her.

"Hey Raven, enjoying the party?" he asked leaning up against the wall.

"Is the party over?" she asked.

"No.." said Beast Boy.

"Then no." said Raven not looking up from her book.

"Alright, everyone grab somebody, and head over to the dance floor it's time for the slow dance!" said the DJ the mayor had hired.

As Beast Boy leaned there next to Raven all he could think was 'Come on Beast Boy! Just ask her already!"

"Raven...?" said Beast Boy blushing.

"Yes Beast Boy?" said Raven flipping a page of her book.

"I wondering, if you maybe would like to dance with me...?" said Beast Boy blushing even more.

This made Raven finally look over at him, his cheeks looking dark red, made her cheeks blush too "Are you serious?" she asked.

"Yeah, but you don't have too if you don't want too, I could just let you get back to your reading if you want?" said Beast Boy.

"Sure why not." she said with a small smile.

"I see, well see you lat- wait what?" asked Beast Boy.

"I said I'll dance with you." said Raven blushing at having to say that out loud.

Beast Boy face filled with happiness and he soon took Raven's hand leading towards the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing, Raven kept messing up, making her feel so embarrassed.

"Here, let me help." said Beast Boy placing one hand around her waist, and the other on her hand.

Raven couldn't help but blush and smile "Thanks, sorry I keep messing up, it's just that I've never dance with anybody before." she said looking down.

"Well, I'm glad I got to be the first." said Beast Boy smiling.

Raven looked up, looked at his perfect smile, and felt her heart race. She then decided to wrap her arms around his neck, and he held her by her waist. Beast Boy saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally tell her how he felt.

"Raven...?" he said.

"Yes Beast Boy?" she said smiling.

"I really like you.." he said with a big smile.

"I really like you too.." she said blushing.

"I also have this big crush on you, and I thought that this might be the perfect time to tell you how I felt about you." he said blushing.

"You...have..a..crush..me...?" she asked blushing deeply.

"Who wouldn't have a crush on the most beautiful girl in the world?" he said leaning in a bit closer.

"Well...I..have a crush on you too.." she said leaning even closer.

"Really?!" said Beast Boy it was his turn to sound surprise.

Raven couldn't help but laugh "Yes really." she said smiling.

"Well then, I can finally do this." said Beast Boy leaning and kissing her soft lips. This sent a spark through out both their bodies, making them feel alive, and amazing. They never wanted this moment to end, after a while they both departed lip contact because they both needed air.

"So, does mean you're my girlfriend now?" asked Beast Boy smiling.

"You're such a idiot." said Raven laughing and leaning on his muscular chest.

"Yes, but I'm your idiot aren't I?" said Beast Boy kissing her forehead.

"Yes, yes you are." said Raven laughing.

The End.